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  1. Social conservatism v. economic conservatism
  2. What happened to John Kerry
  3. Do food stamp (EBT) recipients now vote largely for the GOP?
  4. This is the meta-solution to ethics
  5. Point at which a law should be considered futile?
  6. A nuclear Ukraine.
  7. Why the persistent political apathy over NSA surveillance?
  8. Were US wars in Korea and Vietnam almost genocidal?
  9. Yes or no? Was Iraq in violation of international law in October 2002?
  10. Responses to a straight, white male complaining on these message boards.
  11. Partitioning Ukraine ?
  12. Ayn Rand and Children
  13. Russia has invaded Ukraine. How should the West respond?
  14. Have you ever changed your mind? What did it take?
  15. 1 in 4 Americans think the Sun goes around the Earth. Does it matter?
  16. Keurig goes DRM.
  17. unacceptable: Ukraine nationalists in power call Chechen terrorists for help
  18. Is Peer-Review Valid?
  19. a progressive tax system is inherently more fair
  20. The Romeikes - German Christian homeschooling family
  21. Ukraine - Proof (again) that an insurrectionary overthrow of a soverign government is possible?
  22. Gulf States withdraw Qatar ambassadors
  23. US Embassy refuse help to persona non grata activists in Cairo
  24. 14,000 Hamas with Egyptian citizenship
  25. Gulf States withdraw Qatar ambassadors thread 2
  26. Satoshi Nakamoto: inventor of Bitcoin
  27. Is the cloning of animals for food unethical or detrimental for animal welfare?
  28. Ukraine Prediction Thread
  29. Western media/Obama hypocrisy on Ukraine
  30. Ukraine: Why the current US spin?
  31. It's Russian troops in Crimea, right?
  32. Why not true tribal sovereignty in the U.S.A.?
  33. Would the world really be that different now if the US had lost the Revolutionary War?
  34. Depo P Adegbile is rejected by senate.
  35. The upcoming Worker's Revolution
  36. California falls into the ocean. What happens to US politics?
  37. Exempting mandatory testing from students receiving vouchers
  38. Rethinking the school experience
  39. Are the police a separate caste system then the general population and is that acceptable?
  40. NASA Being Forced to Fly Europa Mission
  41. Should responsible couples have a baby in today's world?
  42. American Civil War/When/how would the south have abolished slavery without it
  43. How much of poverty is the poor persons responsiblity?
  44. What can be done (climate change debate)?
  45. Fannie, Freddie could send $179.2 billion to taxpayers: White House (exact headline)
  46. What's The Straight Dope on Corporate Income Taxes
  47. Colorado's marijuana tax revenue (January)
  48. Why is our universe so good at organizing itself.
  49. Are you a Christian, but actually a Jew?
  50. Supreme Court modifies Georgia v. Randolph
  51. New Jersey Bans Direct Sales of Cars (Tesla)
  52. Scientific perspective on the soul
  53. GMO Foods - Safe? Effective?
  54. Ukrainian Info war. Maidan, The truth behind the February 20 massacre
  55. What will be the Ukraine crisis' long-term internal political effect in Russia?
  56. Is "Think of the children!" a red herring?
  57. Correct my understanding of the First Amendment
  58. Economic externality == need for regulation?
  59. How have propaganda networks of the past fared over the long term?
  60. Would this kind of religious persecution be allowed in college?
  61. Small business in a Marxist economy
  62. What has replaced communism
  63. US to relinquish control of the net
  64. Hey, goldbugs, why gold? Why not silver?
  65. Choosing where your taxes go
  66. OECD Economists Admit Bias, Mistakes
  67. What are the negative and positive effects of guns in society?
  68. Would This Anti-Gay Law Be 'Unconstitutional'?
  69. How can revolution be "illegal?"
  70. If 2nd Amendment clearly did not guarantee private firearm possession....then what?
  71. Why was/is such a high value placed on "heredity"?
  72. If the Enterprise, Lexington and Saratoga were at Pearl Harbor
  73. Russia's Annexation of Crimea - Why do we care?
  74. X-20 vs Mercury?
  75. Apparently, baby boomers haven't saved for retirement; What happens next?
  76. Historic re-enactors dressing up as Nazis at a private party. Is that kosher?
  77. Settle This Union Discussion/Debate...
  78. Crimea is Russian. What now?
  79. After Tsarnaev is in the ground, should America reconsider its capital punishment policy?
  80. Newspaper endorsements
  81. Diesel vs. Gasoline (polution related)
  82. What Pakistan knew about Bin Laden
  83. Reach of Sibelius v. Hobby Lobby?
  84. military spending
  85. How can there be a shortage of execution drugs?
  86. Does the Buffet Challenge debunk psychic powers once and for all?
  87. Urban Ghettos and the influx of latinos
  88. Are autistics disordered or just different?
  89. Rescinding a job offer after a negotiation attempt--kosher?
  90. SSM between heterosexual partners?
  91. Is China going to collapse?
  92. Cultural modeling by Safa Motesharrei
  93. What's the biggest thing humanity should be worrying about?
  94. legalize marijuana or Not
  95. We should go back to the good ol' days, when we weren't afraid to call people stupid...
  96. Gay marriage in Michigan, children, and divorce
  97. Is there any good reason not to mandate national vaccination?
  98. Is the link between KXL pipeline and the Koch brothers as big as my facebook newsfeed suggests?
  99. U.S. Civil War question
  100. What is the name for the desire to believe humans are more important than we really are
  101. Suicide by Cop
  102. Lee as a Union general
  103. Can you beat germs by waiting them out?
  104. Should Australia award knighthoods?
  105. Evolution and Modern Medicine.
  106. Economic conservatives: what changes do you want to make?
  107. Campaign Finance Amendment (as a wedge issue)
  108. Has a false accusation of racism ever caused significant harm to anyone in the US?
  109. The southern states secede but do not form a confederation. Could the Civil War have occurred?
  110. Having Babies on the Taxpayer Dime: What, if anything, to do?
  111. The morality of coercion
  112. Turkish government bans YouTube and Twitter after damning leaks
  113. Maryland House Budget bill sez: House of Cards, You CAN'T Leave...
  114. Should Obama be visiting Saudi Arabia?
  115. Why do Christian Fundies denounce their enemies as "humanists"?
  116. When do contacts become nepotism?
  117. How many new people have health insurance due to obamacare now
  118. Will there ever again be a new variant of Christianity?
  119. Mila Kunis: bourbon and/or baby?
  120. Noah Millman's three-dimensional political spectrum
  121. Are we destined to enter a "post-antibiotic" era?
  122. Does this article destroy the 99% versus the 1%?
  123. The ACLU, Prior Restraint, Stalking, and Guns
  124. Why do Christians — America’s most populous religious group — feel so victimized?
  125. So, let's debate Obamacare
  126. Is all matter driven by/made of consciousness?
  127. "Crash the Justice System": actual consequences?
  128. Sans WW2/ how quickly are nuclear weapons developed.
  129. Will Russia invade the Ukraine?
  130. Medical Data [US Based]
  131. Where are the Obamacare horror stories?
  132. Does Mississippi's "religious freedom" bill open the door to gay marriage?
  133. Mozilla CEO pays the price for not being in favor of gay marriage
  134. Why wouldn't Putin try to destroy NATO?
  135. My Philosophy of Life
  136. Ghani & Abdullah will sign SOFA with USA - Is it 'defeat' for Taliban?
  137. Bill Clinton - Why linked video indicates he couldn't pursue Bin Laden
  138. Why Do Christians Feel So Victimized - Defined Edition
  139. Another libertarian debate thread
  140. Is a refusal to photograph a brit milah actionable as discrimination against Jews?
  141. Why would israeli citizens settle in disputed regions?
  142. Are the Boston Marathon bombing survivors heroes?
  143. Why are some people enjoying the possible break up of the UK?
  144. Concepts in physics that would astound a 17th century person
  145. Actress refuses to do nude scene: right or wrong?
  146. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but maybe they are on to something.
  147. The federal government made a serious mistake by caving in to Cliven Bundy
  148. Korean reunification
  149. Is 19th Century U.S.A. the closest we've been to a Libertarian Ideal?
  150. Libertarian Topic of the Week 1: Civil Rights
  151. How did the bloody glove get to OJ's house?
  152. Mandatory reporting for child abuse
  153. Is Fred Phelps in Heaven now?
  154. Did Yahweh ever have a consort?
  155. Changing how we drive
  156. One currency world (Good or Bad)
  157. memorial to japanese war crime victims.
  158. Jail him or Free him?
  159. What does it take for things to exist?
  160. The innate partisan nature of data journalism
  161. Prophecies
  162. Deal or No Deal and the Monty Hall problem
  163. Wisconsin's Union Bill (Act 10) is in fact constitutionally sound
  164. Who is the most libertarian US President since Coolidge?
  165. Tomlinson
  166. Is Black Face necessarily racist?
  167. Keep your fingers crossed Aereo customers. Today's our day in the SCOTUS.
  168. Fall in crime linked to lead in petrol/gas ...
  169. French economist Thomas Piketty is raising a ruckus
  170. Mayor orders raid in response to parody Twitter account
  171. Cass Sunstein's SCOTUS Hall of Fame
  172. Are the traditional rules of debate racist?
  173. Today the Fourth Amendment is One Step Closer to the Grave
  174. SCOTUS rules States can ban race-based AA
  175. Prison-industrial complex
  176. What if spacetime were a kind of fluid?
  177. Hypothesis: The US income gap is caused by Asia
  178. Should the legal age for purchasing alcohol in the US be reduced to 18?
  179. NRA Seeking Universal Concealed Carry Permit Law
  180. If there was no money...
  181. Can America ever again have a social class of economically independent producers?
  182. California: 58 new measles cases in 2014
  183. Libertarianism: What is it? [Title modified]
  184. Resolved: Conservatives get whatever they want
  185. What should Lee have done in the Summer of 1863?
  186. Is there any real risk that law enforcement or the military would side with a rightwing insurrection
  187. Libertarian Topic of the Week 2: Taxes
  188. Why do I believe in God?
  189. Is this scheme the proper explanation of why the upper part of the moon is illuminated ?
  190. I Laughed At The Swedish Chef.
  191. Debate...a large number of people starve to death in the US every year
  192. Does a socioeconomic elite class have value to people who aren't in it?
  193. Minus the European war would WW2 still occured in the Pacific
  194. Dispelling the notion that "college is not worth it".
  195. Will the North Korean regime end with Kim Jong-un?
  196. Will Clayton Locketts Torture be the Rosa Parks moment of the Campaign against judicial killing?
  197. Was the US founded on Christian principles?
  198. What's wrong with Egypts economy?
  199. Tornadoes: Open or close windows.
  200. Gerry Adams- Ex IRA Guman, Ex Deputy First Minister Arrested- Hoist by his own Petard?
  201. Interesting UK Separation of Powers Problem
  202. When is racial diversity important?
  203. Is The Gay Marriage Debate Over?
  204. Mac Q: Are ethernet ports phased out?
  205. Quasi-libertarian topic C: domestic tranquility
  206. Any of the usual Scalia defenders want to explain this one?
  207. With trepidation, Benghazi
  208. If Kim Jong Un throws a temper tantrum....
  209. Why is fishing socially acceptable but hunting is not (or less so?)
  210. The Milky Way's halo is curved spacetime
  211. Is Global Warming actually Good?
  212. When Is It OK To Say I Should't Care About A Creator's Morality?
  213. Ownership rights and inequality
  214. What's so bad about Common Core?
  215. What if we had nuked Iwo Jima?
  216. Religious Schools in the UK- Potential Meltdown
  217. marriage equality
  218. marriage equality
  219. Free Will.
  220. How Africa would look if it hadn't been colonized
  221. Should the government limit the number of people meeting at one's home?
  222. Is global warming falsifiable?
  223. Obama calls for urgent action on climate change
  224. Let's increase access to birth control. And almost everything else.
  225. How would you reform the sex offender registry?
  226. "We're Losing the Last Shreds of Legal Rights to Protect Ourselves from Oligarchy"
  227. Columbus, OH Zoo Levy
  228. Guadalcanal: Why did Adm. Turner withdraw?
  229. Is the Internet really forever, and is that a bad thing?
  230. Climate change: the estimates by the IPCC are too high
  231. Is there any necessary value in preserving a traditional cultural practice?
  232. Fact: SSM is out, SS Civil Unions are in.
  233. What happens in a post-Christian society?
  234. How come conservatives are against abortion?
  235. Does the punishment of victimless crimes violate the inherent freedom of individuals?
  236. Should Michael Sam be selected regardless of his playing ability?
  237. Is there more free will in Africa?
  238. The ISS 'live feed of Earth' hoax.
  239. Is the internet making mankind more informed, or more confused?
  240. Is Edward Snowden just a Russian spy?
  241. Is Tony Blair a war criminal
  242. Operation Moonlight
  243. An advanced simulator shows what the curvature should look like at 400 km, reality shows otherwise.
  244. Replacing heavy machinery with robots
  245. War between USA and China is absurd in the near future
  246. How long before "race" is antiquated in the US?
  247. Google told to "forget" old Internet content (lest someone be embarrassed)
  248. How can the economic crisis be used as a leninist strategy to promote progressive policies
  249. Why has crime declined so much over the past 20 years?
  250. Income inequality: does this graph say what I think?

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