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  1. The Far Right, The Far Left, What Do They Have In Common.
  2. US and inducing belief in God
  3. No assault weapon used at Sandy Hook?
  4. Debt hawks: why is Japan not Greece?
  5. Would South Korea exist without help from UN?
  6. What do you think can cause a fire phobia?
  7. Death Penalty
  8. Tragedy making faith stronger
  9. Cloning a Neandertal
  10. If all men are created equal ....
  11. Do you believe in past lives?
  12. Neanderthal DNA/non-African ancestry
  13. Judge to Protester: Get Out Of Town By Sundown
  14. Go on the offensive [against North Korea]... agree or disagree and why?
  15. Claims of "Ritual Abuse". Whats the reason?
  16. Militarily Speaking: How does South Korea stack against the North?
  17. The missing voice in the gun control debates
  18. The new proposed ban on "assault weapons"
  19. Abortion and gun control arguments, a symmetry?
  20. Biblical Scholarship
  21. Federal court ruling slashes presidential recess-appointment power
  22. Why should I feel sorry for Aaron Swartz?
  23. "Increasing awareness" by preaching to the saved: what's the point?
  24. What would REALLY happen if the US significantly reduced its global military presence?
  25. Agriculture: the worst mistake in human history?
  26. Why can't we vote on issues at the Federal level?
  27. Is this acceptable to libertarians?
  28. Insidiousness of "No Budget, No Pay"
  29. Would you clone Einstein or Bach?
  30. Does the possession of knowledge carry an ethical responsibility or not?
  31. Is bankruptcy different for the rich and poor?
  32. Tops off! The acceptability of public half-nudity for women
  33. Has the Internet got too big?
  34. All men are created equal - does it need revising?
  35. Why is such a potentially powerful force being overlooked?
  36. Can all animals in principle be tamed?
  37. Parading victims of tragedy out to call for mob justice
  38. Should advocacy groups be required to have non-misleading names?
  39. What if Sears (now Willis) Tower was hit by a plane 9/11?
  40. True Empathy Is It Impossible. Yes or No.
  41. 'Habitable zone' redefined for alien planets — and maybe life
  42. How to support academia and view much academic work as nonsense
  43. Does Mali matter?
  44. Sam Harris on a world without guns
  45. Is It Ethical To Defend A Known Killer.
  46. 3D Printing Guns
  47. Rank the constitutional amendments in order of importance
  48. Why the opposition to "smart" guns?
  49. Slavery in Africa
  50. The West Memphis Three
  51. Existence and enforcement of penalties for illegal gun ownership/use?
  52. What We Think We Want vs What We Really Want
  53. Were the Harlem Globetrotters ever accused of being racist entertainment?
  54. What percentage of guns used in crime are stolen?
  55. Is the IMF really a predatory lender?
  56. time to split up the USA
  57. Does Chuck Hagel WANT the Job?
  58. East Africans more "civilized" than West Africans?
  59. Do Joe Biden's Recent Comments On Gun Control Bother You?
  60. Opposition to "buyback" programs is what invalidates what the NRA has become
  61. Does the possession of knowledge carry an ethical responsibility?
  62. Should Gaza be relocated? Where?
  63. Why America's Prep Schools Aren't Following Arne Duncan's Public School Education Reforms
  64. The Whole HHO/Brown's Gas/Hydrogen Thing...
  65. Scams
  66. Atheism
  67. Hey, Progressives and Liberals, Let's Pick Out A State To Take Over, Like Mississippi!
  68. The Decline of Unions is your Problem too
  69. Statute of Limitations for Being Pissed Off
  70. FCC Proposes public WiFi across the nation.
  71. Semi-serious question Re: gun rights and drones
  72. Maybe Chik-Fil-A and Dan Cathy aren't bigots?
  73. SCOTUS - Kachalsky v Cacace (2nd ammendment bear case)
  74. Perceptions of the Military
  75. Government assassination of US citizens
  76. Is cannibalism morally wrong (in non-emergency situations)?
  77. QM = Positive Mass / GR = Negative Mass
  78. Likelihood of a Soviet Invasion.
  79. Determining the value of an hour of labor
  80. Is Canada a free country or is it not?
  81. What's going to happen with marijuana economics?
  82. Gasoline prices in control of the President
  83. Atheist Churches, Good or Bad Idea.
  84. Are there Natural Rights? If so, what are they?
  85. What will China do? (air quality)
  86. Winners and losers in the federal money game
  87. If the US had gone to war in Cuba in '62, what would actually have happened?
  88. Should we be educating kids in logical fallacies and biases in middle/high schools?
  89. Am I responsible for Stalin?
  90. Could there be a fourth Abrahamic religion?
  91. Ron Paul Wants RonPaul.com so badly he's going to the UN
  92. "Born This Way" : Sympathy and Science for Pedophiles
  93. Why should Church and State be separate?
  94. Is Nazism a completely empty political philosophy?
  95. Interfaith marriages?
  96. Why not roll British Overseas Territories into the UK proper?
  97. Is the economy governed by Chaos Theory and if so what to do?
  98. New Pope election.
  99. Middle Out Economics: The Trickle Down Killer
  100. Theological questions about the Pope resigning
  101. Freedom of religion in Israel
  102. Does Christian Doctrine support Exclusionary practices?
  103. What would the World be like if nuclear weapons were easier to make?
  104. Did Benedict resign because of involvement in the priestly child molestation coverup?
  105. How did GRID effect gay rights?
  106. Dorner—Murderer, Martyr, or Both?
  107. so what is redeeming about this drone strike stuff??
  108. What will America do when it's not the only superpower?
  109. Ultimate Reality TV
  110. Did the Air Force ask Walt Disney to make a movie using real UFO footage?
  111. Obama plans to raise the min. wage to $9 an hour.
  112. Is the European model viable in the long term?
  113. It's time to pare down U.S. military spending
  114. What pct. of US people actually earn the minimum wage?
  115. Statute of Limitations: time to rethink in view of Catholic molestation situation?
  116. Economy after Civil War (prediction)
  117. So. Are humans apes or not?
  118. Should rogue states shift focus onto biological weaponry?
  119. The LBJ-CIA Assassination of JFK
  120. How much should we control sexual expression in teenage girls?
  121. By golly, the NRA may be right!
  122. Temperature and punctuality: is there a relationship?
  123. Separate billiard competitions for men and women
  124. Are scientists going to far when the read out thoughts
  125. Resolved: "Mind" Includes the Nervous System
  126. YAGunThread - Let's keep it simple
  127. The Walmartization of America comes full circle
  128. Hubris: The Iraq War
  129. Athens loses at Marathon. How does the Western World change?
  130. Can You Believe That Atheism Is Proud That It Has Nothing To Offer.
  131. Let's Abolish the Institution of Marriage.
  132. What Are The True Costs of Government Spending?
  133. Why do tipped food servers make $2.13/hr?
  134. The Second Amendment and control of weapons that aren't firearms
  135. Eminent domain and patents
  136. Should We Have TWO Classes of Athletics?
  137. Hitchens' Opponents on Iraq
  138. If it really wanted to could the US take over the world?
  139. Climate change: "You are among the last people that will ever walk the Earth."
  140. Should we care about celebrities?
  141. The Voting Rights Act
  142. Family fights back when 3 gunmen storm their home
  143. Does the Buddhist idea says it actually harms other people to let them harm you?
  144. An experiment with time travel
  145. Israel in conflict for 65 years. How will it end?
  146. Universal Gun Background Checks: How would this work?
  147. Liberal Tax Myths
  148. Do we care more for animals than battered women?
  149. A question of Omniscience
  150. Yahoo! Bans! Telecommuting!
  151. Should the minimum wage be lowered to $6 per hour?
  152. How can supreme court justify tossing warantless wiretapping on lack of standing?
  153. Why the US opposition to the idea of secession?
  154. Is it anti-Semitic to claim Jews are too loyal to Israel and have too much power in business world?
  155. How were the Popes as temporal rulers?
  156. Let the sequester cuts take place, and if I perish, I perish.
  157. Are local curfews consitutional?
  158. What will our descendants be like in 3bn years?
  159. How will the "death" of local reporting change (national) politics/life?
  160. Who is Jesus? God's Son or God Almighty?
  161. Guns and National health
  162. When does a joke go too far?
  163. All US Constitutional Amendments are wiped out, which come back and which are gone forever?
  164. Why don't we establish a world government?
  165. Jesus Christ episode 2: son of God or God Almighty?
  166. Income inequality in America: the viral video
  167. Democracy in Practice
  168. Catholic doctrine on self defence and ectopic pregnancies
  169. FOX as a Source?
  170. Social Security and the Deficit
  171. Hugo Chavez is dead; what next for Venezuela?
  172. Dualism vs. Another Way
  173. defend one man, one vote?
  174. Hate Crimes and Prosecutorial Discretion.
  175. The evidence concerning the effects of minimum wages
  176. Should the UK Government help Hong Kong
  177. How do you solve a problem like North Korea?
  178. Allan Savory on desertification: This must be far, far too good to be true - or?
  179. Let's talk about government spending
  180. Why did the conspirators blow up 7 World Trade Center
  181. Bill gates, the rich, and "wealth creation"
  182. Why do the some of same people think alcohol is good think guns are bad?
  183. Did Dreadnought's destroy the RN?
  184. Do Conservatives Understand That Liberals Don't Really Like Government Spending?
  185. (Why) are teachers not respected?
  186. To Spank or Not To Spank...
  187. The Bible and the Trinity: The Trinity and the OT.
  188. How does income inequality affect social mobility?
  189. Should underage porn become legal with consent of models once they become of age?
  190. US General uses "V" word in Afghan War - Only 4 US Combat Deaths since Jan 1.
  191. What is your understanding of justice vs ethics?
  192. Say Iran develops nukes. How do we make good on our threats of that not being allowed to stand?
  193. data gathering survey regarding spanking
  194. Why aren't Progressives questioning the legality & morality of Obama's drone targeting policy?
  195. Kunwar Khuldune Shahid: Don't blame the Taliban,
  196. Nukes and the end of the war in the Pacific
  197. Free Guns and Holsters for Poor People
  198. Acquitted conduct sentencing
  199. Intra-state rebellion?
  200. "Cannibal Cop" faces life sentence over fantasy role-play
  201. The Bible and the Trinity: What did Jesus have to say about the Trinity?
  202. Can You Tell When Someone Is Staring at You From Behind?
  203. Army and Air Force suspend Military TA Suspended
  204. Whence religion?
  205. Defining Irony
  206. What sort of pope will Pope Francis be?
  207. Are the French 'lazy'?
  208. Is this Shia/Sunni divide a parallel to the 30 years war?
  209. Romney's 47% comment, why the big deal?
  210. Cigarette butts: a debate without hate for smokers (I hope)
  211. Illusionists and "kayfabe" - where is the ethical line?
  212. Hitler dies in 1938. Is he the greatest stateman of the 20th century?
  213. Who really killed Montezuma? Hernando Cortez' army or the Aztecs?
  214. Why Is a "Real" Limb Worth more Than a Prosthetic Limb
  215. Distortion of the job market in the US due to linking healthcare to one's employer.
  216. Does society need psychopaths and sociopaths?
  217. Bank deposits get the "haircut" treatment in Cyprus. What happens next?
  218. Question for the advocates of "tough medicine"
  219. What is the psychology behind the right wing fear of disenfranchisement
  220. Is the war on cancer an ‘utter failure’?: A sobering look at how billions in research money is spent
  221. Does the fact that so many people believe in God mean anything?
  222. Why are there no more divine events?
  223. Nixon Puts America First and Derails Vietnamese Peace Process
  224. Religion was invented to control the masses (?)
  225. Is gutter journalism the price of a free press?
  226. Does war stimulate scientific progress?
  227. Forget About ObamaCare, We Need HitlerCare!
  228. Is having an exploitative job better or worse than having no work at all?
  229. Reid Admits No Support For "Assault Weapons" Ban
  230. Ten Years Ago, Most Dopers Were Against The War. I'm Proud of Us.
  231. Dispel a myth - banks borrow from the Fed at zero then buy high-yield Treasuries.
  232. Would Obama have been elected if like FDR he used a wheelchair?
  233. Japan has figured out how to commercially extract offshore methane ice
  234. Could we convict major bank and Wall Street figures?
  235. CBO cuts Medicare projections - Should this affect deficit talks?
  236. At what point will the Global Warming Debate be resolved?
  237. Mandatory legislative "cool off" periods after terrible events
  238. What are the pros and cons of a very high inheritance tax.
  239. Could Colin Powell have stopped the Iraq war?
  240. Civil War: Two What-Ifs
  241. Treatment of Palestinians ...
  242. Whence American exceptionalism?
  243. Conservatives are now supporting same sex marriage?
  244. What kind of God would you believe in and follow
  245. If God proved that God existed , then what?
  246. Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister, his ego, and peace with Israel and the Turkish Kurds
  247. Any evidence that caste systems produced genetically selected personality traits?
  248. Settlement in lieu of a suit, how is this not extortion?
  249. Did a government search take place?
  250. Anyplace in the U.S.A. where Veterans are Actively Disliked?