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  1. Why do we suffer
  2. China to pass U.S. as technology leader?
  3. Higher education leans left: why?
  4. What's a fairer legal system, US/English Common Law or France’s Napoleonic system?
  5. Feds want all online search data
  6. What works to cut down on sex offenses
  7. Pinochet stripped of immunity
  8. Where will the thugs be in 20 years...40 years?
  9. What will be effects if Jill Carroll is killed?
  10. Is communism what failed in Russia? Or was it failure to follow through?
  11. India vs. Pakistan...who wins?
  12. A 600-ship Navy no more....
  13. Should the US Constitution be amended more frequently?
  14. Canadian Election Prediction Thread: Contest, With A Real Prize!
  15. Churchgoers - how different are your beliefs from the next church over?
  16. Stem cell medical advances, moral implications -- would you accept them?
  17. What would happen if SETI succeeds?
  18. "Social Security and Medicare...pose the greatest threat to America's global role..."
  19. Patrick Henry...Nathan Hale....The Lollipops Gentlemens' Club...
  20. Federal Health Court: Viable alternative?
  21. Eminent domain and payback for Souter
  22. Underage Actors and Sex Scenes
  23. Worshipping Graven Images
  24. Did National Endowment for Democracy foment 2004 coup in Haiti?!
  25. The Founding Father with the better character - Adams or Jefferson?
  26. What happened with those lying oil executives?
  27. Debate Series Proposal: Any Interest? (The Federalist)
  28. Canadian Electoral Reform
  29. Does a socioeconomic elite class have value to people who aren't in it?
  30. Is the United States "lucky"?
  31. Ford layoffs: how much responsibility does the UAW have?
  32. Harper; this will be fun to watch ! (Canadian)
  33. Rural People and Incest.
  34. A debate about health care in America, pros and cons, etc.
  35. Study points to a total lack of reason in political decision-making.
  36. benefits of a filibuster?
  37. Why haven't falling populations sparked a Darwinian increase in birth rates?
  38. Brokeback Mountain: Will It Have Any Carry Over Effect On Homophobia?
  39. Google to block some searches in China
  40. Is it time for an actual World Government?
  41. Resolved: end taxpayer subsidies for superstar athletes
  42. Post-Roe v Wade and Voting with your Feet
  43. Is telling someone suicidal how to commit suicide wrong?
  44. Hamas wins
  45. Do any Diebold Defenders Think this is Worth Investigating?
  46. Bush didn't provoke Iran's and North Korea's nukes, did he?
  47. Alaska Div. of Elections refuses to disclose Diebold electronic voting files
  48. John Kerry tries to organize support for Alito filibuster: Help or hurt in '08?
  49. Should this man be charged with 1st degree intentional homicide?
  50. Have you ever lost your faith?
  51. Serious Staph/Strep Infections in the Hospital
  52. Is the PRC government right to fear Falun Gong?
  53. Abramoff prosecutor offered federal judgeship: coincidence?
  54. Should the US jail the wives of Iraqi insurgents to coerce their surrender?
  55. Ways you were more likely to die than by terrorism in 2001
  56. Should Superheroes be Regulated?
  57. Reasons for belief and disbelief in God
  58. Physician-assisted suicide
  59. The Federalist #1 or Can Americans Still Read?
  60. "Secretary of Defense" should be "Secretary of War"
  61. Suicide, Christianity, and "Thou Shalt Not Kill/Murder"
  62. I stumbled onto the FATIGUE of CFIDS
  63. Political "Mainstream"
  64. How Is This So Different From Suicide Bombers?
  65. Economic sanctions: are they ever a good idea?
  66. Are Canadians kinder than Americans?
  67. Can W be impeached for something that is illegal but has public support?
  68. Will China attack Taiwan?
  69. Is China going to continue on this course?
  70. Unintended consquences of restricting exective pay?
  71. Military service and its effect on gangs
  72. ...how America's War has hurt the global fight against terrorism...
  73. War on Christmas - revisited
  74. Muslim boycott of Danish goods
  75. Study says Republican voters more likely to be racist
  76. Frist: Gov't Unwanted in End-of-Life Cases
  77. Americans saving less money. Discuss?
  78. Please, help me sort out France and globalization....
  79. You lost on Alito, what next?
  80. United Airlines Flight 93, the movies are starting....
  81. SOU address tonight -- what will W say?
  82. Did Abe Lincoln start corporate America?
  83. Jackson and Grant on U.S. Money.
  84. Is it fair to use the labels Red State / Blue State when the dichotomy is
  85. Are Hindus guilty of idolatory?
  86. Did Correta King die in a fake hospital?
  87. Latest Iraq poll: 47% approve attacks on US forces
  88. Republicans and Independant: What did you think of the SOTU address last night?
  89. Is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) constitutional?
  90. What animal-human hybrids should be prohibited?
  91. Is there more anti-black racism among white Republicans than white Democrats?
  92. What's wrong with human cloning anyway?
  93. Should the U.S. Congress be more like the British House of Commons?
  94. What would it mean to LOSE the "war on terror"
  95. If the Coalition troops pulled out of Iraq now, what would happen?
  96. The Terri Schaivo Political Action Campaign
  97. Can we come to a consensus what racism is, and what a racist believes?
  98. Is "Magic of the Future" unscientific?
  99. Is it fair/OK to demand faithfulness if one witholds sex?
  100. Tell me about the "federal Britain" idea
  101. Genuine 'not guilty by reason insanity' case - Do you accept "He's cured?"
  102. Vote against Alito, or I'll reveal that you're a closeted gay man!
  103. Ignorance of the law = Executive "Get out of Jail Free Card"?
  104. "Battle-Hardened" Cartoon -- Offensive??
  105. Why didn't evolution make us happier
  106. Bush wanted to provoke Saddam by disguising US spyplanes in UN colours
  107. What if America Made a Law ro ban Islamic Caricatures ?
  108. How American are American cars?
  109. Muslim riots over cartoons--is political correctness going overboard?
  110. Haiti presidential election 2/7/06 -- predictions?
  111. Why don't we do mandatory minimum car insurance in the US?
  112. The Confederate Flag in public schools.
  113. Rate your elected representatives
  114. Refute this endearingly loopy (Canadian) anti-tax argument
  115. Do State of the Union Speeches serve any usefull purpose anymore?
  116. Can proof by picture be made rigorous?
  117. Is There An 8th Sense Called: GAYDAR?
  118. Should Sex Ed Be Taught Outside the Home? If So Where & When??
  119. Loose Change video: 9/11 conspiracy
  120. Iranian Nuclear Weapons and Israel's Response - A diferent approach
  121. Gen. Douglas MacArthur As Recipient of the Medal of Honor: Worthy or Not?
  122. Hitler's strategy
  123. Does religion need to stop scientific research?
  124. Aristotle Onasis 'FLU?' Jackie - JFK, Jr
  125. Big Al Q prisoners tunnel out. Oops.
  126. Statue of limitations for God to punish you?
  127. Monroe, Terrorists and the New World Order
  128. It's all a matter of taste.
  129. Israel's right to exist
  130. Israel and Apartheid SA- Similarities/Differences
  131. Can the government tell me how to sign my name?
  132. Do you "Support Your Local Police?"
  133. Is one government system/type by definition better than another?
  134. Senate Judiciary Hearings on NSA Surveillance
  135. Are we still fighting the U.S. Civil War?
  136. Europe and the furor over cartoons
  137. The Coming (or continuing) WWIII?
  138. How long will politicians be able to milk 9/11 for political capital?
  139. Are Muslim terrorists really that different?
  140. Let the hypocrisy begin, or Harper takes office
  141. Another cartoon thread! Who is fanning the fire and why?
  142. Is Saudi Arabia behind the "Cartoon Riots"?
  143. Valid but Unanswerable Questions
  144. Iran sponsors Holocaust cartoon contest
  145. New World's Primordial Soup and One Drop of Human Blood...
  146. The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and the "unitary executive"/Gitmo/"black prisons"
  147. What would happen if... (Aliens seeded some humans, not others) [edited title]
  148. Question about religions
  149. Find the necessity for congressional elections inconvenient? Don't fret--you are Prez
  150. Eeeeevil Gene Discovered - Death to the Evil Ones!
  151. Cutters: Give them clean blades to "self harm"?
  152. Will English split into different languages?
  153. ID vs. Evolution... support and discuss
  154. religious symbols in CA state seal
  155. do some countries have more right to have atomic-armament?
  156. It's "Black History Month," not "Black Inventor Month"
  157. Do you think it would make things better or worse if US parties had 1 party leader?
  158. Iraq: What ever happened to the "oil revenue will pay for reconstruction" idea?
  159. Does strategic position vis-a-vis Iran play a role in the Admin's Iraq policy?
  160. Govt employees voting: conflict of interest?
  161. Is it unethical for a university to carry out research for the military?
  162. "Losers" morally superior to "winners"
  163. Is service to another good in and of itself?
  164. Is Bohemian Grove real?
  165. Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad
  166. What is the greatest human cruelty?
  167. How did Bush win the 2004 election?
  168. Abu Graib vs. Cartoons of Mohammed
  169. Why doesn't Denmark start World War III?
  170. To what extent do humans act on instinct?
  171. Education as an Investment
  172. 10 years of Presidential Protection
  173. God and physics.
  174. Musings on the War of a Citizen
  175. Is obeah supernatural? I really need to know
  176. Al Quaida Plot Foiled by, um, Somebody
  177. Ask the Seminary Student
  178. Free Speech vs. Being a Cop
  179. Role playing (WoW type games) barters and the IRS
  180. Is mutilation of children a defensible religious custom?
  181. If Monica Lewinsky had been really hot...
  182. spiritual bombs
  183. How to dialogue with fundamentalists
  184. Ex-CIA Official Faults Use of Data on Iraq, Does Anybody Care?
  185. What if the US encouraged communism in China?
  186. Why do people bother protesting?
  187. Who are the American beneficiaries of our enormous Trade Deficit?
  188. Why are only some luxuries stratospherically priced?
  189. Biological difference between blacks and whites?
  190. What is the constitutional answer to this (related to the wiretapping issue)?
  191. Should the federal government stop subsidizing highways?
  192. At what point in Iran's pursuit of a nuclear bomb are we justified in attacking?
  193. Nations asking for it?
  194. Abortion/drugs/etc.: Does making things illegal work?
  195. Should states be free to set their own drinking age?
  196. Free speach; freedom of the press
  197. Love and Truth
  198. Places from which energy could be harnessed but isn't....
  199. Is polygamy inherently bad for women and children?
  200. Handicapping the 2006 Congressional election
  201. I am a multiple felon: the overcriminalization of America
  202. Gay Rights progress in Colorado.
  203. What skills are purely inherent?
  204. Does anyone really really care....? (News of Cheney shooting vs "real" news) [Ed.]
  205. "Everything happens for a reason." True or false?
  206. Is Conservatism vs. Bushism finally coming to a head? Glen Greenwalds' rising storm
  207. Is world wealth infinite?
  208. In the Pocket of the Saudis...
  209. Poll: will Cheney step down as veep before 2009?
  210. What Will Europe Really Do?
  211. Industrial/Service/??? Economic Predictions
  212. Hoist by the mandatory reporting petard
  213. Saddam on a hunger strike?
  214. No Child Left Behind: Convince me that it's a good thing
  215. Danish cartoons and journalistic responsibility
  216. New Pics of 'Hazing' at Abu Ghraib
  217. What if it was the other way around, and Harry Whittington accidentally shot Cheney?
  218. Jesus coming back ...
  219. Is smoking while driving really dangerous?
  220. Boycotting artists is wrong; unless it's my cause
  221. Would the Secret Service protect the President over the VP?
  222. If we spent more time teaching our kids the word of God...
  223. Another "Meaning of Life" thread?
  224. French student protests: is it against a system more like the US's?
  225. Education: Are concepts essential? (Warning: long)
  226. Human Rights In Middle East
  227. When the sun burns out
  228. Does Cheney have the power to declassify?
  229. UN to U.S.: Shut down Guantanamo Bay prison now!
  230. How (Un)Lucky that Military Abuse in Iraq has always been photographed and published
  231. Has abortion made killing babies more tolerable?
  232. British Double Whammy for Guantanamo
  233. Google news, NPR, and Katrina (anecdotal)
  234. Civilized Prisons, Anyone
  235. Letting the House Burn Down: Our Fee-For-Service Future?
  236. Iraq War Supporters: How is Iran Different?
  237. How important is CPAC? Is this where the Republican party is headed?
  238. Why are people getting taller?
  239. Can one be a christian if they convert for the wrong reasons?
  240. We knew it was coming:$1 mill. bounty on danish cartoonist....
  241. NASA Official says, "CO2 emissions must be controlled within 10 years."
  242. What can I do to save the world?
  243. Is there much difference between Chinese and American citizens' perspectives?
  244. Are colors causally effacious in non-conscious interactions?
  245. Is a United Africa possible?
  246. Resolved: Plano ISD Did Not Ban Red & Green Because They're Christmas Colors. Discuss
  247. Crime and bail
  248. Ten Worst Presidential Blunders... What do you think?
  249. Copyright expiring - record companies panic
  250. Is the 'Cartoon Crisis' Spiralling out of Control?