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  1. Plane crash in Austin, TX
  2. Fed raises discount window
  3. The Garden of Eden Story!
  4. The Stimulus at one year: Is it working?
  5. Obama to SCOTUS ???
  6. Why is the Left so afraid of nuclear power?
  7. Help me draft a Proportional Representation system for my home state.
  8. What exactly would happen if Sarah Palin was elected president?
  9. Is absence of evidence evidence of absence?
  10. Nietschze: The Anti-American Philosophy?
  11. Mac computers - is it mostly just image and status?
  12. Reforming the Senate (Would this Work?)
  13. People's mate preferences are racist. Do we care?
  14. Is the US in serious trouble, trouble so bad that our survival as a nation is very much in question?
  15. Discuss the evolution of 21st century economics.
  16. Many younger people think democracies over-reacted to the dangers of communism. Did they really?
  17. George Soros Says Euro In Crisis
  18. So let's assume the U.S. goes down the toilet bowl - which Anglo country do you move to?
  19. What would Jesus do?
  20. What is the lesson of Passover?
  21. What is it with our obsession for tears?
  22. Government tracking via cellphone?
  23. Leading Sunni party to boycott Iraqi election
  24. Niger coup d'etat
  25. Universal Health Care
  26. Toyota: A Poll
  27. Why do you suppose Jesus never condemned slavery?
  28. The Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act
  29. Women to be allowed to serve on USN submarines. Good idea?
  30. The case against Mother Theresa
  31. Can God tear his own head off?
  32. Debate about the terms used in the abortion discussion
  33. ALL this Political Talk...
  34. Which climate predictions from ten years (or more) ago seem disproved/validated/underestimated today
  35. Why do you suppose the god of the Bible shows disdain for people with physical defects?
  36. First Amendment vs. Aid to Terrorists
  37. Utah law to criminalize miscarriages
  38. Seaworld Worker Killed By Killer Whale?
  39. Did Paul hijack Christianity?
  40. New Study: Liberal Atheists = Smartest People
  41. Do the laws of the Old Testament apply to Christians?
  42. Maryland v Shatzer: Legislating from the Bench?
  43. Sarah Palin is Retarded
  44. Science in Schools?
  45. "I told you so!"
  46. The Health Care Summit: What did you think?
  47. Falklands: thank you for nothing, Mr Obama (extra mild)
  48. Why don't YOU run for political office?
  49. Spengler's Theory of History
  50. The Democrats have lost the ethics issue.
  51. Does the "heat death" make life possible?
  52. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  53. Animal Abuse Registry
  54. For all those people who wanted a real fillibuster
  55. Why not abolish the Senatorial filibuster?
  56. When did infantrymen with firearms become more effective than horse-mounted archers?
  57. Proud of our nat'l/ethnic heritages; should we equally be ashamed of the BAD stuff??
  58. The Public Option is Not Dead, But Liars are Trying to Kill It
  59. The Republican Obstructionist Tactic
  60. Liberals are more intelligent
  61. Writing on photographs (museum)
  62. Are kids today worse-educated than in times past?
  63. How do we know that C02 is a greenhouse gas?
  64. Career politicians vs. "citizen legislators"
  65. Term limits for legislators?
  66. Why don't anti-abortion lobbyists dictate HCR language?
  67. Overreact much, UCSD?
  68. Pain During Executions?
  69. What's the magic limit for lawyers?
  70. Term limits for voters
  71. Did hippies cause the US financial meltdown?
  72. Victims of child porn should be able to sue the people that are caught with it
  73. Why are conservative against legalizing marijuana?
  74. Are "the Canadians" Right to Laugh At Us?
  75. Australian students supposedly to learn "Balanced" history
  76. Does the word "belief", when used in a religious context, always refer to objective thought?
  77. What, if any, is the practical reach of the private charity in solving societal problems?
  78. Hooray for the Evangelicals!
  79. how should we handle defense counsel neglect in death-penalty cases?
  80. Earthquake in Chile and Looting
  81. Destruction of habitat is today's biggest problem
  82. Low mortgage rates = Good time to buy?
  83. How are countries with UHC suffering (or not) economically because of UHC?
  84. Can innovation become so rapid it destroys capital incentives
  85. Biological or Nuclear?
  86. The moral roots of liberals and conservatives
  87. Health insurance and the free market
  88. NY Dopers - Why the hate on Paterson?
  89. Should those accused of rape be anonymous as well?
  90. How does Prof Jones revelation affect AGW in particular and the peer review process generally?
  91. Security on airport employees?
  92. Why is pleasure bad?
  93. Another Niqab Controversy [Quebec "defense" of French too far?]
  94. Do children really become autistic?
  95. What will happen if Iceland refuse to bail out their banks?
  96. In praise of the wisdom of Obama. Pelosi, Reid, LISTEN UP you dumb twits!
  97. Texas Primary Results
  98. TITANIC Sinking Foretold; Claims Verified?
  99. American manufacturing is not dead.
  100. Mitt Romney talking about health-care on Letterman
  101. Tax delinquents can vote on taxes? Why?
  102. Can hosing the Republicans stimulate the economy?
  103. Trade your Bibles for Porn -- "Smut for Smut" Event!!
  104. Who gets the 'big money' in Washingon?
  105. Why do governments legislate maximum vehicle speeds...
  106. Who should we put on the $50 bill?
  107. Firearms: Open carry ok as long as it is unloaded?
  108. About Applied Science and the Scientific Method
  109. Democrats also facing internal faction fight this year?
  110. Document exposes what the RNC really thinks of its donors, admits to using "fear."
  111. What is the relationship between Jesus / modern Christianity and Judaism?
  112. Does weather or climate have "astrological" causes ?
  113. A 2010 Bull-Moose Party
  114. UHC and pre-existing conditions
  115. Was General Georgi Zhukov All That Good?
  116. How to respond to high-frequency trading?
  117. War of 1812 Revisionism?
  118. What should be in the drinking water...
  119. Body Scanners and Privacy
  120. Was Richard Nixon That Bad?
  121. Technological Advancement Leads to Increasing Divergence Btwn Fiscal and Political Conservatives
  122. Europeans worried about Islamic immigrants. Simple racism or are immigrants causing real problems?
  123. Health insurance and the '08 campaign
  124. Guns in bars
  125. Who needs guns for anything, anyway?
  126. Rhode Island School District fires school.
  127. What developing countries have functioning pharmaceutical industries
  128. Is being a picky eater inherently bad?
  129. Why did corporate profits grow so fast from 2002-2006
  130. Is being picky about music inherently bad?
  131. Monogamy, polygamy and social chaos
  132. Converting to coal...Life Without Oil
  133. Which Party balanced the Budget in the 1990's?
  134. Income inequality -- good or bad?
  135. Cigars and hookers
  136. What would really happen if a state legalized marijuana?
  137. Dawkins: Is he dangerous?
  138. Could it work without money?
  139. Is the Toyota acceleration problem actually just mass hysteria?
  140. Why do extremist parties split and splinter?
  141. Larry King asks Massa "Are you gay", Massa (kinda) answers
  142. Sexual orientation, Virginia universities, and the new AG
  143. Why does the British House of Commons have so much power?
  144. Is Europe more/less/just as diverse as the US?
  145. Explain to me what I'm missing re: health care reconciliation
  146. "Pray to End Abortion" ... so what exactly are they praying FOR?
  147. FDR and the Atomic Bomb.
  148. Anti-immigration White Nationalists & the Dalai Lama -- equivalency?
  149. Why did so many things start going wrong economically in the US starting around 1980
  150. Carlos Slim, world's richest man disagrees with Gates & Buffett on charitable giving. Who is right?
  151. Does Obama Want To Ban Sportfishing?
  152. Median net worth for single black women: $5
  153. Colonizing space w/o organised religion.
  154. Grayson Introduces Medicare Buy-in Provision into Healthcare Bill
  155. Nice to know Japan has wingnuts too...
  156. What do you know about Australia and it's Aborigines? (+ opinions on what you DO know)
  157. What's the argument that the Pledge and "In God We Trust" are Constitutionally okay?
  158. Why didn't Saddam use chemical weapons in the first Gulf War?
  159. Student loan reform tied to Healthcare bill
  160. Is America Really Backward Compared to the Rest of the West
  161. The United States without slavery
  162. Israel and the USA-Why Does This Farce Continue?
  163. Is it ethical that all of celebrity's dirty laundry is exposed for all to see?
  164. Should high gov't officials be allowed conflicting financial interest?
  165. Electoral college
  166. Is deliberately killing an opposed military leader assassination?
  167. Are the after effects of colonialism to blame for most African countries current problems?
  168. Cops Out Lesbian to Air Force
  169. Health care reform: Coming vote? Will it pass?
  170. I cut the tough, woody ends off the asparagus...in the store. Did I steal?
  171. Which Republicans of the past would be in the party today?
  172. How late is too late for breast feeding?
  173. Living a western lifestyle on a shoestring budget
  174. Does Medicine/Social Class Screw up Evolution?
  175. Are there any proven hereditary psychological differences (intelligence or other) between "races"?
  176. Obama's harvard Transcript?
  177. December 8, 1941: U.S. sues for peace, what happens?
  178. Law Making in the US - why like that?
  179. Rights of the seller - installing GPS car disabling devices in cars you sell.
  180. SawStop product safety liability case.
  181. Could anti-healthcare reform rhetoric backfire on the Republicans?
  182. Study: Controlling Risk factors doesn't change health
  183. How are Germany and Japan so rich?
  184. It is acceptable for people to die because they can't afford the proper treatment.
  185. Resolved: Morality and Law Have NOTHING To Do With Eachother
  186. Any defensible value to "racial consciousness," "racial loyalty," etc?
  187. Constitutionality of the Slaughterhouse Rule
  188. Another Try At Understanding Definitions: "Hypocrite"
  189. The Factual Argument Against Global Warming, Cap and Trade, and the Copenhagen Treaty
  190. Is the rise of libertarianism in the U.S. good for the left wing?
  191. Religious Stance on the UHC Bill
  192. Why does the U.S. census refer to countries in Asia as separate races?
  193. Does this help to define the distinction between 'worker' and 'paper pusher'?
  194. Thousands of Scientists are Skeptical of Global Warming
  195. What (if any) health care/insurance reform can we all agree on?
  196. Is the German model a better form of capitalsim?
  197. UHC Should Be Recognized As A Fundamental Birthright.
  198. Climate Science: Is it currently designed to answer questions?
  199. Was The Russo-Finnish War (1939) A Disaster for Germany?
  200. Should 911 audio recordings be publicly available?
  201. What Are Your Personal Opinions About Israel??
  202. What is it about the Catholic Priesthood that attracts so many pedophiles?
  203. Solution to Failing Schools Problem.
  204. Is the Health Care bill going to pass today? (March 21st)
  205. Liberals: Would You Support An Abortion Ban In Exchange For A UHC Bill and Immigration Reform
  206. Public health reforms I'd like to see if the healthcare bill passes
  207. HCR: where do we go from here, both politically and with the issue in general?)
  208. Are there many liberals NOT celebrating tonight's HC vote?
  209. Two questions about the Nazarene
  210. So how does the Healthcare Insurance Industry feel this fine Monday morning?
  211. Is the individual mandate to purchase health insurance constitutional?
  212. Next up: Immigration reform (one more time)
  213. Antidiscrimination Laws for Privately Owned Businesses
  214. Where's a Tea Partier to move?
  215. Is there any real risk of a right wing coup de etat?
  216. You are the Candidate: Could Dole in '96 have realistically won?
  217. So is the concept of HRC that the Christian Right has a problem with or just the current plan?
  218. Ten Republican state AGs to sue over health bill
  219. Non-US dopers: what's it feel like in times of political upheaval?
  220. What are theories on the perfectibility/development of individuals & societies
  221. The Cognitive Dissonance of North Dakota (yet another health care thread)
  222. Are there a long term consequences to employer based health care?
  223. Politically unbiased budget projections for this final Health Care Bill?
  224. Can a citizen contest a state AG's contest of a Federal law?
  225. The Golden Age of the West
  226. What sort of effect would legalizing drugs have on the Mexican drug war?
  227. ACORN to shut down...
  228. Health care reform is actually quite popular
  229. How was Jerry Brown as Governor?
  230. Financing the Health Care Reform Plan
  231. No Breast Implants, Please
  232. What Happens to the Democrats That Voted Against The Health Care Bill?
  233. This Should Be An Interesting First Amendment Case
  234. Honest Question: Why are the republicans so pissed about this health care thing?
  235. "Doonesbury" mocks Starbucks open-carry policy
  236. Allowing interstate competition in health insurance.
  237. Did this kind of crap happen when Civil Rights, Medicare and Social Security were enacted?
  238. great site on "how to talk to climate change deniers"
  239. Did this health insurance reform bill save the insurance industry
  240. Do people really want IRS-Care?
  241. GOP tactics after healthcare reform passage.
  242. no Sex Offenders on Facebook - Legal? Constitutional?
  243. Another Look at "Deem and Pass"
  244. New Yorker tears Thiessen apart
  245. How Serious Would A Greek Default Be?
  246. Is there currently any sane, intellectual leadership in the Republican party? If so, who?
  247. Dems lose the House in November. Who's to blame?
  248. Understanding Political Philosophy - Progressives vs Conservatives vs Independents
  249. Pharmacy and Religion
  250. Terri Schiavo + 5 years