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  1. Martin Luther King's support of gay rights
  2. In a modern society, do morals and values travel from the top down, or from the bottom up?
  3. Cheat to keep Republicans from winning Mass Senate seat, says MSNBC's Schultz
  4. Congrats Scott Brown! Massachusetts Has A Great New Senator!
  5. How much is the MA election a national statement/referendum on anything?
  6. Why was Coakley such an awful candidate?
  7. Why haven't hovercraft been commercial successful?
  8. New Orleans prostitutes recategorized as "sex offenders"?
  9. Wittgenstein vs. Gödel: Are laws of inference superfluous and without sense?
  10. Health care debate should be suspended until Brown is seated
  11. Txtng can help u spel betta, sez BBC
  12. If there were absolutely zero health risks to being overweight, would we still value being thin?
  13. Republican Senate Victory
  14. Brady Campaign gives Obama an 'F' for gun control
  15. Abortion & Immigration: A moderate reponse
  16. Republicans: Please Define Health Care Reform
  17. HCR/ What I would do if I were Obama, Pelosi, Reid
  18. Biblically-approved wrongdoings
  19. Will epigenetics change standards of morality?
  20. Silver linings from the MA Senate race
  21. Presidential Approval Ratings
  22. What are the pros and cons of a high consumer savings rate
  23. Utility vs ideology in the health care debate
  24. Obama to Propose Limits on Risks Taken by Banks
  25. Thank you, Scott Brown! (Gratitude from a Progressive)
  26. Atheists in Church
  27. What will it take for Senate Dems to be willing to break a filibuster?
  28. Supreme Court decision re: Campaign Finance Laws
  29. Palin/Bachmann /'12
  30. Netanyahu: Even if West Bank becomes independent, Israel will control the Jordan Valley
  31. My love for Roger Ebert continues to grow...
  32. Wherefore the fundamental liberal/conservative gap, and can/should it be bridged?
  33. Is John Edwards' Career Over?
  34. How much would you be willing to personally financially sacrifice for everyone to be insured?
  35. Dispelling US Health Care Myths: Part 1
  36. Fluoride in Drinking Water: Good? Bad?
  37. The Chinese are Upset with Us
  38. How do conservatives ACTUALLY feel about the SCOTUS financing position?
  39. How will the Democratic UHC change health care?
  40. China, Google, and Sovereignty
  41. Explain the Death Panels thing to me
  42. How about a universal catastrophic plan
  43. Air America: Bankrupt Again.
  44. What causes Arctic Sea Ice loss/gain?
  45. Why do Fundies call skeptics/scientific materialists "secular humanists"?
  46. How much human experience would a Jesus actually get?
  47. Can an Economic Recovery Occur Without a Robust Manufacturing Sector?
  48. Why does everyone hate Vice Presidents?
  49. Sexuality: Choice or not, and does it matter?
  50. What do you think of 8-7 decision in House v. Bell ?
  51. Obama endorses deficit reduction task force
  52. About the significance of birth as a landmark moment in attaining personhood.
  53. A child should have the true name of his parents on his birth record
  54. Obama "Turns Up Heat" Over Ruling on Campaign Spending
  55. Deal with Taliban - Have we achieved anything?
  56. How can you be X faith if you don't believe your holy word
  57. "Women's Rights" blog says: virtual sexual assault should be a criminal act
  58. Well, the Democrats just threw me under a bus with healthcare.
  59. Bush awards multimillion non-comptetive bid to Haliburton...
  60. Term Limits?
  61. The Goofiness of Behavioral Economics
  62. Effect if France moves forward to banning burqas?
  63. Black Slave Owners in America
  64. Is it possible to improve the economy without increasing government spending?
  65. Why do other states follow Texas in what school books to buy when they rank 49th in SAT scores?
  66. The Religion of Evolution
  67. Why don't Westerners romanticize Byzantium?
  68. Rule Changes In Great Debates
  69. If a crime is "pervasive" then get a lesser sentence?
  70. Why doesn't the media just block all stories about Bin Ladin?
  71. Why did Odoacer let Romulus Augustus live?
  72. Did Carthage need to be destroyed?
  73. Godwin's rule: Ayn rand vs. Adolf hitler - exception?
  74. Dispelling US Health Care Myths: Part 2 Profit
  75. Does the trickle down theory actually work?
  76. Would you support health insurance regulations ONLY?
  77. No Dungeons and Dragons in prison
  78. Are Fundamentalists the Atheist's best friend?
  79. What would be a likely reason for interstellar/interspecies war?
  80. Obama to call for repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in State of the Union Address tonight
  81. Obama's SoTU Speech Analysis
  82. Why haven't the Democrats threatened a "Nuclear Option"?
  83. Gay adoption
  84. Was there ever a war because of religion?
  85. Savings in education: Change the Maximum Enrollment Age
  86. Do free-market capitalists really disregard the importance of well-informed, -educated consumers?
  87. Socialist(Community) entitlements vs Private Sector
  88. Citing difference requires similarity?
  89. Will humanity soon be awash in cheap food
  90. What is Filipino culture? Is it being lost? (Are there any Filipinos here?)
  91. If a child is conceived as a result of rape, should the rapist have paternal rights?
  92. A Question Concerning Group Health Plans [closed at OP's request]
  93. Going Green / The Real Problem
  94. A Question Concerning Group Health Plans [fixed math errors]
  95. Make Peace With The Taliban?
  96. Adjuvants. In or out?
  97. Why didn't the Dem pass UHC?
  98. Obama at House Republican Retreat, Q&A
  99. Is it fair to hold the citizens of a poor country accountable for their condition?
  100. Who do Senators represent or Should we repeal the 17th Amendment?
  101. Let's say that one ethnic group is proven stupider than the rest. What are our obligations?
  102. Is there any legitimate reason for *not* forgiving third world loan debts?
  103. How bad do you think peak oil will be
  104. Do Conservatives Have Morals?
  105. Do Conservatives Believe The Ends Justify The Means
  106. You're a liberal. No, you're a liberal.
  107. Canada Owns The Northwest Passage?
  108. NYC Terrorist Trials: Will They Become a Circus?
  109. Would humanity ever be satisfied with a static society?
  110. Is date rape less wrong than stranger rape?
  111. Why do we need politic?
  112. When does a human mind become a person.
  113. Html5
  114. religions that fear women
  115. Geert Wilders is facing trial for Fitna
  116. Granting asylum to people fleeing from Germany?
  117. "Obvious Facts" Debate thread
  118. US Budget Deficit
  119. Is the Generational Theory of History True?
  120. Allowing Gays to Openly Serve In the US Military, But Not In Combat Arms Positions: Fair?
  121. What do you do with arsonists?
  122. Why Anti-Zionism Is NOT Anti-Semitism
  123. The European Population Crash
  124. The European Population Crash
  125. Why are Republicans so obtuse?
  126. Should state Attorneys-General be elected?
  127. Why is Latin America not part of "Western Civilization"?
  128. Can you prove a negative?
  129. Will there be any health care reform whatsoever? Effects?
  130. Suppose the universe is teaming with life: how advanced do you think the human race is, relatively?
  131. The Euro is fucked
  132. Why do conservatives post here?
  133. If Not For Medicare, How Would Seniors Get Health Care?
  134. DADT and same sex marriage
  135. Courage of Convictions vs. Hard-headed Practicality: Where Should Pols Draw The Line?
  136. Christians, Muslims, & observant Jews: What's your take on God telling Abraham to sacrifice his son?
  137. New Report: Abstinence Only Education Works!
  138. Does fairness break down above the Dunbar number?
  139. Google to work with the NSA
  140. To what extent should homeschoolers be regulated?
  141. Use of the word "Retarded"
  142. Bill O'Reilly vs Jon Stewart
  143. Morality of raising your kid to be a...well...douchebag.
  144. A Reasonable Political, Economic and Social Response To Peak Oil? (and global warming, health care)
  145. Does God Love People Who Go To Hell?
  146. Mark Levin is Wrong (And This Is a Conservative Speaking)
  147. Is religion just wish-fulfillment?
  148. Racist all white Vanity Fair Cover?
  149. Do You Actually Use Your Paddle Shift Transmission?
  150. Was Michelle Obama Wrong To Allude To Her Daughters' Flirtation With Chunksterdom?
  151. Why the idea that fiscal conservatives hate poor people?
  152. India abandons IPCC
  153. Should Chicks with Dicks be Allowed to Serve
  154. Should Men with Hormonally Enhanced breasts be Allowed to Serve
  155. Sen Shelby from Alabama institutes a blanket hold on Obama nominees
  156. The Prime Directive
  157. Ronald Reagan's Birthday
  158. What's happening on Feb 11, Mr. Ahmadinejad?
  159. Help me fight Ignorance - Xenophobia regarding Islam
  160. Is Obama being too reserved & cool in his Presidential attitude to effectively mobilize the nation?
  161. Mileage Tax: Good idea or bad
  162. Believers: How do we know that the Bible is God's word?
  163. Sarah Palin - Seriously?
  164. What is the point of the Tea Party?
  165. What if senators represented people by income?
  166. Fiscal conservatives, what/how would you change the budget
  167. Are fiscal conservatives "deficit hawks" -- or deficit dodos?
  168. Double negatives make a positive! No, they don't!
  169. The missionaries charged with kidnapping
  170. Is health care "free" if insurance pays for it? A response to Rand Rover
  171. Nagasaki and Hiroshima - Religious views?
  172. How Effective A Weapon Was the V-2 Rocket?
  173. Explain to me how American taxation is fair.
  174. Why are local newspaper comment boards such pits of idiocy and hatred?
  175. Atheism is a religion!
  176. Pros/Cons of % based taxation?
  177. Will the economy affect college applications/attendance?
  178. Faith and miracles isn’t what it used to be
  179. No global warming since 1850?
  180. Is it better to invest in subsidies, or in R&D
  181. 3 Reasons Not To Sweat The "Citizens United" SCOTUS Ruling
  182. Obama's Job Stimulus Program or How AIG Execs Get Millions While NASA Engineers Are Fired
  183. Humanities PhDs take forever - should something be changed?
  184. Would you support an IQ test for (US) Presidency?
  185. What comes after capitalism?
  186. Why is it so important for the "war on terror" to be a "war"?
  187. how transferable is accounting education between countries?
  188. Obscenity laws and the Internet
  189. Atheism and Agnosticism are not Mutually Exclusive.
  190. So what are the anti-vaccination people saying now that their evidence has turned to fraudulent poo?
  191. Are some people fated to commit suicide.
  192. Dick Cheney Reconsidered
  193. Does one-party government make America nearly ungovernable?
  194. Google, broadband, and net neutrality.
  195. Ever seen a miracle or other supernatural thing?
  196. Security Guards follow policy and stand by while girl gets beaten.
  197. When technology makes it easier to break the law: what to do?
  198. The Nature of Salvation
  199. Republicans: America's Fundamentalists
  200. Is God Evil?
  201. is it just me or is this very worrisome [article about conservative influence on history textbooks]
  202. What can current states' health care plan tell us about national policy?
  203. South Africa, where to now?
  204. Gerald Posner's plagiarism
  205. What is considered the most moderate form of mainstream Protestantism?
  206. Was George W Bush That Bad?
  207. Who had the last chance to avoid/preempt the Civil War?
  208. Should we be concerned about bringing astronauts back from Mars?
  209. The story about Israelis stealing organ in Haiti
  210. Private Sector Solutions Part I: Social Security
  211. Did Tax reform act of 1986 cause this depression?
  212. Youth Rights - Criminal Responsibility
  213. What is a legitimate government function?
  214. The Optimal Number of Work Hours
  215. The human-centricism of morals. Any good justification beyond "a gut feeling"?
  216. What is the definition of being "financially responsible"?
  217. Between 1913 and 1993, what did Republican presidents achieve?
  218. Do we need the lies of childhood?
  219. If reality is a simulation, are we players or NPCs
  220. Pit-Bull dogs, the law and families.
  221. Global Warming Redux: Have they lost their credibility?
  222. Buh Bye Bayh
  223. Why won't this work? (Gay marriage related)
  224. Ahmadinejad calls for worldwide nuclear disarmament
  225. Deterring Iran from making nukes
  226. Obama to announce support for nuclear power
  227. Does It Make Sense for the US To Keep Pissing The Russians Off?
  228. Describe your conversion from religion to atheism or agnosticism.
  229. What should the 'gay blood donation' question be?
  230. Fox-Saudi Connection Outed--By Conservative Columnist?!
  231. Which of Obama's campaign programs have been executed?
  232. Prosecuting Dick Cheney for conspiracy to torture - practical?
  233. Should banks have to repay the auto bailouts?
  234. Why do we need a book like "Hogg"?
  235. Joseph Reyes: stalwart hero or just fucking with his ex?
  236. Anti-war folks...thoughts on Afghanistan?
  237. The Great "Agnostics are atheists" question!
  238. Recall Them Crooks, and send in new crooks!
  239. Theists: What does it mean to say that God loves us?
  240. Do Schools Teach Subversive Literature to Subvert Its Message?
  241. Medicare will soon be bankrupt.
  242. Rethinking LBJ...Was He That Bad?
  243. Should the U.S. be trying to destabilize the Iranian regime?
  244. Let's talk about Dr. Weston A. Price and his theories
  245. Is this a religious contradiction?
  246. So if Mossad used UK passports whats the correct response?
  247. The Latest Tech To Keep Tabs on Your Kids
  248. If Iran builds a nuke, do they lose all credibility?
  249. Straight Dope on Joseph Campbell
  250. Is there an ideal level of discontentment/unhappiness