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  1. The Queen vs the church
  2. Can you enlighten me on PaleoConservative and NeoConservative ideals?
  3. The Carter Administration never fired a shot in anger/killed someone.
  4. The most important problem facing America today is ...
  5. Would you have bought a Powerball ticket with Bernie’s tax on it of 90%
  6. Planned Parenthood sues anti-abortion group behind secret videos
  7. Why did most ex-USSR states grow so fast from the year 2000 onward
  8. Why do firearm owners "need" high capacity magazines?
  9. Is it appropriate for the legislature to debate the constitutionality of a law?
  10. The movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
  11. Are there good reasons to be anti-free trade?
  12. God and Positive Thinking
  13. Should Western countries stop sending financial aid to Sub-Saharan Africa?
  14. How can we stop war and conflict?
  15. America's fear of terrorism is mostly irrational xenophobia
  16. Fairness vs. Justice
  17. Suppose Obama ignores Congress and transfers Gitmo detainees to US federal prison
  18. When bigotry ends
  19. So it seems the claim that the Oscars are snubbing black people is false
  20. How do Jews regard Christians?
  21. Why redshirt when taking a gap year more practical?
  22. Lead in Flint's water. Who decided to change supply? Why is governor under fire?
  23. Low Oil Prices: Who's Making the Money?
  24. The Gender of Political Correctness.
  25. Was the America Civil War fought over slavery?
  26. Will The Virus "Kinzi" Bring An End to the Rio 2016 Olymics?
  27. Look, here's the Straight Dope on Political Correctness
  28. Is diversity of opinion a good thing?
  29. Aside from World War II, why do many Chinese people hate Japan?
  30. Affirmative Action
  31. The President … shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed
  32. Should the NFL enact Affirmative Action (hire more white players)
  33. This is the straight truth on War and it's brutal
  34. Laws permitting lottery winners to remain anonymous
  35. What are your views on Eugenics applied to human beings ?
  36. Why will most Americans never become mega millionaires or billionaires?
  37. Replace all drinking water pipes made of lead!
  38. Running out of anti-biotics really a major threat?
  39. How could people in a society live with pedophiles?
  40. Are immigrants today fundamentally the same as the immigrants from yesteryear?
  41. Are political parties the worst mistake America ever made?
  42. Statistics and estimating the effects of more open and concealed carry firearms
  43. Hypothetical new party
  44. Australia is the only former UK colony without an indigenous treaty.
  45. Lawsuit settlement reform. No No Fault and NDAs
  46. Scientists Who Are Actually Stupid
  47. Is the Slippery Slope "fallacy" really a fallacy?
  48. I am Christian first and American second. Is this an acceptable stance for the US President?
  49. My conclusion/theory on the origins of "God" and "the Devil". Thoughts?
  50. Rhodes Will Not Fall
  51. Contradictions in Genesis
  52. Is the newly unapologetic racist, nativist GOP power base basically the KKK for the new millennium?
  53. Is Matthew 12:40 Using Common Idiomatic Language?
  54. The Great Debate: Leonardo or Michelangelo?
  55. Is socialist policies a sign of prosperity?
  56. Is there a good reason to be against designer babies?
  57. Question about Terrorist Tactics
  58. General Douglas Haig - Should he be reappraised?
  59. Police Misconduct: A few bad apples, or an epidemic?
  60. Bernie Sanders, Money, and Ethanol
  61. "Year of the Monkey" NBA promo t-shirts: racist?
  62. Legal Experts: Weigh in on the Cosby Criminal Case
  63. Egalitarian Prayer Space to Open at Western Wall
  64. How reliable were Alfred Kinsey's figures in his books on American sexuality?
  65. Should Executions Be Made Public Again?
  66. Will US airports ever have automated border control/e-gates like some European airports do?
  67. Women In the Military
  68. Julian Assange (remember him?) update
  69. How and when did Democrats and Republicans switch places?
  70. Likelihood of (Nuclear) WW3 Increasing?
  71. States are starting to call for a Constitutional Convention
  72. 1975-1990, the USSR was arguably the least bad of the three imperial superpowers
  73. Should we be concerned about lowered standards for the GED?
  74. What exactly did Hillary Clinton do that was so bad with the email scandal?
  75. Kolbe v. Hogan: Fourth Circuit Says Strict Scrutiny Applies to Second Amendment Infringing Laws
  76. Should false rape accusations be prosecuted seriously as actual rape?
  77. Should we try harder to prevent humans from being subject to medical research experiments?
  78. Best advocate of church-state separation... Satanists?
  79. If money is speech, and speech is money...
  80. Did Richard III kill the Princes in the Tower?
  81. Do Women Go Through a "Cute & Little" Phase?
  82. Why aren't Cardinals & Bishops in jail?
  83. Economist says awesome things about Sanders's economic plan
  84. Why isn't anyone actually looking to cut healthcare costs?
  85. Sanders proposals and how to pay for them.
  86. Ferguson: Where is the money supposed to come from?
  87. Are the golden years a real thing or a myth. If a myth, when are the closest thing to golden years
  88. So is it actually bad if people join the military for the bennies?
  89. What is the point of CCW permits?
  90. A Though Experiment on Spiritual Evolution
  91. Is there a "Deep State" controlling U.S. foreign policy?
  92. What does the discovery of Gravitational waves mean?
  93. North Korea--What happens when Kim is assassinated?
  94. Republicans Shoot Down Obama's Budget...Precedent?
  95. Jack Straw denied knighthood and peerage
  96. IS Wall Street the main cause of U.S. income/wealth inequality?
  97. Black Pather Party: Over all, good or bad.
  98. Thomas Aquinas: Logical Flaws?
  99. Mass Transit vs Personal Transit
  100. Obama must be allowed to nominate the next SCOTUS Justice
  101. Does any man's death really diminish us as individuals?
  102. Consequences of a divided court? Legal chaos? Legal Balkanization?
  103. Will the earth be able to support around 9.7 billion people in 2050?
  104. Mass migration of Europeans
  105. How do originalists get around the 3/5 rule, and etc.?
  106. Which country historically dominated aerial warfare?
  107. Will no 5 Repub senators approve a non-extreme SCOTUS nominee?
  108. Senate Confirmation - what criteria?
  109. How do we actually address rampant income inequality?
  110. Edward VIII of England, Wallis Simpson, and a Morganatic Marriage.
  111. Should Apple help the government hack into encrypted devices?
  112. Can someone explain in a nutshell EXACTLY what the Republicans object to re Obamacare
  113. Does mass incarceration make America more culturally progressive?
  114. Trusting (federal) authority: our own and views worldwide
  115. Why is education always the first thing cut in government budget?
  116. Should patents be forfeited if the product isn't produced?
  117. Too big to fail
  118. The PYD or Turkey?
  119. Asian countries fearing a 'return of Japanese militarism'
  120. Why are people "not allowed" to have opinions on taboo topics (sexual assault,pedophilia etc.)?
  121. Do we treat kids like the Saudi's treat their women?
  122. Picasa no longer supported by Google - Help
  123. should we intervene with the Sentinelese under any circumstances?
  124. Textualist meaning of "shall" re SC.
  125. Iraqis don't like the Bushes
  126. Suicide and Letting Them Know
  127. Transgender Service Animals
  128. Is Islams global image beyond repair?
  129. What is the GOP's long game on filling Scalia's seat if Hillary is elected?
  130. If one race is faster, more athletic, stronger in sports - what's bad?
  131. The French Study of Philosophy
  132. Which Asian country was 'worse:' WWII Japan or modern North Korea?
  133. Is the American Religious Right rooted in racism?
  134. Are we witnessing a revolution in VR?
  135. Shoulld the UK Exit the European Union? Should English-Speaking Countries Unite?
  136. Kyūjō incident and the 1941-1946? War
  137. Why don't Billionaires who run companies seem to care about the privacy of citizens?
  138. Is it fair to askHillary to release transcripts of her speech even if we don't ask Republicans?
  139. Leap Year Day, Saturday, the Frum, the Pious and the Al-Muttaqin
  140. Death and Illegal Search and Seizure
  141. Race, Media and Politicians
  142. Judge rules no 1st Amendment right to film police
  143. Scott Adams says... (Hillary & feminism)
  144. Should humans with low IQ be.....
  145. Apple, Speech, Corporations, People
  146. Media too pro-muslim?
  147. The definition of a "war crime"
  148. Ranked choice voting for president
  149. Scientifically, should sensitive research issues have to pass a more rigorous standard?
  150. Is decentralized power inherently less corrupt?
  151. "Gore would have beat Bush if the popular vote had been used" - A fallacy?
  152. Is superior intelligence the equivalent of overall superiority?
  153. United Way Fraud Scam and Scandal
  154. Cuban Missile Crisis - what if the United States didn't confront the USSR?
  155. South Dakota Governor Vetos School / Locker Room Gender Bill
  156. What theories are there for raising wages?
  157. Commander of the Militia
  158. Do some progressives love the welfare budget?
  159. My Amazing Encounters with Jesus Christ
  160. why hate speech laws can't work
  161. Lopsided gender ratio usually favors the outnumbered gender?
  162. What have been the real, factual effects of Obamacare?
  163. Which democracy has the calmest, most rational political discourse?
  164. Why is ISIS America's problem?
  165. What has the Tea Party done for the "Little guy"?
  166. Should "dead donor" rules for organ donation be revised?
  167. Will there be any long-term civil rights ramifications of International Megan's Law?
  168. Why is Finland the "sick man" of Europe when it has such a well-educated workforce?
  169. End tax deductions for giving to charity
  170. Why did Pierce beat Scott in 1852?
  171. IF Trump Gets Elected... What Happens When He Can't Deliver?
  172. Rudolph Hess
  173. I don't get it: Why Stoics be hating on Epicurus/Epicurean philosophy?
  174. Why do liberals give positive discrimination to muslims?
  175. What do savants who excel in music, maths, art, and/or memory experience?
  176. Destroying ISIS, [et all terrorist groups]
  177. What will happen in marijuana-friendly states after the election?
  178. Superdelegates
  179. Racial standards in SAT and college admissions - ideal threshold?
  180. Oh Seriously!!! re: Bernie Sanders, Mental Health
  181. But Why Is the USA So Unpopular In Russia?
  182. Bible prophecy
  183. Bible prophecy
  184. How will Presidential candidates affect marijuana legalization?
  185. The USA: "a pacified public and malleable media"
  186. Aside from cost and ill will, what makes a border fence a bad idea?
  187. Cheap college and healthcare might be better than free
  188. "Dog whistle" phrase?
  189. Why GMO labeling is a good idea
  190. Clinton's promise to only deport criminals
  191. A Very Long Winded Question About Political Psychology
  192. Is the American two-party system "in terminal decay"?
  193. Curse of the High IQ: Fact of life or just Wishful thinking?
  194. Central Bank Policy: If you need negative interest rates, it's time for a helicopter drop
  195. Okay, Fine, Abortion Again.
  196. More Democracts than Liberals: What?
  197. Men should have the right to ‘abort’ responsibility for an unborn child, Swedish political group say
  198. How long before Trump gets shot?
  199. Decouple employment from healthcare
  200. How bad is the Trans Pacific Partnership for the Internet?
  201. Are people with autism hated and persecuted by society?
  202. Why does America import trash from China, and pay them for it?
  203. Genetic basis of homosexuality and Republicanism
  204. chances of north korea starting a war this year?
  205. Regular health check ups: Yay or Nay
  206. Putin withdraws Russian forces from Syria
  207. Rationalists - do you give any magical thinking a break?
  208. Will a man who has undergone a penectomy and orchiectomy avoid false rape prosecutions?
  209. Weirdly mixed feelings about Otto Warmbier (American student sentenced to 15 years in N Korea)
  210. What battle could have saved the Confederates?
  211. In which circumstances is hatred of a category/class of people permissible?
  212. Americans and foreign languages
  213. Pakistanis are closer to Middle Easterners than to South Asians
  214. "You can't target the fat loss area"
  215. The Gold Standard - Actually prefferable to fiat?
  216. Gun control idea
  217. Norman Mailers 'White Negroes'
  218. Are girls during school years prone to be "bitchy"?
  219. Trimming cost of military weapons but still getting same quality and quantity
  220. Changing the narrative; Refugees becoming 'migrants'
  221. What would the effects of democratic "allocatable taxes" be?
  222. Reign of Disdain
  223. What if all the SCOTUS justices needed replaced?
  224. Which "arms" should be protected by the Second Amendment?
  225. How powerful is the Pro-Israeli Lobby?
  226. Russia without Marxist Comunism WWI til now - how different would history be?
  227. DrFidelius: "Just halve what you eat"
  228. Israel/Palestinians: Your Take
  229. Richard Feynman was not a sexual predator
  230. What has Israel ever done for us?
  231. Make internet/cable providers compete on the free market
  232. Is Consumerism Consuming Us?
  233. Laws Don't Always Work as They Should in a Complex World
  234. A New Form of Government?
  235. Time for another look at drug decriminalization in the U.S.
  236. Opt-out Organ Donation
  237. Terror in Europe
  238. How is Donald Trump killing the Republican party?
  239. Japanese Whaling
  240. Has any harm been proven to be caused by GMO foods?
  241. Dad jailed after he helps daughter buy heroin
  242. We can actually get rid of nearly all unauthorized immigrants
  243. Political Correctness Overrides Law Enforcement in Suburban New Jersey
  244. When is it not appropriate for the POTUS to stay abroad?
  245. Nixon's Madman theory, Trump, Putin.
  246. What is centrism in American politics today?
  247. Healing modalities
  248. Hating on Muslims isn't wrong
  249. Could College of the Ozarks model for free college be a national model?
  250. Should the government tell Apple how it hacked the iPhone?