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  1. KKK in Iraq ?
  2. US to Control Iraqi Populace with Agony Rays
  3. No "Right" Without a Corresponding Legal Remedy
  4. At last! Kerry is getting it right!
  5. Would the U.S., Iraq, and the world be better off if we'd never invaded?
  6. Circumcision and a perfect God....
  7. Why I'm Voting For Bush
  8. OK, so who does al-Qaeda really want to win the U.S. election?
  9. Is human viciousness changing over time?
  10. Is there version of Christianity that rejects the Old Testament?
  11. IRAN NEEDS Nuclear Power? Yeah, Right!
  12. Local Elections: How do you know?
  13. Why Visit "Holy Places" Is Pilgrimage Necessary?
  14. Was Jesus influenced by Eastern Religions?
  15. Republican voter intimidation tactics
  16. What if the bottom dropped out of the oil market tomorrow?
  17. Is the War On Drugs useful?
  18. Who told CBS Burkett had documents of interest?
  19. Learning to love others?
  20. A nightmare for the Democrats?
  21. Greatest political strategist in 20th century?
  22. So, where can we get unbiased news?
  23. At what point do we withdraw our consent to be governed?
  24. What's the diff. between radical pressure groups and terrorists?
  25. Tommy Franks for president?
  26. Ayatollah al-Sistani threatens to boycott January elections in Iraq
  27. Believers.
  28. Constitutional crisis
  29. T War On Terro, Russian style
  30. Human and Chimp Offspring
  31. Where are the pro-gay moslems?
  32. When should the press remain silent, if ever?
  33. Do only Christians long for another world?
  34. North Korea to Launch Missile?
  35. Mind and matter
  36. Congress vs SCOTUS
  37. Why aren't Bush's rallys open to everyone?
  38. So am I the enemy now?
  39. The Civil Rights Act, Homophobia, and Sexism.
  40. Should Geragos put on a defense for Peterson?
  41. Russian military's use of Lignostone
  42. Proposal: All laws Congress enacts should have a sunset date
  43. Is there a social pressure that forces people to live as long as possible?
  44. The possibility of human hybridsiation.
  45. What's the best way to solve today's over - crowded prison problem?
  46. I donated $300 to the KKK today.
  47. Donating To Hamas is like Donating to the KKK
  48. Saddam for President -- of Iraq
  49. If Second-Hand Cigarette Smoke is Just as Bad as Smoking...
  50. Can someone defend Kerry's treatment of our allies?
  51. The power of 'Hunger Strike' in Modern Politics...
  52. I Don't Understand This Business About Book Banning
  53. If Iran has the Bomb, should we take them on?
  54. Swiftboat Vets startin' to look pretty good.
  55. How Can There Be NON-Fundamentalists?
  56. It's a month until the universe's 6000th birthday -or- my daughter's going to Hell!
  57. Is Hyundai really as reliable as Honda and Toyota
  58. Why would anyone oppose requiring an ID to vote?
  59. Republicans in '08
  60. What is worse:- Underage girls who look/act much older - or girls who look underage?
  61. Why ARE so many high-level scientists Jewish?
  62. Machiavelli and Iraq
  63. Has There Ever Been A War Only The Republicans DIDN'T Like?
  64. Would a different justification have made the Iraq war more credible?
  65. Is information a physical or metaphysical entity?
  66. What should somebody vote if he doesn't agree 100% with the party line?
  67. Is Social Security Racist
  68. Why not have a national ID card?
  69. What is (or what should be) the purpose of the National Guard?
  70. Alleged "coup plot" in Sudan; now what?
  71. Is it OK for nations to use car bombs to kill opponents?
  72. GLBT Boycot For Equality-Effective Tactic Or Waste Of Time?
  73. Rights Rationality and Reasonableness
  74. The Future of Planetary Warfare
  75. How Are Rights Identified?
  76. I still can't shake the feeling that boycotts are immoral
  77. "Neo-Con" is a code word for Jew
  78. Jim Garrison: Patriot or deranged DA?
  79. So Why does God mess with peop[le heads?
  80. Right-wingers trying to block college-student voter-registration drives
  81. Economy vs the President
  82. Should We Enlist The MAFIA In The "War on Terror"?
  83. How valid/useful is IQ as a measure of personal intelligence?
  84. Iraq is Not Vietnam, It's Guadalcanal (huh?!)
  85. Will passenger airships ever come back? Or freight airships?
  86. No Child Left Behind,Section 9528/military recruiters
  87. Are Iraqi Elections Acceptable if Only 75% of the People Can Vote?
  88. No more Eastern Europeans
  89. New tactic for increasing voter turnout: Votergasm!
  90. If Israel Destroys Iran's Nuclear Facilities, What Happens Next?
  91. What will be the "resonating issue" in 2008?
  92. Switzerland's Referendum and media bias
  93. When did changing your mind become the next worst thing to murder?
  94. a single Jatz or ritz or other crackers
  95. In praise of Amsterdam’s prostitutes
  96. It's the free-market theorists, stupid: a Unified Theory about the Iraq occupation
  97. Impeaching Tony Blair: A good idea? Full details inside....
  98. Jesus: Man or Myth?
  99. Jimmy Carter: Basic requirements for a fair election are missing in Florida
  100. The magnetic ribbons on people's cars.
  101. Butch Cassidy: did he Survive into the 1930's?
  102. Why is Gallup oversampling Republicans? (Or are they?)
  103. Peacenick says: "I'm for Bush". Time to stick a fork in Kerry?
  104. If Genocide Was The Only Option...
  105. Is what's good for the economy good for Wall Street, and vice-versa?
  106. What is the REAL situation in Iraq?
  107. Sexual Morality and Practicality on Pitcairn
  108. Is monarchy the best form of government?
  109. Marginal Tax Rates and Regional Differences in Income
  110. Why can't Iran have nukes?
  111. Difficulty of planting WMD in Iraq?
  112. An Epistemological Question
  113. Who's really ahead in the polls, Bush or Kerry?
  114. Should we focus on economic development instead of democracy to combat terrorism?
  115. What tricks does GWB have up his sleeve for the debates.
  116. I've been thinking a little about Determinism and Free will
  117. Abraham Lincoln's Religion.
  118. Is this legal under the 1st Amendment?
  119. Political Compass #38: No broadcasting institution should receive public funding.
  120. Israel Will Attack Iranian Nuclear Reactor after US Election?
  121. Did Bush Pick Tonight's Debate Topics?
  122. COULD this Monopoly actaully Exist?
  123. Is the United States REALLY "At War"
  124. Do people take that draft bill seriously? Is a draft a credible possibility?
  125. Should the FBI make public its secret files on John Lennon?
  126. FCC shuts down Radio Free Santa Cruz
  127. Can ghosts be scientifically proved to exist?
  128. Where are we?
  129. Crawford says: "Vote for Kerry". Time to stick a fork in Bush?
  130. Republican Religious Debates
  131. Bush-Kerry Debate: Watch Along Thread
  132. Did Kerry blow it on the "allies" front?
  133. Ethics of fertility repression
  134. 9/30 Presidential Debate
  135. Why can't "you can lead ... if you say wrong war, wrong time, wrong place"?
  136. The Debates: Cite? Fallacies?
  137. Bush's explanation of the Iraq "miscalculation"
  138. John Eisenhower says it well
  139. Who gains the most with high oil prices ? (Besides oil producers)
  140. News Flash! Time travel by the year 2536
  141. Best place to be in case of a nuclear war?
  142. Laura Bush is a multimillionaire
  143. Imagine
  144. Why No Messages for Osama Bin Laden?
  145. Is this insight into Bush's foreign policy?
  146. Bush "Global Test" "Sensitive War" - eeesh
  147. Hiroshima: war or terrorism?
  148. Would Demint have fired Ginny Allen for a racial slur?
  149. Post-election...
  150. "Rapid human development only in recent times" (Y/N) and implications
  151. Kerry presidency as a precursor to Nationalist USA
  152. What has been the economic effect of Bush's tax cuts?
  153. Fox New fabricates anti-Kerry material...twice
  154. American neocons in government spying (or manipulation U.S. policy) for Israel?!
  155. Why do so many people admire a drug addict and listen to his opinions?
  156. Did the Loyalty Oath Hurt Bush in the Debate?
  157. How's The Scott Pterson Trial Progressing?
  158. Why doesn't Bush use clips of Edwards dissing Kerry in the primaries?
  159. "Ideological exclusion" of foreigners from the U.S. is back?!
  160. Have Bush's speech patterns shifted over time? If so, why?
  161. Is lying innate?
  162. Will the Democrats win control of the Senate in November?
  163. More Debates About the Debate: Did Kerry/Bush Bring Notes? The Bush Earpiece Theory
  164. Chechnya: 9 of 10 displaced Chechens have lost at least one relative
  165. Never mind the CBS memos . . . what did Bush do, or not do, in the National Guard?
  166. info & opinions needed on Kerry/U.N.
  167. The X-Prize has been captured! Now what?
  168. I'm a college student, what is bush going to do for me?
  169. Life by the gallon: Man this is some cheap gas !!
  170. How would the U.S. react to Saddam being back in charge?
  171. Why should I vote for Bush?
  172. VP Debates Thread, or "Beauty and the Beast"
  173. Why have the terrorists taken a break?
  174. Technical obstacles in getting humans to photosynthesize?
  175. Election 2004 - If Gore was President
  176. Rush Limbaugh Claims John Edwards Evaded $500,000 in Federal medicaid taxes: True or
  177. Why is suburban sprawl not a campaign issue?
  178. Will the abortion debate ever be resolved?
  179. Will insurgency in Iraq ever be brought under control?
  180. Edwards is against Europeans being involved in int'l nuclear negotiations?
  181. Louisianan's ballot measure overturned!
  182. United States is a "government of laws and not of men"
  183. What is the deal with budget surplus/deficit?
  184. Buy drugs from Canada? Hell, let's Buy Em from INDIA!
  185. No Palestinian state, says Sharon aid
  186. Gubernatorial Debate
  187. Expression of personal politics/religion in public schools; acceptable?
  188. Does the Republican party secretly not want to win?
  189. Compared to other US elections how nasty is this one ?
  190. Lyndon Larouche-Who and what is he?
  191. Why are there only 2 candidates in the presidential debate?
  192. Would Iraq Boot Us Out?
  193. What If Bush Had Given Accurate Reasons For Invading Iraq?
  194. Electoral-Vote.com - Is it a Pro-Kerry website?
  195. VEEP Debate; Divided America Question
  196. Blair to quit at end of 3rd term. What happens now?
  197. Should the CDC get into the flu vaccine business
  198. Using the OT, prove that Jesus is the Messiah
  199. Oil Hits $52/Barrel: Why NOT release Us Reserve?
  200. Were many testimonies at Winter Soldier false?
  201. "Within C++, there is a much smaller and cleaner language struggling to get out"
  202. No WMD? Can these people read?
  203. What does "support our troops" mean, exactly?
  204. Moderates: defend Bush
  205. Are the Socialy conservative issues hurting GWB?
  206. Missile hitting the Pentagon
  207. Could Bush be prosecuted?
  208. Why Bush/Cheney continue to say Kerry voted for the war
  209. Norway to allow tourists to take part in seal cull
  210. Bush's Back Bulge: Tinfoil hat, or shenanigans?
  211. Creation of a new flu. Frankenstein at work?
  212. How to prosper in George Bush's America
  213. If Not Bush, Then Who Is To Blame?
  214. Is self determinism self refuting
  215. Won't the daily glut of presidential polls ultimately be detrimental?
  216. Why don't we use technological improvements to reduce workload?
  217. Bombing in Egypt, Beheading in Iraq
  218. Could Haiti Become a Modern. Prosperous Country?
  219. Wangari Maathai wins Peace Prize! Props to the Nobel Committee!
  220. Can anyone name any defensible, legitimate value to "voter suppression"?
  221. Anti-motorcycle rhetoric - true?
  222. Will another state be admitted in 50 years?
  223. Bush-Kerry Debate: Part Deux
  224. "We've already captured 75% of al-Qaida..."
  225. Iraq now a weakness?
  226. “God Bless America”…Why?
  227. Can I watch video of the latest presidential debate online?
  228. If Bush didn't remove Saddam...
  229. What about French and German people?
  230. Australian federal election - government retains office
  231. What do dogs think?
  232. What if Yitzhak Rabin had never been assassinated?
  233. You are not free.
  234. $120 billion or $200 billion? (Iraq)
  235. Kerry vs. Bush Approach to Terrorism: I Get It!! (I think)
  236. Afghanistan election-- semi-aborted
  237. Did Bush want to go after Iraq before September 11?
  238. Who's running America?
  239. My question for John Kerry
  240. How could anyone think Bush won the second debate?
  241. Halperin Memo (aka ABC, Fair and Unbalanced)
  242. Paternalism in NY: Dept of Health attacks patient-direct testing
  243. This Atheist Gal in Love With John Kerry.
  244. UK: after the next election
  245. So Bush lost more jobs than any other president, ever?
  246. Pascal's Gambit, the Prodigal Son and ethics of acting right
  247. Bush Administration Disguises Political Ad as News Reporting at Public Expense
  248. How many votes will the religion factor cost Kerry?
  249. Link to view stem cell symposium
  250. If Bush is so religious, why doesn't he join a congregation?