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  1. Should people with serious mental illnesses have the right to euthanasia?
  2. Are people necessarily a product of their time?
  3. Healthy Living ?
  4. Penalties for driving while watching TV
  5. Is there any biblical support for nudity being bad?
  6. Tragedy of the Commons and the myth of Libertia
  7. Was Princess Diana Killed by FBI Space Aliens?
  8. How important is majority rule?
  9. Accepting Charity From Organizations Whose Philosophies are Opposed to Yours
  10. Two Christianities - which is most correct?
  11. What happened to Hell?
  12. What is behind the desire for 'meaningful work'
  13. TWA Flight 800: WHY Do The Rumors Continue?
  14. Political Compass #44: Abstract art that doesn't represent anything isn't art at all.
  15. What would YOU do to fight terrorism if you were in charge?
  16. Re positive benefits of the Iraqi campaign. Are we a better, army now because of it?
  17. Drugs in Football
  18. Logic check, please
  19. Thin people aren't famous because the media made them famous.
  20. Soldiers sue over extended enlistments- Any realistic chance of them winning?
  21. oil alternatives and the middle east
  22. A REAL moral dilemma - which twin to save?
  23. Dieting pills turn children gay
  24. When Paradigms Collide - Could an In-Utero "Gay" Test Change Abortion Views?
  25. Can Iraqi hearts and minds still be won? Pentagon's own report says no.
  26. Do animals have any rights?
  27. What can young Americans do to stop the AARP?
  28. If another universe existed, would our logic still apply?
  29. (poposed) UK smoking ban (in pubs/restaurants)
  30. Abortion by false pretense
  31. Why do people hate Jews?
  32. Civilian Dead in Iraq - Whose figures do we trust.
  33. Great Britain To Junk Monarchy, Become Republic?
  34. Do animal rights activists hate zoos?
  35. Armchair Constitutional Interpreters - Can A State Forbid Someone's Booze Use?
  36. Is social security privatization a good idea
  37. Another debate about alcohol: the wine whine.
  38. How possible is an incident in Mekkah?
  39. How dangerous is Christian television?
  40. Islamo-fascist, movement or propoganda?
  41. The great debt call in. Our (US) foreign owned debt.
  42. What causes the high dropout rates in college and graduate school
  43. "My hatred is rather an instinct than a principle"
  44. Kerry to Sharpton - Here's your kickback.
  45. Shouldn't Mike Tyson be in an institution?
  46. Do you really own property(land)?
  47. Arizona Prop 200 - No bennies to illegal aliens
  48. US non-religious heteros and same-sex marriage.
  49. Why Did They Need a Whole Amendment for Prohibition?
  50. Sept. 11th 4th plane
  51. Soldier that "dissed" Rummy a "plant"?!!
  52. I consider the will to be an illusion.
  53. Is Your Home Your Castle? Apparently Not In U.K.
  54. Do humans have an innate sense of justice?
  55. Why do national suicide rates vary so much?
  56. Should Fundamentalists Be Denied Drivers Licenses?
  57. The problem of evil
  58. Democracy is a panacea?
  59. Peacekeeping troops and when to use them
  60. Compensation programs for minorities?
  61. What is sexual perversion?
  62. Jumping the Shark in Iraq
  63. The Nanny Kaputs Kerik's Nomination for Homeland Security ... Yeah, Right
  64. Ah, Flight 999 You Are On Terrorist Laser Approach ... Close Your Eyes ...
  65. Is Europe fast approaching and end to Christianity?
  66. Academic and Economic Success in America: What's the Secret?
  67. What is/was airline deregulation?
  68. Are there any real Great Evil-worshipers?
  69. Bush and Putin... reality check ?
  70. Let's Start A Political Party (What is a sane Republican, these days?)
  71. What will be the next "great" mode of transportation?
  72. How would a history bok written by the victorious Nazis read?
  73. Use of handicap restroom stalls by the able bodied - unethical?
  74. John McCain has "Zero confidence" in Rummy.
  75. Prolifers, in what situation is it morally acceptable for a woman to abort pregnancy?
  76. Objectivist ethics and the Heinz dilemmas
  77. Death Penalty for Peterson; A bad call by the jury?
  78. Disenfranchised children
  79. Is Scott Peterson All That Unusual?
  80. Should children be shielded from TV/movies with sexual content?
  81. Doper Muslims Please explain.
  82. How much longer will we be in Iraq, Mr. President?
  83. Ryle's thought experiment
  84. More Americans now call themselves Republicans than Democrats
  85. How did former Hitler Youth affect Germany in the last half of the 20th Century?
  86. Different cultures
  87. Did the pedophiliac priests enter the Church to escape their desires?
  88. Justify the rape/incest exception for the abortion issue.
  89. What crimes deserve the DP, given perfect knowledge?
  90. Christians afraid of Christmas being co-opted
  91. Ambivalent about the death penalty
  92. Should We (USA) Attack Syria?
  93. Star Wars vs. Social Security
  94. What was life really like pre-Thatcher?
  95. Two moralities
  96. Why is marijuana still illegal?
  97. Ethnic vs Culture
  98. US Civil War: Union Generals=Morons, Confederate Generals=Geniuses?
  99. Study Says TV Disses Religion; Bricker Says Huh?
  100. Who’s got more control over the media, liberals or conservatives?
  101. Does anybody believe in Evolution ??
  102. Shouldn't Christian fundies be pro-abortion? (contains possible sketchy logic)
  103. Is the impartiality of the BBC (news) a myth?
  104. ACLU, the SCotUS, and the 2nd
  105. Embryos better than Fat?
  106. Should Turkey be admitted to the European Union?
  107. The West and Cowardice
  108. Fetus cut from mother: Kidnapping or Theft?
  109. Religious Freedom In America? Not If You're A Muslim
  110. The WA Governor brouhaha: US 2000 in microcosm? What to do?
  111. What are the prospects for a left-wing analogue to Fox News?
  112. Anti-communists? What's wrong with Cuba's health care system?
  113. Can senile dementia be a blessing?
  114. The Millau Bridge - A Target for Terrorism
  115. Hey, what ever happened to monorails?
  116. What's More Effective: Good vs Evil or Reformed Evil vs. Evil?
  117. It's alive!!! [Scientific explanations for the origin of life from non-life]
  118. OK, Iraqis elect a radical Shi'ite government - what then?
  119. War And Economic Growth: IS war good?
  120. Why hasn't Michael Jackson been assassinated yet?
  121. It's wrong for employers to discriminate based on style of dress
  122. Should President Bush be TIME's 2004 Man of the Year?
  123. Insularity and group identity.
  124. Complementary and Alternative Medicine: enabling choices or selling snake oil?
  125. Political Compass #45: Punishment should be more important than rehabilitation.
  126. Abolition of habeas corpus (long)
  127. Heterosexual Marrieds Caught in SSM Crossfire
  128. Would allowing civil unions between gays create another brown vs board of education
  129. How can the creation week last for 6 days if the earth is old?
  130. Why arent we working to reduce Death?
  131. Why Spanish as second language in US?
  132. Hate crimes - Not judging people by what is in their mind
  133. Question For Pro-Choice Christians and Muslims
  134. Bush May Have Authorized Torture Via Executive Order. ACLU Obtains New Docs.
  135. Are the American people more "liberal" or more "conservative"?
  136. Is it okay to disparage/debunk Christianity but not other religions?
  137. ACLU Maintains Personal Information Files on Its Members? WTF is Going On?
  138. If the long lifespans in the Bible aren't literal, what do they mean?
  139. Ethics, Everquest, and MMORPGing...
  140. If you're unsure - God exists is the safe answer
  141. Special treatment going nuts?
  142. Catholic politicians and the RC Church
  143. What if the Big Bang and Genesis are compatible explanations?
  144. Should teachers be disallowed from accepting Xmas gifts from students?
  145. Dubya claims a mandate? Not by a long shot !!
  146. Are religions started as frauds or for genuine reasons?
  147. If Google gobbles up most of the content(s) of the great libraries - What changes?
  148. Withdrawal from the West Bank = Holocaust?
  149. Iraq Fatalaties vs. Alcohol Related Highway Fatalaties
  150. Election in Ukraine. Is it fair to keep the same candidates?
  151. The Kwanzaa Thread (minus ChristmaRamaHannukah)
  152. Bush's Social Security plan: Impact on the dollar/Treasury bills?
  153. Alger Hiss: Innocent or Guilty?
  154. Jesus, Pork and Buddha
  155. Democracy in Saudia Arabia?
  156. What (if any) is the best system for classifying human personality types?
  157. Buddhist belief - Was Buddha the only enlightened human?
  158. Please explain the Christian fascination with Christmas
  159. Jews: How do you deal with an angry Hashem?
  160. What would be wrong with this idea for combating corruption in politics?
  161. Pearl Harbor Story: Could This Be True?
  162. Are Black Muslims in America more successful, on average, than blacks in general?
  163. Why are there only 25 election monitors going to Iraq?
  164. The Best of a Generation
  165. Is a president necessary?
  166. Entheogens and spirituality
  167. Osama Bin Laden; a Long Contempaltion
  168. What does "Support The Troops" mean?
  169. Should we go to school longer?
  170. Afghanistan will Never Obtain Peace
  171. Reform Our "One Person, One Vote" system!
  172. Failures in Common Sense...
  173. Family pushing for Yahoo! to give out private information...
  174. World peace: Is it possible?
  175. Prison counselor makes highest hazard pay, gets raped & sues. State claims occ hazard
  176. Believe in God. Believe in the "wrong" God ?
  177. Was Jesus a Rabbi?
  178. So, how does an Iraqi go about legal armed conflict against the United States?
  179. Let's debate the merits (not the constitutionality) of campaign finance reform
  180. Why are some of Saddam's Generals & scientists being prosecuted?
  181. Homosexual Marriage: Why OSC is against it.
  182. Invasion of Iraq vs. invasion of Iran. A question or two.
  183. Happy Christmas!
  184. The treatment of servants
  185. Organizations Discriminating Based on Gender
  186. Is 'the internet' to blame people becoming radicals?
  187. Is Hillary Clinton a serious contender for the 2008 Democratic Pres. candidacy?
  188. Are homosexual males more likely to be pedophiles?
  189. How many gay men were molested before knowing they're gay?
  190. What makes your faith/trust waver?
  191. Our opinion on the United Church of Christ's controvertial advertisement
  192. Freedom and Traditional Values: A Question for the Conservatives
  193. Portent or Coincidence?
  194. Which Democrats aren't liberals? (A question for conservatives)
  195. President Bush's Health
  196. Creation of the universe according to the bible
  197. Does anyone here agree with this guy? (anti-hip-hop)
  198. Why do 'Christian Right' Back Israels existance?
  199. What should the Dem position on Islamic terrorism be?
  200. Animals, emotions, and learning
  201. Will the housing market crash?
  202. Legality of using neighbor's unprotected WiFi internet access?
  203. Which countries will move from 3rd world to 1st world status over the next 30 years
  204. Drunk on the blood of liberals, the ringwraiths now howl at "progressives"
  205. Death Toll at Khao Lak (Thailand) Could Reach 3,000
  206. Prohibit Gun Posession by Citizens?
  207. What should be done re: aid to Burma?
  208. Tsunami’s 300,000 dead versus 9/11’s 3,000 dead
  209. Another setback for the Pius XII campaign?
  210. What role did God play in the tsunami?
  211. Does the Unites States Contribute more to relief efforts than all nations combined?
  212. Pascal Upended
  213. Is the Apocalypse upon us?
  214. Can Koko the gorilla actually talk?
  215. Why do we give such credence to metaphorical diseases like ADD, ODD and Asperger's?
  216. First commercial company to attemp...space flights: Could it work?
  217. "Homophobia": Inaccurate term?
  218. Should Conservative Evangelical Christians Be Permitted to Marry?
  219. Why don't Christians reverence their sacred book?
  220. 3 questions on purity rules in religions
  221. Tsunami and Charity... or how the US could help.
  222. Why do European kids need less "protection" from nudity and sex on TV?
  223. Do the airwaves belong to the people or the broadcasters?
  224. Utter Despair (Will America pay a price for not donating enough?)
  225. OMG Rehnquist said what??
  226. Life in prison for Gitmo inmates because of insufficient evidence to charge them?
  227. Iraq and Vietnam
  228. Is there any economic potential in space exploration/colonization?
  229. Can one be nice but disagree with homosexuality?
  230. Does it take a sociopath to not give a shit about the consequences of the tsunami?
  231. New media vs right wing propaganda machine
  232. Was Howard Hughes a genius?
  233. Opinions and Character
  234. Quaker - Is the term offensive?
  235. Politics over Human Life
  236. Orthodox Church closest to early Christians
  237. Why hasn't the US Army done a Fallujah on Mosul yet?
  238. Time Travel
  239. Recommend Tsunami Relief agencies...
  240. Do You Have A "Right" To A Driver's License?
  241. The way back for the Democratic party.
  242. Government sponsored casinos?
  243. Where is the line drawn between genetics and free will?
  244. Why do we insist on authentic art?
  245. Curtiss and the "new" airplane. Would SCotUS have ruled differently?
  246. Fight teen pregnancy: Encourage Cybersex
  247. Racial profiling and internment, a necessary instrument for national survival?
  248. Uses for microsingularities
  249. Does God sin?
  250. The Dems: Simply saying you're better for the working poor don't make it so.