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  1. 5 most strongest countries.
  2. Why is Xmas still a big deal?
  3. Should we make anti-vaccine parents pay more?
  4. What is China doing wrong with its currency?
  5. why are $100 laptop type initiatives coming from American do-gooders and not Chinese businessmen?
  6. What would have happened to Mussolini if he had survived the war?
  7. Cost-benefit analysis, applied to regulations, is a crock.
  8. Can currencies float if they are on the gold standard?
  9. Mega Corporations Ruling America
  10. Al-Jazeera broadcasting leaked "Palestine Papers"
  11. More questions about god.
  12. Santorum's abortion play. Why?
  13. Is removal/delivery an acceptable alternative to late-term abortion?
  14. The proposed Jerome Ersland Act
  15. Could Detroit Revive? Would This Work?
  16. Did the USSR want to conquer the US?
  17. You're right, Danny C...there is no god.
  18. What does Olbermann leaving MSNBC say
  19. State of the Union: Obama seals his fate
  20. Obama to propose structural reform of U.S. Government
  21. Reverse American exceptionalism: dumber/more violent/etc. than other countries?
  22. Is Robert Fisk all he's cracked up to be?
  23. Should credit card interest be tax deductable?
  24. Stuxnet Worm Used By Israel On Iranian Centrifuges
  25. Reforming the tax code
  26. Gun owners - would you support this compromise?
  27. A Refuge for Dictators
  28. Is social reform through the courts ever preferable to reform through the legislature?
  29. There is no reason to obey traffic lights
  30. Earmarks question
  31. What would REALLY happen if the 2nd Amendment were repealed?
  32. Should corporations that do business in and with dicatorships be boycotted?
  33. Do we need GMO's to support the current world population?
  34. How would Lincoln have run Reconstruction?
  35. Schrodinger's Lottery
  36. Social Darwinism - the only logical explanation?
  37. What caused the trouble in Egypt? (My bro says it was Wikileaks)
  38. Will Egypt Have an Iran-Style Revolution?
  39. Is Wikileaks a threat to United States national security.
  40. The electric car: is it ideal transportation if a good battery exists?
  41. Is Jesus something other than love for some Christians?
  42. Should U.S. Corporations be required to carry Al-Jazeera?
  43. Racism and "The Race Card"
  44. Can government housing projects create lease conditions that reduce or negate constitutional rights?
  45. 40 Million Americans on Food Stamps: When Do WE Start Rioting?
  46. Another Strike [in the courts against HealthCare Reform law]
  47. NYC undercover investigators buy guns at Arizona gun show without background checks
  48. What precedent, if any, would the SC overturning HCR set? Chances?
  49. Handicap the Egyptian outcome.
  50. Help!! My cousin is retarted!!!
  51. Is US aid to the Egyptian military playing a role in their current behavior
  52. How long can a plutonomy last?
  53. Is America a Fascist Country? Are we the next Egypt?
  54. Is the moral objection to the existence of God valid?
  55. Did monogamy appear before religion?
  56. far Right Dutch political Party targets mentally challenged voters
  57. What if Texas had remained part of Mexico?
  58. Women leaders of the Tea Party
  59. Suppose HCR gets overturned in the Supreme Court? Then what?
  60. Child safety in cars
  61. 1099 provision repealed?
  62. Middle East unrest according to Glenn Beck and friends
  63. Why so much speculation regarding Israel?
  64. What would happen if America stuck by it's principles?
  65. Are these "the five worldviews that define American politics"
  66. Will the Tunisian revolution inspire actions beyond the Arab world?
  67. Senate Report: EVERYBODY Knew Major Hasan Was Insane Jihadist, But Kept Quiet To Be PC
  68. This is all very well and good, but how can the Egyptian people overthrow their own army?
  69. 1986 Libya Operation: Why did Italy/Spain/France refuse airspace?
  70. The necessity of Civil war.
  71. Who is Responsible for Political Correctness?
  72. Are we being naive about the possibility of Egyptian "democracy"?
  73. "There is no evidence for the existence for God." Meaningful and true?
  74. Has the British Prime Minister grown a pair?
  75. Person in Vegetative State: Take Your Chance Or Not
  76. Was Jesus Literate?
  77. The Perfect World, Environmentally
  78. Can There Be Absolute Morality
  79. Angry people: a new perspective?
  80. Handicap PPACA/Obamcare in the SCOTUS
  81. Describe God
  82. If "evolution" is true...
  83. The dyslexia myth
  84. Why religious controversy in biology but (post-Galileo) not physics?
  85. How acceptable would the Lord's Prayer be to non-Christians?
  86. Examples of decisions/laws that politicians made that were wrong/bad because of their "eliteness"?
  87. Is being gay going against natural laws?
  88. Can Egypt Become a Better Democracy than the US?
  89. Popular philosophical ideas
  90. Should OTC Pseudophedrine drugs require a prescription to purchase?
  91. What future would the Egyptian people choose if they could?
  92. Common Cause Takes a Stand on the Filibuster!
  93. The Very Very Straight Dope
  94. Can an Evangelical be Considered Anything but Ignorant?
  95. Is the Constitution being turned into another Bible?
  96. IEA says world has passed oil production peak
  97. Has Something Happened in Israel Lately?
  98. Marcel Leroux: Global Warming Denier
  99. What Consequences - if the Revolt in Egypt Fails?
  100. Reagan, just past his 100th Birthday.
  101. Psychologists Are Overwhelmingly Liberal
  102. What 3 SCOTUS decisions do you overturn?
  103. Federal or state budget cuts - where's the difficulty in deciding what to cut?
  104. A roadmap for Egypt, Tunisia and others
  105. What will the first interstellar probe be like?
  106. Fraud/scam versus "aggressive sale". What's your take on this situation?
  107. John Boehner sex scandal
  108. Fermi's Paradox and Time Travel.
  109. Ask A Catholic
  110. Should police face criminal charges for mistakes?
  111. Catholic church and child molestation redux
  112. What if Satan said... "I'm Sorry"
  113. Is this Muslim cleric justifying lying for his religion?
  114. Mega Cruise Ships: Tragedies Waiting To Happen?
  115. Rachel Maddow & US Magazine: Mighty Quick to Report Palin Jokes As News
  116. How will our era be misremembered 2000 years from now?
  117. Arizona counter-sues over SB1070
  118. Smoking on the street [cont'd]
  119. Labor associations - not unions
  120. Lies, damn lies, and unemployment statistics
  121. Berkeley, CA is Guantanamo West
  122. Mubarak is out - now what? || After Mubarak, who is next?
  123. Why don't we buy opium from Afghanistan for legitimate uses?
  124. Multiculturalism Has Failed, Say European Leaders
  125. I hope the families of every one of these victims sues the federal government.
  126. To Shoot or Not To Shoot [Hypothetical alt reality "kill Hitler" question]
  127. Thankyou George W. Bush
  128. Foreign Ownership in the UK
  129. Facts, beliefs, and opinions
  130. CPAC - The fall of Social Conservatism
  131. Impeach Clarence Thomas
  132. And now: Yemen and the "Pink Revolution"
  133. Iran opposition plans 2/14 demonstration in Tehran
  134. Non-Reprobate Dopers: How does one officially become a Calvinist? (and who isn't one?)
  135. Cancer is man made
  136. What's wrong with the birthers?
  137. (Non-Mormon) Christians converting to Mormonism
  138. Algeria next?
  139. Christianity and Mosaic Law
  140. Omni-benevolent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient
  141. Should Political Polling be Banned?
  142. Did Scalia do anything wrong by meeting privately with this group?
  143. Is Islamism in Egypt really worth worrying about?
  144. No, there is no "taqiyya" doctrine that lets all Muslims lie for the good of the faith
  145. Germany in 1939: Ready For War-or Not?
  146. Demonstrators killed in Bahrain
  147. Amanda Knox's parents accused of libel
  148. Is South Dakota considering legalizing the killing of abortion providers?
  149. Inheritance Tax
  150. What's wrong with the birthers' argument?
  151. Libya too?!
  152. Computer Singularity by 2045?
  153. Is philosophy only about universal truths? Are human perspectives irrelevant?
  154. French Foreign Minister, ''That Property deal w Ben Ali was purely private''
  155. Future Shock
  156. Will Wisconsin's anti-union bill pass constitutional muster? Is it a good idea?
  157. What About The Kurds?
  158. About when did the hate begin?
  159. What will happen to infidels on the rapture?
  160. A simple proposal for the US budget
  161. Solar Power efficiency boosted 300%. Game changer?
  162. Is Wikipedia all that bad as a reference source?
  163. Chris Rock: A good starting point for race discussion?
  164. How Do Creationists Explain the Tower Of Babel?
  165. Is STUXNET just a flash in the pan?
  166. Hypothetical Debate: Would You Support the Nomination of Robert A Leffingwell
  167. Bad ideas in education
  168. Why do the Russians hate the British so much?
  169. The Valentich disappearance
  170. I predict no more Arab/Muslim regime changes this year
  171. If No Barbarian Invasions, Could The Roman Empire Lasted Another 2000 Years?
  172. The Moon Landings Really Happened.
  173. What's the Argument That SS Affects Deficit
  174. Playing chicken with the debt limit?
  175. Missouri state senate moving bill that would effectively eliminate child labor laws in that state?
  176. Alternative Current Events: Iraq
  177. Alternative Vote - yay or nay?
  178. Jews are evil
  179. Should Geohot Go to Jail?
  180. Four Americans Murderd By Somali Pirates-Time to Get Serious?
  181. Ending Ca$h: The Public Benefits of Federal Electronic Currency
  182. Joseph Stalin's contribution to victory in World War 2.
  183. What really motivates people with extremely strong opinions on abortion
  184. When Is Using Deadly Force Justified?
  185. Raise Doping Penalties!
  186. Without the Iraq war, would we now be seeing a Tunisian style revolution in Iraq?
  187. What about Iran?
  188. The Arab Uprisings Have Gone Too Far
  189. What's the dope on "dowsing" for graves?
  190. Are liberals really more "evolved" than conservatives? Scientific study suggests answer is yes.
  191. Governor Scott Walker just sealed his own fate
  192. Charlie Sheen is going to rehab. Has this ever worked for *anyone*?
  193. What If Prince Charles Killed Someone?
  194. Is Napoleon regarded as an admirable figure or a villain? Or controversial yet?
  195. A Question: The rich and the middle class
  196. After Khartoum: Why did the British attack the Dervish Empire in Sudan?
  197. Are we living in 1980s Soviet Union, fiscally speaking?
  198. Qadaffi May Have Been Involved In Flt. 103 Bombing -- You Don't Say?
  199. The Bigger Threat
  200. Outlawing bi-weekly paychecks, could it work?
  201. Best Possible Reconstruction
  202. Lenient attitudes towards Sheen: WTF?
  203. Is this story about the DOD using "psy-ops" on senators even remarkable?
  204. Guy arrested for handing out pamphlets on jury nullifaction at courthouse. Guilty of jury tampering?
  205. Smuggler's Paradise: Guns, Drugs and Violence in the Southwest Part 1 of 2
  206. How would a Palin presidency be worse/better than the Bush one?
  207. Is it really fair to talk about AA "success rates"?
  208. Pacifist opposition to Hitler
  209. Why didn't Jesus write anything down?
  210. What would the Libyan people choose, if they could?
  211. The is no god but God.
  212. Should the U.S./NATO establish a no-fly zone over Libya?
  213. The 7 Years war: Whay Was Gen. Montcalm Outfoxed?
  214. Preservation of the Individual or the Advancement of Society?
  215. Getting a PhD is the stupidest decision of all time? (100 Reasons not to do it?)
  216. Assassination is the refinement of war to its most moral form
  217. Is the "pick up artist" movement an inherently good or bad thing?
  218. Discuss Cracked.com's list of 6 Important Things You Didn't Know We Were Running Out Of
  219. Gospel Reliability and Embellishment
  220. Is the London Olympic Logo Racist?
  221. Bible thumper responds to video by atheist girl
  222. Are we Fallen Angels?
  223. Are We Fallen Angels? again
  224. Calories per Dollar.
  225. The lost art of Modern Dance
  226. ECJ rules: European insurers can no longer charge different prices because of gender
  227. Does the U.S. intervene in Libya?
  228. High court says victim's dying words can be used in court
  229. Man, Oman! The Nice Revolution?
  230. Bible question: Why did god create humans?
  231. Why The Great Recovery?
  232. Why do Christians think Mary was a virgin?
  233. Supreme Court rules in favor of Westboro protests
  234. How do theists reconcile disbelief in predestination with an omniscient deity?
  235. Is it time to bring the Fairness Doctrine back?
  236. Mathematics doesn't provide universal truth with human perspective being irrelevant
  237. Would Saddam Hussein have invaded Saudi Arabia?
  238. Is it sexism to charge higher insurance rates for new male drivers with no record?
  239. World War III?
  240. How could a loving God approve?
  241. Paul's Authority
  242. EU High Court Bans Gender-based Insurance Pricing
  243. Should Child Support Be Extended to Age 30?
  244. Really, how secure were jobs in the 50s, 60s, 70s?
  245. 7th Circuit Protects Students T-Shirts with the Slogan "Be happy, not gay."
  246. Is "Old Money" the same as 'upper class'? I thought money doesn't = class
  247. DNA Tests Are an Anti-Feminist Application of Science
  248. Wisconsin orders arrest of missing Democrats. Legal?
  249. Did Lori Berenson Deserve Such a Long Prison Term?
  250. More Muslim Marvelousness? Or More Radical Muslim Marvelousness?

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