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  1. Is the College Board standardized testing "monopoly" a good thing?
  2. Why do we trade with China but not Cuba?
  3. Invading Canada
  4. call uncle
  5. Would an ALL-Aluminum House Make Sense?
  6. empiricism vs deduction
  7. DJ says "coon" on the air; gets fired
  8. Conservatism comes with paranoia on the side ?
  9. Is Bush manipulating us again? [Russia giving Iraqis intel on U.S. troop movements]
  10. with liberty and justice for all
  11. The legacy of Jimmy Carter
  12. Can America trust atheists?
  13. Is there something we can all agree on?
  14. 9/11 Conspiracy Theories!
  15. Summary Execution Of A Wounded Criminal
  16. Should we remake swine with omega-3 fatty acids?
  17. "American Theocracy," by Kevin Phillips
  18. Any human supremacists out there?
  19. The nature of man
  20. Global Climactic Change (Global Warming): Is it upon us?
  21. Drink spiking - a reality or urban myth?
  22. What would Grover Cleveland Do?
  23. How is LA Mayor Villaraigosa doing?
  24. When Indians reservations end, how will it happen?
  25. God, Shrimp and Gays
  26. sex roomates
  27. Standards For Free Speech In Other Countries...
  28. Airline Pilot Open Letter: Take Sides
  29. Can we go now? Iraq parties demand U.S. cede control
  30. Bush says Islam is a great religion
  31. Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy - ok to lie to children?
  32. What to do about immigration?
  33. Scalia dismisses idea Gitmo detainees have right to trial. Grounds for recusal?
  34. If you could live indefinitely, and in good health, would you choose to?
  35. Yankee pitcher Randy Johnson balks at a car & college expenses for his "love child"
  36. 25 Year Presidential terms
  37. Religion- Is It Useful to Society and the Individual?
  38. Israeli election: Likud out, Qadima in. Now what?
  39. Is differentiating some crimes as "hate crimes" really legally or socially useful?
  40. Evolution, subtopic = mutation (GQ and GD content)
  41. Scientologists and Thetans
  42. Sour Apples: Beatles vs. Jobs
  43. Separatism and hatred
  44. The Israel Lobby
  45. Are nation-states becoming obsolete? World government?
  46. The legacy of Herbert Hoover.
  47. What if France had won the First Indochina War?
  48. What is the happy medium between social benefits and economic growth?
  49. Are legislators really in a conspiracy to perplex the people?
  50. What if Reagan was assassinated 25 years ago?
  51. Could a US president be taken for war crimes when on travel outside the US?
  52. Prayer. I don't get it.
  53. What benifit do Scientologists get from being Scientologists
  54. Question for statisticians about new prayer study.
  55. Why is Mars undergoing global warming?
  56. Why must the US Defense Secretary be a civilian?
  57. Does 'tolerance' extend to keeping one's yap shut?
  58. Illegal strikes and involuntary servitude
  59. Illegal recruits
  60. How does Christianity explain suffering? (Or any other religions?)
  61. Why do we still have Daylight Saving Time?
  62. The new UCC ad
  63. Rice, Straw to Iraqis: 'The time has come'
  64. Future of Iraq without US invasion
  65. Should women rule the world?
  66. Going from closed/oppressive societies to open societies?
  67. The Blank Slate
  68. Easy Numeric Rating of US President? (like QB Rating)
  69. Is it unethical/illegal to burn Blockbuster dvds?
  70. How Will the United States End?
  71. A Superhero acting Illegally
  72. A question for catholics regarding changes in church law
  73. How long would it take Nature to destroy the evidence of human existence?
  74. How do Mormons reconcile marriage in the afterlife with Matthew 22:23-33?
  75. cell tissue memory
  76. "Guns Germs & Steel" published 9 years ago - Are its conclusions still standing?
  77. Is Afrocentrism Legitimate Scholasticism?
  78. Did the government recently reclassified Golf Courses as wetlands?
  79. Massachusetts makes health insurance mandatory
  80. The Meliorism Thread
  81. If universal health care is implemented, how much will it cost me?
  82. Why does Wal-Mart want to expand into inner-city neighborhoods?
  83. Do majority votes or opinions have any inherent moral authority?
  84. The Missing Link
  85. How important are foreign students to the country in which they study?
  86. Do guns make a home safer or not?
  87. AIDS in Africa wildly overestimated - Is epidemiological science really this poor?
  88. Using Someone Else's Wireless Network *Is* Illegal
  89. Whats the SD on the Dead Sea Scrolls ?
  90. Lost Gospel, the Judas Gospel?
  91. Christians and L.D.S.- given the cite provided, how can anyone throw stones??
  92. Whose "Mafia" Is the Strongest Now?
  93. Are there too many global problems for civilization to survive intact?
  94. WHY did Illegal Immigration become an Issue Now?
  95. Has a real-life coverup conspiracy ever been a good thing? Could it be?
  96. What do CTs really want?
  97. McCain supporters: nauseous yet? (Falwell)
  98. If electricity ceased to exist
  99. Bush can "legally" declassify. So what?
  100. Sirhan Sirhan
  101. What would be the best way to expel illegals and start over with legal immigration?
  102. Illegal immigrants to pay back taxes
  103. Believers, why are you sure that god has the right moral values?
  104. Believers, how do you decide which parts of the bible to believe?
  105. Will Communism in China die with a bang or a whimper?
  106. Convince me that the Ivory-billed Woodpecker still exists.
  107. JFK autopsy photos-consistent with x-rays?
  108. "Oh, Lord..." - God's name in vain?
  109. Illegal immigrant, Let's be honest
  110. If Latinos in the U.S. don't assimilate, so what?
  111. How do you remove an evil tyrant?
  112. Justice, Fairness, and Guantanamo
  113. Silvio Berlusconi Loses in Italy- Who is now left in the Coalition of the Willing?
  114. Is Bush an apocalyptic Christian who believes the "end times" are coming soon?
  115. Italian elections too close to call?
  116. Would Christ have died from the scourging?
  117. Could Jesus have understood modern English?
  118. "Time-shifting" TV shows via the Internet
  119. Global Warming. Let's do it again.
  120. What's the story on intestinal Candida imbalances?
  121. Immoral vs. Unethical
  122. Adventures in Alternate History: What would happen if America never expanded
  123. So What's IRAN Up To?
  124. DA in duke case Vowes to Keep Investigating
  125. Can we identify national values?
  126. Is it okay to expect neighbors to supervise your children?
  127. What if the English Commonwealth (1649-1660) had survived?
  128. Tell me about Ollanta Humala (Peru's likely next president)
  129. "The British turned against slavery only after they didn't need it anymore" -True?
  130. Chappelle talks: Why I walked away.
  131. Military/History Question [What battle had the most surprising outcome?]
  132. Kunilou's rules of conspiracies
  133. Golden Gate bridge suicide barrier: yes or no?
  134. Should we insist on phylogenetic animal descriptors?
  135. 2010: Iraq Still Unstable-What To Do?
  136. "Drug firms 'inventing diseases'"
  137. What makes a Troll?
  138. If a radical journalist can't write for the "Village Voice," where can he write?!
  139. Public library closed Sunday 04/16
  140. Debate the Euston Manifesto
  141. Why do Americans fear internationalism?
  142. A Case of Genetics or Child Abuse?
  143. Will Rumsfeld resign?
  144. Tactical victories that were strategic disasters [Military history]
  145. Going to jail for selling books
  146. Jesus and his hair...debate!
  147. Falsifiability dethroned as the criterion of science?
  148. Is Dan Brown the new Salman Rushdie?
  149. Are White people "more obnoxious than anyone else"
  150. Peak Oil - what could and should be done?
  151. Personal and Political Redemption
  152. A unique Canuck view towards the future US Military
  153. What if Jesus had not been crucified?
  154. China needs women!
  155. Who are the true liberal politicians and what defines liberal? {Please Dems only}
  156. Tell me about Unitarian Universalism. Religion, or what?
  157. Should statistics be used to evaluate the veracity of an alleged victims claims?
  158. Does Hamas really have any idea what they are doing in running a government?
  159. Home Invasion Questions
  160. Are the Christian gospels Anti-Semetic?
  161. What to do with these Chinse Muslims detained at Gitmo?
  162. Chad coup fails -- was Sudan behind it? And why would they fight?
  163. Definition of a Christian, mk II
  164. Why are we in Iraq?
  165. Jesse jackson Involved in Duke case-good or Bad?
  166. The inhibition of destructive memes
  167. What do conservatives think about universal healthcare?
  168. Wherein SentientMeat tries to convince other-wise that physicalism is reasonable
  169. Oil trade in Euros, collapse of US economy?
  170. Could global warming usher in an age of dictatorships
  171. Scott McClellan: Bad Guy, or Innocent Shill?
  172. Guantanamo- Prison visits are a sham
  173. Karl Rove half-resigns -- what does this mean?
  174. Will China ever break up the way the Soviet Union did?
  175. What caused the Pleistocene/Holocene extinction? Human hunters, or climate change?
  176. A year into Benedict's papacy, were predictions correct?
  177. When children don't look like their parents.
  178. Illegal Immigration: Why not just focus on the employers?
  179. The future of heavy armored warfare
  180. President Pelosi?
  181. The basic philosophy behind Anarcho-Capitalism
  182. What will be the issues in the 2006 Congressional elections?
  183. Ethical question: Can compelling "national interest" justify U.S. presence in Iraq?
  184. Leftists, Rightists, Centrists--Why Can't We All Just Get Along?
  185. Court says schools can ban hurtful T-shirt slogans
  186. If the current Iraq war is found to be illegal, what should happen to Sadam?
  187. Why doesn't competition keep the price of oil down?
  188. How are myth based, supernatural belief systems like Chrstianity going to survive?
  189. The anti-heckling law for foreign politicians is nonsense, and wrong.
  190. "No Child Left Behind" Studies Are Slanted?
  191. Will copyright become unenforcable (and useless) someday? Now?
  192. Social effects of cheap space travel & colonization
  193. Bay Area to Bush:Welcome to dinner; now please choke on it....
  194. Question for Christians and Specially Presbyterians - All Penitent Forgiven?
  195. If you Photoshop a child's face onto an adult naked body that's child porn
  196. Seriously, How in the Hell does Privatizing ANYTHING Make it Better?
  197. Americans and Irony
  198. Vatican begins research into theological acceptance of condoms
  199. The walls of Jericho
  200. Gambling loses are deductible, but medical expenses only sometimes? The logic?
  201. Why aren't sex crimes capital offenses in more jurisdictions?
  202. 25% of college women get raped? 10% of all men get raped?
  203. My take on consciousness (rather long)
  204. What hope is there for humanity if we are products of natural selection
  205. Newbie philosphy question here. I'm just going to jump right in.
  206. Oil questions, why no new US wells, refineries, why just light and sweet?
  207. Is it financially advantageous to leave oil in the ground?
  208. What moral obligation does a man have to a child of rape?
  209. Rethinking notions of children getting hit by cars
  210. Make campaign contributions anonymous
  211. Elected officials: Repond to the will of the people, or vote their own minds?
  212. In what sense can certain criminals be declared "not human?"
  213. So, how d'ya feel about Sudan having nukes?
  214. Nostradamus, the man who predicted NOTHING!
  215. How would the US Economy be affected if Tipping was abolished?
  216. Is this a fair definition of neoconservatism?
  217. Is Freedom Of The Net In Danger? Net Neutrality.
  218. If there are so many unneeded illegal immigrants, why do we need guest workers too?
  219. Conflict between Amendments
  220. Forget Nostradamus, let's talk rationality
  221. God vs. Dr. House: Faith healers and psychosomatic explanations
  222. Once a Catholic always a Catholic - Leaving religions
  223. Could I undergo a Scientology "Auditing" and remain in control?
  224. Christians who believe in evolution
  225. Why no talk about nukes?
  226. From a conservative friend, an email history from WWII to Iraq....
  227. Indian Nuke Deal
  228. What is the connection between oneness, meditation & religious values
  229. Bush, worst president in history according the Rolling Stone
  230. Is the reliability of Wikipedia.org "debatable" here?
  231. Let's analyze a modern fortune teller
  232. Al Qaeda Admits Defeat
  233. Is there some reason we tolerate money laundering via tiny island banks?
  234. was the Israeli attack on USS Liberty only an accident
  235. Why do religions treat atheism as worse than heresy?
  236. What role does avoiding terrorism play in the int. comm. response to Darfur
  237. Do subscriptions make sense when you may not always get the product? Should we ban?
  238. The Piraha: Counting, Language, and Culture
  239. What has been Rush Limbaugh's take on plea bargaining?
  240. Update on Progress in Iraq and The War On Terror
  241. Air India bombing: forgotten due to racism?
  242. If all the illegal workers up and left the US what would really happen?
  243. had USA plans to invade Canada in the 1930's
  244. had USA plans to invade Canada in the 1930's
  245. Whats your thoughts on... Darfur?
  246. Immigrant boycott day May 1: Good idea?
  247. How big a hit are the Republicans going to take in the 2006 House & Senate elections?
  248. If you aren't doing anything illegal...
  249. 9/11 - Loose Change
  250. God or Satan: Who's winning?