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  1. Raising the debt ceiling with more balanced budgeting
  2. The Eighth-day Adventist Church proposal
  3. Let's Tax Lottery Winnings at 90%
  4. Long-Term Effects of Rebel Victory in Southern Rebellion?
  5. Are there any valid prophecies?
  6. What is the motivation of China's manned space program?
  7. Obama to nominate Cordray to Consumer Protection Post.
  8. Why do we tax the rich at all ?
  9. How to respond to the debt limit mess?
  10. Balanced budget amendment... tied to tax increases
  11. Let's grow the economy!
  12. Is a belief in ghosts compatible with atheism?
  13. Why is it that only Northern Europeans have been programmed to make themselves into a minority?
  14. Compelling production of a password, revisited
  15. Is Gold Really a Good Investment?
  16. Israel to attack Iran this fall?!
  17. Servants and labor-saving products
  18. Did Murdoch walk into Obamatrap?
  19. So now that NCLB has hit the reality of the scholastic ability bell curve. What happens next?
  20. Just how religious is the US?
  21. What exactly is a 'healthy diet', is there a scientific consensus
  22. Call in a drunk drive or no?
  23. Do you think it is reasonable for taxpayers to pay $113 BILLION a year for Illegals/Anchor Babies?
  24. Thought experiment for white people regarding race.
  25. Could the hacking scandal bring down the Cameron Government?
  26. Militant Atheism: Good or bad
  27. Why doesn't the government consider reducing spending on non-essential programs?
  28. Why do politicians need money in order to campaign?
  29. Is Anti-Semitism a serious problem in Norway?
  30. Are religious people crazy?
  31. Franken pwns Focus on the Family.
  32. Drug Tests For Welfare Recipients?
  33. Do people get better in prison
  34. The Debt Crisis Thread
  35. MSNBC is profiling presidential candidate Ross Perot, could his perspective help today?
  36. Household Rights?
  37. Homeopathy--quackery or legit medicine?
  38. A viable solution comprimise to tax the rich?
  39. Is there really a shortage of jobs, or have we failed to solve the overpopulation problem?
  40. Resolved: Religious people are crazy. What now?
  41. Economic woes solving plan: Government hires everyone
  42. Allen West: sexual harassment or not?
  43. Resolved: Atheists are wrong. What now?
  44. Changes from baby boomers aging beyond SS
  45. Prison Rape
  46. Which non-Xian historians give the most credence to the NT's historical accuracy?
  47. Poverty and Intelligence
  48. In years to come, will boxing and other combat sports be seen as barbaric blood sports?
  49. Evidence of a historical Jesus Christ
  50. What if R.E. Lee fought for the Union?
  51. Father's Blog = child abuse?
  52. Are the GOP rooting for total economic collapse?
  53. Catholic Tradition
  54. Are political leanings just a matter of brain wiring?
  55. Are the troothspeaking lawyers pulling a fast one?
  56. If the US does indeed have separation of church and state why does the church remain tax exempt?
  57. The Persian Empire - were they really such bad guys?
  58. What if the PRC had fallen to the 1989 Tienanmen Square protests?
  59. Scandal control. In the long run, which is better denial or admission?
  60. Can someone define "Cultural Marxism" Please?
  61. Why do the Israelis build settlements?
  62. Is this justice or a travesty of justice? DUI vs. jaywalking charge.
  63. Do I have an obligation to get vaccinated against flu?
  64. Something to ponder [continued from "Draconian DUI laws"]
  65. Eastern promise: what, if anything, can non-believers learn from Buddhism?
  66. Default and third party politics
  67. Instead of raising taxes, why not push for this idea?
  68. Should we be considering costs when recommending vaccines?
  69. Not so slippry a slope: Bush has always been the one to blame for our current economic crisis.
  70. Concerning mandatory reporting for Catholic priests.
  71. Zeitgeist 3 - opinions?
  72. My Solution to the Mortgage Crisis
  73. Did the U.S. lose the War of 1812?
  74. Joint Strike fighters still in limbo - Aussies threaten to withdraw - China hones stealth aircraft
  75. What will it take to create a third political party?
  76. Bullets as a metaphor
  77. The US defense budget
  78. Would increasing the number of Representatives in the House change anything?
  79. What Crimes Should Be Punishable By the Death Penalty
  80. Are there many pro-life people who are also anti-death penalty?
  81. US loses AAA rating: what happens?
  82. What's the logic in regulators tolerating death in one instance but not another?
  83. Should Christians apologize for the Oslo killings?
  84. Free Will Revisited - Soft Compatibilism (ver. 2.0)
  85. If we do hit the debt ceiling, we should make other cuts rather than default on our debt
  86. The death penalty (again)
  87. The roots of the Holocaust: Intentionalists vs. Functionalists.
  88. The absolute answer to our Nations difficulty...
  89. Mass Resignation of Turkish Generals
  90. Debt Ceiling Follies: The Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin.
  91. Tea Party = treason
  92. Keynesian economics
  93. Did this officer violate the law?
  94. Obama, Y U NO STAND UP FOR SELF?
  95. Why does the high tech industry seem so bubble-prone?
  96. Aren't conservatives for euthanasia and health care rationing?
  97. Constitution 2.0
  98. How do we prevent atrocities like the Norwegian Utoja-massacre and the Oslo terror-bombings?
  99. Claire McCaskill - Statement on Meet the Press
  100. Question re: 14th Amendment
  101. What if women ruled the world?
  102. America needs to invest in infrastructure
  103. For Krugman followers: How much debt would be acceptable?
  104. Is English "degrading" or just changing?
  105. Pharmacist prescribing debate [continued]
  106. City mandated vs. free market trash collection
  107. We need mandatory National Service in the US
  108. Enough with the no-kill shelters and related wrongheadedness
  109. What would happen if all the rich people left America?
  110. Forcing the unemployed to work
  111. Brillliant strategy for Pubbies
  112. Sungazing...WTF?
  113. Whats wrong with "back yard breeders"?
  114. Is having a cell phone a right?
  115. What Kinds of Rights Do Fringe Groups Have in Europe?
  116. Why is Social Security unsustainable?
  117. Honesty Experiments
  118. If there were no one in the universe to observe it, would the universe still exist?
  119. Do the rich really take risks.
  120. Market drops - Social Security suddenly looks good
  121. Is There Any Doubt We Are Heading for a Double-Dip Recession?
  122. Appoint the libertarian Scott Sumner to the Federal Reserve Board
  123. Armchair Speculation: Will modern cosmetic techniques destroy natural selection?
  124. Libertarian system for money
  125. A Nordics Seek Seat at G-20 Table
  126. Standard & Poor downgrades US credit: now AA+ not AAA
  127. When we all died.
  128. Why are Americans so opposed to tax increases?
  129. If Republicans only care about the rich...
  130. Do we have enough medical training for UHC?
  131. Did Obama cause the 31 US Seal Team 6 Deaths?
  132. Neither welfare-state nor property-owning democracy. What do conservatives want?
  133. How Can the Dems Get The Truth Out About the Debt Ceiling Disaster?
  134. What would happen if all the poor people left America?
  135. Dodd-Frank Kills the Congo [ed.: Application of Law of Unintended Consequences]
  136. More on bigamy and polygamy
  137. Are politicians less civil now?
  138. Why are they rioting in London?
  139. Christians: when you say that God loves humanity, what exactly do you mean?
  140. Worst form of government except all others that have been tried
  141. Why do ultra-right-wingers flip out over gold?
  142. Water dowsers
  143. Rioting - is the U.S. next?
  144. Distilling For Personal Use.
  145. Can You Appeal A Restraining Order?
  146. Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic?
  147. What's a graven image?
  148. Billionaire Investor Explains: Workers Are Screwed
  149. What will happen with the solar storms of 2012-2014
  150. Why should the 'uncontacted' tribes remain so?
  151. Is it reasonable for an employee to expect a living wage?
  152. Should our legal system hold drivers MORE RESPONSIBLE for accidents?
  153. Will there be gravity in heaven?
  154. Appeals Court Strikes Down the Individual Mandate
  155. Representatives by interest groups
  156. Wait, if we can force SS (insurance) payments, why is Obamacare unconstitutional?
  157. Would it really be that bad if America wasn't #1?
  158. Believing in God
  159. Would a world with a known, confirmed god necessarily stagnate? And its corollary . . .
  160. Is The Chinese Model (Of Dealing With 3rd World Developemnt) The Best?
  161. San Francisco cel phone shutdown: safety issue, or hint of Orwell?
  162. Another God question
  163. What If: India[was] granted independence 12 years earlier
  164. I just found out I've been presupposing naturalism my whole life. Is this a fallacy?
  165. AMENDMENT XXVIII Money and Credit Congress Asserts Power To Coin Money, and Emit Bills of Credi
  166. The kids are alright - it's the adults that are confused
  167. Carl Icahn's Actvities-Good Or Bad?
  168. What would be the response if a single billionaire or company funded each presidential candidate
  169. Will low interest rates stimulate consumer spending?
  170. More bombings in Iraq -- why now?!
  171. Clothahump: what's the problem with the 17th Amendment?
  172. Should we abolish the EPA?
  173. Libertarian Islands
  174. What is this "uncertainty" and why is it so bad?
  175. Why aren't things working better in Europe?
  176. Little Round Top: How did Chamberlain Succeed?
  177. American Dopers: Is "Supercop" Bill Bratton really as good as they say?
  178. Do the new tobacco warnings violate 1st Amendment rights?
  179. Should the U.S. normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba?
  180. Is Marijuana Medicine?
  181. America or Western Europe?
  182. Electromagnet Artifical Intelligence
  183. Why can't 'we' secede from the Union [continued]
  184. Where do "cut the spending" GOPs envision the cutting?
  185. Would the nation you live in make you more optimistic or pessimistic?
  186. By fundie logic, shouldn't abortion be a GOOD thing?
  187. Possible cancer cure, but decades out for trials?
  188. is evolution a fact?
  189. Jesus Christ as your fantasy dinner guest
  190. My wife came out to me as a Truther
  191. Atheist vs Believers
  192. Hahahahaha. Tea party republicans push for regressive tax hike.
  193. What Texas Got Right
  194. Comcast/Verizon/Time Warner Internet Monopolies?
  195. Is terrorism over?
  196. What's Causing the Hyperpartisanship?
  197. Annihiliationism?
  198. 2010s Depression versus the Great Depression
  199. Why hasn't DSK's accuser been deported?
  200. Will Libya end up being a positive for Obama?
  201. Christians: What is your best evidence for the literal, historical resurrection of Jesus
  202. Believing in an afterlife
  203. Climatologist Dr. Michael Mann completely vindicated...again.
  204. Election Reform: Is it time for supermajority or coalition style government?
  205. Is mathematics the language of the Universe?
  206. Prayer Versus Free Will
  207. How did Noah care for 8.7 million species?
  208. World Trade Center [questions/conspiracy theories]
  209. Why does God need to be the only God AND omnipotent to boot?
  210. The "Lockerbie Bomber" (Pan Am 103) was framed
  211. The President and the Economy.
  212. Has ANY President's summer reading list been as scrutinized as Obama's?
  213. The CBO-Reliable?
  214. Which dictators to interfere with?
  215. "Biblical" Marrages? are people really okay with this?
  216. Things we know that but really don't
  217. Does this settle the vaccines cause autism question?
  218. Doc Brown and the Royal Crown
  219. So if transhumanism hits a wall for advancement, then what?
  220. How are addictions classified?
  221. Is the Voting Rights Act of 1965 unconstitutional?
  222. Merle "Rat Terriers" and not Rat Terriers [closed duplicate]
  223. What would happen if we reduced the minimum wage in the US?
  224. Syria soon?
  225. You just now got that figured out? Really?
  226. Was Bush really a "fundie"? Also, how smart/dumb was he really?
  227. Is this racial profiling?
  228. Why should I care about Somalians, since their own countrymen don't?
  229. Statistically, blacks score poorly on IQ and IQ-proxy exams than whites, is black genetics to blame?
  230. Gurkha VS Navy Seal - hand to hand
  231. Let's rethink "cruel and unusual" punishment
  232. Is it just/desirable to replace destroyed body parts with those of the attacker?
  233. Videotaping an arrest is a 1st Amend. Right
  234. SEAL or Gurkha vs normal people
  235. Jews & Christians: does God's moral authority derive from his wisdom or his power?
  236. Atheists, why debate christians?
  237. Operation Overlord fails - now what ?
  238. School Vouchers?
  239. How would a world where the 4th plane hit its intended target be different?
  240. What about Algeria?
  241. 1940 election if FDR hadn't run
  242. All Information Should be Free
  243. Tibetan Buddhism Question (Appropriateness Of Exalted Title)
  244. Wikileaks' leaks leaked.
  245. If Lee chose to fight a defensive war, does the south win?
  246. Radical conservationists: Are individual human lives expendable? Why?
  247. Standard and Poor to Give AAA Ratings to Subprime Mortgages
  248. Genetically modify prehistoric humanity
  249. Powerful article! - "Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult"
  250. So Will The Sky Fall If The UN Declare Palestine a State?

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