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  1. How Would Lowering the Medicare Age Change Unemployment?
  2. There Is No Male-Female Wage Gap
  3. Define Third World
  4. Is Latin America Western?
  5. The murder of a rapist? Or "gay panic" killing?
  6. Can the destruction of any physical object be justified with death?
  7. Gender identity and encouraging 'traditional' roles
  8. What was Governor LePage thinking?
  9. Long-Term Goals to Keep America Competitive
  10. Explain American politics to me please
  11. Woman who attempted suicide while pregnant is accused of murder
  12. Why Republicans don't trust Democrats and their budgeting
  13. I'm been a lapsed Republican for some time, but re the budget they are making some sense
  14. Will the Dems successfully use the GOP's stance on Medicare against them?
  15. Why don't governments use a % based way to balance their budgets?
  16. Why do Creationists deny Evolution in face of tons of evidence supporting it?
  17. American Eugenics Movement and Euro Nazism
  18. All Art is Political-Epilogue
  19. Resolved, the West will Win the GWoT
  20. Will Italian democracy survive Silvio Berlusconi?
  21. S&P downgrades US Debt
  22. BRICS countries going off the dollar?
  23. Modern Whigs-A Party of Sanity
  24. Reagan fans: what did Reagan do that you admire?
  25. Is it possible for a white person to use the n-word and not be a racist?
  26. Is Fox news for real?
  27. What Would Plutocracy Look in the US?
  28. Orwellian doublethink in Reagan apologists.
  29. Fundamentalist Atheists equivalent to Fundamentalist Theists
  30. Former theists turned atheists: what arguments were most effective in turning you?
  31. Hungarian Constitution
  32. Europe has become far too liberal, and now it's destroying the entire continent
  33. Just finished reading Romeo Dallaires book. Where to begin? (Rwanda)
  34. Uh... Iraq behind the OKC bombing?
  35. America's Education System Is Fine
  36. What should the criminal penalty for practical jokes be?
  37. Pro-Choicers: Abortion For Child's Sexuality
  38. Is the Democratic party headed in the wrong direction?
  39. USA vs. Mexico
  40. Representation without Taxation
  41. Resolved: FGM is a crime against humanity and the pinnacle of sexism in practice.
  42. Wisconsin GOP—the new ACORN?
  43. Are Atheists better Christians than Christians?
  44. God heals? Question FROM a Christian
  45. Speed limit enforcement
  46. The 10,000 Year Explosion - a book review
  47. Against feminism
  48. Should I be free to agree to become a slave?
  49. Bradley Manning not being tortured anymore?
  50. Taxes: If I can't abort my fetus because it's a person, should I get to claim it as a dependent?
  51. Will we be inialated [annihilated] as a race before its too late?
  52. What place diesels?
  53. Should transgendered people be allowed to marry? And have they really changed their gender?
  54. Is it possible to stop the increase in the federal debt?
  55. How long will US-Pakistan relations survive for?
  56. Beaten by France regarding atheism
  57. How is a representative democracy supposed to work?
  58. Assad Dynaty Falls: Good or Bad For Israel?
  59. How rulings for students rights backfire
  60. Africa's resources & the rise of a new Cold War
  61. Electoral College Outlived its Time?
  62. Paul Ryan's Budget Plan???
  63. I think we should make harvesting of organs mandatory
  64. What Happened to the Intelectual Conservative Movement?
  65. Should Catholics Really Vote Republican?
  66. America, the second
  67. Did the US Pursue the Right Cold War Policy?
  68. Convince my hypothetical mass murderer that he's wrong
  69. The excellent education of yore, and your grandma's VCR
  70. Have any birthers fessed up yet?
  71. Pit kerfluffel on adoption
  72. People who are judged to be both good and evil.
  73. Whitehouse releases Obama long form birth-certificate
  74. How was Jesus dressed when He arose?
  75. Explain to me why marriage is OK for murders and child molesters but not for gay people
  76. Need a lawyer to explain this: Dropping a client
  77. 2011 Syrian Protests
  78. Parsing the Second Amendment
  79. Supreme Court ends Class Action lawsuits [AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion]
  80. Could a website reasonably held responsible for having personal data breached?
  81. Should funding for the Tevatron be continued?
  82. How will the coronation of Charles III differ from that of Elizabeth II?
  83. Islam cannot coexist with a peaceful world.
  84. Is a peace officer still a peace officer if he doesn't have insurance?
  85. Report: Guns in the home provide greater health risk than benefit
  86. What is the dissidents game-plan? (Northern Ireland)
  87. Jimmy Carter and human rights abuse by the US.
  88. Immigrants who enter the country illegally and all the crimes they commit.
  89. Obama's New Natl. Security Team
  90. South Sudan's Draft Constitution and March Toward Independence
  91. Immigrants who enter the country illegally and the costs they impose
  92. Why are people not up in arms over Guantanamo Bay?
  93. Christian propoganda author dies in car accident -- grieve, or celebrate?
  94. Why Tory support for the Union?
  95. Pro-Gaddafi forces clash with Tunisian military
  96. The more intelligent an animal is, the more wrong is it to eat it?
  97. Steam powered cars
  98. Why did Jesus refuse to perform miracles on demand?*
  99. Defund Planned Parenthood Ads?
  100. Mental Illness and Personality
  101. Would Texas ever separate from America?
  102. % of Democrat and Republican Senators that deny Evolution?
  103. Osama bin Laden is Dead
  104. So How Will Fox Spin OBL Death?
  105. Was Killing Osama Bin Laden Lawful?
  106. Conspiracy Theorists: Denver International Airport
  107. Did waterboarding help kill Bin Laden?
  108. Yet another &!$% thread about trade with China
  109. BENT AND STRAIGHT , same basic metaphor , why is only one offensive ?
  110. Where is the proof of Bin Laden's death? Seriously?
  111. Make the case that ObL's death increases Obama's re-election chances
  112. Why do people continue to say fossil & nuclear energy are cheaper than solar?
  113. Hypothetical scenario: Al-Queda enacts terrorism against several U.S. synagogues.
  114. What if we had caught Osama alive?
  115. Another Bin Laden burial question
  116. Turbines are so EASY!
  117. Would "Truth Serums" Be Acceptable
  118. Cairo vs. Farmland
  119. Should withdrawal from Afghanistan be sped up?
  120. Another OBL thread! Re: Pakistan's role
  121. Do Immanuel Kant's racist opinions render the rest of his philosophy suspect?
  122. Have we gained anything by banning "cowboys & indians"?
  123. What is a good education in the 21st Century?
  124. Taliban...what will they do now?
  125. Should Obama have released the photos?
  126. Is the Word 'Pederasty' Outdated?
  127. Why WASN'T Osama Bin Laden Armed?
  128. Are Barmen Responsible For What Their Customers Drink?
  129. Does immigration tend to lower wages (in rich countries)?
  130. Ideally, what should a legislator swear to? If anything?
  131. How did other countries pass their (high) gas taxes?
  132. How will Al Quaida attack the US?
  133. How will Al Quaida attack the US? [duplicate thread]
  134. Are we alone?
  135. Why was the name "Geronimo" used in the bin Laden mission? [edited title]
  136. Will there be a war?
  137. C.S. Lewis/Screwtape and the spiritual threat/value of "flippancy"
  138. Knowing the consequences would Osama Bin Laden have gone ahead with Sept 11?
  139. Is it possible to be Pro-Choice AND think that fetus=baby?
  140. Alternate WWII History: What if the Axis Controlled the Oil?
  141. What if Edward VIII had managed to stay on the throne?
  142. So now we're assassinating our own citizens?
  143. The REAL problem of the US.
  144. Is the whole Steampunk phenomenon a reaction to ubiquitous digital technology?
  145. Time to Bring the Troops Home
  146. Obama Campaigned He'd Administrate Like Lincoln - Has He?
  147. Former Atheists Who Are Now Theists: What Changed You?
  148. What properties must an entity have in order to receive our moral consideration?
  149. What if it had turned out Obama was NOT a citizen?
  150. Will South Africa go the way of Zimbabwe?
  151. Pregnant woman demands seat on train (London)
  152. No Ride list for Amtrak, seriously?
  153. Problems are easy; solutions are hard.
  154. Major Differences Between Modern-Day Judiasm and Modern-Day Islam?
  155. Numerical Recipes - Is this stuff legal?
  156. Convince me that euthanasia should be illegal.
  157. Where Did The Qur'an Come From?
  158. The power went out in Abbottabad
  159. Will the world end on May 21, 2011?
  160. Bait bikes and cars: a great idea or entrapment?
  161. Is dressing like a slut "asking for it"?
  162. Peace Corps: Spreading Peace or 'Study-Abroad' program?
  163. Do some Christians worship due to a need to be subservient and ingratiating?
  164. Is MSNBC really news?
  165. Abiotic oil
  166. Consensual relationship between a slaveowner and a slave
  167. Determinism
  168. What is the west "missing" perception-wise in the battle against Islamic radicalism?
  169. Open source and Marxism
  170. Can Anyone Justify Banning Marijuana?
  171. Adult success is inversely proportional to high school popularity
  172. Should the US Have a 40-Hr. Week/8 Hr. Day?
  173. Did intolerance of Catholics in the 1800's & early 1900's make American Catholicism better?
  174. censoring language on TV
  175. dianetics and facts
  176. If being addicted to alcohol is considered a disability, what about other addictions?
  177. Obama proposes extension of FBI Director's term
  178. Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme
  179. Is Being Opposed to Interracial Relations Necessarilly Racist
  180. Swiss vote could call time on 'suicide tourism'
  181. Hipster Racism
  182. The "It Gets Better" Campaign
  183. Indiana Supreme Court rules no right to block illegal police entry into home
  184. Pharmacist's conscience and new Indiana abortion law
  185. Christians. You Love Jesus? Why?
  186. An eye for an eye [Punishment in Iran]
  187. Underage models/super models and morality
  188. France to Ban Fracking
  189. What is it about theories in the human sciences and natural sciences that makes them convincing?
  190. Interchangeable carbon blobs. Only 1% generate any wealth.
  191. Left wing antisemitism
  192. Should the U.S. have mandated vacation time?
  193. Dopers Who Support Reparatritions For Slaves
  194. Genre Theory and Great Debates
  195. How much of religious charity work is really fixing problems caused by religion in the first place?
  196. The ethical dilemma of "passing"
  197. President of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns comes out of the closet
  198. OBL, Why did he target America and Americans?
  199. Man has consensual sex with a woman then she falsely cries rape. Is it possible to prove innocence?
  200. "Live a good life", with or without Gods- quote of Marcus Aurelius
  201. Reality
  202. What will pop the gold bubble?
  203. What Would The World With a Marginalized Christianity Look Like
  204. U.S. hits debt ceiling
  205. The world was created by a single thought?
  206. What would happen if we got rid of all corporate taxes?
  207. The smallest non-interesting number
  208. Is healthcare a right?
  209. What's a "New Atheist"?
  210. Regressive Taxes vs the Common Good
  211. Is deficit spending sustainable?
  212. What is the importance of vocabulary on human knowledge?
  213. Atheists, Explain Yourselves.
  214. SCOTUS ruling regarding "exigent circumstances" and searches.
  215. Should the UK Justice Secretary resign over his remarks on 'serious rape'?
  216. Lifeboat Ethics - Your Thoughts?
  217. Equalisation of UK pension age
  218. Mississippi school district outraged about student survey
  219. Meaningfull Biological Definition of Race
  220. A World Without Religion, Better or Worse
  221. Debt and legal obligations of the feds
  222. Obama calls for independent Palestine, 1967 borders
  223. Rap throwdown of the century: John Maynard Keynes vs. Friedrich August Hayek
  224. Libya - 1973 War Powers Act
  225. Is a severely depreciated Dollar the end of the world?
  226. My simple campaign finance reform plan.
  227. Can people win a law suit against Harold Camping for damages caused by the world not ending?
  228. New poll: Majority of Americans support legalising gay marriage
  229. Jared Bernstein on the economic effects of tax cuts
  230. Is Computer Self-Awareness Possible
  231. If not the Green Line, then what line should be the Israel-Palestine border?
  232. Repost of Iran Topic posted 5-22-11
  233. Is America to Afraid to Racial Profile
  234. 1 Corinthians 15
  235. Is The European Left Like the American Right
  236. Alternate scenarios for the geographical setting of the Jewish State
  237. If Britain had kept the American colonies, would there have been a British Empire in Asia/Africa?
  238. Why is Pascal's Wager a Dead Letter?
  239. Honduran president signs deal allowing Zelaya to return
  240. Supreme Court says California must release thousands of prisoners
  241. Libertarian Nations
  242. America’s military actions: training for the next Great War?
  243. Based on new Pew Typology: Yes, the Tea Party movement, etc., is generationally time-limited
  244. Something no one ever mentions when discussing jobs
  245. Are the Pakistani militants changing? If so, what does it mean?
  246. I haven't seen anything in the media concerning cia ring bust.
  247. Lifeboat ethics - Real Lifeboats!
  248. blacks made the western world
  249. SC Rules Arizona Can Punish Businesses That Hire Illegals
  250. Libertarian Mythology