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  1. Man Made Flood Damages
  2. The US De-Militarizes -- What Would Happen in Europe/the World?
  3. IS IT IMPEACHMAS YET?Surveillance reserved for overseas?This bug's for you...
  4. I am a better human being than Pres. Bush and Dick Cheney because I oppose torture
  5. New Pentagon policy directive puts "nation building" front & center. Is this a wise?
  6. Bolivia's next president is a coca farmer?
  7. The Senate Blocked Renewal Of Patriot Act
  8. Have the feared abuses of the USA PATRIOT Act happened (yet)?
  9. Should there be a ban on "acceptable" torture?
  10. Are the bill of rights untouchable?
  11. Do you think the End Of The World is preset?
  12. w0gm
  13. Does the US need a new battle rifle now, and if so, what?
  14. Stephen Harper: Canada A Welfare State
  15. Westboro Baptist Church protesting military funerals?
  16. Hyopthetical: Victim or Offender?
  17. A question for (religious) pro-life folks: abortion and the afterlife
  18. Should all CIA leaks be investigated?
  19. Corporal Punishment
  20. Dyslexia vs Stupidity
  21. Prostitution is immoral and therefore should be outlawed
  22. Evolution, and Intelligent design. What comes in third?
  23. What if Chile's President Allende had not been overthrown in 1973?
  24. The US should annex Mexico now!
  25. Why do people still believe in God?
  26. Global warming again
  27. So my roommate and I are arguing about the draft...
  28. Why shouldn't women have to register for the draft?
  29. Why doesn't a tough reporter just cowboy up, challenge Bush's BS, & call him a liar?
  30. UK's first gay marriages today. What negative consequences can we expect to see?
  31. Decision in Dover ID trial expected to come down tomorrow.
  32. Morgan Freeman: Black History Month "Ridiculous" [corrected title]
  33. Why Latin America?
  34. Jewish history month.
  35. Scenario:Congress repeals 9/11 use of force resolution; Bush soldiers on What then?
  36. UCLA scientist says media bias is real and quantifiable
  37. nixon vs. bush impeachment
  38. Intelligent Design banned...right or wrong?
  39. Is the "mansion tax" fair?
  40. Iraq Vote: early returns suggest Islamist Government
  41. Brazil, ethanol and...the future?
  42. Female Chauvinist Pigs : Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture
  43. Abramoff may flip on his congressional cronies
  44. Why do conservatives like school vouchers?
  45. Direct legal implications for Dover ID descision
  46. In the American "culture war," which side has time on its side?
  47. Did the Framers intend the president to have "extralegal but constitutional" powers?
  48. Krauthammer defends torture
  49. Advent: Somber or Joyous?
  50. Valerie Plame and NSA Surveillance.
  51. Swingers Clubs Ruled Legal
  52. Michigan Court: Kids can't visit dad while his GF living with him. Huh?
  53. I knew Lenny Bruce.He was a friend of mine.Jon Stewart IS Lenny Bruce.
  54. Should the police [infiltrate protest groups]?
  55. Did Jesus only eat kosher? When did Christians stop eating only kosher foods?
  56. What religious/spiritual label should I use?
  57. Bush/Cheney supporters - Try to explain these 2005 lies.....
  58. ''War'' in Iraq - Should it now be called something else?
  59. Is it possible for the US government to be sanctioned/punished for its acts
  60. Truth means everything. Reality means nothing.
  61. Why would the FBI spy on Greenpeace, PETA, and the Catholic Workers?
  62. You're at home and someone breaks in. Do you shoot/kill them?
  63. Share your experiences of the miraculous
  64. NY transit: Sans strike, whence union leverage?
  65. Why isn't Pope Leo XIII a candidate for sainthood?
  66. How would matter-replication technology affect society?
  67. Do the American public really want a balanced budget
  68. Should we seek to change racist atitudes?
  69. How come Bush isn't a hero?
  70. Chinese billionaire/murderer pays gov't 6 billion$ not to execute him
  71. Is this the time for a third party to have a shot at the Presidency?
  72. Are needle exchange programs really such a great idea?
  73. 4 yrs. of widespread wiretaps, torture, infiltrations. Domestic Al-Q caught:1
  74. New Year's Resolution on Behalf of Politicians, the Media, Etc.
  75. Do wellness and health programs save money or cost money
  76. BBC list of 10 worst Britons
  77. the Olduvai theory
  78. Why are teachers considered intellectually inferior?
  79. Liberties vs. security: where to draw the line?
  80. Clinton and Aldrich Ames
  81. Will Elton John Disgrace UK Gay Marriage?
  82. Available for future delivery:bones, one set, full body. (cancer-free).reserve:$10k
  83. Going to Mars...a proposal
  84. Why did men ever give up the power?
  85. Unipolar vs. multipolar world: Which is better?
  86. Will we live to see a permanent human presence in outer space?
  87. How Probable does Cause have to be?
  88. Legalizaion of Marijuana?
  89. Redeemed by the Dark Christ of Flight 123
  90. North Korea – what to do about it, if anything
  91. "Funny" studio accounting practices and taxes
  92. Do you vote and why?
  93. Governor Trump (R-NY)?
  94. Why do most Americans deny evolution?
  95. Why do we always talk about "atheism" and not "materialism"?
  96. Top 5 battles that changed the course of history
  97. Conversion or just deluded?
  98. empiricism vs intuition
  99. Have the Russians already lost interest in democracy?
  100. Are there any religious people who aren't happy about it?
  101. I do X because people died so I could.
  102. More Freakonomics: Roe V. Wade reduced 90's crime? Catholic crime?
  103. What is China's attitude toward North Korea nowadays?
  104. Who is the leaker in the NSA and CIA prison stories?
  105. Winning Pascal's Wager
  106. FCC and religious broadcasting
  107. What can we say about the Supernatural
  108. Can a bisexual be entirely satisfied in a monogamous relationship?
  109. What's the Russia-Ukraine natural gas dispute really about?
  110. Driving Without Insurance: We Need Harsh Penalties
  111. Atheists vs theists: How come there are smart people on both sides?
  112. Did Bush actually call the Constitution "just a goddamned piece of paper"?
  113. Law, Justice & Politics
  114. Let's debate "plural voting" (Mark Twain's "Curious Republic of Gondour")
  115. The End of Truth
  116. Sulla or Marius?
  117. Paying for Pollution: TerraPass and Emissions Trading
  118. Goodfellas' Government: Mob Bust-Out in DC; Fat Freddy Hayek, Godfather
  119. Original Sin and Procreation
  120. Why is the environment a "liberal" issue?
  121. Are neoconservatives really linked to Strauss?
  122. Is it wise to assume God is benevolent?
  123. Liberals are not serving in the military enough. What ought to be done?
  124. What is the argument in favor of gay marriage?
  125. 2:45 A.M. , December 8, 2009: The Straight Dope Message Board becomes self-aware
  126. Sharon's critical, power to Olmert -- consequences for Mid-east peace?
  127. Drug Testing and the Right to Privacy.
  128. Giving alcohol to the chronically alcoholic homeless. Good idea or not?
  129. Culture, War, the Internet, and Globalization, are we making history? am I naive?
  130. could to-the-death gladiatorial combat be done in the modern western world?
  131. "You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it."
  132. The demographic death of Europe.
  133. Survey: Is firing people a bad thing?
  134. "Information Reformation"
  135. Would this plan work for taking over the world?
  136. Are Republicans Machiavellian?
  137. "The New Apartheid" Wall
  138. 60 days for sexual assaulting a 6 year old?
  139. Can satellite radio succeed?
  140. Personal privacy: a thing of the past
  141. Chicagoans, let's start a Revolution...seriously
  142. Does God play Musical Chairs with us?
  143. Globalization, round two: Will it be a new beginning or an end?
  144. Can Epicureans have a public life? a political theory?
  145. How effective would cavalry in modern barding be in urban warfare?
  146. One of the London Bombers leaves an estate in excess of $200,000
  147. Tom DeLay throws in half a towel (house leader)
  148. Ceramic Body Armor, privately bought. Ass for Glass?
  149. Ceramic Body Armor, privately bought. Ass for Glass?
  150. What is your church doing to change public perception?
  151. AP Poll Oversamples Democrats
  152. Should The US Add New States?- Take Two
  153. Utah Theater Cancels 'Brokeback Mountain', reneges licensing agreement
  154. Amir Taheri, Benador and the Neocons
  155. Selecting gender through abortion in India
  156. What does it mean to "have a life"?
  157. Should the Democrats go negative in '06?
  158. What the Bleep Do We Know? (the movie)
  159. Alito confirmation hearing
  160. Your opinion of divorce
  161. Backwards speech - I'm skeptical
  162. Reconciling Physics and Buddhism
  163. If You Were the U.S. Iraq Tsar, What Would You Do?
  164. Does the second amendment protect the manufacture or import of guns?
  165. Martin to end Notwithstanding claus?!? (Warning contains Canadian politics)
  166. Calling a fictional book non-fiction. Does it matter?
  167. Cyber stalking/annoyance unlawful?
  168. Unisex bathrooms - the time has come!
  169. Should the minimum wage be raised to it's original value?
  170. How big a problem is pedophilia, really?
  171. Retention Elections for Congress?
  172. Should we be deferential to the elderly?
  173. Did Bush steal the 2000 election and allow 9/11 to happen
  174. If the Palestinians got independence, would hostility to Israel fade?
  175. Grocer Whole Foods going "all green." Um, actually it's buying wind power credits.
  176. Let's Rank the US Presidents
  177. Should the US have mandatory vacation days?
  178. Presidential "signing statements" and the "legislative history"
  179. The Bush Administration and the "unitary executive" theory
  180. If you could change the Republican party...
  181. Was the New Deal a success or failure?
  182. What caused (and what ended) the Great Depression?
  183. Does Abortion Get Too Much Attention?
  184. Esperanto? Why not sign language as a universal language?
  185. Microsoft's new OS based on an idea that people want to hook up computer, TV
  186. How hard would it be for the US to oust Castro?
  187. If you could change the Democratic Party...
  188. Conspiracy Theory and Truth Verification
  189. Would a "binational" or "one-state solution" be best for Israel/Palestine?
  190. Coleman was guilty
  191. War -- Good or Bad for the Economy?
  192. Should ‘Gorgeous’ George Galloway MP be allowed to look like a lemon on Big Brother?
  193. Reintroducing the Roman republic during imperial times
  194. Do we really want SCOTUS confirmations to go like this?
  195. New MD law forces Wal-Mart to provide health coverage - Fair or not?
  196. British Parliament- a modest proposition
  197. Can women truly become lesbian by choice?
  198. Intersexuals - Should they be forced to conform?
  199. How do people of faith separate out charlatans?
  200. Are most Americans stupid?
  201. Campaign Reform
  202. Are commercials beneath the dignity of a serious artist?
  203. Africa gets its first female president before the US
  204. What kind of spying program might this be?
  205. It's not terrorism if Bush does it?
  206. Even Saddam's Judge doesn't think his trial is fair
  207. New poll: Majority of Americans support impeachment
  208. The ethics of infant cadavers
  209. "PAYBACK'S A BITCH" says grief-crazed prez--blows up wrong house, women, kids
  210. Freedom of Religion - comes from God?
  211. Professor Kingsfield goes to Washington; Bluto cross examines
  212. How do you define sin? How do you define morality?
  213. On what basis does Iran deny the Holocaust?
  214. Would you feel obliged to oppose a competent yet illegitimate conqueror?
  215. Is hell eternal?
  216. BUSH:"Yer doin' uh heckuva job, Markie"(B. McLellan, Medicare Admin.)
  217. Why does the Turkish government deny the Armenian Genocide?
  218. Canadian Politics: Role of the Senate in a Harper Government
  219. Are there more UFO/Bigfoot photos now, what with camera phones being so popular?
  220. Al Gore's speech on "the limits of executive power"
  221. Wal*Mart bank: yea or nay?
  222. Is there video footage of the 9/11 plane into the Pentagon?
  223. History what if: Lincoln not assassinated.
  224. Christians, your feelings about obvious sinners believing they'll go to heaven?
  225. Would it be terribly wrong to fine people for NOT voting?
  226. Are ALL accidents preventable?
  227. Should/can the Security Council do something about Iran?
  228. Is voting more important than personal freedom?
  229. Technology and happiness
  230. Iran Predictions
  231. Oregon Assisted Suicide Law Upheld by SCOTUS
  232. The Most Successful Communist Country To-Date.
  233. US defense: out of control? Can we change it? Why liberal/conservative?
  234. Anyone with the Wedding Crashers DVD?
  235. At what point should police use lethal force?
  236. In reincarnation supported by the Bible?
  237. The limits of the "It's my body" argument
  238. Another anti-abortion measure overturned due to lack of provision for health of woman
  239. What if the Information Age had started earlier?
  240. Does the U.S. have the military strength to conquer/regime-change Iran?
  241. What defines life?
  242. Do blacks really have 70% illigitimate births?
  243. Tracking "Extreme Left-Wing" Professors - Good or Bad?
  244. Hollywood leans left: why?
  245. Are people too willing to pull life support?
  246. How important are church rituals to you?
  247. Feds After Google Data
  248. Osama Asks for Truce - what is our response?
  249. Theory of reincarnation - credible or not and why?
  250. Bush's Betrayal of Federalism