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  1. Why does forged art lose admiration once the forgery is discovered?
  2. What's heaven like? TWO!
  3. Why give red ken a hard time?
  4. Scott Ritter claims US planning June attack on Iran, Iraq election manipulated
  5. Eminent Domain in New London: Capitalism vs Personal Protections
  6. Is Murdering People Inherently 'Wrong'?
  7. Is it logical to believe the story of King Solomon and the Baby
  8. Ok for me....Not okay for you (Nuclear (non-)proliferation)
  9. Is the universe real?
  10. Evidence for Jesus' rising from the dead
  11. What would the US have to do to join the Commonwealth?
  12. Is President Bush becoming more reasonable/irresponsible?
  13. are humans religious only because we are raised that way?
  14. Nuke tipped Missile Defense?
  15. Any political consequences on the Queen's snub of Charles' wedding?
  16. Why are so many Americans in prison, compared to other countries?
  17. Why doesn't christians hate pizza store owners for the fact they killed Jesus?
  18. Unauthorized use of sperm
  19. "You liberals are clueless"- funny rant or trenchant analysis?
  20. Request for USA/Canadian Anglicans to leave worldwide communion: what's next?
  21. Peter Jennings investigates the topic of UFO's. Why now, why so much attention?
  22. Savage: AIDS patients must pay for treatments for those they infect
  23. are there any credible examples of standardized tests being "culturally biased"?
  24. Five Milton Academy Students Sacked For "Sex" With 15-Year Old
  25. The Department of Justice: 2nd Amendment upholds individual, not collective rights
  26. Black Dopers: Do you think it's racist to have February as Black History Month?
  27. A Question for Believers: How would you know a Holy Book is holy?
  28. [Canadopers] Martin to U.S. on missile defence: Yeah, okay, su--wait! No, stfu!
  29. Kansas AG demands abortion records
  30. What is Karma?
  31. Afghanistan is still a basket case. Can anything be done?
  32. On Noah: Where ever the conversation may roam
  33. Evolution and science...
  34. Integration between Canada and the United States
  35. Is there "Evidence" of God?
  36. What changes should be made in the Black community?
  37. Could Israel take on Syria by itself, without US assistance?
  38. What has the US lost since the 50s?
  39. Hatespeech, CivRights, Evolution & the Reopening of Socially "Decided" Issues
  40. Are there any notable exceptions to 'the victors write the history books'?
  41. Is classic American liberalism dead?
  42. Would you risk your safety to help a stranger?
  43. Who captured Sab'awi al-Tikriti?
  44. What percentage of religious leaders don't believe their own stuff anymore
  45. Do copyrights violate basic human rights?
  46. Why is the Catholic Church against Freemasonry? Can there be peace?
  47. Qs on crusading for this day and age
  48. Science v. Religion
  49. 3 Qs on the British Tory Party
  50. If characters in the Sims become self-aware, what can they discover?
  51. Please explain the market forces that would keep Walmart from selling crappy socks
  52. Rebutting a trashing of the MBA concept.
  53. Global warming -- truth behind the costs
  54. The Mental Image Conveyed by "liberal"
  55. Why did 9/11 happen?
  56. What can be done to protect personal identity, prevent theft?
  57. Is sexual preference akin to a fetish preference?
  58. Iraq contractor Custer Battles sued for fraud. Defense: CPA never existed!
  59. SCOTUS Finds Death Penalty for Those Under 18 Unconstitutional
  60. 17 live......18 die
  61. Let's debate "radical centrism" and the New America Foundation
  62. Conservatism is "based on faith"?
  63. A memory is a physical thing.
  64. Church battles Arroyo’s move to curb baby boom
  65. Republicans Move to Establish "Standards" for Cable and Satellite Radio
  66. Is the President Well Served by Preaching to the Choir
  67. The Democratic Domino Theory Revisited
  68. Greenspan: "We will be in a state of stagnation."
  69. Dutch reject liberalism in response to Islamic immigration, what can be done?
  70. I contend anti-discrimination policies can never work
  71. Gov't Authority from God? (prev: Scalia Danger to Democracy?)
  72. Where does religious tolerance end?
  73. Is Judaism a faith/culture/ethinicity?
  74. What Religion Would Europe Be If Not for Christianity?
  75. Ten Commandments redux: How will SCOTUS rule this time?
  76. Greenspan and a consumption tax
  77. Liberal mind explaining your garden metaphor?
  78. Federal judge's husband and mother murdered, possibly by white supremacists
  79. Should prison sentences be affected by the criminal's worth to society?
  80. People Who Buy Pot Fund Murderers, Discuss
  81. Muslim girl wins Jilbab case against predominantely Muslim school
  82. The Balance of the "Scales of the Soul" of the Catholic Church
  83. At what point does a disability become a disability?
  84. Should hospitals be held liable for legally overworking interns?
  85. Oil Hits $55/Barrel: Time To Trade In That SUV?
  86. Are DEPARTMENT STORES Dinosaurs?
  87. Why is Muslim society becoming so radicalised?
  88. Sunni and Shiia sects of Islam. Differences?
  89. Where does oil come from?
  90. If the Syrians leave Lebanon . . . what then?
  91. Let's create a Doperland...
  92. Are white lies a sin?
  93. Deconstruction of the Book of Mormon
  94. Towards a unified theory of perception, cognition, language, Reality and realities.
  95. What is Consciousness (Self-Awareness)?
  96. Is 1 + 1 = 2 subject to proof, or is it a matter of definition?
  97. Was Freed Italian Hostage's Guard Murdered by US Forces?
  98. Should black boys be taught separately?
  99. Let's debate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  100. Ask me about Latter-day Saint Temples
  101. The Oedipus Complex
  102. Catholic Church and Freemasons. A twist.
  103. Is The RC Church on the Verge of a Graet Change?
  104. China and Taiwan, rattling sabres, or a call to war?
  105. In which a loophole is found in gun control laws
  106. Journalism: In harm's way.
  107. U.S. Bankruptcy Bill’s March of Triumph
  108. Mislead on Lebanese Sentiments?
  109. Bullies- enforcers of the status quo?
  110. Hey Ohio eBayers! The State Says You'll Soon Need A License To Sell On eBay!
  111. D&D vs the Israel Defense Forces
  112. Could a country disengage and prosper
  113. why not two minimum wages - one for students and teens, one for working adults?
  114. Should michael be incarcerated for the duration?
  115. Now these Evangelical Christians I like
  116. How can Christians "believe" in Evolution
  117. What foreign countries are worth being dragged into war for?
  118. MP3 vs WMA-Which is Best?
  119. A New Claim: Russia May Have Helped Move Iraqi WMDs
  120. Why did "American Spectator" give its worst-book-of-the-year to "America: The Book"?
  121. Should John Bolton be U.S. Ambassador to the UN?
  122. Does China really exist?
  123. Concerning the Silly Notion that "God" must refer to the babytalk version thereof
  124. Armenian genocide - a social construction?
  125. what's wrong with boxing today?
  126. Bush's Tort Reform Will Kill People
  127. Does Salvation Require Repentence...
  128. Coalition Provisional Authority can't account for $8.8 billion in Iraqi oil revenue
  129. Ethics of banks
  130. What Really happened to Martin Bormann?
  131. America Is A Disgrace, But Why Hasn't Europe Jumped Into Sudan?
  132. Is america the only developed country where we brag about cutting aid to the poor
  133. Would "easterns" make a good genre?
  134. Should the state of Somalia be broken up?
  135. It's Mike Griffin for NASA Administrator
  136. President Bush visits my hometown, snubs the Dem Mayor
  137. Why isn't Zoroastrianism more popular?
  138. Human Cruelty
  139. How Many Cops Does It Take To Bring A Secured Suspect To The Courthouse?
  140. Was it reasonable to SUSPECT white supremacist involvement in the Lefkow murders?
  141. Florida state legislator trying to tell professors what they can say.
  142. RESOLVED- If Michael Jackson walks...
  143. Intelligent Design: a theory in crisis
  144. U.S. government's fake-news propaganda is even more extensive than it appeared
  145. Should you do your own cleaning or pay to have it done?
  146. Is this plausible as a 1990s misconception in the US? (1985 Rainbow Warrior sinking)
  147. I need some help conceptualizing this (Ptolmey's model of the solar system)
  148. For Bible Believers and Followers of God.
  149. What effect would a supervolcano have on America being a World Leader?
  150. Copying a DVD on a computer. Are there any ways it's acceptable?
  151. Life, a unique event?
  152. Maybe Jesus wasnt supposed to die?
  153. Smarter dogs and apes: a good idea?
  154. Are they now out of arguments for gay marriage ban?
  155. William Dembski and Intelligent Design's latest
  156. DFL vs GOP: 2006 Minnesota elections thread.
  157. Mesora says: the red string is non-Jewish and goes against Judaism
  158. Are Iraqi coalition dissenters shirking their responsibilities
  159. No WMD in Iraq? Guess again.
  160. GWB's Prepackaged Press Conference Today
  161. Senate to vote on allowing oil drilling in ANWR
  162. I'm more worried about the government than about the terrorists
  163. Senator Joe Biden : liberals refuse a chance to capture Osama Bin Laden
  164. Daniel's 70 weeks prophecy
  165. [Canadopers] Two suspects in Air India trial have been found not guilty
  166. No WMD's in Iraq? - that's correct.
  167. School + Holidays = Insanity
  168. Agent Orange lawsuits
  169. I can't make a copy of this DVD because...well, actually, why the fuck can't I make a
  170. Which party is wrong? The judge or parents?
  171. We missing a huge chunk of the picture in medicine/biology (prions, nanobacs, etc.)?
  172. What cost freedom?
  173. Castro listed among richest people
  174. Did Congress really subpoena a brain dead person? (Terri Schiavo)
  175. Right-to-die vs. How-to-die
  176. On posting personal information of other users.
  177. Pay your respects to George Kennan
  178. A simple debate..Re Terri Schiavo
  179. Right-to-lifers, Schiavo, and the impact
  180. Considering divorcing disabled husband to impoverish him
  181. Is there any justification for "extraordinary rendition"?
  182. Scientists: Are we in 6th Great Extinction?
  183. Peter MacKay shocked and appalled that the Alliance guys want to change the rules
  184. abortion debate as dichotomous (secular view
  185. Lunsford/Couey kidnap/murder case: Likely fallout?
  186. Terri Schiavo, personal vs state responsibility
  187. David Horowitz' theory: A "Shadow Party" is trying to pull the Democrats leftward
  188. The Outsourcing Myth
  189. Senators Boxer and Clinton propose "Count Every Vote Act"
  190. Is readaing a magazine in the store unethical?
  191. The President, Congress, and the Warmaking Power
  192. New Dutch party – Ductch Declaration of Independence
  193. Is life-saving medication a "luxury"?
  194. Pros and Cons of this Ballot-Counting System
  195. End of life. Do we need a test?
  196. Protection of the witness' identity in trial - miscarriage of justice?
  197. Political Preaching In "Entertainment" TV Shows
  198. Islam is sexist - but not how you think
  199. Terri Schiavo-Congress overstepping authority?
  200. Please tell me why you claim Bush lied about WMD?
  201. How many Iraqis have died because of the war & occupation?
  202. OKC Bomber Tim McVeigh Denied Millitary Funeral: Why?
  203. What if Terri Schiavo died tonight?
  204. Upskirting
  205. Near Death Experience : science vs. spirituality
  206. Should spouses be the default next-of-kin?
  207. Humanimals
  208. Christians Only: Is George W. Bush going to Hell?
  209. Stem Cells and Terri Schiavo
  210. Do Politicians REALLY Want Reform?
  211. Could The Germans have Won the battle of the falklands?
  212. Robert Pirsig -- Brilliant philosopher or tired hack?
  213. Godwin's Law Interpretation
  214. An alternative to "Pulling the Plug"
  215. How useful are stereotypes?
  216. Chicago firefighters exam
  217. From whence the faith in a free market?
  218. Blake jury stupid, says DA
  219. No Pledge, no job!
  220. "Tulip Revolution" in Kyrgyzstan?
  221. The Social Security Trustees' Report
  222. Has scepticism harmed your religious faith?
  223. Let us sing the praises of Christianity
  224. The ethos of Good Friday observances by public offices.
  225. Arguments that confirm or destroy religion
  226. Was the Soviet Union good in some aspects?
  227. Given How Critical CTA is to The Region, Why Won't the State Legislature Pony Up?
  228. A modest proposal about stem cell debates
  229. Let us speak of the evils of Christianity.
  230. Why St. Peter at the gates?
  231. Another Schiavo thread (why no law?)
  232. Past scientific theories rejected because of religous reason? (like evolution)
  233. "Activist" Executives/Presidents?
  234. Libertarians: patents, good or bad?
  235. When is it "okay" for citizens/elected officials to break the law?
  236. Theologically-Based Medicine and Terry Schaivo
  237. Q for Pros: When does age of sexual attraction become "abnormal"?
  238. Imax forced to censor itself
  239. Why do I hafta kill Amalek? I don't wanna!
  240. Are alot of former Colonial states created unbalanced to keep them weak?
  241. Active euthanasia
  242. I believe that Jesus was a big ol' fake myth. Can I still be a Christian?
  243. What purpose do "Blue Laws" serve in the 21st Century?
  244. If there were no"Toba catastrophe," would more than one human species be alive today?
  245. What flaws/evils are unique to Christianity?
  246. Why Do people Get Blase About Great Views?
  247. Machiavelli's The Prince. Need some insight before I read it.
  248. Hypothetical: What if Hussein had WMDs and had handed them over?
  249. At what point am I responsible for the behavior of groups I join?
  250. Iraq's insurgents ‘seek exit strategy'

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