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  1. Why not restore Glass-Steagall?
  2. The big banks are not too big to fail
  3. The racist Tea Party is in love with Herman Cain
  4. Would you be weirded out if a boy joined your daughter's Girl Scout troop?
  5. Classist Wall Street occupiers refuse to share food, bridge gaps with marginalized homeless
  6. U. S. Debt/Deficit Solution?
  7. "The rich have no right to money as long as the poor are starving."
  8. Would military geniuses of today and recent times do well yesterday?
  9. PETA to sue Sea World for slavery
  10. Alternate WWII History: The US Has a Balanced Budget Amendment
  11. Why are men falling behind?
  12. What weapons development projects do we actually need?
  13. Banning the use of hand held cell phones while driving ?
  14. Antibiotic Use vs Libertarianism
  15. Should the People of Wyoming Pay for Infrastructure in Mississippi?
  16. The Commonwealth has abolished male primogeniture.
  17. How did prohibition get approved in the drunkest place on Earth?
  18. Where's our immortal soul when we sleep?
  19. Occupy (insert name of city here)
  20. Who benefits from another Depression?
  21. Is being non-diligent in a medical crisis morally similar to suicide?
  22. Alternate Europe: 1901
  23. God's omniscience
  24. Christians, why the focus on the crucifixion?
  25. Do societies anywhere have organized/mainstream methods of obtaining social redemption
  26. Illegitimate babies born to poor, black, single, inner-city women in South are "endangered species"?
  27. "Liberals make the best capitalists"
  28. Hypothetical: The US never ratifies the 12th amendment
  29. Anonymous vs Drug Cartel in Mexico ...
  30. Any Mithraists out there?
  31. Does Arnold Toynbee have our number?
  32. What happens to Williston, ND when the oil deposits run out?
  33. If Greece votes no to EU bailout what will happen?
  34. Did Frank Finkel survive the Battle Of Little Big Horn?
  35. Into the fire: Why was/is Jesuitism so hated?
  36. DNA test on "discarded" breathilyzer mouthpiece needs no warrant
  37. What is the least racist country on the planet?
  38. Britain and the Euro Crisis.
  39. Galileo's punishment "tragic, mutual misunderstanding"
  40. Are circus elephants abused? How sensitive are elephants to pain?
  41. Who Won the Sexual Revolution?
  42. Do you think the store needed to apologize?
  43. What a good baseline set of knowledge, below which "Scientific Illiteracy" Lurks?
  44. Subprime auto loan securitization. Haven't we seen this movie before?
  45. Is Greece heading for a coup d'etat?
  46. Racial food stereotypes
  47. Is military action against Iran an inevitability?
  48. What if we just Forgive Everyone's Debt?
  49. .001%? (One servicemember's response to OWS)
  50. Civil War Was Not Over Slavery?
  51. Why don't we have mandatory child rearing course in school?
  52. Infinite growth on a planet with finite resources
  53. Hypothetical: Retiring in a year. Don't own home. 401K value $300K.Buy a home?
  54. Was Heisenberg a Nazi collaborator, saboteur, or something in between?
  55. What's the benefit to society of stock speculation? [edited title]
  56. Voting systems
  57. If polygamy were made legal, would the mainstream LDS return to it?
  58. Is Guy Fawkes an admirable figure?
  59. US border patrol agent Jesus Diaz case
  60. A National God?
  61. Does "sin" really exist? I maintain there is no such thing.
  62. The influence of one heavy Cruiser on the WWII Pacific theatre
  63. How can a Libertarian be opposed to the Right to Privacy?
  64. What if: People are infertile until 21
  65. Would a Constitutional amendment like this be workable?
  66. Napolitano is refusing to enforce law aimed at returning criminal aliens to their home country
  67. Israel/Iran - which is most likely to do something catastrophically stupid?
  68. Iranís Nuclear Weapons Program
  69. Was Nathan Bedford Forest really da shizznit in the war?
  70. What would happen if the British monarch publicly declared him/herself an atheist?
  71. Whom does a land belong to?
  72. Property prices in China in freefall: is China crashing?
  73. No Junk Food Policy in schools
  74. How is OWS Supposed to Work?
  75. Jackson's doc guilty: good long term for law and docs, or bad?
  76. I am 32, why should I care about health care benefits at work?
  77. Expel all the trash to space!
  78. Govt. cuts in heating assistance
  79. What does Iran really want, geostrategically?
  80. Prospects of revolution/reform in Iran?
  81. Liberal Programs Deserve Blame for Income Inequality
  82. Quick, informal, ranking of national economys
  83. Obama complains about Netanyahu; Sarkozy calls N. a 'liar'. Worse than the Green Line speech?
  84. The social views of Muslims
  85. The indoctrination of Pakistan's population makes a durable peace impossible in South Asia
  86. Should Joe Paterno be fired now?
  87. College athletics should be banned
  88. Is the US police system fundamentally broken?
  89. Its time for Israel to launch Operation Susa
  90. When did the NRA become a hyper-partisan anathema to rational thought?
  91. Arrested and charged with inciting hatred for pictures of poppy burning posted to facebook.
  92. The elevated social status of soldiers, police officers, and firemen, is it well deserved?
  93. How damaging is thoughtless pride in capitalism?
  94. Correcting my understanding of Liberalism
  95. Chinese spring...sooner than later?
  96. Wildlife triage - abandoning the Panda
  97. Atheists in foxholes
  98. Is the Seine special?
  99. How would you handle the decolonisation of British India
  100. What if:Obama is closet Islamophobe
  101. Right to Assemble
  102. Is entitlement illogical? Unethical?
  103. Should the Supreme Court care about public opinion polls?
  104. For you Constitutional Originalists - where is the Right to Self Defense?
  105. State lawforbids clergy from having sex with someone who is receiving religious advice
  106. Is fascism the natural state?
  107. Democrats, would Hillary Clinton have made a better president than Obama?
  108. China and Russia question (support for countries like Syria)
  109. How much should immigrants of other cultures change to fit the culture of their new homeland?
  110. Ninth Amendment Rights
  111. Both Thomas and Kagan face pressure to recuse
  112. NYSE Shuts Down(Chinese Cyberattack): How To Respond?
  113. Theoretical legal question - found guilty but can't implement sentance
  114. UFC sues to legalize their sport in New York
  115. Wow, I agree with Limbaugh on something (99% vs. 1%)
  116. John lennon and the beatles
  117. Future of World Geopolitics
  118. Your explaination for this work of God
  119. Ex-Seattle Police Chief: "Militaristic" response to 1999 WTO protests was big mistake
  120. Let's talk SOPA
  121. A new copyright and trademark law for a new era
  122. nuclear power should abandoned
  123. Pizza as a vegetable?
  124. "Lakes" on Europa near the surface
  125. Where is reality?
  126. What's behind the backlash against health/nutrition issues in the schools?
  127. States, Subsidiarity, and its problems
  128. Another JFK Conspiracy thread - Gary Mack
  129. Deficit committee blows up, any surprise?
  130. Is the electorate the problem?
  131. Darwinian Evolution for the Chicken and Egg
  132. Obama and Reverend Wright?
  133. What are Christian Principles? Do they exist?
  134. Problem is, it ain't the 1%, it's the 5+%
  135. A Congressional Black Caucus is ok but a Congressional White Caucus is not. Why?
  136. Why was Mexico's revolution less successful than the American one?
  137. What do you think of this plea deal?
  138. If murder was legal, would there be more murders?
  139. The Definition of Poor in America
  140. CA Supremes Give Standing to Prop Proponents to Defend Laws
  141. Macroeconomics: What is "Savings" (Multiple Choice)
  142. When does the congressional obstructionism stop?
  143. What would it take....X-Prize space missions?
  144. Will Republican obstructionism succeed or backfire?
  145. Taxes as Public Record
  146. Is gratitude for the military overemphasized?
  147. Was Getting to the Moon in 1969 an Overachievment for the Human Race?
  148. Why do you not believe in ADHD?
  149. Could D.B. Cooper have been a French-Canadian?
  150. Article in The Guardian (UK) regarding the OWS protests taking place across the United States
  151. Motion: TTHB that it is in the interests of women's equality to campaign against maternity leave
  152. Extraordinary Claims, Extraordinary Evidence, And Why We'll Never Agree
  153. Which philosophy assumes we want to help others?
  154. God is not a "crutch"
  155. What Would Be The Worst Case Scenario For The Euro
  156. 28 Pakistani Soldiers Killed in NATO Attack: Time to Withdraw?
  157. Is there a hard problem without a simple solution?
  158. Is the GI bill responsible for the problems inner-city blacks face today?
  159. Should police SWAT protocol be revised?
  160. Ohio puts 200-pound third-grader in foster care
  161. "When Did The GOP Lose Touch With Reality" by David Frum
  162. Can the Western form of government really be called representative democracy?
  163. Is is possible that we're all too biased to figure out what the truth actually is?
  164. What would be the consequences of an immortality drug?
  165. Preemptive strikes/actions
  166. Regarding "heaven is for real"
  167. Iranian protesters storm UK embassy
  168. When will this debt crisis end?
  169. Would the Philippines have started US's entry into World War II?
  170. Mormons and their [reputed] Lies
  171. Why are the dominant world religions monotheistic?
  172. "Flu shots make me sick -- why on earth did I even bother?"
  173. Should Eric Holder resign?
  174. Are atheists on the rise, or just more vocal?
  175. Democrats takeover in 2008. What would have happened?
  176. Go ahead, raise my taxes! How much?
  177. So Lucy, 'splain something to me: how could a just God kill David's baby for his father's crimes?
  178. Would immortal humans be ultimately benevolent, or not much different than mortal humans?
  179. Obama Payroll Tax Cut Extension - Fair?
  180. Believers deem atheists as untrustworthy as rapists
  181. Who wins an Obama vs Gingrich debate?
  182. US Senate votes to authorize indefinite detentions
  183. Adam Carolla's Take on Occupy Wall Street
  184. Proposed senate bill aims to outlaw overtime for IT professionals
  185. Is this film an accurate portrayal of Mormon/LDS teachings?
  186. Poor children don't know how to work.
  187. Knee-Jerk Atheist?
  188. Is evolutionary psychology a pseudoscience?
  189. Which is the best way to disarm Pakistan
  190. What, no thread on the unemployment rate drop?
  191. Is the Austrian school of economics finally dead with Ron Paul's retirement?
  192. The bomb buried in Obamacare goes off today
  193. US Senate declares the entire USA to be a "battleground"
  194. 15-30 years for killing the insane woman who murdered your son?
  195. Raindogs comments.. [on belief and proof - edited title]
  196. Putin's United Russia loses ground in parliamentary election
  197. Arguments for the non-existence of God.
  198. RB-47 UFO - "first scientific proof of the existence of UFOs"?
  199. Predestination vs. Free Will
  200. So where is the lazy American worker?
  201. Clarkson is right on this - people who kill themselves via train
  202. People in vegetative states
  203. Nanny State FDA Wants To Kill The Cigar Trade
  204. If you get drunk on an airplane, forcing it to be diverted, should you lose your job?
  205. John Mace's (and others') opinion about societal fairness, 99%, etc
  206. The Coming Jobs War by Jim Clifton: Your Take?
  207. Time's Person of the Year
  208. Critiqe this (citizen approach to fedral budget defecit)
  209. Should the US Supeme Court Allow Video Cameras?
  210. The Big Bang
  211. Obama's ground breaking speech on the destruction of the American middle class -
  212. Attawapiskat - Solutions?
  213. What is the appropriate fix for the US Postal Service?
  214. What would WWI be like with today's journalists and reporting technology?
  215. What Was Wrong With the Old Covenant (Religious)?
  216. National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012
  217. Help me understand CEO pay
  218. Philly DA No Longer Seeks Death for Jamal
  219. Obama Nobel Prize, regret in awarding it?
  220. What if we just let the government print money?
  221. Is there serious racial discrimination against Asians in US college admissions?
  222. Are we/you in the kingdom of the blind?
  223. Creationist rhetoric
  224. Creationist Role-Reversal
  225. AviationDopers: Was Pierre-Cedric Bonin (Air France 447) a jerk?
  226. Jon Corzine is being framed by the media and Congress
  227. why is the universe a mystery?
  228. About those student loans and the future of higher education
  229. A world with no tobacco
  230. Giving granola bars to the homeless
  231. Why democracy has semi-sacred status?
  232. Sebelius makes plans for no Plan B
  233. Should Britain leave the European Union?
  234. Should those sterilized in eugenics programs be compensated?
  235. Bernie Sanders' answer to Citizens United
  236. Jefferson and Sally Hemings
  237. Do video games make you violent?
  238. If Newt had said this:
  239. Does money buy elections?
  240. How Much Does Personal Morality Play A Role In Politics
  241. Communicating with someone from an ancient civilization.
  242. Most universal joke
  243. Was Lincoln Right In Suspending Habeas Corpas?
  244. What counts as a 'sin'?
  245. Explain Ireland from 1922 to about 1990
  246. Why on earth are switchblades still illegal?
  247. Horrible Chinese
  248. Why is it racist to believe that people from the same racial group look alike?
  249. Do Plants Feel Pain?
  250. Korea's "I'm a Gomsu"

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