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  1. What if the Union hadn't survived...
  2. UK - mandatory sterilisation for the mentally disabled?
  3. Presidential legacies over the last 50 years. Who' s got the best and worst?
  4. The self-containment of the Nazis
  5. The x86 Move: Is Apple Doomed?
  6. Religious loopholes
  7. Cindy Sheehan
  8. Taxes and Healthcare – A Hypothetical Question
  9. Seriously, why the war in Iraq?
  10. Gaza pullout: Why are settlers' homes being demolished?
  11. If An Aborted Fetus Could Be Frozen Alive (An Abortion Quandry)
  12. Pacifist or not?
  13. Should the right to peacably assemble be restricted?
  14. What if the money spent in Iraq were used to secure the US border?
  15. Will we ever drill in Alaska?
  16. Debate the Fair Tax
  17. Alternate history: no American Revolution
  18. What would you expect a world to be like in which Intelligent Design were true?
  19. Why do we punish criminals?
  20. What makes racist words racist?
  21. What if the Mongols conquered Europe?
  22. The New Segregation
  23. Two-Tiered Amusement Parks
  24. The Ultimate Political Compass Thread
  25. Kelo vs. New London...the hits just keep on coming
  26. Creationist view on Language Development? What language did Adam and Eve speak?
  27. NY Police Recruit With ‘JIHAD’ Tattoo Raises A Few Eyebrows – Should It?
  28. Who was the most generaly hated U.S. President from 1969-2005?
  29. Should CEOs be screened for psychopathic behavior?
  30. Netanyahu and the Gaza pullout
  31. Should scientific journals be allowed to publish 'creation science'?
  32. Did we teach terrorists the wrong lesson?
  33. Bush signs bill for hybrid tax credit: Thoughts?
  34. Would stem cell research that didn't "kill anyone" be more or less controversial?
  35. Did Jesus call scripture the word of God?
  36. Is Gambling Destructive to Society?
  37. Eric Rudolph - terrorist?
  38. Age of consent, again
  39. War supporters - at what point would you call for withdrawal?
  40. Date of The Book of Daniel (New title for merged threads)
  41. Political Compass: Did Hitler want a feudal economy? Does that work on the Compass?
  42. Question about Bush, big oil, and Iraq
  43. Does evolution predict more or fewer species?
  44. Could we have built a coalition with Iran?
  45. Constitutional experts, critique the Iraqi constitution
  46. Is there Biblical support for the concept of Hell?
  47. Should Lobbyists be allowed to, well, lobby?
  48. Why no rose petals in Iraq?
  49. Say a beloved author is racist. What then?
  50. Historical perspectives on the Sermon on the Mount
  51. Nonpartisan Iraq Questions for Bush
  52. Does a Bigger College Mean a "Better Education"?
  53. Did King Charles I really deserve his fate?
  54. UN sucess
  55. Nationalize Canada's Petroleum Industry?
  56. Robertson: "Will no one rid me of this turbulent king?"
  57. Iraq is starting to look a lot like . . . Yugoslavia
  58. If you support the troops you support the war
  59. Why can't we just leave Iraq?
  60. They're already attacking Israel again?
  61. Price fixing and free markets
  62. Math Folks: Set Theory Question
  63. Why Hasn't Viagra (Apparently) Stopped Idiotic "Natural" (Endangered) "Aphrodisiacs?"
  64. Assembly by Race
  65. The Second Beast of Revelation 13 - Abu Mazen
  66. How could the US become a more perfect democracy?
  67. Should the Queen veto a bill sometime, just to show she still can?
  68. Raped at the pump again - when will it end? What can we do?
  69. univ. of W. ..pays jailed child molester's salary
  70. Do video games and movies perpetuate violence?
  71. Do you believe in spiritual experiences?
  72. How are sobriety checkpoints legal?
  73. Will Bush allow Obrador to become president of Mexico?
  74. Your Sex Life, Evolution, And the Christian Right-A Theory
  75. Crack heroin - national emergency
  76. What's the current Bush Administation explanation for why we are in Iraq
  77. Is it time for those in common hurricane paths to fend for themselves?
  78. Rising Oil Prices and the Cost of Goods?
  79. How are high oil prices affecting your life?
  80. What if McGovern had beat Nixon in 1972?
  81. Masked Vigilantism. Is it morally eithical?
  82. A Fetus is not a Person
  83. What if Saddam hadn't invaded Kuwait?
  84. Is zero a finite number?
  85. Proportional Representation in the US
  86. 420: who here supports the prohibition of marijuana? And why?
  87. Iraq, federalism, and "consociational democracy"
  88. traditional Jewish view on Satan, the Serpent, etc.?
  89. What Are The Best Sources For An Anti-Alexander-Hamilton-Hagiography Argument?
  90. Happiness and the Perfect Drug?
  91. When do expect the cost of gas to be "passed on to the consumer"
  92. Which is more valuable, the 1st or the 2nd amendment
  93. Get the Hell out of Dodge, or Up Above Sea Level, At Least
  94. What if the U.S. (and Canada) opened the border with Mexico?
  95. Should a state or city have the right to secede from the USA?
  96. Those Americans who served and fell in Iraq: Your cause is a noble one
  97. Pre-hurricane registration: feasible? How helpful?
  98. Should Plans To Reconstruct New Orleans Be Abandoned?
  99. Have they no sense of decency? (Criticising Bush for Katarina)
  100. Why They Stayed: Hurricane Victims and Socio-Economic Class
  101. Should governors be added to the Presidential line of succession?
  102. Why didn't John Kerry run Simpsons clips in his campaign?
  103. New Orleans: Just how bad a disaster is this?
  104. Is Global Warming the (partial) cause of Katrina?
  105. Army COE top contracting officer demoted for criticizing Halliburton no-bid contract?
  106. Looters: Shoot on sight?
  107. Do we have accurate copies of the Bible?
  108. What if the United States had annexed Mexico in 1848?
  109. Race relations in America-What can I do?
  110. Gas prices doubled! Will this cause a long term change in American habits?
  111. Motorcycling, the US vs Europe.
  112. 'London bomber' video aired on TV
  113. Chrisitan high schools suing the University of California
  114. Are people being unreasonable in criticizing the government(s)response to Katrina?
  115. How can a Jew argue with God...and win?
  116. Why Not refugee
  117. Translation ethics?
  118. What To Do With 7' Below Sea Level?
  119. The Levee Situation - Whose Decision Was It?
  120. Q: How many poor, black Katrina victims does it take to equal one rich 9/11 victim?
  121. CA Senate Votes For Same-sex Marriage
  122. Fox News Spinning the Katrina Disaster?
  123. Politicizing Katrina: is it happening? When is gov't criticism "inappropriate"?
  124. Resolved: We Will Not Slam/Praise Adequacy Of Disaster Response Immediately
  125. A vigilante is apparently hunting and killing sex offenders in Washington State
  126. New Orleans should be a valuable lesson to all of us
  127. Can doing nothing be grounds for impeachment?
  128. Prominent Black People are doing more harm than good regarding Hurricane Katrina.
  129. Who will be the next Chief Justice?
  130. How does "Intelligent Design" account for ...
  131. Out ticket out of Iraq?
  132. What the hell is going on in New Orleans?
  133. Rebuilding New Orleans: land-grab opportunity?
  134. Abraham A Holy Man Or A Profiteer
  135. The Continued Existence of the DoHS
  136. Was Rehnquist the worst Chief Justice in US history?
  137. Would it be possible to elevate NO above sea level, piecemeal?
  138. Poverty activists have been handed a giant crowbar. How to best use it?
  139. Are Right Wing PAC's Doing Anything to Aid Hurricane Evacuees?
  140. New weird rumor- N.O. Jews got out sooner than most.
  141. New Orleans and future race relations
  142. Could Katrina Cause a(n Economic) Recession?
  143. What went wrong with the space program? Contemplations on a 1962 "Sci. American"
  144. Investigation into Gas Price Fixing
  145. BBC Viewpoint: Has Katrina saved US media?
  146. Why is Scalia not the lock down go-to guy by Bush for Chief Justice?
  147. Beyond immediate politics Katrina may be a boon to conservatives philosophically
  148. Katrina: a lesson for society?
  149. Should FEMA build one big refugee camp for NO?
  150. Will Katrina change how the US government interacts with the world
  151. Castro offers to send aid to Katrina victims; no response
  152. Why use G-d instead of God?
  153. Theological Question - Divine Wrath
  154. Katrina = God's Wrath
  155. What is the cause of Europe's "birth dearth" and "grayby boom"?
  156. What are conditions like in Cuba nowadays?
  157. What is our beef with Cuba?
  158. Who the hell is this Fema Director guy?
  159. What new concerns must be taken into account in naming O'Connor's replacement?
  160. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin: Hero or Goat?
  161. polytheism versus monotheism
  162. NO's problems were really caused by the "welfare state" attitudes of the homeless
  163. FEMA: Effective only for Bushes?
  164. Refugees a bad word?
  165. Has The Bell Curve been completely discredited?
  166. In a bisexual culture would single sex preference be considered evil & mentally ill
  167. Is it time to change our priorities on taxation
  168. A NOLA judge for the Supreme Court?
  169. Dutch Ruling on Discrimination of Women in Political Parties
  170. USA the leader in democracy?
  171. Does premium really cost more than regular?
  172. Resolved: Gun control is unworkable and impractical
  173. Anything wrong with Multiculturalism?
  174. "The President [doesn't care about] black people." (ed. title)
  175. Katrina victims to receive $2K debit cards... how's that going to work?
  176. File Sharing is good for American music
  177. Are Chertoff & Brown Toast?
  178. Which murder is just?
  179. Katrina; It's All Part of the Plan (by the political Right) (ed. title)
  180. Who is the greatest mathematician of all time?
  181. Could Oscar Wilde have avoided jail if he'd just left well enough alone?
  182. Dissect this anti-mega-corporation statement
  183. And another thing...
  184. Hey, you get to appoint the entire Supreme Court!
  185. Is $62.3 billion to much to hand to FEMA?
  186. Less welfare= Less poor?
  187. Should we eliminate welfare for the middle class
  188. Rate my tract...
  189. Alternate Presidencies & Katrina...
  190. Katrina aftermatch blamed on ... Bill Clinton?
  191. FEMA : It's not just Brown.
  192. Humans are Becoming Genetically Less Intelligent
  193. For the good of the country, Bush and Cheney should resign.
  194. Read The Label: Slave-made Isn't Always Cheaper Than American
  195. What exactly did Bush do to prepare for Katrina hitting New Orleans.
  196. Top 10 tanks of all time: Make your picks
  197. Bill Maher's Real Time, 9/9
  198. Two part question on the Republican party
  199. Is Jeffrey F. Bell a realist or a pessimist?
  200. Naive question about reforming US taxes
  201. Micheal Behe, the man.
  202. Padilla decision: U.S. citizen can be held without charge as "enemy combatant"
  203. Let's debate the role/value of political parties and ideologies
  204. What effect (if any) will the constant criticism of Bush have(another Katrina debate)
  205. The Greatest Debate Never Debated... (Was Jesus an admirable moral teacher?)
  206. What the hell is up with this "Bridge to Nowhere"
  207. Re accident where a US pilot killed 20 Italian people & walked away legally
  208. Katrina and the liberterian POV
  209. "Disabled student" versus "student with disability"--is one superior?
  210. At the outset, which World War did Germany et al. have a better chance of winning?
  211. Lawyer with Texas SOS fired for talking about Karl Rove
  212. What Al Qaeda Wants
  213. FEMA bureaucracy at work: refugees virtually institutionalized?
  214. Ontario to disallow religious arbitration
  215. stem cells via "virgin conception" an untidy problem for the pro-life view of things?
  216. Cursing Dick Cheney - turnabout is fair play?
  217. What is the point of stacking charges?
  218. Hobbes versus the NRA
  219. Hillary in '08
  220. Will Katrina dent perceptions of “American exceptionalism”?
  221. The recent WW2 Anti-Japanese Chinese video game
  222. Katrina: Why did the levies fail?
  223. Why you need to own a gun
  224. What's up with poverty and obesity?
  225. Pre-emptive nuclear strikes - WTF?
  226. Katrina: Why No Contingency Plans to Evacuate Hospitals?
  227. Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything
  228. NYC mayoral primary: yes, I voted.
  229. Bumvertising
  230. Roberts confirmation hearings: Thoughts?
  231. Will the U.S. ever be a "post-Christian society"?
  232. A second American revolution would only have to fight the National Guard?
  233. Katrina and Charley
  234. Katrina and Charley
  235. Alternative Energy is Issue #1 for 2008
  236. Reciting Pledge of Allegiance in public schools ruled unconstitutional. Discuss.
  237. California Judge Declares Pledge Unconstitutional
  238. I, Robot, And I Vote
  239. Originalist Justices: What the heck are they thinking?
  240. The Hitchens - Galloway Debate
  241. That there are inherent differences between Men and Women
  242. What will be the main issues in the 2006 Congressional election?
  243. What would the world of artistic endeavor be like without money?
  244. The Do Not Call List and Charities. Why?
  245. Bush's plan to rebuild: Whats this puppy gona cost us?
  246. Why are you for Physician Assisted Suicide?
  247. Ask the neoliberal thread
  248. How do religious Jews explain the Holocaust?
  249. How hard is it for the U.S. to descend into total anarchy and chaos?
  250. A "peace candidate" cannot be elected POTUS in 2008

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