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  1. Trans issues, or the politics of transsexuality
  2. What Wins Wictory When Waging Wars
  3. "October Surprise": Did the Reagan campaign deal with Iran in 1980 or not?
  4. Are morals entirely arbitrary...
  5. Predict how the Supreme Court will Decide the Same Sex Marriage Cases
  6. Levy barred from Libya for being Jewish, should Sarkozy have refused to go?
  7. Is North Korea ready to commit "State Suicide" ?
  8. If God Communicated with Humans
  9. Income Inequality: Startlingly Bad!
  10. Planet Money piece: UNFIT FOR WORK The startling rise of disability in America
  11. Is AG Eric Holder a 'Crypto-Conservative'?
  12. Corporal Punishment should not be reintroduced in School?
  13. Will it soon be "not unusual" for straight people to take advantage of SSM?
  14. Why is bigamy illegal?
  15. A North Korean Freaky Friday - what do you do as Supreme Leader?
  16. Obama signs "Monsanto Protection Act" into law despite protests
  17. International politics of the Cyprus situation
  18. Should smoking in the same vehicle as children be outlawed and subject to citations?
  19. Did Teddy Kennedy doom universal health care multiple times
  20. Books about Jesus and The Passion that are more "accessible "
  21. Do Some Regimes Not Have The Moral Right to Exist?
  22. Wind Turbine vs. Protected Eagles -- Who to root for?
  23. Gay Marriage and federal spending controls
  24. Social media will save democracy (or kill it)
  25. Confronting the ''Culture of the Poor'' Ideology
  26. Why Are We Getting Gay Marriage, But Not Universal Health Care?
  27. "This study proves that sugar is toxic."
  28. Is the slippery slope argument just another reductio ab absurdum?
  29. Why should "In God We Trust" be on our currency?
  30. Should there be a maximum sentence for non-violent crimes? If so, what?
  31. Arguments **against** gay marriage?
  32. Why has Every US Treasurer since 1949 been a woman? Hasn't anyone complained?
  33. If the Founding Fathers were told about Sandy Hooks, would the 2nd Amendment end up the same?
  34. decentralize government and conservative anarchist or libertarian
  35. If we were drafting a new Constitution today, should it include the 2nd Amendment or not?
  36. Did anyone else survive the sequester?
  37. Why are scientists so sure that dark matter exists?
  38. Robert E Lee joins the Union?
  39. If the current U.S. - North Korea tension comes to war, what would a U.S. or SK occupation look like
  40. How to deal with a nuclear North Korea?
  41. Why is China moving troops to the Korean border?
  42. President Obama returns 5% of his salary. Good idea or not?
  43. Searching for a better descriptor [than "atheist"]
  44. What's so wrong in calling a woman good-looking?
  45. Is it ethical to use brain scans to predict future criminal acts?
  46. Would better dressed/behaved '60s War Protestors have shortened the War?
  47. Non Believers; You just learned God existed. Now what?
  48. What's the second worst government in the world?
  49. According to Traditional and Mainstream Islamic Source, the Prophet Muhammad Raped a Child
  50. All new nurses by 2014 must have bachelor’s degree
  51. Does an Assault Weapons Ban make sense?
  52. Margaret Thatcher's Legacy?
  53. What is a "god"?
  54. Gender-based violence : Why not hate Crimes?
  55. Is 'Anti-Racist' just a Codeword For Anti-White??
  56. Don't the mentally ill in America have rights ?
  57. Is the progressive outrage over chained CPI warranted?
  58. The Expactation of Monogomy is Unjustifiable
  59. Gold As an Investment.
  60. Firearm "Internet sales"? Do those actually happen?
  61. Fallon Fox - Male to Female Transgender MMA
  62. De-extinct T-Rex Synthetically?
  63. Is Coerced Conversion to Buddhism Unknown to History?
  64. "The Rapidly Shrinking Federal Deficit"
  65. Do unpaid internships violate the minimum wage?
  66. why would legal polygamy be such a problem?
  67. Pro-lifers asking: Why isn't the Gosnell trial bigger news in the traditional media?
  68. The letter of the law
  69. Anti choice
  70. Why is insider trading illegal?
  71. Should genes be patented?
  72. What is misogyny?
  73. "Gitmo is Killing Me" -- Obama's Guantánamo
  74. Should universities hire terrorists?
  75. Means test for Social Security? Age of retirement based on work type?
  76. The Boston Marathon Bombing Debate Thread
  77. Ayn Rand/Objectivism explained from a strongly left wing, preferably Marxist point of view?
  78. Two dead in Boston. But many more dead elsewhere.
  79. Manchin-Toomey Background Check Deal
  80. Tax just the rich more? Maybe not.
  81. The Truth about Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  82. Most underrated leaders
  83. What was the deal with Lin Biao?
  84. Did Rand Paul say political involvement of parents of gunned down kids is inappropriate?
  85. Great gun control commercial
  86. Is CISPA Something I Should Know About?
  87. "dead children and monied politicians"
  88. Discrimination at CVS against Asians?
  89. Waco Explosion Triumph of Deregulation
  90. What does Jihad really require of faithful Muslims
  91. How soon until the Tsarnaev brothers were framed conspiracy theory takes root?
  92. What if the Radical Republicans Had Achieved Earlier & Greater Success?
  93. Math was discovered, not created
  94. Why did Adam Lanza fall off the grid in 2009?
  95. Era of no tax internet sales coming to a close- Senate planning vote on Internet sales tax bill
  96. Bio Station Alpha
  97. Why does America lose its head over 'terror' but ignore its daily gun deaths?
  98. Don't Jump the Gun (Yes, another gun thread)
  99. What if Alexander Hamilton had lived?
  100. Purported Video of "Evacuation" During Boston Bombing Search
  101. Who does the NRA really represent, overzealous gun owners, or gun manufacturers?
  102. Let's Talk Marriages
  103. Ethical question: public weed smoking
  104. How much should states kowtow to big employers?
  105. Should the government be able to require that NGOs uphold certain behaviors in order to get funding?
  106. Should the government be able to require that NGOs uphold certain behaviors in order to get funding?
  107. US Changes in Opinion Regarding Gays.
  108. Why was Kosovo allowed to claim North Kosovo?
  109. Evolutionary origin of belief in God
  110. Are all economic ideologies aside from free-market/Randian theory obsolete?
  111. Why does this board lean Democrat?
  112. Are there any solutions to resolving the conflict between Sunnis and Shiites?
  113. What's the closest we've ever come to world peace?
  114. Beginning of the end of Internet file sharing of any kind?
  115. Capital gains taxes are not negatively correlated to growth
  116. Marriage: Two Hypotheticals
  117. "Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever"
  118. The GOP must seize the center or die
  119. Total Extinction in 100 Years—What to Do?
  120. Everything is rigged
  121. Adam and Eve's childrens/childrens/children.......
  122. Can government social programs be replaced with a charitable mandate?
  123. An Underreported Aspect of the Immigration Debate.
  124. Atheists - What drives you?
  125. Why are some disease and illness so easy cure and others so hard?
  126. Has North Korea ever entered the 5th stage of collapse, is it realistic
  127. How does the time-traveling USS Nimitz change the Cold War?
  128. Why is there something instead of nothing?
  129. What are the psychological/socio-cultural roots of homophobia?
  130. What is this "Operation: Ring Of Fire" nonsense really about?
  131. Pro-choicers: would you take this abortion deal?
  132. Assad uses chemical weapons. Now what?
  133. gun grabbers and gun nuts: Would you take this grand bargain on guns?
  134. Postmodern era = the second Dark Age?
  135. What is this "agenda" scientists have against religion?
  136. Liberal equivalent of idealogy over practicality
  137. Why is the Obama administration fighting so hard to legally restrict access to contraception?
  138. Should chaplains, rabbis, etc be kicked out of the US forces?
  139. Obama Administration Criminalizes Christianity in the Military
  140. Should a police report be required to obtain emergency contraception?
  141. If Bill Gates Lost $12 Billion...
  142. Volunteers
  143. Education
  144. Is Everything Inevitable if Time is Infinite?
  145. Is society driving down men’s testosterone?
  146. What inspires greater creativity, freedom or constraint?
  147. Sugar, Salt, Fat
  148. Is psychiatry dishonest? Is it better for everyone if keeps faking diagnostic assurance?
  149. Minarchism: How "min" is too "min"?
  150. The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer
  151. Should all schools be private?
  152. Taxation is no different than extortion.
  153. 12-year old kid pwns a Las Vegas cop
  154. A few thoughts on sexual harassment
  155. Illegal Immigration, Amnesty & Citizenship
  156. Debate the only sound, non-racist argument for immigration control I've ever read
  157. Why is there such a political frenzy about a university education?
  158. Immigration
  159. Infinite universe why are things still happening
  160. Pitbulls
  161. Has Heritage Fdn killed Conservative/Libertarian political appeal to 'low IQ' Hispanics/Latinos?
  162. Did Minnesota come up with the great compromise re: Gay Marriage?
  163. Are there societies where sexual abuse is rare, how do they do that
  164. Illegal immigration and capitalism
  165. Should Political Parties Exist
  166. Can "capitalism" really work any more?
  167. Gun control post mortem debate
  168. Is it legal for the IRS to politically single out associations?
  169. Is cannabis actually healthy?
  170. HHS to health insurers: "You might want to consider a voluntary contribution ..."
  171. The IRS targeting of tea party members
  172. Is Fuzzy Logic dead?
  173. Has the media "turned" on Obama?
  174. You shouldn't follow religions
  175. What Happens When Fidel And Raul Die?
  176. Bees are still dying: how screwed are we?
  177. Global wealth/income, the division of, etc.
  178. There's more CO2 in the atmosphere than there's been since prehistoric times...
  179. NTSB recommends lowering the legal blood alcohol limit
  180. Is nonviolent activism still effective in the Age of Infinite Crises?
  181. Pain threshold
  182. We've learned these last few days that the government is too big
  183. Ex-West EMT moved to undisclosed location
  184. Legal hypothetical about the Cleveland kidnapping
  185. Folks, gun owners do not have to wear yellow stars in public.
  186. Robbery gone very wrong - defensive gun use
  187. Aye or Nay on a "Reform Negotiator"
  188. Punishment is a sadistic ritual and the justice system is meant to protect the criminal
  189. Why doesn't the US Negotiate with Terrorists?
  190. Parallels Between Nixon and Obama?
  191. I Don't Like Being Called Irrational. [Just because I do not accept the Theory of Evolution.]
  192. Cats: Natures Most Perfect Living Thing
  193. Free speech limits on bumper stickers and t-shirts
  194. Enforce existing gun laws before making new ones!
  195. Convince me I should believe that Free Will really exists!
  196. Record low murder rate
  197. Taunting... Does taunter deserve what comes to them?
  198. Is Colin Powell borrowing what is probably his most famous quote?
  199. Was everything I believed about energy wrong?
  200. What effect does Belief in Free Will have on Human Society?
  201. Is globalization benefiting or hurting the poor?
  202. Praying to God to reveal himself....
  203. Humor me. Why is State funded Education Universal in the US but State funded Health Care is not?
  204. Hell in the Bible... suffering/duration?
  205. Faith
  206. Jonathan Karl at ABC News and Dan Rather at CBS News: What's the fucking difference?
  207. When the suburbs erupt into flames and violence - it was only inevitable....
  208. What happens the day after Palestinian Independence?
  209. Accused terrorist faces trial for city bombing
  210. Sow the Wind, Reap the Worldwind: Okla. Senators Oppose Disaster Relief for OTHER States
  211. Is Obamacare likely to help or hurt the local shortage of specialists?
  212. Soldier [Murdered and Possibly] Beheaded in public street in London
  213. Would financial regulations at the state or city level do anything
  214. Pope Francis Says Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed, Not Just Catholics
  215. Rioting in Sweden!
  216. Interesting Penology Conundrum in England
  217. Could Lincoln Have Used Drones to Fight the Rebellion?
  218. The lack of conservatives in social sciences
  219. Obama's New Policy on the "War on Terror"
  220. you cant fool me
  221. Can America Learn From Other Countries
  222. What year would you say the Internet was born?
  223. Self aiming rifle that 'turns novices into experts'
  224. Anarchy.
  225. Is utilitarianism a guiding light or is it just a guise for mob-rule?
  226. How do you know that things are true?
  227. Is indefinite life/immortality possible and do people living today have any chance of attaining it?
  228. What would have to be true for "UFO" aliens to be real?
  229. Has John McCain Lost His Mind?
  230. Anti-TSA Activist claims she was groped during security search. What's the goal?
  231. Behavior of armies to conquered civilian female populations in WWII
  232. If a person was cryo-frozen and then reanimated...
  233. Attorneys - please put this Scalia quote in context
  234. Is offering tea and biscuits to bigots a good idea
  235. Who SHOULD win in Syria?
  236. All-Male Fox Panel Freaks Out About Female Breadwinners
  237. Is America really becoming an unaccountable police state or is that hyperbole
  238. So does a foreign military presence in Muslim countries cause terrorism?
  239. Why is the Cross Worshipped?
  240. Black church opposition to marriage equality in Illinois
  241. Was it a False Flag attack by a couple of IRS employes to lead to mainstream Tax Revolt
  242. Who's your favorite US Supreme Court Justice, and why?
  243. Local Economy and Big Boxes
  244. Florida continues to lead the way on public atheist monuments
  245. Some questions about the western world
  246. Should animal cruelty and abuse be shown on TV
  247. DNA gathering legal once arrested
  248. Symbiosis does not develop over time
  249. Narcissist vs. narcissist tendencies?
  250. Why some nations are wealthier than others