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  1. Are The Ongoing Protests Legal?
  2. Alt/Conventional medicine treating Cancer, Rubella, other diseases [split off from Rubella thread]
  3. I Steadfastly Reject This Sudden Rush to Redefine "Thug" as a Racial Slur
  4. The "No, Both Sides Don't Do This" Thread
  5. Help with abortion argument
  6. "Constitutional Carry" Proposed in My Home State
  7. Why is Israel providing Logistic and Military Support to Al-Qa'ida?
  8. Seven assault convictions, yet a 'champion' in the boxing ring -- Floyd Mayweather
  9. Why is virgin-shaming still acceptable in society?
  10. Starving Sea Lions
  11. Great Art Belongs to the World?
  12. Could the ACA have happened before the Internet?
  13. Patriot Act: Extend, Reform, Expire?
  14. Abolishing Corporate Income Tax!!
  15. Being president is easy.
  16. Will Cameron and his Government Gut the Welfare State in the Next 5 years?
  17. Principal suspends high school students for "Liking" hateful video
  18. should obesity be treated initially as a mental health issue?
  19. On the Future Governance of the United Kingdom
  20. Should it be illegal to work on your own car?
  21. Please help me understand why this [radical change to voting rules] is a bad idea
  22. What Happens If Assad (Syria) Falls?
  23. Why would climate change be a hoax?
  24. Hersh: Obama lied about bin Laden raid
  25. If we pulled an Iraq in North Korea would the results be any better?
  26. Why Do We Even Need an Establishment Clause?
  27. Presidential Libraries
  28. Need some expert opinion to confirm a debate I won on Gay Marriage and the Baltimore Riots
  29. Trans-Pacific Partnership Thread
  30. Phase out oil heat
  31. The UK and the fox hunting ban
  32. Do libertarians have classicidal ideations?
  33. Indefensible position 1 Have Bad News for Atheists
  34. Would the death penalty be more fair if there was a special level of proof for it?
  35. B-1 bombers to be moved to Australia -- a Freudian slip?
  36. Transgender People, your opinion: so now sex DOES mean gender??
  37. Does conscience distinguish us from other animals?
  38. Are Women's Colleges Dead: The Death of Sweet Briar
  39. Asian American groups accuse Harvard of racial bias in admissions
  40. Are the Navy SEALs becoming too glamorous?
  41. Did there used to be anti-Jewish quotas at Ivy League universities?
  42. ISIS captures Ramadi...now what?
  43. How long until self driving cars become everpresent, or mandatory
  44. How weak is the Iraqi army, and why are they so weak?
  45. Mass Arrests, Civil Forfeitures (Biker War)
  46. A thought about the death penalty
  47. Technically, is agnosticism the only valid option?
  48. Can diluted seawater be used instead of blood for total transfusions?
  49. No, getting a job or school admission through AA does not show one is unqualified for it
  50. Is it sexual assault? (Columbia Mattress Girl Related)
  51. History - When did Wars Fought in the Name of Christianity End?
  52. Praying if you are agnostic
  53. China's south china sea adventure
  54. Federal government finances
  55. Miscellaneous tough questions for Christians
  56. What if a sentient AI came to faith? (not a witnessing thread)
  57. Graduating Class of 2015 most debt-burdened in history
  58. Let's segregate the races - new liberal solution
  59. Any good attributes about Swedens immigration?
  60. Time To Change Law, Re: Police Shootings?
  61. If my "driverless" car hits another vehicle...
  62. Spanish Civil War - the right result for Spain?
  63. Is our political system outdated?
  64. How should people be counted for political representation in the US?
  65. On Feminism
  66. Did anything good come out of World War I?
  67. Do wives deserve a "wife bonus"?
  68. When did humans become cognizant of God?
  69. Fractional Reserve Banking: a myth?
  70. How Do We Determine the True Character of a Religion?
  71. Effects of 4 Pandemic Scenarios?
  72. Can someone educate me on what this [UN Charter clause] means.
  73. EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch Stores, Inc.
  74. What were the Sumerians ethnically and linguistically?
  75. Failing to pay a prostitute.
  76. Health insurers seek big premium hikes for ObamaCare plans in 2016
  77. Are Christains being Systematically Murdered in the Middle East?
  78. how will the decreas in sanctification affect future genarations?
  79. So where does Snowden now stand in the US zeitgeist
  80. Assad Aiding ISIS, Now What?
  81. Was General Lee Wrong For Continuing To Fight?
  82. NYC murder up this year, union in fight with mayor blames mayor
  83. How did we even get to talking about a revolution? (Chris Hedges article on Salon)
  84. Owning the rain: the insanity of water rights
  85. Questions about politicians and debates
  86. Lincoln after 150 years: Sainted liberator or hypocrite racist?
  87. Thanks Scott Walker for killing Wisconsin Prof Tenure!
  88. Education; when is it going to change?
  89. Why is healthcare in the USA such a clusterfuck?
  90. Could America introduce Universal Health Care via selective service?
  91. Who is right about the causes of the Civil War?
  92. What is the 'Solution' to the 'Global Falsity' Problem?
  93. Is the tide about to turn against political correctness?
  94. Obama Administration to Expand Overtime Eligibility
  95. Supreme Court Justices
  96. Ban caller ID spoofing
  97. How much of China's rise is fabricated?
  98. US Government may forgive up to $3.5 Billion in student loans
  99. What are the facts about Scott Walkers policies in WI. .
  100. You Are A Senior General in Assad's Army-Stage a Coup or Not?
  101. What happens if Congress stops funding the judicial branch?
  102. Bring the jubilee.
  103. Police overreach could be uniting us, but it's not. Why not? It's as easy as black and white
  104. Would real nation building have worked in Iraq in 2003?
  105. Is diversity good for all nations, or only white nations?
  106. Anthropological Criminology
  107. USA Arms Sales-Arsenal of Democracy?
  108. Street Epistemology
  109. When people babble about "microaggressions", their real goal is censorship.
  110. Gun control working well in Connecticut
  111. Was the 1980s Japan fearmongering ever realistic to begin with?
  112. What phrases are or will be regarded as dog whistles?
  113. Why do bad things happen to good people?
  114. Should states reduce the number of qualified drivers?
  115. So, Terr, how is Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions anti-Semitic
  116. Likelihood of a Nuclear Holocaust Now.
  117. Should Charles Manson have been found guilty?
  118. Texas creates a gold depository to rival the Federal Reserve
  119. Why is the California tertiary educational system so high quality
  120. Solitary Nation or "What to do with rule breakers in jail?"
  121. Partisanship and US presidential elections
  122. How important is it for all well-educated people to know and believe Theory of Evolution?
  123. So, what to do about the grotesque animal cruelty in China ?
  124. Republicans are working with Obama
  125. How late into WWII could Germany have managed a negotiated peace/surrender?
  126. Is the 'ultimate' purpose of the sexual urge reproduction?
  127. Why do ANY mainstream figures doubt or deny racism is involved in the Charleston shooting?
  128. Wikileaks now leaking a whole buncha Saudi Arabian diplomatic documents
  129. Logical thinking and Magical Thinking
  130. What Is The Appeal Of Radical Islam (to Young People)?
  131. Why do the West and Far East culturally interact better?
  132. The fighting in the Ukraine
  133. Should silencers be illegal?
  134. Dylann Roof is a Terrorist
  135. What are Russia's plans for a post-Putin future?
  136. Tradition
  137. Are the Mentally Ill an Easy Target Now (Politically)?
  138. People who call the cops on "free range" kids: liberal or conservative?
  139. R.I.P. Confederacy----and good riddance
  140. What are the obstacles to universal health care in the US?
  141. Miss. police: Open carry laws kept us from arresting shotgun-toting man who terrorized shoppers.
  142. Ebay is banning listings of confederate flags and related items.
  143. CEO's pay -- 300 times regular folks'!
  144. Are languages going to trend more logographic in the future?
  145. Gun control - background checks - how would have stopped SC murders?
  146. Turkish Membership of the EU, outline the positives
  147. The Popes Influence
  148. SC mass shooting (etc) informed by gun culture?
  149. Obamacare Wins
  150. Do I have the right to defend myself from police?
  151. Questions about Purposed Gun Control Laws
  152. Is Rio Ready for the 2016 Olympics?
  153. Political experience: is it all it's cracked up to be?
  154. Should the "vilification" argument ever work?
  155. So, Have The Obamacare "Exchanges" Lowered healthcare Costs?
  156. Are you OK with a real life "Eye of Sauron" for mass surveillance?
  157. Illegal immigration to the United States
  158. Greek default seems to be inevitable...what's the fallout?
  159. How long would the US last in a war with China?
  160. SCOTUS upholds Arizona nonpartisan redistricting commision
  161. Religious liberty of public employee vs. same-sex marriage rights. How to reconcile?
  162. How do I respond to this?
  163. Why is executing someone painlessly difficult?
  164. Compelling prison doctors to assist in executions.
  165. So - why does US spurn Kurds?
  166. Claims of gender-based pay discrimination are phony
  167. More on royal pretenders
  168. If Greeks have that much confidence in their government, then why don't they buy Greek bonds?
  169. Is free speech really essential for society?
  170. Politically, was the ACA individual mandate really worth it?
  171. Why Do We Greet With Hell-Low (Hello) Hell-P(Help)??.. Demon=Nomed(ication)Will Help! Evil=A*Live*..
  172. Are Women as Likely to Rape as Men?
  173. Is US just tantalizing Iran
  174. Does Welfare reduce Criminality?
  175. Just how bad is the TPP and other such agreements?
  176. Did Larry Silverstein know about 9/11?
  177. Should the Sale of Fireworks be Banned (except to Trained Professionals)
  178. 37% of Greek voters could'nt be bothered to vote???
  179. Economics 101 | Inflation & Money
  180. Why do gays want to call their relationship a "marriage"?
  181. Confederate symbols and "winners-write-history" syndrome
  182. How is Afghanistan?
  183. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED redux: Should Dick Cheney be tried for war crimes? Will he be?
  184. Right to die-For a physically healthy mentally depressed 20 something?
  185. If the Allies were able to rebuild the Europe and Japan after WWII what is so hard about Greece now?
  186. Is permitting the sale of health insurance across state lines really a conservative position?
  187. Should private businesses be allowed to discriminate
  188. healthcare crisis out of control
  189. Help an atheist understand how the Israel-Palestine conflict is *not* a religious war.
  190. So, uh, has digital WWIII just started?
  191. Social Weed Smoking in Denver - Rocking the Boat?
  192. Legalized recreational marijuana - standard dosages? warning labels?
  193. No permit needed in Maine to pack
  194. Would illegal immigration be as big of a problem if the incentives were eliminated?
  195. Anti-gay Christians are merely bigots
  196. Righteousness vs. Happiness
  197. Interesting fact on federal gun control laws
  198. Do African-Americans have extra energy in their muscles?
  199. Intellectually, What Does Islam Offer The West?
  200. Two arguments against the death penalty: one effective, one ineffective
  201. Nuclear deal with Iran
  202. Can homosexuality be cured?
  203. SSM debate and separation of church and state
  204. Has any modern war actually ever been fought to "protect our freedom"
  205. stealth vs swarms of cheap drones
  206. Are political echo chambers bad for society?
  207. What makes socialism good but Communism bad?
  208. Could A European Dictator Like Hitler Emerge?
  209. Coontown on Reddit
  210. Economics 101 | Central Banks (The Fed)
  211. Was The Protestant Reformation Worth It?
  212. Is interacting with the "real world" better than interacting online?
  213. Anti-Abortion Racism
  214. Guns: Newsweek proposes a compromise
  215. Anti-Feminism
  216. Believe Me Now (Re: Republicans Doing Away w/Judiciary)?
  217. Trophy Hunting / Black Rhino Hunt Auction
  218. Just-in-time work scheduling
  219. Is there really any point to the new NY law on sexual advances?l
  220. "Is Advertising Morally Justifiable?"
  221. OJ Simpson Murder Trial
  222. Is an Orphaned Works Act really that big a threat to artists?
  223. How would you incentivize urban sprawl reversal?
  224. Are Western governments purposely driving down living standards?
  225. Christianity in the "Atheist" Soviet Union?
  226. Could empirical evidence change your position on gay marriage?
  227. If your personal religion doesn't follow your religious text, then what is it?
  228. Drones a counter to conventional air superiority/supremacy?
  229. What would the west do if China grabbed a chunk of Siberia?
  230. Sandra Bland video
  231. Another "debunk this" thread...this time about the Confederates and Southerners
  232. Is conventional invasion worth a nuclear war?
  233. Should police be only allowed to shoot if they can actually see a gun?
  234. Ross Perot: Not a Bush-Spoiler but a Clinton Mandate-Killer
  235. Pilot Error. Blame the dead guy.
  236. History buffs: how much, if any, did the treaty of Versailles contribute to WWII?
  237. Was climate change a factor in the Syrian Civil War and the rise of ISIS/ISIL/Daesh?
  238. Did the British really 'drain' Wealth from India?
  239. Europe's anti-Semitism crisis
  240. Article arguing that mass incarceration is a huge failure - what do you think?
  241. Why assume that only slave owners in the CSA could have been fighting for slavery?
  242. Could Israel Destroy Iranaina Uranium Enrichment?
  243. Fallout from higher minimum wage
  244. Is America or Europe More Racist?
  245. Credibility of the Southern Poverty Law Center
  246. Can a discussion of science and religion with intelligence from both sides change your opinion?
  247. What countries are able to build nuclear weapons, assuming they wanted to
  248. Humanitarian Realpolitik
  249. "Person with disabilities" vs "Disabled person", etc.
  250. China stock market meltdown

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