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  1. How much farther do we let Mexico slide toward being a defacto narco state before we step in?
  2. Lets Play! Reforming the UK electoral system
  3. Walking out in the UN. How is this viewed.
  4. Time to move the UN?
  5. Hypothetical Oil Spill
  6. Did Muhammad Exist
  7. Should the sexes be treated equally?
  8. A hypothetical Israel-Egypt war?
  9. "A Tale of Two Blogospheres": Liberals more open than conservatives online
  10. Re Greek unions & protesters violently fighting EU austerity plan - What's their solution?
  11. Is the Time Coming When There Just Aren't Enough Jobs to Go Around?
  12. Is sex a need?
  13. Well, Martini? [American attitudes toward WWII]
  14. Atheist Heaven, -what would our slice of heaven be
  15. Some Confusion About the Reading of Miranda Rights
  16. How do we get a viable third party
  17. Deontology versus Utilitarianism
  18. Oily Taint jumps party lines!
  19. Will the history books say we won or lost the War in Iraq?
  20. Why can I humiliate you in the sports world, but not the classroom?
  21. Bread and Circuses
  22. Why do children need to be "protected from their own budding sexualities"?
  23. Does Theistic Evolution and/or Old Earth Creationism Undermine the Bible
  24. Stock market plunge of May 6 2010
  25. Are there any countries or cultures where mental health is dealt with competently
  26. Study says: the more you lean left, the less you know about economics
  27. Was von Stauffenberg a hero?
  28. Obama nominates Elena Kagan for Supreme Court
  29. Why is ignorance of age not an excuse?
  30. Is globalization good for America? Short term? Long term?
  31. Should Robert Bork have sat on the Supreme Court?
  32. Two questions for atheists / agnostics
  33. Bob Bennett losing his seat
  34. The Pentagon says we are paying our troops too much
  35. Ethnic Jews v European Settlers Jews
  36. Why are Wikipedia editors mostly male?
  37. Are ALL Investement Newsletters Fatally Flawed?
  38. Do men really love women?
  39. Israel and Civilian Kills
  40. Who would men rather marry?
  41. Can the US become sustainable?
  42. Why all the focus on Kagan's looks?
  43. Why no Atheists on the Supreme Court?
  44. Iraq suicide bombings before and after Saddam.
  45. Third-world workers working for American companies overseas are being exploited.
  46. What if Anglo-Irish treaty was rejected?
  47. Newdow: Swing and a miss! Court won't take "So Help Me God" from Inaugural Oath
  48. The end of the suburbs?
  49. Russia, with Hamas and Syria today and Turkey tomorrow.
  50. Why does child molestation happen?
  51. Would a limited, non-transcendent deity have moral authority or claim to sovereignty?
  52. If aliens became aware of us, would they conquer/enslave/exploit/displace/exterminate us?
  53. Cultural differences between the northern & southern parts of the west coast
  54. How many years would it take to go from nothing to 2010 technology?
  55. Are Off-Shore Windmills An Economic Disaster?
  56. Any Cultural Relevance To The China School Killings?
  57. Christians: Aren't animals sinners?
  58. Were The Nazis a Puritanical Lot?
  59. Pros and cons of "presumed consent" organ donating
  60. Are performance artists trolls?
  61. What Christian denominations consider Mormons as Christians too?
  62. Fat kids eat less.
  63. President Obama: Employer-based Health Coverage Will Not Be Impacted By Health Care Reform
  64. Software piracy - Are there real solutions
  65. I propose we bring back corporal punishment
  66. Resolved: The American Consumer exploits third-world workers.
  67. So what's really blocking nuclear power? Cost? Red tape? Fear of lawsuits? Bad P.R.? What?
  68. Let's debate pro-choice people vs. anti-abortion people
  69. Mosque to be built two blocks from Ground Zero
  70. Is there anything wrong with this girls dance performance?
  71. QWERTY alphabet
  72. Christians and the Ten Commandments.
  73. How Long Until American Pediatricians Are Cutting Off Clitorises?
  74. State of California lures parole violators in with offer of amnesty
  75. Why didn't we bomb concentration camps?
  76. Were the 3 major religions promoted by Gnostics, Sufis and Qabalists to distract the masses?
  77. Iran Obama's 'only chance of success'
  78. Why does the left love big government so much?
  79. What is a "Tea Party member"?
  80. If it weren't for religion, would the folks in the middle east still be fighting?
  81. Illegal people; illegal activities
  82. Supreme Court rules that sex offenders can be held indefinitely
  83. PC Game Piracy (and I agree with this...)
  84. Should abortion be legal?
  85. (deleted)
  86. Is the drug war itself racist?
  87. Happy Fun 2010 Primary Thread
  88. Big Government is Failing - Again
  89. Debating with Americans.
  90. How Does A Lawyer (Blumenthal) "Misspeak"?
  91. Should I Fix This Washing Machine?
  92. Great Repeal Bill
  93. Did Lee Harvey Oswald have an escape plan?
  94. Turning a developing country into a developed one.
  95. ''Rape Culture''
  96. ABC's 'What Would You Do?'
  97. Is a boycott really a boycott if you only stop buying non-essentials?
  98. Thaksin et al are significantly more evil than Abhisit et al
  99. Popular Fiction and Nonwhite Characters
  100. How do the europeans want to justify burka (burqa?) ban?
  101. N. Korea torpedoed the S. Korean ship: chest thumping or something more?
  102. Rand Paul's interview on Rachel Maddow - A real Libertarian meets the real world
  103. Was TARP the right thing to do?
  104. For Eliza Doolittle Day: How Much Does Elocution Matter in the 21st Century?
  105. Girl Outs Mother's Citizenship Status During First Lady's School Visit
  106. Questions for Catholics
  107. What do you think of the just-passed financial regulation bill?
  108. Arizona's immigration law - genius
  109. Is "securing the border" even possible?
  110. Have rape victims the moral or ethical obligation to prosecute their rapists?
  111. The world without Stalin?
  112. Should performance enhancing substances be allowed in professional sports?
  113. Should The USA Adopt Mexican Law (RE. Illegal Aliens)?
  114. Do violent TV shows cause aggression?
  115. How to pick a candidate to vote out
  116. Kids are sometimes adults when they commit a heinous crime but never can have consensual sex?
  117. Can a "some drugs are worse than others; stay away from the bad ones" work?
  118. What should and can the Obama administration/Feds do about the oil spill?
  119. Saudi officer planning World Cup attacks
  120. Man/Woman, Chaser/Chased
  121. A world without Lenin?
  122. Was the U.S. Civil War all about slavery?
  123. Why are we afraid of death?
  124. The Media Treatment of Rand Paul - Knee Jerk Reactionism by Mental Midgets
  125. evolved senses as an argument for ontological naturalism
  126. Catholic abortion to save Mom's life, after rape, double effect . . .
  127. Given: the US goes Libertarian
  128. Lawyers, the Law, going pro se, expertise & expert knowledge, etc.
  129. Team photo etiquette -- amateur photog vs. pro
  130. Israel offered nukes to SA
  131. Iran offers to help US oil spill
  132. Conservatives/Libertarians: How has the Gulf spill affected your views?
  133. Can reintegration of Taliban soldiers work?
  134. Let's Face It. The World As We Have Known It Is Coming To An End.
  135. Should Sestak Squeal?
  136. Why do many people seem to think that the world will end on May 21, 2011?
  137. Can irrationality be the rational choice?
  138. Value of a single human life?
  139. "Americans - the most brainwashed people of the World"
  140. On Asking Smokers Not To
  141. Proximate cause of Islamic terrorism today
  142. Turkish flagged vessel attack [What if?--becomes What now?]
  143. Justification for 5th Amendment right not to testify against yourself?
  144. North Korea / South Korea - The US Role
  145. Civil Rights and other Social Changes: Wouldn't they have occured anyway?
  146. Is Britannia ruled today by nearly non-stop crime? (Says Theo. Dalrymple)
  147. Is the "Detoxify or Die" movement valid science?
  148. If We Could Make Dogs As Smart As Humans, Should We?
  149. Open Primaries = less extremism? Yeah, now pull the other one
  150. Operation Top Kill - Any one else watching this crap (shoot)?
  151. conscious evolution
  152. US Foreign Policy v. Domestic Policy.
  153. SYnthetic LIFE!!! The answer to all questions!!!
  154. Can the laity change the RCC?
  155. How likely are sex workers to be exploited?
  156. Was Deepwater Horizon over-insured? Is that proper?
  157. Time to Boycott Massachusetts? Must Pierce & Garnett become "Los Celtics"?
  158. Is there any meaning to life? or is it really just nothing?
  159. How important a role does "group polarization" play in sociopolitical dynamics?
  160. Can you really be 'humbled' by winning an award?
  161. Libel? Slander? Or just 'welcome to the 21st century'?
  162. How do republicans keep winning elections
  163. How do you handle your kid's shoplifting?
  164. Mullah, Mosque & State
  165. Male circumcision and penis sensitivity
  166. Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Goes to a Senate Vote
  167. What are the effects of Colonialism and the Cold War upon Africa?
  168. We need more monetary stimulus, and we need it now.
  169. Isn't this the right time for a third party to emerge in America?
  170. Responsibility to not perpetuate stereotypes.
  171. Would privately owned businesses thrive or fail if they were allowed to racially discriminate?
  172. Are we fear mongering, or is the world going to swallow us alive?
  173. Voting Americans in general are racist, homophobic, anti-semetic and anti-islamic.
  174. Israel stations nuclear-armed subs off Iranian coastline
  175. Supporters of Draw Mohammed Day=Free-Speech Fundamentalists?
  176. Would you vote for somebody for Pres. who looked antithetical to your views, but at least competent?
  177. When did religion jump the shark for great thinkers?
  178. The Ethics of Blackmail
  179. What if we just blew up our enemies?
  180. If you can read this in English thank a veteran. Really?
  181. Tragedy of the weak!
  182. Video footage of Mavi Marmara Passengers Attacking IDF Soldiers
  183. How, exactly, should we enforce immigration laws?
  184. US oil consumers - aftermath of the Gulf spill
  185. Is the Human race, too resilient to die out?
  186. The correlation between being homosexual and stereotypically "gay" behaviors.
  187. Supremes: Suspects must declare wish to remain silent
  188. Why is Sarah Palin complaining so hard about Joe McGinniss?
  189. Does marriage counseling work?
  190. Is it possible to break a commitment to an animal? Does giving a pet away make a person bad?
  191. Shorter Copyright Terms for Entertainment Software?
  192. Immigration: go after the businesses! (Unless that's preempted, too)
  193. What should Obama do about the BP oil spill?
  194. Is Our Knowledge of our Mortality What Sets Us Apart From Other Animals?
  195. Will Ban Ki-moon seek a second term as Secretary-General?
  196. What's wrong with "anchor-baby" citizenship (considering the alternatives)?
  197. Physician licensure only if MD accepts Medicare patients/payments. Good idea or not?
  198. "The New Deal didn't end the Great Depression, WWII did!"
  199. Theists: do you refer to God as "He," "She," "It," or "They"?
  200. Cotton Gin Waste as Oil Spill Cleaner- why is this not being done?
  201. 16th amendment
  202. So what now of Japan?
  203. The Virginia Attorney-General is correct not to sign a brief against the Westboro Baptist Chuch
  204. Armando Galarraga: A Perfect Solution is to Make it Perfect
  205. Will speciesism one day be socially unacceptable?
  206. Why don't we just rely on police testimony all the time?
  207. Do we cut women more slack than men?
  208. Field of Dreams: a Constitutional Law Thought Experiment
  209. Do We Really See in Shades of Left and Right?
  210. Should police be able to guess your car speed?
  211. Imagine if there were no posessions
  212. Illegal to film police officers while making an arrest. Insane new trend in state laws.
  213. Language, Bullies, Fat, C*nt and What We Find Offensive.
  214. Does America need a federal Value Added Tax?
  215. Is Causality Bullshit?
  216. Ok, Atheist. What's the problem?
  217. Obama/Clinton 2012
  218. Did God get really lazy ~2000 B.C.?
  219. Minimum Requirements for a Successful Military Coup in the USA?
  220. What do humanistic disciplines offer that scientific disciplines do not?
  221. Would Al Gore/Bob Graham have won in 2000?
  222. Benefits of a Parliamentary System
  223. is there a reason to philosophy?
  224. Is capital entropic or extropic?
  225. Marrying spending reductions between the left and right.
  226. How would the world react if we found conclusive proof of extraterrestrial intelligence?
  227. We invent a machine that lets amateurs build machine guns. What happens?
  228. Where did Cain and Abel's wives come from?
  229. Is Afghanistan really America's longest war?
  230. Mom Busts Dad For 15 Year Old Custodial "Kidnap" -- Now What?
  231. If the earth was doomed what would be the morality of seeding Mars with life ?
  232. Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Particularly Blame Obama Re BP?
  233. Is teleportation just another version of "my grandfather's axe"?
  234. Republicans: How would you reduce America's jobless rate?
  235. Federal Acts Based on Necessary and Proper Clause?
  236. Society in John Lennon's "Imagine": Utopia or Dystopia
  237. Anatomy of an Epidemic: Medication and mental illness
  238. Please help me rebut this anti-muslim Email.
  239. Quarter of a million US diplomatic cables may have been leaked, how big a deal?
  240. Would you pay to vote?
  241. Obama's Foreign Policy is an Utter Failure
  242. Is the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill that big of a problem?
  243. Is socializing just conversational masturbation?
  244. Religious types: what does your church, etc. teach that you don't believe, and why?
  245. When in human history should reasonable people find a "cut-off" of the right of title by conquering?
  246. What is the future of funding & access in US health care
  247. Religion has given us nothing
  248. Destroying a Sudanese pharmaceutical plant -- priceless
  249. Did the Supreme Court just screw Arizona?
  250. Does God Love Everyone?