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  1. The Golden Plates of the Prophet
  2. To what extent is academic "doping" acceptable?
  3. Should there be a deposit on disposable cups?
  4. The death of General Aviation
  5. Why do we allow monopilies for high speed internet access?
  6. Obama - Netanyahu
  7. Why do we no longer fight fire with fire with Russia?
  8. Is there a limiting principle to Shelly v. Kramer.
  9. What if NATO failed to respond to an invasion of Estonia?
  10. A call to libertarians, left and right (Pot and Taxes)
  11. Why does the liberal vote tend to split?
  12. Atheism is now legally a religion.
  13. Suicide: always a controversial top(ped oneself)ic.
  14. What are the chances that prostitution will be legalized within the next 20 to 30 years?
  15. Girls that lie about their age to get sex
  16. I feel like Cassandra...
  17. Who to discriminate against next?
  18. It seems inevitable that US schools will soon need to teach about Islam.
  19. Would an Imperial US likely be more powerful today?
  20. How close are we to a full-scale containment policy against the Russians?
  21. Will government elections ever be held through phone apps?
  22. The ethics of "Hoarding"
  23. President Obama and Net Neutrality
  24. What isn't the matter with Kansas?
  25. What would have been required to win in Vietnam?
  26. Game changing tech in space exploration?
  27. Is it okay for government to decieve the public to get laws passed?
  28. Obama: Lame Duck You Say?
  29. European "Right to be Forgotten" possibly extended Worldwide?
  30. Is it time to accept that we are alone in the universe?
  31. Graphology
  32. What is the argument against "separate but equal" civil unions?
  33. Well, well, It looks like the government CAN pick winners and losers
  34. Total number of deaths from religion
  35. Does "you have to work to make a living" = "some people just deserve to die"?
  36. Treat distracted driving the same as DUI
  37. Will other recreational drugs be medicalized anytime soon
  38. Air Power vs ISIS
  39. "Some marriages between consenting adults should be recognized, but not others"
  40. Resolved: Violent Media Does Not Cause Increases in Actual Violence
  41. Without AHCA, where would we (the US) be today
  42. GOP Strategy to Stop Obama's Executive Amnesty Emerging
  43. What's the conservative/liberal/etc. position on the executive/legislative division of power?
  44. Long-term prospects for Israel
  45. Keystone Pipeline vote in the Senate
  46. Five Gun Rights Cases to Watch in CA
  47. Victor Stenger's Cosmological Fine Tuning Counterarguments
  48. Does consciousness exist outside a brain?
  49. Equal Justice for all
  50. Is President Obama's proposed executive action on illegal immigrants an abuse of power?
  51. Should companies profit share with all employees?
  52. Is Obama's AG pick about to unravel?
  53. President's Immigration Speech - Discussion
  54. How is the world doing?
  55. So why aren't the US and its allies fully supportive of Rojava?
  56. Resolved: Contracts require at least two parties
  57. Why have Republicans forgotten the "unitary executive theory"?
  58. Changes to Presidential/Congressional terms to decrease gridlock in the US Government.
  59. What would have happened if the IDF didn't stop their offensive in Yom Kippur War?
  60. agent orange
  61. The lethal dose l.s.d.
  62. What is the point of college fraternities?
  63. Advertising has trained us that lies and deceit are many-times-a-day phenomena. Has this changed us?
  64. Should the navy nurse who refused to force feed Guantanamo prisoners be discharged?
  65. Private prisons and the three strikes rule - a replacement for Jim Crow or pure conspiracy?
  66. "our criminal justice system is largely fair and just"
  67. Is violence such as we have seen in Ferguson, MO ever appropriate?
  68. Ferguson Grand Jury Evidence Discussion Thread
  69. If we legalize all drugs, what happens to the drug-pushers?
  70. Ferguson- the elephant in the room
  71. Why is Monsanto evil?
  72. To what extent should the state protect children from their parents?
  73. Are there any practical improvements that can be made to American policing?
  74. Islam is taking over in the US
  75. Person with gun. What are police supposed to do?
  76. William Lane Craig says you can disprove a negative
  77. An everything bagel [and the nature of "nothing"]
  78. Does Religion heal psychological pain, (in true believers)
  79. American vs. non-American conceptions of free speech
  80. Where does the Scottish Everendum stand?
  81. Self-driving cars
  82. Making threats online may not be covered by free speech protection
  83. When, economically, will the Russians be forced to capitulate?
  84. Idea: Junk food ads should be banned from using skinny people
  85. Senators addressing domestic violence in professional sports
  86. Will there ever be a Great President ever again?
  87. An idiot Ambassador is confirmed
  88. Immunity is the problem
  89. Why wasn't the police officer who killed Eric Garner indicted?
  90. 47% not paying federal income taxes - what should the distribution be?
  91. At what point in suspect action should police be justified in ceasing to care about his life?
  92. Areas of agreement between conservatives and liberals
  93. Radical idea to explore -- law enforcement will never react to non-violent offenses with force
  94. In the future, will everyone be rich?
  95. US Grand Jury system
  96. Help me understand this variation of the recent protests.
  97. Did the universe begin to exist or has it always existed?
  98. How were the pyramids in Egypt built?
  99. A visible God would deny us of free will. True or false?
  100. Witnessing - Mars Hill releases data from study on the non/de-churched
  101. Are Men Generally More Rational than Women?
  102. When did animal based foods become "bad"?
  103. A plea for sanity regarding recent rape cases.
  104. China fast-track "hypersonic missile" program -- Cold War: Part 2?
  105. Essential elements for a successful (US) state-based single-payer HC movement
  106. Women: Does objectification = degradation?
  107. Analogies are poor debate tools
  108. The Senate torture report
  109. The USA Without An Independent Judiciary?
  110. When are we going to invest in infrastructure?
  111. Maybe 32x leverage is imprudent (New FHA policy)
  112. Jesus saves
  113. Plastic in the seas
  114. How exactly would an anti-christ 'conquer the world'
  115. Socialist banks and the spending bill
  116. Okay, fine, what'll happen if the Supreme Court destroys the ACA?
  117. "Homicide"
  118. Shouldn't Bruce Jessen and Jim Mitchell lose their licenses?
  119. Sandy Hook Parents about to sue AR-15 manufacturer...
  120. Does the Christian Trinity violate the Law Of Identity
  121. What if political candidates ran as themselves instead of having political parties?
  122. Torture? Fuhgedaboudit. Easier to just kill 'em
  123. Sydney Hostage Crisis
  124. Should EPA decrease the limit for ground-level ozone?
  125. What happened to "There is no such thing as objective morality or right and wrong?"
  126. Great proposed bill -- require police departments to report data on shootings to Justice Department-
  127. What is the difference between Clintons 1993 health plan and Obama's PPACA of 2010?
  128. Do people have souls?
  129. "I'll Ride With You" in Aftermath of Aussie Terror Attack: Touching or Misguided?
  130. Are Spritual Concepts Harmful?
  131. Should dentistry students be expelled for 'sexually violent', 'misogynistic' posts on Facebook?
  132. Does socioeconomic status/poverty account for violent crime rates?
  133. Obama's Executive Order on Immigration is Unconstitutional, Says Court
  134. U.S. and Cuba -- has the reset button been pressed?
  135. Executed child found to be innocent
  136. Why doesn't the death penalty deter crime?
  137. Salary cap for healthcare administrators
  138. Penalty for false accusations while not preventing false accusers from recanting
  139. Colorado Sued By Nebraska and Oklahoma Over Pot
  140. The US healthcare debate reimagined
  141. Sony cancels "The Interview"; Wise or Foolish?
  142. The media should name all rape accusers
  143. What's the best non-single-payer solution for health care?
  144. Should Manuel Noriega be freed?
  145. Would an infallible lie detector be a boon or a curse for humanity?
  146. Any evidence "broken windows" policing is effective?
  147. Why don't Cubans buy new cars from other countries?
  148. Should protests be allowed in malls?
  149. Can someone concisely formulate what makes torture so immoral?
  150. The implications of hell.
  151. Should businesses be required to give Election Day off with pay?
  152. Question about Matthew for Christians
  153. Need urgent assistance--pre-Christmas issues
  154. Why is politics in the US more faith based.
  155. Should Advent Be Joyous (Religious Question)?
  156. Cheaper oil: How big a disaster for Climate Change investors?
  157. Three "wise" men find Jesus
  158. What are the odds an alien species would be similar to us physiologically
  159. Unleaded gasoline is cheap but diesel is not?
  160. The Newsroom mansplains rape
  161. Creation with intelligence (Adam/Eve/angels/etc)
  162. Would modern tactics have ended World War I quicker?
  163. Craft the perfect American Presidential Candidate.
  164. If you like your health insurance, you can ... um ...
  165. Is Al Sharpton as bad and as powerful as the right makes him out to be?
  166. Franken & Warren challenge Obama appointee Antonio Weiss
  167. Scientific Evidence for God? (Odds Against Life)
  168. We need to stop making such a big deal about terrorism
  169. Examining the Effect of Westminster decisions on Scotland
  170. World Overpopulation?
  171. In the nomal course of events and without the western coalition...
  172. Good for you, CNN. (edit teen suicide/gender identity)
  173. 2015 Economic Depression?
  174. If Saudi Arabia successfully undercuts US & Canada shale oil production, will that industry rebound
  175. As it stands, I object to some of the ways fellow athiest try to provoke others.
  176. "Black Brunch" protesting in "white spaces"
  177. To what extent is conscience an illusion?
  178. "Do not fire unless fired upon first" - suitable for policing?
  179. What shoud be required of a gay family (gay parent raising children)
  180. Keystone XL -- I don't understand the opposition
  181. Against Civil Liberties creep
  182. nazism is overrated.....
  183. Does a pink package have to mean that the manufacture is giving money to cancer research?
  184. Is America Overcriminalized?
  185. Attack in Paris
  186. Would modern tactics have ended World War II quicker?
  187. Texas Abortion Case
  188. A group not protesting an atrocity = endorsing said atrocity?
  189. Why do governments need taxes?
  190. Criminal Court Procedure in Scotland
  191. The Future of Education
  192. Connecticut can now force a 17-year old to undergo chemotherapy
  193. Resolved: antisemitism is not directly comparable to anti-black racism
  194. Charlie Hebdo, racist?
  195. Professions that will cease to exist in the future due to automation?
  196. How would we best deal with real genetic intelligence differences between groups in society?
  197. Does a Non-Muslim Have Any Business Declaring Someone Is "Not a Muslim"?
  198. Steven Emerson (Fox News 'Terrorism Expert' is an idiot
  199. What about these Muslim "no-go areas" in France?
  200. Should witness testimony be disregarded if it conflicts with self-defense claim for a murder trial?
  201. The attack on Charlie Hebdo was not an attack of freedom of speech
  202. Axis Strategy Victory Scenario in WWII - Possible?
  203. Dopers francais---is the new Hebdo cartoon of Mohammed what I think it is?
  204. How did the axis powers last so long in WW2
  205. Texas gun group "simulates" Paris attack... result? Really hard to kill gunmen even if armed.
  206. On the Many Failings of Capitalism
  207. Are protests less effective today than they were in the 1960s?
  208. Does France have a double standard on freedom of speech?
  209. can vegetarians eat beef broth?
  210. Democrats' latest tax proposal
  211. Euthanasia for non-terminally-ill patients
  212. A Simplification of Say's Law
  213. Edward Snowden leaks reveal the extent of China's cyber theft
  214. Consciousness...Part Two!
  215. Facts won't change your mind about anything
  216. If MLK was a Commie, so much the better for Commies
  217. Red isn't green
  218. When discussing equality how come income is the most common measurement?
  219. Obama Feints To the Left
  220. Questions and critizisms about the Apollo's mission
  221. Why Are We the 'Least Democratic Country' (According to This Guy)?
  222. With 70 years of hindsight has nuclear deterrence worked in terms of preventing global scale wars?
  223. Possible rift between Mossad and Netanyahu on Iran negotiations -- who is right?
  224. If we're going to adopt net neutrality rules, might as well and save Blackberry while we're at it!
  225. Yes, elections have consequences, but not these consequences
  226. Revisiting "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit"
  227. Not Guilty vs Not Proven
  228. The Imperial Presidency
  229. Malema has grown into a smart polished politician and represents a serious threat to Southern Africa
  230. Can there be machine super intelligence without it being life altering
  231. ISIS beheads Japanese reporter. Repurcussions in Japanese policies?
  232. So how do you feel about paid parental leave?
  233. Anti-Austerity Party Wins in Greece: Will Greece Leave the Euro?
  234. Has technological progress in the last 30 years been faster than the previous 30?
  235. Is US Federal debt sustainable?
  236. Copyright Question
  237. eHealth says family health insurance premiums jumped 56% in 2014.
  238. Isn't the FDA Claim Contradictory (Re: Health Foods)?
  239. Former Supreme Court Justice Convinced By Book That Texas Executed An Innocent Man in 1989
  240. Is the administration playing politics with federal money?
  241. Should non-vaccinating parents be held liable for disease transmitted by their child?
  242. Ruminations on bigotry
  243. Internet Death Threats, or "Like This Post Or Else!"
  244. Raise the Gas Tax. A Lot.
  245. Thinking Like a Conservative
  246. Loretta Lynch -- USAG confirmation hearings
  247. "... mine hour is not yet come." And yet:
  248. What was the worst ECONOMIC feature of the 20th century communist states?
  249. A proposal for lower health care costs
  250. Which part of the U.S. Constitution has been violated the most?