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  1. Should SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg step down?
  2. Did the American Eugenics movement fuel Nazi racial theories? Is the Holocaust partially our fault?
  3. How should the US respond to Shakil Afridi sentencing?
  4. Other than IQ, are there any genetically-determined psychological differences between "races"?
  5. Would people still retire today if the Depression had never happened?
  6. Why is the "Jesus Myth" theory universally disregarded?
  7. What is the 'proper' outcome of an election?
  8. Joe Wilson. Was he wrong?
  9. How scary is the Muslim Brotherhood?
  10. Obama's energy policies..
  11. The entire USA is gone, how well does the world survive?
  12. Fleeing from taxes
  13. Is there any defensible value to "eugenics" in this day and age?
  14. Nuclear weapons stop working- what happens?
  15. Do anything about Syria?
  16. John McCain is President... Obama lost... How different does America look right now?
  17. Education: Small Class vs Large Class Size?
  18. Tex Watson and his Attorney Fees
  19. Another Example of Atheists Destroying Christian's Rights
  20. Is writing off a charitable contribution morally superior to making no contribution at all?
  21. 1st Circuit Court of Appeals: Defense of Marriage Act is Unconstitutional
  22. Physical descriptions in a post racial world
  23. The Flying Dutchman's Errors Regarding Evolution, Pedagogy, and Atheism
  24. The Republican Worldview: A Question
  25. British law vs. British rights
  26. Why do we flat out reject CT's? [Conspiracy Theories]
  27. Capital Punishment supporters, would you support public executions?
  28. Open debate on 22. July (Oslo/Utøya)
  29. Justin Combs, future UCLA Bruin, son of P Diddy.
  30. California Proposition 29
  31. What subjects would you need to study to qualify as a Superscientist?
  32. American Politics: The Tail is Wagging The Dog
  33. Could a modern society exist with only the traditional judge-made British Common Law?
  34. Gift Economies, Capitalism And The Internet Economy
  35. Sex Selective Abortions - What's the scoop?
  36. Rehab and Political Orientation
  37. The Bell Curve
  38. Would a snake-handler be more electable as POTUS than an atheist?
  39. Why isn't the WI recall result being considered a big win for teachers?
  40. Why is the Debt/Deficit issue #1 for so many people?
  41. Is Big Government or Big Banks the problem? Both? Neither? A skew?
  42. Will Twitter SAVE newspapers?
  43. Obama - the lowest spending POTUS since Coolidge
  44. Resolved: Market-based solutions aren't enough to ensure non-discrimination
  45. House Dems propose raising minimum wage from $7.25/hr to $10
  46. Nah, CBS news division is not in Obama's pocket
  47. If an omnimax god had created us, we would be born with the knowledge of its existence
  48. Do the flaws in electronic voting machines render American elections unreliable?
  49. Is it time to reevaluate our approach to "human rights?"
  50. New marriage rules
  51. Did Obama snub Walesa?
  52. Well-intentioned ideas that won't work in real life: green grocer liberalism
  53. Is there any evidence that guns prevent tyranny?
  54. The Danger of Male Homosexuality vs Female Homosexuality
  55. Does Romney want to cut spending for teaches, police, and first responders?
  56. How do we put more power in the hands of the US people? [ed. title]
  57. KKK wants to ‘adopt’ highway in Georgia
  58. Should Christians Be Forced to Photograph Gay Weddings?
  59. East Sea vs Sea of Japan
  60. Romney's voucher system for schools
  61. Is there a disconnect between Republican politics and financial/business interests?
  62. Zimmerman's charged with perjury
  63. What would be the economic impact of a major meteor strike?
  64. Being "Born Again" Linked to Brain Atrophy
  65. If You've Ever Sold a Used iPod, You May Have Violated Copyright Law
  66. "Dead Newspapers Kill Democracy Dead"
  67. Is the Middle Class really disappearing?
  68. Would Christians Who Are Against Birth Control Be Okay With This?
  69. Is there any chance that Sandusky is found not guilty?
  70. Obama and the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement: Should I be outraged?
  71. Will "Mormons Building Bridges" meet the same fate as "Mormons for E.R.A"?
  72. Obama: DHS will issue work visas to young undocumented immigrants
  73. How should humanity deal with underpopulation?
  74. Boxing and Christianity - are they compatible?
  75. The most rational way for a believer to view God and the afterlife
  76. Race is a social, not biological / scientific concept
  77. 9/11 was an inside job
  78. Alternate theories about the nature of time? (Philosophical)
  79. President Ahmadinejad of Iran to leave politics in 2013
  80. Mental illness and gun permits [edited title]
  81. What's the thinking here?? (Taliban ban on polio vaccinations)
  82. Ruby - Nixon doc
  83. The Rodney King beating: what should have done instead?
  84. Do gays really just hurt themselves with "blatant" advertising?
  85. Is God real?
  86. Biblical Adultery Prohibitions
  87. Why Not Welfare 'SSI'?
  88. Should universities restrict degrees in professions with few job prospects?
  89. Should we focus on clean air and water instead of Global Warming?
  90. Alternate History: No New World Pandemics
  91. Health Care Debate: Opponents Won By Words, Says Pew
  92. "Green Jobs" Cost Taxpayers $1.63 Million Each-Good Deal Or Bad?
  93. No, SEIU, SCOTUS Says You Have to Keep Your Grabby Hands Out of Other People' Pockets!
  94. When did the Britain eclipse Spain (and their respective empires also) in various aspects?
  95. Video: Whites are privileged, and that's unfair
  96. On the subject of categorical oppression and inequality
  97. Would Greece do better as a state or territory of the US?
  98. Can the President Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes On His Own?
  99. Pleistocene Megafauna Rewilding
  100. What would be the negative effects of banning pornography?
  101. Is Dodd-Frank unconstitutional?
  102. Why did god create Jesus?
  103. "Take a risk, start a business!" = disingenuous in practice?
  104. Why were the suspects in the satanic abuse cases convicted?
  105. Can America afford conservative privatization in "voucher socialism" form?
  106. Consumption tax/carbon control idea that may be sellable
  107. What is the future of Egyptian-Israeli relations?
  108. On The Importance of Democracy vs. Constitutionalism
  109. Egyptian military handing over power - 3 questions
  110. Richard Strandlof, Stolen Valor, and fraud
  111. Pagan military chaplains
  112. Is it worth it to try and remove monuments and names honoring white supremacists?
  113. How can enormously wasteful enterprises be good for an economy?
  114. Jon Stewart pandering to conservatives?
  115. Court: No more life mandatory without parole for juveniles [edited title]
  116. What would be worse? If the Democratic or Republican Party had total control?
  117. US alternate history in Second World War
  118. Why is the Government ignoring illegal immigration issues?
  119. If you were raised to believe disease was caused by curses, would you still believe it today?
  120. Christian School Textbook Claims Loch Ness Monster Disproves Evolution
  121. Could Mitt Romney actually do anything to overturn the affordable care act
  122. Has the Arab Spring in Egypt turned into an Islamist nightmare?
  123. Is Polygamy Really Wrong?
  124. SCOTUS's decision on The Health Care Law 6/28/12
  125. Did the ATF intentionally allow guns to fall into the hands of Mexican cartels? Fortune mag says no.
  126. Karl Rove having a gay affair?! With an Arabic-named criminal?!
  127. John Boehner vows to repeal Obamacare. Will he and the repubs succeed?
  128. Future of Health Care in America
  129. Turkey and Syria Questions
  130. The other thing happening on 6/28. Holder's contempt vote.
  131. Why do GOP Presidents do a poor job of picking justices?
  132. Did Roberts flip his vote at the 11th hour?
  133. The filibuster
  134. How would the ACA be against the commerce clause
  135. Liberals: defend the mandate!
  136. Student loan debt - what are the options?
  137. German appeals court decides against religious circumcision of children.
  138. How much would the U.S. spend on "defense" if it was ONLY for defense
  139. What if the Dred Scott Decision had gone the other way?
  140. What will be the consequences of the now-OPTIONAL Medicaid ACA expansion?
  141. Epic Story! "The Mystery Of The Transvestite And The Stolen Car "[now a debate on slurs]
  142. Republican position on alternative energy
  143. How is Obamacare being Upheld unconstitutional?
  144. Is America the greatest country on Earth, and why?
  145. If Obama wins in 2012, will the GOP still be trying to repeal healthcare in 2017
  146. Economics/Psychology of Taxation
  147. Can the Black-White racial IQ gap in the US be environmentally explained?
  148. If the ACA is repealed via reconciliation, can it be reinstituted via reconciliation
  149. Racism: A bit too obvious??
  150. Why do some thank God when spared from a tornado?
  151. Is this a reasonable argument against government regulations, or a false equivalency/non sequitir
  152. Justice Roberts and ulterior motives in Obamacare decision: a hypothetical
  153. So we've achieved immortality -- control breeding?
  154. COULD a reduction in defence spending be sold successfully to the US public...
  155. Mitch McConnell claims that the individual mandate can be repealed via reconciliation
  156. Does Anyone Believe Sexual Preference is 100% Genetic?
  157. McCoy offers the defendant a gift: six years
  158. Suing the Aliens (intellectual exercise)
  159. A radical idea: put down the rotten fruit, please [Universal safety net proposal]
  160. Medical Advances weighed against Equality of Medical Care
  161. Eliminate one social science
  162. Why do we continue to be such a religious nation?
  163. American Revolution: Was It Justified?
  164. Productivity Increases Not Tracked By Leisure Increases
  165. Will the LIBOR banking scandal manage to finally force banking reform in the US?
  166. In the long run was the Haitian Revolution a mistake?
  167. the Syria Files (wikileaks)
  168. Critique this: Why blacks run faster
  169. Guaranteed safety net and a regressive tax
  170. My take on western "science"
  171. Gas prices: to what extent...
  172. Should Jimmy Doolittle have Bombed the Imperial Palace in Tokyo?
  173. Should firms be made to forego the option of outsourcing/offshoring?
  174. What do we do when Iran drops the big one on...
  175. Why do gays insist on marriage?
  176. Have conservatives historically most often been on the wrong side of history?
  177. Universal Healthcare
  178. How much is "Any amount less than $100" worth?
  179. Google Announces Worldwide Campaign To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
  180. Will UHC stifle innovation?
  181. But we already threw off the Admiralty!
  182. Healthcare: reducing the question to the nitty-gritty
  183. ethanol-truth
  184. Should free Public Libraries remain free?
  185. Regressive Taxes
  186. Muni bonds scandal. Same scale as the LIBOR scandal?
  187. Scientology - what rock have I been under?
  188. Could the Soviets have defeated the Third Reich alone?
  189. Hilaire Belloc's The Servile State
  190. Should (and would) the West intervene if the Pyramids were in danger?
  191. If you are overweight, are you more likely to vote for Republicans?
  192. Could the Higgs Boson be the genesis for artificial gravity?
  193. Illuminati vs. Jesus [a debate about evolution]
  194. Should the Justice Dept fight California's "Anti-Arizona" bill?
  195. What's the gist of this Executive Order, and why might my cousin characterize it as "evil"?
  196. lawyer dopers, can a reasonable speed defense actually work?
  197. When did Black people become the REAL racists?
  198. Why do Germany and the (predominantly US funded) IMF keep throwing good money after bad?
  199. Judaism - Christianity - Islam
  200. Could we have beaten the Nazis without the Soviets?
  201. No Pearl Habor. When does America enter the war?
  202. 9/11
  203. What was the last word on the possibility of a stolen 2004 election?
  204. My Racist Rant On Universalism!
  205. US Policies: It's All About the Money, Right?
  206. Right-wing populist parties? Was there ever a happy ending?
  207. Polygamy: The Answers
  208. Is there anyone who actually likes war?
  209. Canadian Law: What is the true reason for scheduling plants?
  210. Is the individual mandate enforceable?
  211. Why did Penn State officials conceal Sandusky at all?
  212. Who's buying into the "job creators" angle?
  213. Did anything good come out of the Vietnam War?
  214. "Job Creator" accounting
  215. Seeing back in time?
  216. Jefferson & Hamilton: Who's the Conservative?
  217. Battleship versus Aircraft carrier: Out of ammo edition
  218. Banks laundering terrorist and drug gang money
  219. Should persons suspect of a crime, subject to an investigation/surveilance be notified?
  220. What if the Soviet Union took steps to reform its economy exactly along the lines of China but...
  222. Football Concussions, the next Big Thing?
  223. Incidence of whooping cough highest in 50 years; consequence of anti-vax?
  224. My question for Libertarians - should it be legal to masturbate in public?
  225. Are There Moderate Libertarians?
  226. Policy Proposal: 20% Discretionary Tax for Feedback
  227. What can a straight man do a gay man can't?
  228. Should the media help mass murderers get famous?
  229. Is there a difference between bank loans and bonds?
  230. The retirbutive justification for punishment is invalid if there is no free will
  231. Why I suspect it's unlikely we have free will, but the religious would not call me an atheist
  232. Why I suspect it's unlikely we have free will, but the religious would not call me an atheist
  233. Has Bill Gates contributed to humanity in proportion to his monetary net worth? And does it matter?
  234. Doctor confidentiality, HIV, and what feels right
  235. Torture & confession
  236. Does Satan think God's predictions are wrong?
  237. Are Mormons really that happy?
  238. Judge: Names of attackers confidential. You talk about it anyway. Free speech or contempt?
  239. Colorado Massacre: Are we in for a mental health crackdown?
  240. What is this "Audit the Fed" stuff I have been hearing about?
  241. What would be wrong with dropping the income tax entirely?
  242. Decentralization is incompatible with libertarianism
  243. US government funding: What about a Federal Lottery?
  244. "Job Creators" and lowering taxes for the rich
  245. Is Democracy the best form of government?
  246. Small business owners and changes to the personal income tax rates
  247. Are the rich hiding $21 trillion?
  248. Is the media guilty of distorting Dan Cathy's remarks?
  249. When did science become an opinion?
  250. Why let tax cuts for the wealthy expire?

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