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  1. How long Till the Tsunami Aid is Stolen?
  2. UNICEF no-goodniks?
  3. What is the answer to the old "Can God make a rock too big for him to lift" question?
  4. The Great Propaganda War: Hijacking the word Freedom
  5. Artificial Emotion
  6. How far to the left is MoveOn, really?
  7. Religion and Logic: a consistent universe?
  8. Gross Miscarriage of Justice
  9. "Do You Speak American?" On PBS: English Language Suffering?
  10. Tell Me About Spinoza, and do you agree?
  11. What exactly is Rep. Tom DeLay saying or implying with this Bible verse quote?
  12. Where should we draw the line on misused words?
  13. Political Compass #46: It is a waste of time to try to rehabilitate some criminals.
  14. Authors, Artists and positive drug use.
  15. Incarnational Belief?
  16. "Broken" Army Reserves.
  17. Would you engage in undetectable election fraud, if it meant the right candidate won?
  18. Black Mold: Killer of Millions or Simple Slime?
  19. Who owns who?
  20. One more time: Are transsexuals really female or really still male?
  21. Was The December Rally a "Sucker's Rally"?
  22. GERMANY IN 1939: sHOULD WWII Have Been Launched in 1942-43?
  23. How much right do people have to teach their children to be biggots?
  24. The Elections... and the Insurgents
  25. How could the US be spread so thin?
  26. Running cost of the Iraq war
  27. Generosity Index - Is it valid?
  28. Essentiality of "traditional" beliefs about Mary, Mother of Jesus
  29. SD on Witness Lee, Watchman Nee, Living Streams Ministry
  30. Excommunication - who does it today?
  31. Non-earning wives and alimony - waivable?
  32. Well, we sorta brought democracy. Let's bring the drug war, too.
  33. How do minimum-wage and living-wage laws affect the job market?
  34. Is Doug Mientkiewicz Being a Selfish Jerk?
  35. Is it wrong for the government to control media with payments?
  36. Why did Jesus say "My God, why have you forsaken me?"
  37. Frisbeetarianism vs HoolaHoopiaism? Which is right?
  38. How would you make the world into a Utopia?
  39. Why Trinity instead of Duality?
  40. Muslim Stinginess for tsunami Disaster?
  41. Why is the tsunami relief such a race to prove one's country's superiority?
  42. Jared Diamond's new book predicts the not to distant collapse of western civilization
  43. Would YOU (Voluntarily) Give a DNA Sample to the Police?
  44. Why do the 130k victims of the Tsunami get so much coverage?
  45. Terrorism 2005
  46. Bin Ladin to Bush:"Say 'Petroeuro' George. No, that was a car. .. 'U-Row'
  47. Why Not View "Super Wealthy" as "Super Greedy", not "Super Successful"
  48. Why do athiest's opinions matter more than religious people's opinions?
  49. Theological study: why does it matter?
  50. Boomer IRAs
  51. Is it in the best interests of the Republican party to ban abortion?
  52. Has Delta Started the Clock Ticking for a "Legacy" Airline to Fail?
  53. Legitimacy of the Iraq invasion/occupation vs. legitimacy of the insurgency
  54. Music and hostile work environment. Yes or no?
  55. The Straight Dope On Why We Circumcise Boys
  56. The "Salvador Option" for the Iraq insurgency: Train death squads to kill the leaders
  57. Should we tip servers in fancy restaurants more than servers in cheaper ones?
  58. Can it sometimes be patriotic to wish defeat on your own country?
  59. What's the dope on TB Joshua?
  60. why worry so much re homosexuals marrying but not about other sinners marrying?
  61. What's the deal with Newfoundland and the Canadian flag?
  62. Belief in God = Belief in Restless Leg Syndrome?
  63. The verdict is in, and CBS is indeed guilty!
  64. CBS Memogate Commission Report. 4 top CBS employees fired but Rather stays?
  65. Are the French America's 'friend'?
  66. Why do the religious feel the need to impose their will on others?
  67. Brit Gitmo Kidnappees to be Released
  68. The Amazon Is One Big Drugstore, Waiting to Be Discovered? Yeah, Right!
  69. Restructuring the UN
  70. Why do people forgive Bush's lies?
  71. The Correlation of Proximity and Interest
  72. BC Electoral Reform: Single Transferable Vote?
  73. Do humans have an innate sense of melody?
  74. Is this Apple's Last Best Chance...MacMini $500
  75. Is the story of Jesus pure myth - ref. The Pagan Christ by Tom Harpur
  76. Do hospitals give doctors a cut...
  77. Reality's Grand Illusion
  78. Why is the Bush Administrations ineptitude forgiven so easily?
  79. If time is an illusion
  80. Jesus' writings
  81. It's my inauguration and I'll pray if I want to
  82. We should allow religious discrimination in the workplace
  83. Abortion and Antisocial Ethics
  84. Legality of using someone else's wi-fi, redux
  85. Did you know that God has only one requirement for a person to enter Heaven?
  86. Bush: Iraq Invasion Worth It Despite No Trace of WMD
  87. Did you know that God has only THREE requirements....
  88. Loooong eternity!
  89. Heaven or hell - criteria for afterlife
  90. Prince Harry dresses as a Nazi - so what?
  91. On Asking God for Money
  92. Time and free will
  93. What are the "Values"?
  94. Can a doctor refuse to treat a patient due to a difference in political beliefs?
  95. What is freenet?
  96. Another time thread
  97. Americans mix democracy and capitalism as synonmous ?
  98. Let's debate the value/legitimacy of gov't propaganda
  99. Define God
  100. Ignorance as defence for murder?
  101. Why couldn't Iraq just be Liquidated?
  102. Preventing Rapists
  103. Lying and Evolution (Not lying about evolution.)
  104. Why is NASA so inept compared to ESA?
  105. Is rape ever not rape?
  106. Global Report 2020
  107. Who should the Democrats choose for national party chair?
  108. Sharon too quick to abandon Abbas ?
  109. The Validity of an 11- or 26-Dimensional Universe
  110. Why are we getting dissed by the larger inter-galactic community?
  111. Here is an article at Space.com that presents my perspective on the paranormal
  112. Age Discrimination. The hidden agenda
  113. Secret Service Defending POTUS
  114. Is cancer research overfunded
  115. Natural disaster to take out a prison - Hypothetical
  116. Aliens vs. god
  117. Question about Bush SS reform
  118. Some kinds of prejudice OK, others not...?
  119. Is the "War on Terror" stupid?
  120. Did Mary Magdalene author the Gospel of John?
  121. Can I be saved by Jesus?
  122. why didn't "alternative"/modern rock radio keep up with actual alternative music?
  123. Bush Says Election Validates Iraq War
  124. Why doesn't the Bill of Rights consider jury duty to be involuntary servitude?
  125. So, IS there a fix for Social Security?
  126. Treason vs First Amendment
  127. Higher prices if you're an older adult?
  128. America and the Soviet Union prior to WWII
  129. Accusations of Presbyterian Heresy in my community: Help me understand it
  130. What makes scripture inspired?
  131. The Bible Vs homosexuality, but this thred is going to be different...
  132. Spam vs. the right to ignore
  133. Are humans inherently monogamous?
  134. Would it be logical for Jews to Avoid Buying VW and Audi Cars?
  135. Is the Negative Income Tax a good idea?
  136. what would actually happen if there were a new draft?
  137. Political Compass #47: Businessmen are more important than writers and artists.
  138. Preventing False Accusations of Rape
  139. How is outsourcing good for the economy?
  140. EU heading for breakup, Europe for trouble. Says CIA
  141. Faith -- Let's Discuss It
  142. The Continuing Saga of Episcopal Homo-Bickering
  143. Why is Iraqi elections so different from Colombian examples?
  144. Blind Elections (Iraq again)
  145. Should Atheists read the bible/koran/etc?
  146. Will the U.S. take military action against Iran?
  147. Laura Bush Says Something Wise: Boys Need Nurturing
  148. How Many Black NFL Coaches Will Be Sufficient?
  149. Post-MLK-Day reflection: How much racism is left in America? How important is it?
  150. When Jesus comes back, how will we know it’s really him?
  151. Middle East views during the Cold War?
  152. Harvard's President says men have a natural advantage in math and science
  153. What went wrong with Black Americans?
  154. Chance of an advanced civilization 'missing' Nuke fission?
  155. Can a person really believe all opinions are equally valid?
  156. Iraqi elections and US/UK voting centers
  157. What is African-American culture?
  158. If Jeb Bush were elected POTUS in 2008 how many would consider moving to Canada?
  159. question for the athiests
  160. American Politics issues that 80% of smart people/dopers can agree upon ?
  161. Skip Estes - A white Christian Musician Minister from Texas converted to Islam!!! Why
  162. Peak oil. Ask me anything.
  163. The Insurgents are spinning the war with the help of our media!
  164. Global Dimming…(and its effects on global climate change)
  165. Wearing your cause on your sleeve ... or wrist (bracelets)
  166. What do we do when we run out of labour?
  167. Should a wartime inaguration be more subdued?
  168. Is war natural?
  169. Questions about the Confederacy
  170. CNN gets irony. I think. I hope.
  171. What team will win the Stanley Cup this year?
  172. Can anyone debunk this?
  173. Why aid during disaster?
  174. Is comedy possible without stereotypes?
  175. President Bush's Inaugural Address
  176. Carthage student won't be charged in fatal crash, I think she should be.
  177. What Will Constitute A Successful Second Term?
  178. Are there any proven, innate, psychological differences between the sexes?
  179. Medical Experimentation: why is this unethical?
  180. Let's debate wealth inequality
  181. What can be done to improve communism?
  182. Why is Osama no longer a target?
  183. Subjects with "Studies" are short changing our youth
  184. Sexist, Racist, anti-Gay, Bush and Cheney go away!
  185. The Speech Clinton Should've Given
  186. Barbara Boxer Lied!
  187. Moved from MSPIMS Forum:Note to Self - Die Young
  188. How Bush Won the Popular Vote
  189. What would a Cheney Presidency be like?
  190. Iraqi Election News Debate
  191. The Constitution: Does its philosophy apply only to Americans?
  192. Would this be concidered life?
  193. Illinois to churches: We'll interpret scripture for you.
  194. What does Islam purport to reveal about God that previous religions don't?
  195. Why does castrating yourself make you ineligible to be a Priest?
  196. Should the Bible be considered nonfiction?
  197. Bush is a detail wonk?
  198. Assisted Reproduction and Abortion
  199. Homo Sapiens / Neanderthal hybrids?
  200. Democracy: The Cure for Terrorism?
  201. Was Jesus's divinity determined by vote at the Council of Nicaea?
  202. Religion in a state's constitution: valid or not?
  203. What do we learn from social sciences?
  204. If time travel were possible would it wrong to kill people in the future?
  205. Arnold might lose his Austrian citizenship
  206. Political Compass #48: A mother's first duty is to be a homemaker.
  207. How Dangerous IS The CIA
  208. Airforce Develops Mach 10 Fighter in "Area 51"! How Long Till
  209. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a Perjurer?
  210. Have we EVER had a President "Dave"?
  211. Well, there goes the Fourth Amendment; or, Dogs Can't 'Search'
  212. Racial segregation of prisoners - Practical survival strategy or instutional racism?
  213. Stem Cell Research
  214. What is the practical difference [between atheists and agnostics]?
  215. Is missile defense viable? (Nope.)
  216. Michigan firm won't allow smoking, even on employee's own time - Is this legal?
  217. Why does "blood family" win custody?
  218. Abiogenesis: what happens to creationism if and when it hits paydirt?
  219. Female teachers having sex With teenage stdents: Whats behind this?
  220. Iraq = N. Ireland
  221. The ability to reproduce and evidence of a Creator
  222. If there is a God - Meh.
  223. Do Jews believe that God Created the Universe?
  224. Ask a muslim man
  225. French honour for Chinese businessman - right or wrong?
  226. Asking God to Bless you
  227. Abuse by priests and recovered memory.
  228. Should the Bush Disclose All the Journalists on the Payroll?
  229. How would the world be different if Hannibal had gone on and sacked Rome...
  230. What did Jesus mean when he called himself The Son of Man?
  231. Germany,1943: Why Didn't They Thrown In The Towel?
  232. Why don't people change their minds more often
  233. Genetically, men and women are as different as humans and chimpanzees?
  234. Christian products - hot new trend in retail biz
  235. People living hundreds of years?
  236. Withdrawl from Iraq?
  237. Would polygamy in a society that had equality between the sexes be a better deal for
  238. Switzerland Being WW2's bitch
  239. A restored Sanhedrin?
  240. How much can the human psyche take?
  241. Explanations on frequency of celebration of Eucharist, please
  242. Is plagiarism that big a deal?
  243. Lazarus and others who were raised from the grave
  244. A Return to the Manhattan Project?
  245. Are people today taking longer to grow up? Why?
  246. Please Welcome tomndebb as Moderator to Great Debates
  247. An essay about Iraq worth reading
  248. The "Lemon" Car : Do they Really exist?
  249. Ask a non-practicing Catholic
  250. Iraqi Voter Turnout

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