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  1. How do voter ID laws suppress minority votes?
  2. Why the lack of widespread civil disorder in Southern Europe?
  3. Why are senior citizens turning against the GOP?
  4. When did open hatred become fun family entertainment?
  5. Would an alien race necessarily be pro-social
  6. Cable TV: Exhibit A against the free market
  7. Stop and Frisk
  8. Should we be able to sue non-vaccinating parents?
  9. Setting the record straight on Americans born overseas and the presidency?
  10. Where is the end of the Universe?
  11. "Dream Defenders" month-long sit-in in Florida State Capitol continues
  12. Ex-staffer of senator lashes out at Obama administration for secrecy about spying on American public
  13. Who deserves/deserved more hatred: Bush or Obama?
  14. What if Columbus had sailed for England?
  15. Lies, damned lies, and phony statistics? Gun control again.
  16. Are you a One-Boxer or a Two-Boxer?
  17. So, this Missouri "angel priest" turned out to be a great example of how "miracle" stories spread
  18. Secular America
  19. Gay Marriage = Infedility and Polygamy?
  20. Does anybody know why the US invaded Iraq in 2003?
  21. Egypt - "The Nile Runs Red"
  22. Shooting police who enter illegally
  23. Will efficiency and new sources compensate for peak oil ?
  24. Born Alive Infant Protection Act
  25. North Africa for Dummies (in Congress)
  26. Why is China's economy successful?
  27. Does human intelligence limit mankinds ultimate growth?
  28. Minors charged with making child porn of themselves
  29. Egypt trouble
  30. "...and you, sir, are no Abraham Lincoln."
  31. NSA spying tool XKeyscore provides direct search access to emails, etc. - Constitutional breach?
  32. Would a massive outlay of solar power to North Africa create peace ?
  33. IOKIADDI (It's OK If A Democrat Does It)?
  34. Fellow progressives: Aren't you missing the point with your opposition to voter ID?
  35. Is Glenn Greenwald's partner a terrorist?
  36. God and Mind
  37. What do you think of the hypothesis that tipping culture is a form of sexism?
  38. Does the US have the power to be oil independent?
  39. To what extent does the U.S. government control other countries' governments?
  40. God is dying.
  41. Free will
  42. Why don't people believe in God?
  43. Should Lavabit and Groklaw have shut down because of the NSA?
  44. Does the DEA/NSA collaboration prove that mass conspiracy theories are possible?
  45. What duty of care do media organisations have when dealing with classified information?
  46. Prenatal Hormones and Sexual Orientation Debate.
  47. Should there be a massive gun owner/supporter database?
  48. Question about the 25th amendment
  49. Bradley Manning verdict is in - 35 years for leaking info; will ask Obama for a pardon
  50. Death penalty opponents; how would you reform prisons and criminal justice?
  51. Obsessive atheists
  52. fsfdsf
  53. Why has the 'Free Market' doctrine not been as successful in the Middle East as elsewhere?
  54. Bradley Manning PFC
  55. F-35: top gun or 'dog'
  56. Larry Summers' smoking gun: How he, Rubin & Geithner deregulated banks -- GLOBALLY
  57. What meaningful (good or bad) social, cultural or economic changes were spearheaded by youth
  58. How far should the prison system go to accommodate transpersons
  59. Dispersing the poor: Good idea or bad?
  60. SHOCKING News From Oberlin! [re: racist incidents]
  61. Dear Timo
  62. Leaked IPCC report: 90% confidence in AGW is now 95% -- and sea level will rise!
  63. "Gender identity" is mental illness
  64. If Robert Bales can escape the death penalty for killing 16 civilians why do we have it at all?
  65. Did "W" use the crusades word.
  66. Convince me I should believe in your god
  67. USA to Syria - another Iraq
  68. For the US presidents, when was the earliest they could have plausibly been predicted?
  69. Where will the next nuclear strike come from?
  70. Can the USA truly "evolve" into a police state?
  71. How can a universe exist?
  72. So, this is it (Syria)
  73. Tipping: Subsidizing corporate greed
  74. Economic myths and fallacies
  75. A message to all atheists, unbelievers, and lukewarm christians
  76. Is Jesusguy a troll?
  77. Does "drive-by" witnessing count?
  78. What happens to societies with majority non-religious people?
  79. Who killed the electric car?
  80. What can be done about wage stagnation in the U.S.?
  81. Conservative policy successes
  82. Liberal Policy Successes
  83. Why is the Vice President of the United States elected?
  84. Our moral struggles and progress are positive change
  85. the concept of faith
  86. My Pet Goat reading
  87. Teleportation would destroy the world.
  88. How to Achieve True Global Unity On Planet Earth
  89. but YOU broke it ...
  90. Defining Omnipotence
  91. The Kirkpatrick Doctrine Today.
  92. Blue states have better schools
  93. MLK 50th. No Bush or Shrub?
  94. US may be alone in attack on Syria
  95. Domestic law, international law, Syria, and us
  96. How viable are inland Special Forces raids?
  97. If America had a multiparty system, wouldn't moderates rule?
  98. Is there a downward spiral to unregulated capitalism, if so has it been consistently proven
  99. How could the civil war have been avoided?
  100. Marijuana Cures Cancer?
  101. Could the French Empire have lasted? (what if)
  102. Evolution (uh-oh)
  103. Are people who commit heinous crimes "evil"?
  104. Why is using Sarin gas worse than using high explosives?
  105. Are ethnic neighborhoods the same as segregation?
  106. What if the Zimmerman Telegram hadn't been sent?
  107. What if Franz Ferdinand had not been assassinated?
  108. Obama 2007 vs. 2013: witness the hypocisy!
  109. Is life nothing more than a dream?
  110. UK Foreign Policy
  111. Adam married a man....
  112. How does TX requiring State ID violate VRA?
  113. The CIA goes paramilitary
  114. Resolved: The US should bomb Syria
  115. Obama passing the ball to Congress for now - predictions?
  116. What really hit the Pentagon on 9/11/01?
  117. Why is SOS John Kerry beating the war drum?
  118. Excellent WaPo blog primer on the Syrian mess
  119. Is Evolution Really Science-Based?
  120. To what extent is the welfare state promulgated by Democrats in exchange for votes?
  121. Would telepathy save us or destroy us?
  122. Fighting Ignorance since 1973
  123. Criticisims of Obama re: Syria.
  124. Racism and Sexism: It's Complicated
  125. Obama: “I’m also mindful that I’m the president of the world’s oldest constitutional democracy,”
  126. Who used poison gas in Syria?
  127. Does the US lose anything when caught red handed?
  128. What do the active military generals think about Syria involvement?
  129. Is your dentist a "Mad Hatter"?
  130. Are bans on gay conversion therapy constitutional?
  131. Why is Saudi Arabia supporting the Syrian rebels
  132. God vs. Satan
  133. How will we pay for the Syria quagmire?
  134. Are US leaders hypocritical wanting to bomb Syria to save the children, contd, in thread
  135. Age of consent laws should be reformed
  136. Save the guns law: What's the point?
  137. Why is belief so important in Christianity?
  138. Solar panels are no longer the bottleneck in making solar affordable. Now what
  139. BC/AD vs. BCE/CE
  140. Did Dutch secular progressives expel their enemies?
  141. Creationism: Why not call a spade a spade?
  142. I don't see how you can leave God out of this conflict in Syria
  143. NSA Undermines Internet Security
  144. What's up with the DoJ suit re: Louisiana school vouchers?
  145. Are doctors at odds with dietitians?
  146. 3 deaths that would cause the most chaos
  147. Proselytizing.
  148. GOP Platform Officially Endorses Banning All Porn
  149. Do you agree with Reagan about aliens?
  150. Is Russia/Iran/china bluffing about US military action in Syria?
  151. Why do African Americans support the Democrats- the party of slavery?
  152. I'm a Libby Lib who is starting to feel markedly different when it comes to foreign policy
  153. Can anyone defend the Admin Syria drive?
  154. Ideology Affects Numeracy Skills (or Honesty)
  155. How did faith healers in ancient days do what they do
  156. Obama and Biden: chickenhawks?
  157. "Results-Only Work Environment" - does it work? Have you seen it? Would you try it?
  158. Another 9/11 Question
  159. What does having tons of money actually get you
  160. Hitler's Alternate Universe
  161. The International Solidarity Movement & Syria
  162. The 3 decade US war on the middle east
  163. How America treats the poor
  164. A proposed "welfare" scheme (from another thread)
  165. Why was Hitler the alternative to Weimar republic?
  166. Was it overregulation or deregulation that led to the Financial Crisis of 2007/08?
  167. Question about Christian Theology--Christ as Sacrifice to Whom?
  168. Now That Prince George Was Born, Is The Impetus for Succession Reform Gone?
  169. How will humanity end?
  170. Human brainoids in a dish.
  171. Ted Cruz's Story About Jesse Helms & John Wayne
  172. How will the world reach to the world being a simulation?
  173. Smart Electricity Meters are bad news
  174. What are the geopolitical interests of the United States?
  175. What if the November 1939 assassination attempt on Hitler had succeeded?
  176. Reverse SETI question: If You Could Send A Message...?
  177. Justifications against murder
  178. How does the USA's social safety net compare with those of the European welfare states?
  179. Russia/US UNSC Deal Reached - what it it means for masterful US President and Sec of State legacy.
  180. Ron White: "I'm a pretty good dog...
  181. Does having a linear message board result in more substantial discussion?
  182. What distinguishes "justice" from "vengeance"?
  183. Who you are not (?)
  184. What would be the impact of low cost, energy dense battery advances
  185. What falsifiable claims do the holy books make?
  186. Bike Riders? Are they a pain in the ass? Or are motorists too damn impatient?
  187. Billy Meier, whats the verdict?
  188. Should "implied consent" apply to married couples?
  189. On Abolishing Taxes
  190. Climate change and overpopulation.
  191. The future of guns and technology, and a twist on the gun control debate
  192. Now we know why it's taking longer than we thought...
  193. Why are Democrats opposed to school vouchers?
  194. The War on Guns
  195. Israelis finally pick a side in Syria: They want Assad to fall
  196. Former USSR Post-Gorvechev.
  197. 11.22.2013 (Kennedy Assassination)
  198. US Fiscal Transparency
  199. Questions about Hitler and Nazi Germany's attempted extermination of Europe's Jews
  200. Amber Alerts
  201. GOP Obstructionism and the Constitution and SCOTUS
  202. Whats the go with NLP?
  203. "10% of the population could just never get it together."
  204. Did LBJ and Ted Kennedy destroy America?
  205. The Plight of the Underemployed Academic
  206. Should a face veil, (niqab), be banned for Muslim women in a public role?
  207. The Government shut down prediction thread
  208. Could a world as presented in SyFy's "Continuum" work?
  209. Generational differences in the threat/safety of the public vs private sector
  210. "I'm the President of the most powerful nation in the world..."
  211. Is the mainstream Christianity belief in Hell supported by the Bible?
  212. 2nd Amendment loophole
  213. The AR-15 and the Navy Yard shooting
  214. Suicide =\= Selfishness
  215. Conjecture humanity is on two levels, logical and emotional
  216. Drug addiction as a moral failing
  217. The strange concept of eternal hell suffering.
  218. The "insurrectionary theory" of the Second Amendment is nonsense
  219. Why is the 2nd Amendment phrased the way it is?
  220. Religion - how do the religions explain dinosaurs?
  221. Why are there so many unplanned pregnancies?
  222. The 1913 World v. the 2013 World.
  223. The "Existence of God" debate
  224. Does not raising the debt ceiling really mean default?
  225. Why do we have the Export-Import Bank?
  226. Military chaplains not recognizing same-sex partners: okay or church-state violation?
  227. House Bill to reduce SNAP Benefits
  228. Did Monetarism work in the early 1980's? Is it a Quack Philosophy?
  229. When you apply for ACA insurance, you can register to vote! GOP don't LIKE that!
  230. The GOP Hates Americans (Health Insurance Exchanges)
  231. How does one say "Détente" in Persian?
  232. What crimes are easier to get away with during a government shutdown?
  233. What is/was Marx's legacy?
  234. why is america obsessed with god and politics?
  235. Did Obama kill Osama ?
  236. McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission
  237. Was 9/11 an inside job?
  238. Civil Defence in the Nuclear Age - Pointless?
  239. Do we have a free will?
  240. Can anyone explain the government shutdown to me?
  241. confederate memorial day
  242. Intent of the US Founding Fathers, Stand on Compromise or Fall on Principle?
  243. Homeland Security plans to buy 1 Billion bullets
  244. Effect of ACA on politics now that it is going into effect
  245. Robotics will lead to mass unemployment in a world where many are elderly. Howso
  246. S&P says 'I told you so' about US credit rating
  247. Cheerleaders and Student Council members suspended for "inappropriate gestures" in class photo
  248. Sins and Jesus
  249. "Workfare" OR "Community Service"?
  250. Does the US run its budget on a weekly schedule?