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  1. A way around making people buy health insurance.
  2. Eating Meat is Ethical/Unethical
  3. Current Supreme Court battle will determine the future of health care in America?
  4. War with Iran and sneaky Senate Bills
  5. Is the Federal government mandating that I have another child?
  6. Is there more to the story on Matthew 27:50-53?
  7. How much would VAT have to be to provide Medicare to all US citizens?
  8. What would a society be like without a prison?
  9. The Penny Debate - Canuck Edition
  10. CDC says autism up 25% - what's up?
  11. 1 in 46 newborn males develop autism spectrum in NJ
  12. "Teach the controversy" The amazing simplicity of the human brain
  13. The Struggle For Financial Comfort Needs To Stop
  14. How Do Dictators Get So Powerful?
  15. Should the US tax repatriated foreign corporate profits?
  16. Conservatives: What should we do about people who can't pay for medical care?
  17. Economist Debate: Is TSA worth the cost?
  18. Cults: definition and prevelance?
  19. Do other dictatorships lack the ability or stomach to be as evil as North Korea
  20. Health Insurance Is a Scam, Why Do People Buy It?
  21. Corn-based ethanol: Boon or boondoggle?
  22. Should we have a legal obligation to treat animals ethically at all?
  23. Who is Jimmy, and why does he crack corn?
  24. The Ethics of Torture.
  25. Does Capitalism Eventually Kill competition?
  26. How do you explain poor whites who fought for the Confederacy?
  27. Is America setting a dangerous precedent with the no-overfly list?
  28. Get arrested? - Bend over.
  29. What typified the decades of the 1980's and 1990's?
  30. "Courts are in no position to second-guess the judgments of correctional officials" - WTF?!
  31. Appeals court fires back at Obama's comments on health care case
  32. I want privacy, so I shred and... then they go through my garbage anyway
  33. Prez: Supreme Court oveturning a law passed by Congress would be "uprecedented, extraordinary step."
  34. Can this judge order the Dept. of Justice to write a letter to him?
  35. 'Liberal Media Bias' (in US).
  36. Debating mainstreaming and inclusion vs special schools/classes
  37. Judicial Activism
  38. Helicopter parenting has been around for a while.
  39. I am 17. It's dark and raining and this creep is following me, what should I do? Need answer fast.
  40. Cremation , Embalming, and even simple Burial are Unethical
  41. Controversy over Howard Morgan case (police shooting)?
  42. Would various states' Stand Your Ground laws empower women to shoot their stalkers?
  43. Should Charles Manson be released?
  44. On Jesus - why specifically was suffering and dying required?
  45. Is it Time to Require Unanimous Opinions to Overturn Laws?
  46. Death penalty opponents: Afghan massacre soldier an exception?
  47. Are Republicans opposing their own old ideas just to frustrate President Obama?
  48. Possible basis for war crimes prosecutions released by Obama administration
  49. How do Obama voters feel about his record on foreign policy and civil liberties?
  50. Democracy dying in Michigan?
  51. Did Bush W, make a gaffe towards SCOTUS?
  52. Would You Suppress A Perfect Truth Serum?
  53. Can Israel Determine the Next US President?
  54. Study Shows Rich People Are Greedy and Lack Compassion
  55. Promote critical thinking? Or introduce religion into science class?
  56. We really need a new progressive movement in America
  57. Does a meritocracy inevitably create enclaves of "idiocracy"?
  58. Question about the Trayvon Martin Case?
  59. Are Marijuana users better drivers than non-users?
  60. Someone threatens to commit suicide. You egg them on. Can you be sued if the person commits suicide?
  61. What really defines greed?
  62. Proposed constitutional amendment
  63. Rank the worst nations in the world.
  64. No law should ever have a religious exemption.
  65. Zimmerman/Martin case...is this why the founding fathers wanted a grand jury?
  66. UK PM hopes to censor internet in the name of safety
  67. Another proposed constitutional amendment
  68. What do you think is the most insane, collective human event in history?
  69. Does does religious conversion affect family members?
  70. Nazi Lobbyist in Washington
  71. Martin Luther King was conservative
  72. George Washington was Englands greatest military foe. I don't get it
  73. Given infinity, is everything imaginable inevitable?
  74. Is the 2nd Amendment an anachronism?
  75. Conservative London Mayor quashes anti-gay bus ads
  76. Worldwide Right to Bear Arms - Agree?
  77. "Public good" workers shouldn't be unionized
  78. Spelling Reform.
  79. Should citizenship be based on biological parentage in cases of sperm/egg donation?
  80. Top Ten Scientific Proofs of Creation
  81. NBC edit of the Zimmerman tape
  82. Global Warming Deniers--So what?
  83. Arizona Voter ID law upheld by Ninth Cir
  84. April 1775, You are in command of all British forces, devise a winning strategy vs the Colonials!
  85. In the next 50 years, what's the best case scenario for Cuba?
  86. Is the USA in decline?
  87. What is up with the price of carbon offsets?
  88. Absentee ballots
  89. Time's 100 Most Influential in the World
  90. What is the logic for high spousal support and child support payments
  91. The state of Jews in Europe?
  92. How fast could humans advance technologically if knowledge weren't a limiting factor?
  93. Would America have been better off never learning about Watergate?
  94. Would it benefit society if we increased taxes on stock trades?
  95. How to reconcile American pride and drug tests
  96. Present evidence for the existence of your deity
  97. Is the USA a "welfare state" like the right claims?
  98. Costs of public workers
  99. Israel/Palestine: "One-state solution" on the table again?
  100. GE not paying its fair share. True or false
  101. Avoiding a hijack: a response to one version of biblical inerrancy
  102. Why are so-called "violent" video-games demonized too much?
  103. The Downside of Cohabitating Before Marriage
  104. Will Muslim World have to cope with humanism and rationalism?
  105. Who REALLY runs the US?
  106. "Invasive species", or "survival of the fittest"?
  107. Is there anything that cannot be criticized, or cannot be treated with scepticism ...
  108. Some Questions About Libertarianism and the Free State Movement
  109. why is it that African Americans never seem to be charged with hate crimes?
  110. Asteroid mining?! Can this be profitable?!
  111. Motion of sattelite around the Earth?
  112. What atheists think, and why (in re: GEEPERS)
  113. Do we need to help weak people?
  114. Is porn degrading the woman's image?
  115. Germany and the European economy
  116. On the Student Loan Interest Rate...
  117. The "gay fix" is out
  118. Teacher Raises versus Teacher Layoffs
  119. Who is the Messiah?
  120. Should parents tolerate children watching porn?
  121. If USA is a secular country, how come "in God we trust" is written on its money?
  122. Can God can create a rock which is too heavy for himself to lift up?
  123. The US, China and Chen Guangcheng
  124. My fake religion...
  125. It's May Day: Let Us Praise Socialism
  126. If the Tea Party movement is tagged as a racist organization....
  127. Do adult gay men/women have a moral or ethical duty to come out of the closet?
  128. Dan Savage's "We can learn to ignore the bullsh!t in the Bible about gay people..." incident
  129. What are the implications of the US natural gas boom?
  130. Senate Needs to Confirm Obama/Karzai Pact?
  131. Why has college gotten so damn expensive?
  132. Repeal the Eleventh Amendment?
  133. France's Hollande ET disclosure - the only way to avert nuclear and planetary cataclysm?
  134. Woman pulls winning lottery ticket out of the garbage, must return it
  135. Anarchists Wanted to Attack NATO, Republican Convention: Feds
  136. Will Arabs eventually take over the United States?
  137. Make the case for jailing Marissa Alexander
  138. Was the American Civil War inevitable?
  139. Where did fears of sharia law being implemented in western countries come from?
  140. Is religion the main reason for the Israel/Palestine conflict?
  141. Stats on firearm owners saving the day
  142. Did 246,000 Japanese people save the world?
  143. Supposed "Proofs" of Islam
  144. Why is the tech industry so prone to bubbles?
  145. Russian paranoia about missile defense
  146. I didnt say it was right, I said it was legal
  147. Using a car in a crime apparently makes you subject to federal prosecution...really?
  148. Do statins prevent heart disease, heart attacks and strokes
  149. Satan casting out Satan
  150. Yes, of course the Tea Party is a racist organization
  151. Everyone is willing to be comfortably ignorant.
  152. "Global economic collapse" by 2030?
  153. Are Austrians still considered to be Germans?
  154. English as the "official" language of the US
  155. Is the euro in danger?
  156. No Income Tax? What Would Happen?
  157. Petrus Romanus - who is the predicted last pope?
  158. "East Asian Civilization'?
  159. "Ming Dynasty"
  160. "Qing Dynasty"
  161. Dynastic Rule vs Confucian Principle
  162. Man arrested for asking girls to wear socks--is this really a sex crime?
  163. Age of Imperialism
  164. How come the world's 6th most powerful army can't eradicate a terrorist group?
  165. Medjugorje ex-nun seer of Extraterrestrials
  166. Voter ID vs. vote-by-mail
  167. Filming The Police
  168. The Second Amendment does not apply to illegal immigrants.
  169. rich liberals, rich conservatives
  170. Investing in infrastucture and the automated car.
  171. A Facebook "Like" is not free speech? Say what?
  172. Think gay marriage is hard to get? Try gay divorce.
  173. Arguments against same sex marriage the same as arguments against interracial marriage
  174. Son cut from the team. Does mom have a case?
  175. How limited are our resouces? Really?
  176. Climate changeís observable impacts on humans
  177. JP Morgan Screws Up With Derivatives Trading
  178. Quebec student movement
  179. Any validity to early Catholic/christian same sex marriage ceremonies?
  180. A brilliant tax move by Facebook co-founder
  181. The Patient Protection Act Is About To Put $1.3 BILLION Back In Consumers' Pockets
  182. DoJ sues Sheriff Arpaio for civil-rights abuses; anyone care to take Arpaio's side here?
  183. Bible John- Glasgow
  184. What If New Brunswick Decided to Join The USA?
  185. Who are the US intellectual heavyweights these days re contending social & political philosophies?
  186. Does Snopes.com have a liberal bias?
  187. Trayvon Martin's mom getting 8 months paid leave.
  188. Dems Need to Accept Moderates on Abortion= capture the House
  189. Moving from California to Alaska--to avoid taxes!
  190. Are Republicans more tolerant of bullies?
  191. Should Prostitution Be Legal?
  192. Which European monarchy is the most likely to return?
  193. Four Members of Congress Sue To Declare Filibuster Unconstitutional
  194. Oh goody. US becoming more like USSR
  195. "American Community Survey" Stop? Keep? Make Voluntary?
  196. Who, in all of human history, has had the greatest impact upon modern society?
  197. Did Trayvon Martin have the right to stand his own ground?
  198. 12-year-old solves world financial woes
  199. Interesting article on Black Atheism
  200. Whither Libya -- unitary or federal state?
  201. Is it "too early to tell" whether South Africa will turn out like Zimbabwe?
  202. BBMA Awards Tonight
  203. Nick Hanauer on the rich, taxes and job creation
  204. What responsibility does an obstetric worker have...
  205. What would happen if the birthers turned out to be right about Obama?
  206. How do people who believe the moon landings were hoaxed explain the reaction of the USSR?
  207. "Lind's Law": The lower the level of government, the more crooked & inefficient
  208. Can Bill Clinton or George W. Bush become President again? [edited title]
  209. Are New Testament parables supposed to be literally true?
  210. Will we see totalitarianism in Europe again?
  211. Can Anti-Discrimination Law Force A Private Company To Print A Message
  212. Were Southern Democrats More Liberal Before the Depression?
  213. What would it take to cause the collapse of the US?
  214. In 2011, nonwhite babies born in America outnumber white. Does this matter?
  215. Overpopulation and Artificial Population Control.
  216. Short of scrapping the Constitution, how do we get rid of the U.S. Senate?
  217. Does the external world exist?
  218. Hazing? Really? This is still an issue?
  219. A flat tax is a non-starter, stop suggesting it
  220. Did I handle this atheist student correctly?
  221. Federal Regulatory Practice of Resolved Actions without Admission of Guilt
  222. What's The Current State Of The Euro?
  223. RWs are not stupid; it's much worse than that
  224. Stand Your Ground hypotheticals
  225. Can we regulate spending from pharmaceutical manufacturers? Should we?
  226. Is poverty coercive?
  227. Growth of Pro-Life Movement?
  228. Kucinich Is Right on Iran
  229. Is GOP trying to sabotage economy to hurt Obama?
  230. Why donít we (Americans) dye peopleís fingers when they vote?
  231. Why are we alive?
  232. HBO's series: The Weight of the Nation
  233. Why has the government lost prestige since 1964?
  234. Do you think a strong government leads to a strong economy? Why or why not?
  235. Voter ID Laws: Necessary to combat rampant fraud or subtle subjugation of the Democratic demographic
  236. Confused at response... [to comment about keeping a sick person in one's prayers]
  237. New York Senate bill seeks to end anonymous internet posting
  238. Supreme Court Allows Arkansas Second Shot At Murder Trial In Double Jeopardy Dispute
  239. American Exceptionalism
  240. When does political speech become sedition?
  241. Learning Mandarin is better than learning Arabic: correct, incorrect or, erm... racist?
  242. Battleship versus Aircraft carrier
  243. Resolved: Kevin Williamson is Being Dense on Civil Rights History
  244. How about an anti-abortion law targeting men?
  245. What would the world reaction be if The Hunger Games were real?
  246. Jewish identity vers. white identity
  247. Race differences in average IQ are largely genetic
  248. Real campaign-finance reform: Ban all paid political advertising in the U.S.
  249. Free speech is made in a forest with nobody around to hear it... Is it really speech?
  250. Atheist Dopers who've attended AA/NA/OA/&c.: What's your higher power?