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  1. Didn't Conway get in trouble for doing this very thing?
  2. Educate me: serious proposals on single-payer health care in US
  3. Has Paul Ryan had any successes as Speaker?
  4. Ruth Bader Ginsburg's replacement nomination fight
  5. Re: ACA, why don't the republicans...?
  6. Quantum Physics and Consciousness: metaphorically similar? Physically consistent?
  7. Existing health care reform bill
  8. Future of Obamacare under Trump
  9. Proposal for an independent investigative commission on Foreign interference in the 2016 election
  10. How big a military does the USA really need?
  11. WhatsApp "refuses" to hand over London terrorist's messages
  12. The NY Times Shows Once Again, "How to Lie With Statistics."
  13. FBI counter-terrorism efforts and the Garland, TX attack
  14. Let's pretend Paul Ryan resigns
  15. Crime and immigrants
  16. Were the civilian casualties in Mosul something other than the usual collateral damage?
  17. Political responses to opioid abuse
  18. Is Chicago entering a financial doomsday?
  19. Presidents most against Federal Reserve?
  20. North Carolina's HB 2 and the non-repeal
  21. Should people rescue animals in the wild?
  22. Why when and what made society gradually more civilized?
  23. "I'll back Texas independence, EU's Juncker warns Trump."
  24. What is wrong with political litmus tests (or purity tests if you prefer)?
  25. Sanctuary Cities
  26. Has the U.S. "War on Terror" been a big, pathetic waste of time/resources?
  27. Michael Flynn asking for Immunity to testify
  28. Government Promises: "If we didn't pinkie-swear, it doesn't count"
  29. How would religions approach intelligent e.t. life?
  30. BrexitAnother disaster that never happened
  31. Why the Popular Resistance to Driverless Cars?
  32. Serious Question: Wouldn't President Rubio or President Kasich Get the Same Treatment as Trump?
  33. Does melanin emit energy/radiation effectively?
  34. Is it a crime to want to live under the caliphate instituted by ISIS?
  35. how do you define the "judicial mainstream"?
  36. Is Trump part Democrat?
  37. Can trump's travel ban still be ruled unconstitutional if Gorsuch becomes supreme court judge?
  38. Are young terrorists more likely to come from 'lax parents'?
  39. Prosecutor opposed to death penalty has cases removed by Governor.
  40. What Made Merrill Garland a "Moderate" to the Media?
  41. Would you be a dip to try this chip?
  42. Did signals from Tillerson and Trump lead to Assad's use of nerve gas?
  43. Should American's from the island territories be allowed to vote in US presidential elections?
  44. Big ruling: seventh circuit decides sex discrimination includes sexual orientation discrimination
  45. Illegal immigration down 67 percent under Trump
  46. Job centric social networking, profile photos and bias.
  47. Is Affirmative Action focused on the wrong things?
  48. Does the Christian hierarchy really believe in Christianity?
  49. The ATF Program - YF-22 VS YF-23
  50. Why are 'chemical' weapons the red line in Syria?
  51. American missiles fired at Syria
  52. Why do Trump and other "conservatives" want to defund opera and other arts?
  53. It is perfectly rational to gas civilians when you are winning
  54. What tools does the US have to influence a foreign war without ground troops or spending huge sums
  55. Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Comer
  56. The ethics of S.E.R.E. (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape)
  57. The Alt-Right is Abandonign Trump, and the Left Will Soon Give Him "Strange New Respect"
  58. The winds of change at the Supreme Court
  59. Are we on the brink of WW3?
  60. Heroic blow for women's rights
  61. How far can you get in modern America without debt?
  62. Are school uniforms a good idea or a bad one?
  63. Why don't we see older extremists like the one in the Westminster attack?
  64. US aircraft carrier strike group heading toward NK
  65. Why are Republicans so partisan?
  66. Why do human rights vary so drastically in the middle east-northern africa region
  67. Nucear Bomb Test
  68. Do we really need sleep to cleanse the brain of toxins?
  69. The traditionalists are in the saddle?
  70. Is Uber going to make it - the gig economy and modern financing
  71. Does withholding the names of sexual assault victims perpetuate the stigma of rape?
  72. JFK Assassination Controversy
  73. 'Jesus gave up a weekend for our sins" Great thread. Why can't I find it?
  74. jfk JUNIOR Death Controversy
  75. Quo Vadis, Turkey?
  76. CBS did the outing much more than Jeff Varner did
  77. The Arkansas Executions, or More Evidence that Prison for Murderers Doesn't Work
  78. Should Supreme Court justices be elected by the people?
  79. 9-0 conservative or liberal SCOTUS majority, what would happen?
  80. "You are bad and you should feel bad about it" - a core Christian belief?
  81. USS Carl Vinson was actually headed away from North Korea
  82. Can you stop a cop from using excessive force on someone?
  83. Is Narcan™ (naloxone) causing more people to overdose on opiates?
  84. Does incarcerating drug dealers do any good?
  85. Explain to me what is wrong with school vouchers as an idea
  86. Issues which conservatives need to listen more closely to liberals on
  87. Why is there something rather than nothing? Dumb question?
  88. Is Male Circumcision Just as Bad as Female Genital Mutilation?
  89. Pros and cons of ethnic pride
  90. Public Lands, National Monuments, Antiquities Act, and States' Rights
  91. Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act-Good Idea or Not?
  92. Should Obama be criticized for accepting $400,000 for a Wall Street speaking engagement?
  93. Idea for what the Great Filter could be
  94. What comprises Trump's "eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms"?
  95. Trump's First 100 Days: SCOTUS Nominee
  96. How much damage can the US nuclear bombs actually do?
  97. Safest country in history
  98. Is "The right to Choose" real without reasonable access?
  99. Kamau Bell and Racist Five Year Olds
  100. Agents-provacateurs disguised as antifa?
  101. Has universal access to porn changed society at all?
  102. Are 1 in 4 women depressed? What can be done?
  103. Will trump sign the "Religious Liberty" order and what will it mean for americans??
  104. Are US journalists afraid of Trump?
  105. Sex
  106. Oregon Senate Bill 719-Taking guns from those who could harm themselves and others
  107. Trump Politicizes Religion
  108. Isn't "assuming [someone's] gender" simply the practical thing to do?
  109. House passes "repeal and replace"
  110. House passes health care reform - why is this a win?
  111. "Atheists Sue President Trump Over His ‘Religious Liberty’ Executive Order" -- Any substance here?
  112. How Do We Falsify Abiogenesis?
  113. Do other nations have the ability to put pressure on the United States
  114. At what point will the national debt trigger a default?
  115. "Accepting" a nuke-armed North Korea; is it that bad?
  116. Using The Climate Alarmists' Logic To Prove God
  117. The Question no one is asking [ACHA Exemption for house members]
  118. With single payer health plans, whither insurance companies?
  119. Is there any legitimacy to the Sovereign Citizen argument?
  120. Limitless unrestricted immigration : How can you defend this 'liberal' viewpoint?
  121. Is having children selfish act?
  122. Climate Models: Inaccurate?
  123. Why are drug laws so severe everywhere?
  124. Screaming and heckling are not problems on college campuses
  125. Not having sex on the first date
  126. U.S.A.F. Chaplains promote misogyny, gay bashing
  127. Should convictions be overturned if appeals are cut short by death?
  128. What is and isn't a "pre-existing condition"
  129. Kurdistan
  130. We are going to war. Mark my words.
  131. Is the US creating pedophiles by its laws?
  132. WV Supremes rule 3-2 that "sex" is not "sexual orientation"
  133. Should People of Color trust the police?
  134. Grassley confirms Comey told him that Trump is not being investigated
  135. Trump committed obstruction of justice by threatening Comey.
  136. Christian T-shirt company refuses to do gay pride T-shirts
  137. What do you think of sensitivity training?
  138. Merrick Garland for FBI Director
  139. Should the NSA be held responsible for the Wannacry ransomware attack?
  140. Will Mickey Mouse ever come out of copyright?
  141. Can a person's race be included in a statement without the statement being "racist"?
  142. Swedish/European 'dopers...immigration and increased crime?
  143. The term "People of Color"
  144. Trump & the WaPo (& various leakers)
  145. What's the best argument to refute this FB post (on Trump giving out classified info)?
  146. Why do we tolerate bad schools in the US?
  147. Tax the rich and save the poor.
  148. Are vegetarians better people than omnivores?
  149. Why do police abuse their wives / girlfriends so often?
  150. Why didn't the DC police handle the situation with ergodans bodyguards assaulting US citizens better
  151. Why did it take until 2001 for suicide hijackers to use airplanes as weapons?
  152. Could anyone stop suicidal pilots from 'doing 9/11' again?
  153. Cultural Appropriation Prize
  154. If not a wall, what should there be at the border?
  155. Government (Grand Canyon) vs. YECs – a legal fight
  156. Trump's overseas trip - measurements for success
  157. Is it free will that renders intelligent people atheistic?
  158. Cost of socialism vs. non-socialism
  159. The slave owning family - next door?
  160. What can be done about right-wing propaganda?
  161. Was it safer to hitchhike in the us back in the days?
  162. CA single-payer costs
  163. The Trump budget - a good or bad first negotiation?
  164. New allegation: Trump tried to use NSA, DNI to reign in FBI investigation
  165. Should the Democrats really be trying to bring down Trump?
  166. Is it better for a party to lose the presidency due to all the benefits that seem to come from it
  167. Are children actually more important and innocent than adults?
  168. The voter ID Thread
  169. What use is space?
  170. Are Maps Censored in Israel?
  171. Congress Makes a Supreme Court Exception...
  172. So wtf is cultural appropriation exactly?
  173. Weak men more likely to be socialists, what is the cause
  174. Jared Kushner: Close to the Russia, Pushed for Firing Comey
  175. Does the federal budget really need to be "balanced"?
  176. No Ramadan event at the State Department this year
  177. What is the likelihood of a double vacancy in the WH?
  178. Do Biblical characters ever win arguments with God?
  179. Airport security - when do we say "enough"?
  180. How to increase the GDP rate to 4%
  181. Why are police so quick to kill?
  182. Has most of newly "printed" money going to the top kept us from experiencing large inflation?
  183. The looming physician shortage
  184. Ohio is suing drug manufacturers, alleging they are culpable for the opioid epidemic
  185. My Note to President Trump on the Climate Accords 5-31-2017
  186. Trump pulled out of Paris Climate Accord to benefit Russia and Saudi Arabia
  187. Is Evergreen State College the canary in the coal mine, foretelling the death of higher education?
  188. Old & Busted: Is healthcare a right? New Hotness: Is food a right?
  189. Is the paris accord really unfair to the USA
  190. What is romance?
  191. A question about the physical dimension of time
  192. Civil Forfeiture (and Justice Thomas)
  193. Is modern civilization a mistake?
  194. A few WWII hypotheticals
  195. Jury finds man guilty of jury tampering after passing out juror rights pamphlets -- (with a wrinkle)
  196. How many people are REALLY what they claim to be?
  197. A Coming Economic Problem
  198. London terrorist rampage June 3rd
  199. Londoners and Firearms
  200. Canada's best strategy re Global Warming
  201. How do we fight against Saudi money exporting their strain of Islam?
  202. Theresa May wants help from Google et al to spy on her citizens
  203. Resolved: terrorism is sometimes justified
  204. How did the West* interfere in the Muslim* world between the end of the Cold War and 9/11?
  205. what's driving firearm sales?
  206. Should Ginsburg recuse herself from cases involving Trump administration?
  207. How Can We Draft Rich People?
  208. Is a Parliamentary system better than a Presidential system?
  209. Is the Presidency the weakest of the three branches of government?
  210. 73 years ago today, had Hitler and the Germans already lost?
  211. Is Twitter-blocking by The President a violation of the 1st Amendment?
  212. No straight lines (crazy blather on determinism)
  213. Ramifications of IS attack in Iran
  214. On Trauma, Helplessness, and Political Outrage
  215. Ideally, what additional checks and balances would democracies have to prevent authoritarianism
  216. Hi, I would like to tell you about Jesus Christ, the only way to God
  217. Has Putin's Russia awakened a sleeping giant
  218. Are there more submissive males now thanks to gender equality?
  219. How does one make an old debt right?
  220. Should a belief that non-Christians are damned be a bar to public office in US?
  221. Does liberalism derive from immaturity? Does conservatism?
  222. Roman Polanski Redux
  223. "Liberal" and "conservative" things that are not liberal or conservative
  224. Solving the problem of intermale aggression
  225. Time to end the unitary executive?
  226. In what way was Hillary Clinton responsible for Benghazi?
  227. DC, Maryland sue Trump over alleged constitutional violations
  228. Will we ever understand the fundamental nature of reality? What if we gathered past geniuses?
  229. At what point does 'anger management' become a farce in pyschology/criminology?
  230. Corporate tax rates and wages
  231. should military snipers be considered serial killers
  232. Dems sue Trump over emoluments
  233. Gay gene?
  234. War crimes in Syria: what should the world do?
  235. Help Me Better Understand Gun Control Opposition
  236. Why do we never see ourselves physically as others do
  237. The internet makes people stupid
  238. American Police Kill a Lot of People
  239. When is political violence appropriate? When is it necessary?
  240. Drop Your Weapon!! (rules of engagement)
  241. People Who Travel to Dangerous Countries
  242. Impact of immigration policy in the US
  243. "How Did We Become Bitter Political Enemies?"
  244. Presidential Prosecution - Why is there such a gaping void in our constitution?
  245. Woman found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in text/ suicide case
  246. What if one of the 9/11 hijackers refused to carry out their mission while already in the US?
  247. Trump & Cuba
  248. Legal question - probably end up as debate - hung juries and judges instructions
  249. Benign Neglect of Opioids Smacks of Racism
  250. Proposal - recoup medicare as inheritance tax