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  1. Bush/Iraq poll
  2. Taking the Lord's name in vain.
  3. What is private?
  4. UK Dopers (or others interested): will Blair survive WMDs?
  5. What should an atheist do at a funeral?
  6. Question to Baptists, Protestants and other so-called Christians
  7. Should we allow Prescription Drugs to be Imported?
  8. A Machiavellian in the White House
  9. A question for Christians about "truths"
  10. Iraq's weapons--hidden in the same bunker as Saddam himself?
  11. Where are the "Reform Muslims?"
  12. What does the first half of the Second Amendment mean?
  13. WWIII...............what do you think?
  14. Deregulation of Electronic Media: Good or Bad?
  15. Obesity
  16. CNN poll says Bush is to blame for the uranium "mistake"
  17. Website lists policeman's home addresses, tel and SS #'s- Any legal way to stop him?
  18. Homosexual marriage
  19. If the Road Map fails, could Benny Elon's plan succeed?
  20. religion vs. philosophy
  21. Is Iraq doomed to become the next Israel?
  22. What are the limits of privacy in publishing data on the web about private citizens?
  23. Human Population & Natural Resources
  24. Take the MSNBC Poll: Iraq, George W. Bush and the 2004 Campaign
  25. Is "hide the ball" SOP for the Bush Admmministration?
  26. Are credit cards good or bad for the economy?
  27. Where did the idea that free markets are "efficient" come from?
  28. Is constant criticism good for the U.S. - or Iraq?
  29. Too Tough On Crime, Or Not?
  30. Should the US attack North Korea before it's too late?
  31. War On Terror: Winning vs Losing
  32. If Bush doesn't get Iraq under control soon will GOP pay big price at polls?
  33. Bizarro-World Iraq War Thread ( a Challenge)
  34. We don't want your ugly ass-- Is this really discrimination?
  35. Will Iraq situation adversely affect military recruiting? If so, what then?
  36. Vietnam? How they doin' these days?
  37. Did the PNAC really hope for a "Pearl Harbor event"?
  38. Did Jesus actually carry the Cross Itself? and other oddities of that day.
  39. Unresolved: Capping jury awards for medical malpractice
  40. Armchair Quaterback Manned Spaceflight
  41. Poll: Americans want "more patriotic media coverage." What does this mean?
  42. US Constitution, Constructionism and the 9th Amendment
  43. Free elections in an occupied nation.
  44. Free speech? What free speech? It's only Iraq
  45. NY Times article: "...the French give almost nothing to charity..."
  46. DC Voting - Will It Ever Happen?
  47. Free Moussaoui!
  48. Do WMDs justify war?
  49. What is your opinion of this "miracle" that happened to me?
  50. Suing the airlines for 9/11 compensation
  51. Atheists: WHy do you have such a problem with religion?
  52. Partition of India
  53. Exercising their rights or crazier than a sh*thouse rat?
  54. Does Sagan's "Baloney Detection Kit" contain baloney of its own?
  55. New Sport: Shooting Naked Women with Paintballs
  56. Former US defense chief warns of war over North Korea
  57. Distinguish "real" vs. "existent" vs. "actual." Anyone?
  58. Bush "We gave him a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in."
  59. Guantanamo Bay: Prisoners Violate lease?
  60. Reparations...should we pay?
  61. Should statements about Israel be written off, if they come from Jews?
  62. What’s the deal with Sabbath=Sunday?
  63. Political Activism in Europe (re: Tour de France incident)
  64. A challenge for the creationists.
  65. North Korea's Weapons
  66. Will the U.S. be at war on Election Day 2004?
  67. Do animals have a conscience?
  68. Should Canada annex the Turks and Caicos Islands?
  69. Absence of belief is itself a belief
  70. What is Gore had won?
  71. Spanish Armada defeats English fleet: Would England Be Invaded?
  72. A question of troop morale
  73. Axis Sally vs. Tokyo Rose
  74. Doctor sued; has to pay for child's upbringing
  75. The latest CIA coup, or Let's Learn about Venezuela
  76. How many kind of "conservatives" are there in America?
  77. How many kinds of "liberals" or "leftists" are there in America?
  78. Last time - Oklahoma. This time New Orleans! (Texas Redistricting)
  79. Governmental Misrepresentations to Obtain Permission: Right or Wrong?
  80. Discharged from the military for being gay. So?
  81. Military Code on Criticism
  82. VOTE OR BE FINED...Is this a good idea?
  83. masturbating=cheating?
  84. So why didn't the dominoes fall?
  85. Explain this sign at the local church
  86. Extinction is wrong (right??)
  87. Seperation of church and state
  88. What are history books made of?
  89. Does the deaf, dumb, and blind boy get into heaven?
  90. Is it wrong to sht naked woman?
  91. U.N.:World can't afford rich China
  92. Another reason to repeal the 17th Amendment
  93. Operation "Sealion" (Invasion of England)-Would It Have Worked?
  94. Did Iraq seek to buy African uranium?
  95. Pacifica Godwinizes the occupation: appropriate?
  96. What's the danger of genetically modified foods?
  97. New Bill raises stakes, makes copying MP3s a felony. Will voter backlash ever come?
  98. Sex Change Operations for Murderers
  99. Let's give Puerto Rico its independence. (And good riddence.)
  100. Is Rape Inherently 'Wrong'?
  101. How are we going to stop confused elderly people wreaking havoc with cars?
  102. Bush Administration Outs Wilson's Wife as CIA Operative: Cool or Uncool?
  103. Tenet bites back
  104. How best to build a country of immigrants?
  105. Fark.com sez: Twenty percent chance that Australia will become a U.S. state.
  106. Relevance of philosophy
  107. Taxation Without Representation? No Problemo
  108. Republican Attorneys General Run Massive Six State Extortion Racket
  109. Is the Commander of US forces in Iraq calling Rumsfeld a liar?
  110. Civil Unions for everyone! (A possible solution?)
  111. It is not a choice (Homosexuality)
  112. Castration as a punishment for rape.
  113. Tony Blair's speech -- "History will forgive"
  114. Is Objective Christian Ministries fer real?
  115. Supreme Court advisory opinions
  116. Could a STEAM Engine Be Built In Roman Times?
  117. Too early to Foster-ize Kelly?
  118. "Going to war under false pretenses" -- Bob Graham / Impeachment justified?
  119. Corporate Media is Good
  120. Japanese speaking English (and Priceguy)
  121. Increasing amount of Math HS students take hurts, not helps math education
  122. A Fable - Long But Worth the Read
  123. eternity?
  124. Do people have auras?
  125. Phantom Limb Syndrome?
  126. Park terrorism picks up where law enforcement falls short.
  127. Kobe Bryant charged with felony sexual assault
  128. Can rape victim's name be released after trial?
  129. The Omnipotent God?
  130. I find it ironic (abortion and freedom)
  131. Reply to locked thread titled "The omnipotent God"
  132. How to get to Heaven according to the Bible: By faith alone?
  133. Does altruism exist? [new title]
  134. Mormon Polygamy
  135. George "Yellowcake" Bush Uses Palace Guard to Crush Dissent
  136. Just Askin' -God and Stuff....
  137. Iraqi Oil Field Maps -- Early plans?
  138. Bush going back to the UN, good idea? How will the major players respond?
  139. This American hawk says to Bush: Get a UN mandate NOW!!!
  140. Computer-generated kiddie porn?
  141. Mark Fiore political cartoons.
  142. We can't see all of the benefits of the tax cuts because why??
  143. Is all morality ultimately contingent on self-interest?
  144. syllogism as logical fallacy
  145. US Army v. A bunch of gun-toting rednecks
  146. The Power of Prayer
  147. No such thing as Common Sense!
  148. MPD/DID fact or fallacy?
  149. Supermarkets disprove law of supply and demand?
  150. The cost of the war.
  151. Liberals (and other Iraq skeptics) unite: take the Krauthammer Challenge!
  152. Preventing Suicide Question (pretty long)
  153. Italian jounalist turned over Niger/Uranium docs to US
  154. He slept with a 14 year old - but he shouldn't go to jail
  155. Who's to blame for Kelly suicide -- BBC or Blair?
  156. Californians: Who'll Enter The Recall?
  157. Let's just put all the Elderly in Camps and call them Sun City?
  158. Democratic Hopefuls: A Primer, Please?
  159. Is the New York branch of the NAACP completely retarded?
  160. whats unhealthier, being fat or being out of shape
  161. After death, what then?
  162. is time travel possible
  163. Religion or OCD?
  164. Hatch proposes amendment to away with natural born requirement for president.
  165. universal preschool?
  166. What is art? I mean, really?
  167. "Roosevelt Republicans" - Would Teddy stand a chance today??
  168. Pentagon Office of Special Plans (OSP): What's the Deal?
  169. Nelson Mandela... hero or zero?
  170. OBL happy?
  171. Name/Picture of Kobe's Accuser: Should I Post Them Here?
  172. What should the government and society do to encourage marriage?
  173. Day Care vs. Home Care
  174. If Uday and Qusay are actually dead, what are the future ramifications?
  175. Abortion: We've been having the wrong argument.
  176. The Secret Service and Politcal Cartoons or The Pen is Mightier...
  177. Hold onto your butts white collar tech workers. Your jobs are going, going ...
  178. Prove that the earth is 6,000 years old
  179. Animal Rights!!!!!
  180. Anarchy
  181. Rape of a prostitute: Is it theft?
  182. What wars do Catholics consider to be “justified?”
  183. What does 9/11 mean today?
  184. Will we ever develop beyond language?
  185. Is Mel Gibson a fundie whacko?
  186. Guantanamo Brits- Do they have a cunning plan?
  187. Jessica Lynch a hero?
  188. North vs South in education
  189. Is the risk of deflation real?
  190. Liberal hypocrisy--criticizing Bush for the war, and for not preventing 9/11
  191. What about those who haven't heard the message of Christ?
  192. Bill Clinton gives GW Bush a pass on the Iraq-uranium flap
  193. Question of infinite
  194. Substitution of medicines
  195. Nostratic?: a Debate
  196. Rape of a prostitute: Part II
  197. Going around the CIA/DIA. Real threat or a phantom?
  198. They're releasing pictures?
  199. What precisely went wrong in Nazi Germany? A psychological inquiry.
  200. Does a victim of a "public" Rape case, have a responsilbility to expose themselves?
  201. Jewish ethnicity vs. Jewish religion
  202. Protecting the Names of Rape Victims
  203. Messianic Jews and Mormonism
  204. Suicide in Scripture....
  205. Gray Davis Recall
  206. Why is Liberia our problem? Can't someone else handle this one?
  207. Should teachers have the right to strike?
  208. anti-USA contradictions
  209. Lets not pardon the French?
  210. Women had it better in the past/should remain at home while men work
  211. How much do you hate the USA?
  212. If 9/11 had never happened, would the war in Iraq have taken place?
  213. GWB and responsibility.
  214. Abortion. Yes or No?
  215. Family, tribe, nation, religion or: granfallons vs. karass?
  216. Will the US ever fight a war again?
  217. Taking delight in the demise of an evil person
  218. Randi tackles religion vs. science
  219. censorship: how far is too far?
  220. Why Was the Bible Written?
  221. Obese Children
  222. Pro-life...with two exceptions
  223. Is there a free speech right to sell tarot card readings?
  224. Single parent families and race
  225. Surprise, surprise: 9/11 report finds no Al Queda/Iraq link
  226. Now Even the Conservative Line Is "Oil War"
  227. Is the Road Map the last chance for a Palestinian state?
  228. The Hussein brothers killed on the same day the 9/11 report is released..
  229. Bush desecrates flag..
  230. Why not just let the Iraqi Governing Council decide what to do with Saddam's corpse?
  231. Will Voter Turnout Alone Swing The 2004 Election?
  232. Confirmation to a church-- A child's choice, or a parent's right?
  233. What IF Saudi Arabia Funded the 9/11 Terrorists?
  234. What is identity?
  235. Courses For the Ethnic Minority
  236. Tom DeLay says the Democrats lack seriousness on foreign policy
  237. The ethics of First Contact
  238. What is the first word that comes in your mind when hearing the word ISLAM?
  239. Shouldn't scientists be valued more than politicians actors and sportsmen?
  240. Signs Republicans Jumping from the Iraq War Plans Ship?
  241. Bush had better do something pretty damn fast about the solidier's being killed daily
  242. Christianity and premarital sex
  243. Why is animal cruelty an issue for the animals we kill for food?
  244. Unprotected premarital sex: Catholoic cognitive disconnect?
  245. Catholicism, Geocentrism, and Galileo
  246. Iraq war ends Syrian intelligence co-operation
  247. The House says no to sneak and peek. DOJ reels..
  248. Should we end the blanket policy against naming alleged rape victims?
  249. Music file sharing VS past versions of sharing music
  250. Vegetarians and meat dishes