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  1. Are these the real Ten Commandments?
  2. What happens when a convicted child molester has children?
  3. ...finally!!! Some official casualty figures from Iraq!
  4. Are free elections ever a bad idea?
  5. Is mood caused by outlook or is outlook caused by mood
  6. Did Arnold Shwarzenegger use steroids?
  7. 3rd world middle class vs 1st world prison
  8. Is God Dead?
  9. The Iraqi Vote Has Begun...
  10. should Iran be bombed?
  11. gurantee that the Gospels are accurate?
  12. how does the Pope communicate with God?
  13. The cost of Bush gloating over Iraqi elections ?
  14. We, the People, are not serious about banning smoking.
  15. Self-destruct mode
  16. credible? the apocrypha - the missing books of the bible
  17. How broadly can you define cheating?
  18. Ask a black gay guy!
  19. Bombing America a Good Idea?
  20. Does memoralization of the Holocaust detract from the other "holocausts"?
  21. What is a Neocon vs. a Conservative?
  22. Germany can force a woman to work as a prostitute?
  23. Free will - looking for explanation
  24. What is "believing (or not believing) in God?"
  25. Political Compass #49: Companies exploit the Third World's plant genetic resources.
  26. Salem street sponsored by the Nazi Party - good decision or not?
  27. Pop Culture Messages and It's Influence on our Society
  28. Executing the then-sane but now-insane
  29. Blame it on the genes.....
  30. Manadatory life sentences for all violent criminals
  31. How to make wars short lived affairs.
  32. When The Oil Runs Out
  33. Al Qaeda: Democracy's best friend in Iraq?
  34. The Revolution . . .
  35. Ask the former John Bircher...
  36. Why don't we use the voting ink?
  37. preventing civil unrest and panic: what UFOs and abductions?
  38. Is enjoying life an evolutionary advantage, and is that why we can do it
  39. Remote viewing & the US military: true?
  40. Portable IP phones to displace cell phones?
  41. Could a coups or revolution happen in today's USA?
  42. Why did the UN abandon Rwanda in 1994? 800,000 victims.
  43. The trial has begun. So the question must be asked. Did Michael do it?
  44. Old testament question
  45. Ask the "Muslim"
  46. Gay Marriage in Canada
  47. NK blending civilian/military?
  48. Rumblings from Pyongyang
  49. Why does China allow the North Koreans to starve?
  50. On the subject of gay marriage
  51. So Iraq has had its election. What next?
  52. Do Christians consider all people equal? Or are some, like the Pope, valued higher?
  53. Viet Nam is not Iraq?
  54. Why do liberals oppose war but favour abortion while conservaties are the opposite?
  55. What's the real value of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT)?
  56. Legislating Morality
  57. Should the Electoral College be scrapped?
  58. A Global Body of leadership is mandatory
  59. Is the rest of the world braver than the US?
  60. Will Linux erode Microsoft's dominance as a desktop operating system?
  61. Why does the US allow illegal immigrants to work?
  62. 40% of eligible Americans still don't vote. How can we get them to?
  63. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior?
  64. The trend of Male bashing
  65. The Earth is old man, old.
  66. "Mother of all Harlots"
  67. Logging of employee internet activity is illegal, says Greek Data Protection Agency
  68. Coloradans: Your Governor Wants You To Say Bienvenidos to Illegal Aliens
  69. A question on the positive sides of religions
  70. Why is polygamy considered to be so bad?
  71. King of Nepal declares state of emergency, dissolves government
  72. Would I Make a good General?
  73. What would happen to the American arms industry if...
  74. Why is incest so bad?
  75. State of the Union
  76. More on Marriage: What is it supposed to be?
  77. George W. Bush, Oathbreaker (Social Security, Bonds, and the 14th Amendment)
  78. How to Solve All of the World's Problems
  79. Let us talk about demons and Hell
  80. What objection(s) can there be against/to idolatry?
  81. Credit card companies offering cards to people with bad credit: predatory lending?
  82. "Cell Phone Drivers worse than drunks and 74+ year olds worse than CPDs" So, what if?
  83. Would you reform Social Security and if so HOW?
  84. Al Gore or Wesley Clark in 2008...
  85. Permanent US bases in Iraq?
  86. Political Compass #50: Mature people make peace with the establishment.
  87. How to speak of large groups like Muslims, Republicans?
  88. Democratic position on Social Security?
  89. Saved?
  90. Is anyone, including God, REALLY selfless?
  91. The Nephilim, The Pyramid of the Apocalypse, and Patrick C. Heron
  92. Will we be able to make our existence indefinite? (Colonise the galaxy/universe)
  93. Communicating with the dead
  94. Monday morning quartebacking on Iraq
  95. Youth rights vs. mandatory education
  96. Oil for food Scandal: Will Kofi Annan Be Indicted?
  97. Desert island discourse
  98. al-Qa'idah loses the intellectual contest with moderate Islam
  99. Geneva Convention should be obsolete?
  100. How difficult is bringing about the economic and political collapse of Iran?
  101. Social Security Not the Real Crisis
  102. The Ethics of Disputing your credit report
  103. Media Coverage of Iraqi Voter Turnout
  104. How long would slavery have continued without the Civil War?
  105. Questions.Creationists
  106. Michael Jackson? Or, Shoot the Parents?
  107. Continuation of Social Security answer from GQ.
  108. SS marriage in NY?
  109. Was George Bush Sr. Deep Throat?
  110. Is there a way to maintain a government without taxes?
  111. Does God make mistakes?
  112. Which news execs should resign over the doll hostage incident?
  113. Current Next Pope Predictions
  114. Corner the world oil market?
  115. When you die, I suspect you wake up crying.
  116. Value of education.
  117. East Side vs West Side
  118. New sex offender neighbor kills home sales - Developer sues SO - Does he have a case?
  119. Bush to cut farm subsidies
  120. If McGwire & Bonds were using steriods do their home run records get asterisked?
  121. When Come Back, Bring Foil; Abu Musab Al-zarquai, Agent Provacateur
  122. the power of god
  123. Ridiculous?:Kabbalah and Celebs
  124. Political Compass #51: Astrology accurately explains many things.
  125. Did Jesus really rise from the dead?
  126. Will people ever not Suffer?
  127. Massage Therapy vs Chiropractic
  128. Is this the future of news?
  129. Intelligent? Design
  130. Scientific explanations for religious phenomena: reasonable or unreasonable?
  131. Obese teens and surgery
  132. When The Oil Gets Turned Off
  133. Possible debate? Gimme reasons why GW`s SS plan will/won't work.
  134. [Canadopers] Chrétien to Gomery: Pwned
  135. Would American forefathers want us to overthrow the government?
  136. Social Security, Index Funds and Free-Riders
  137. Karl Rove new White House deputy chief of staff
  138. What kind of DNC Chair will Howard Dean make?
  139. How important is the jury selection process?
  140. Purpose of fashion
  141. Spending by the Federal Government (not just social security)
  142. Are Judicial Review panels a Good idea?
  143. There's a registered sex offender living in my neighborhood...
  144. Why is a companies loyalty supposed to be to its stockholders
  145. Is there ACTUAL Proof That Iran Sponsors terrorism?
  146. What's Heaven Like?
  147. Politcal Attacks: Does too much hurt your cause?
  148. Should Electronic Voting Machines be Required to Produce a Printed Ballot Receipt?
  149. A few questions for Liberal
  150. North Korea, Nuclear Power
  151. Libertarianism and the burden of proof
  152. Republican non-journalist planted at White House press conferences?
  153. How are the conservatives/GOP getting away with all this?
  154. The Practical Libertarian rides again. Ask me.
  155. Are Police Misusing Tasers?
  156. Social Security and the Generation Gap
  157. Lincoln, Success and the Meaning of Life
  158. John of God *currently on 20/20
  159. How are sex offenders expected to function in society?
  160. Big Brother Wants To Know Who & Where You Are Passes House
  161. The mandatory "Million Dollar Challenge is a fraud" thread
  162. The ethics of majoritarianism
  163. the public applauding soldiers at airports
  164. Wal-Mart's unfair labor practices?
  165. History...what would you change and how would you change it?
  166. Abandoned babies and upkeep/adoption offers
  167. Legalisation of drugs, USA - Yea or Nay?
  168. Would the republic work better without political parties?
  169. Does acupuncture really work? If so, how?
  170. American Fascism, The Irony of Democracy, and why the Left Should Be Worried
  171. "Voice of the White House" column--has it ever had bona fide inside info.?
  172. Ohio conservatives seek to control all academic curriculums, public or private
  173. Jews and Christians MUST believe in witches
  174. Who owns the Federal Reserve?
  175. Global Consciousness or farse?
  176. Explain the "New Covenant" thing to me.
  177. The Arctic Regions: treasure Trove of Mineral Wealth?
  178. Iraq Election: Shia win less than outright majority
  179. 2005: A bomb in America.
  180. Iraq Election Results, What Does This Mean for the Rest of the World?
  181. Well the British General Election campaign has started - It's a long way to May!
  182. Why are the Chinese so different?
  183. The possible origins of HIV
  184. Social Security vs Medicare, financial issue vs policy issue
  185. To the "non-believers" and anyone who wants to argue
  186. What makes somebody likable?
  187. Is illegal filesharing hurting the movie industry?
  188. Historically has the authority of government come from religion
  189. Popularity of Tibetan Buddhism in the West
  190. Wager on Dean's effectiveness
  191. Tibet vs. the People's Republic of China - what's China's side of the story?
  192. How the Israelis can safely attack Iran's nuclear weapons program
  193. Nuclear revelation and disarmament war game (long)
  194. Fritz has gone bonkers (aka. gay penguin sexual rights)
  195. Should Howard Dean, the DNC chairman, be censured for this statement?
  196. Is there a problem with our current political party system?
  197. Lebanese ex-PM assassinated; U.S. recalls ambassador to Syria
  198. N.Korea: Perfectly Logical Game?
  199. Podcasting is here to stay or an interim use of technology
  200. Alan Greenspan Decides Social Security Privatization Might Be Okay -- Who Cares?
  201. The Stem Cell Research Debate
  202. Morality of tilting Pepsi bottles?
  203. Is Robert Novak cooperating?
  204. NPR's Fresh Air 2/16/05 [Filibustering judicial nominees]
  205. Should the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors be elected?
  206. Patriot Act renewal- Are americans losing "freeedom"
  207. What's Iran's beef with Israel?
  208. Defend foxhunting here.
  209. Penance, Purification, Purgatory - the residue of sin in Catholic theology
  210. Should Americans boycott the military?
  211. Paul Martin's speech and the Canadian Civil Marriage Act
  212. What's the Trade -off In Drug Effectiveness vs Side Effects?
  213. Ethics or "Me First"?
  214. Powerful Kurds want a (de facto or actual) state. Good, or bad?
  215. Re Rehnquist's illness - What is it about power makes people hang on like barnacles?
  216. Most significant recent change(s) in our view of history?
  217. Majority HS students say newspapers should not publish w/o gov't approval
  218. Does anyone believe that prayer works?
  219. Should a man with Negroponte's past be National Intelligence Director?
  220. Is the feeling that I can think more clearly when drunk an illusion
  221. Mexican Vs German-Built VWs-Is There a Quality Difference?
  222. Why is counting cards against the rules? How do they know you're doing it?
  223. The US and UK verses Russia, China, N Korea, Iran and Syria who wins NO NUKES!
  224. What benefit has humanity been to this planet?
  225. WWII pacifist killed thousands of people anyway
  226. Why is the "DaVinci Code" being taken so seriously as an attack on the Bible?
  227. On the topic of a self-loathing humanity...
  228. Vatican claims to have discovered Paul's tomb
  229. Nat Turner & John Brown: Freedom Fighters or Psychotic Butchers?
  230. Why all the fuss over Ward Churchill?
  231. Proposal: Citizens Dividend
  232. PNAC's new line: U.S. military presence in ME is a "generational commitment"
  233. Is Israel's pull out of Gaza a new beginning?
  234. "Turn the other cheek" and war
  235. Why Would anyone Marry an Incarcerated felon?
  236. What makes someone a Christian?
  237. Religion is the single most dangerous thing ever conceived by man.
  238. Proof that there is no major genetic component to homosexuality?
  239. Two Term Presidential Limit: Good Or Bad?
  240. Political Compass #52: You cannot be moral without being religious.
  241. Is suicide a "cowardly" act?
  242. This universe has been a slum for the last 50 trillion years at least.
  243. Cheney to be replaced by Rice next year?
  244. Will Taiwan declare independence? Will China invade? Will (should) we intervene?
  245. With Iran and North Korea becoming....
  246. Godwin's Law question
  247. How Do Arab Hstorians Treat "Lawrence of Arabia"?
  248. organized youth sports
  249. Is the world of “Ecotopia” possible? And if it is, would we want it?
  250. Which came first - the diety, or the atheist?

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