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  1. Does the 14th amendment really give citizenship to "anchor babies"
  2. Jon Benet Ramsey murder
  3. What makes identity?
  4. Immigration: Mr. President, I have a question.
  5. Are voters responsible for governments?
  6. Evolutionary benefit of racism
  7. how many NATO soldier died in the war against Serbia i 1999?
  8. Is morality better with or without religion
  9. Caution, Precaution, and the Precautionary Principle
  10. Ignoring people in need, a crime?
  11. Global Warming stopped in 1998, now 8 years of NO global warming.
  12. Bush still appending "signing statements" to new laws saying he won't obey them
  13. Moussaoui gets life, not death...
  14. Love It Or Leave It... OK then, who's paying and where are we supposed to go?
  15. Cheney finally gets something right [criticizes Russia]
  16. Do you think the press is too easily spun by the likes of Moussaoui?
  17. Is liberalized, market based education the way forward for developing nations?
  18. Is there anybody else here who just cannot make up their mind on illegal immigrants?
  19. Recovering ex-Catholics share your strategies
  20. Are the expectations we have for the accuracy of covert US Intelligence unrealistic?
  21. If terrorists got an atomic bomb, what would they do with it?
  22. Did Porter Goss Jump, Or Was he Pushed?
  23. Are giant "hand cannon" revolvers practical guns or macho novelties?
  24. Logistics of Partitioning Iraq
  25. Will Iran ever break up the way the Soviet Union did?
  26. Are people becoming more tolerant of tech mediocrity?
  27. Do you think "The system works"? US trials.
  28. Was trashing France a good idea?
  29. The response to a terrorist nuke?
  30. Are those who leak product information pre-release serving the public good?
  31. If Jesus had Kids, enlighten me about why this is heresy?
  32. Is Cheney insane?
  33. Why I oppose the death penalty
  34. is the trouble between USA and Iran just psyops?
  35. Nazi Ratzi, McCarthyism and Picking Your Battles
  36. Is Canada a Nuclear Power?
  37. If the Feds won't do it, we will: localities take steps to curb illegal immigration
  38. Public protection of personal safety, is it always a good thing?
  39. So is it a big deal that the next CIA head is a military man?
  40. What's so bad about living in a "Nanny State"?
  41. why are there something called "neocons"
  42. Well, looks like Texas executed an innocent man
  43. How much debt can the American government rack up?
  44. Replacing Cheney as VP: Redux
  45. Selective gasoline company boycotts? Good or bad idea?
  46. Fred Phelps is only the tip of the religion iceberg!
  47. Is pedophilia "natrual" or is it a sickness?
  48. US Incarceration Rates
  49. Blu-ray vers. HD-DVD
  50. will the lack of water increase the conflict level i the Middle-East ?
  51. Opening the borders: What would happen?
  52. Attention Dems - They WANT Hillary as our Candidate
  53. When would you become and insurgent or a terrorist?
  54. Children and sex and pedophilia
  55. White Americans less healthy than British counterparts: your thoughts
  56. No Child Left Behind starting to cause massive school upheavals - Good thing or not?
  57. Obvious evidence for an old earth
  58. Do tax cuts help the economy?
  59. What is the logic behind being ok with alcohol and tobacco and not with marijuana?
  60. IF Hillary Clinton got the Dem nomination in '08, could she win the election?
  61. DA Nifong's using only team photos for the accuser to ID her alleged attackers
  62. Another Clinton for '08 question, except this time it's about Bill
  63. ABC's Bird Flu Movie (Implications)
  64. Standing with Minimum Wage Earners Act of 2006 - Good? Bad?
  65. Is traveling to to future possible?
  66. Reporting election results by eligible voters, rather than actual voters
  67. Are tax cuts and increases in the Fed rate antithetical?
  68. The Man's got your phonecalls
  69. the end of the dollar hegemony and Iran
  70. National/ Ethnic Stereotypes, humor, and whining
  71. Egypt on the verge of Islamist Revolution?
  72. The Man has Your DNA Too
  73. People should have free access to taxpayer-funded lawyers for civil situations
  74. Study recommends no flu vaccine for the elderly
  75. Moussaoui, Guilty or Not?
  76. Free, state-paid Universities v. expensive (American) universities.....
  77. What if the Greeks had won the Battle of Alalia?
  78. Harvard Researchgroup: Too Much Zionist Influence on the US-Goverment
  79. Praise to a corporation (for now)
  80. Ashkenazy Jews, Intelligence, Evolution
  81. Evidence for the resurrection
  82. The Canadian Dollar is up. When do I get my cheap stuff?
  83. What generation of young people had the best time?
  84. The "Bible Code" -Is It Real?
  85. Is lawyer licensing necessary?
  86. "Liberals" in Texas?
  87. how common were US war crimes in Vietnam
  88. Seventy bodies delivered to Baghdad morgue in six hours, many tortured and executed.
  89. I guess I should have expected this: Bible-based geocentrism proponents
  90. Should This Hip-Hop D.J. Be Arrested? I'm Doubtful
  91. Shots fired between Iraqi battalions; more indicators of a brewing civil war ?
  92. If our current batch of pundits had been alive in 45
  93. Does Venezuelan Weapons Ban Seem Extreme To Anyone Else?
  94. Has Al Gore's time come?
  95. Sistani removes Fatwa on Gays
  96. Let's say I don't believe in Jesus's divinity.
  97. A question about the anti-christ and anti-christians.
  98. Why did the Patriarchs live so long?
  99. Did Bush ruin our chance to easily take out Ahmadinejad
  100. Why do kids have it harder today?
  101. Immigration: why this issue now?
  102. Alimony in 2006?
  103. Whole Foods to curtail crab cruelty
  104. Today, could an uncloseted gay male become a Hollywood superstar?
  105. Why don't bikers want to wear helmets?
  106. Being born Gay=Mental Illness?
  107. "Where did Porter Goss go right?" Or, why isn't Bush Cheerleading for this guy?
  108. How can we keep international humanitarian aid from being stolen?
  109. Tolerance or Intolerance
  110. Humans and Chimps Interbreding - What does this mean?
  111. Who is the most powerful person in the world?
  112. Does hazing provide societal benefits?
  113. Do you believe in a soul?
  114. Iran proposes badges for Non-muslims
  115. What is the UN Good For? What Should it be Good For?
  116. nanny state vs. societal vested interest
  117. How strict should libraries' filtering software be?
  118. Xena: The Moche Warrior Princess?
  119. Say the 2006 hurricane season is bad too...
  120. Is it time for nuke power?
  121. Nepal: What exactly does "Maoist" mean, nowadays, outside China?
  122. Should the Mt. Soledad cross stay or go?
  123. In which I ruminate on the endemic nature of racism, and ponder why some can't see it
  124. What does God mean when he says his name is Yahweh?
  125. The Lost Christianities: The Battles for Scripture and the Faiths We Never Knew
  126. Time For The Fence Along The Border
  127. Can the Marketplace of Ideas Be Free?
  128. What possible purpose would male pregnancy serve?
  129. Why shouldn't invertebrates feel pain
  130. OK: who is best? - men or women ?
  131. Racial/Ethnic Slurs and Physical Violence
  132. In Christian belief can other parts of the Trinity become incarnate
  133. What would happen in Mexico if the US deported all the Mexican illegal aliens here?
  134. will the decreasing of the western population be the end of our civilization?
  135. Antonio Damasio anyone?
  136. Search of Rep. Jefferson unconstitutional?
  137. Will teaching gay history create false history?
  138. If Mexico were communist, would there be enough to attract back the emigrants?
  139. God Hiding His Face - What does it mean?
  140. Should college professors test or teach?
  141. Why canít more reporters be like Mike Wallace?
  142. Why don't military operations have cryptic names any more?
  143. Venezuela pulls out of Andean Community -- South American unification derailed?
  144. Fossil fuel-free industrial revolution
  145. Jacob/Israel
  146. Oklahoma Mother Jailed for Daughter's Truancy
  147. Bush on Greenhouse Gases
  148. Do you still support Harper?
  149. Can abortion be responsible birth control?
  150. Why do Americans know so little about Canada?
  151. Portland, OR. vs The FBI.
  152. Being rude when under threat.
  153. Funeral Protest Ban--Your thoughts?
  154. Should North America eventually form a single Union?
  155. Are immigrants, legal or illegal, any more prone to crime than native-born citizens?
  156. WWII what ifs
  157. USA: Do the States really matter, and should they?
  158. Should abortion law be based on morality, technology or something else?
  159. Is horse racing cruel?
  160. Virtual reality and murder/rape/etc
  161. The state of Marriage and fathers in urban poor Black America
  162. What's with the Congressional outrage...
  163. What keeps the range of UK accents in existence?
  164. What does God want with a Starship, or God's interest in man
  165. Is grammar instruction really important when teaching children to write?
  166. Is it possible to have a representative, democratic, pluralistic social system
  167. What to do with psychopaths?
  168. If homosexuality is so sinful, why isn't its prohibition one of the 10 Commandments?
  169. How many illegal/undocumented aliens are there in the U.S.?
  170. homosexuality and the society
  171. Is Jap a perjorative in this day and age?
  172. Has John Bolton lived up (or down) to expectations?
  173. will Shanghai Cooperation Organization challeng USA and EU i near future?
  174. We are becoming too pro-military in the US
  175. How much does white guilt still affect the race debate and race relations in the US?
  176. How come you Americans haven't impeached Bush?
  177. Jewish cultural questions
  178. Ethical Responsibility of Tatoo Parlors
  179. Statute of limitations
  180. Soldiers and ex-soldiers, where did you find your faith?
  181. EU Court of Justice doesn't trust Department of Homeland Security - airlines
  182. What moral responsibility does the US have for the current Iraqi bloodbath?
  183. Do you consider "wigger" a racial slur?
  184. What would it take to change your mind about the theory of evolution?
  185. Canadian Fixed Elections
  186. Can the swastika be reclaimed?
  187. What about Jesus' Dad?
  188. Presidential Immunity
  189. Ritually Clean Requirements - Jews, Non-Jews, and a Red Heifer
  190. Zeus=Jove=Jupiter=Jehova?
  191. Canadian Senate reform
  192. Unity08 - Can it make a difference?
  193. or how being gay might be proof for the Existence of God the creator
  194. The Supreme Court Blows It!
  195. Fighting the War on Terror in the long term
  196. Judas - As part of the Twelve
  197. Starting war under "false pretenses" actually illegal?
  198. Resolved: GWB as an early president would have destroyed the union
  199. Iran's nukes
  200. Hate Crimes and Gang Warfare Appropriate Legal Responses [Haditha massacre]
  201. Business Model : aren't we passed the "kiss the customer's ass" era?
  202. Al Gore: Environmental superhero or Chicken Little?
  203. Is it time to seriously consider Colonialism again?
  204. The Utter Depravity of Humans when Faced with Authority
  205. Election fraud in the US: what can we do?
  206. Kennedy's Handling of Cuban Missle Crisis. Cowards Way Out or Heroic Effort?
  207. Jesus - Not the Son of Man?
  208. Jack Miles - God, A Biography
  209. What would happen if the earth's destruction was pinpointed and inevitable?
  210. Dutch "Paedophile Party"; Thoughts?
  211. Is legally recognized polygamy even practical?
  212. How can sex between consenting adults be a felony in Texas?
  213. What would you say if this happened? [if a Christian dies and meets the God of Islam]
  214. What if Aaron Burr's conspiracy had succeeded?
  215. Is the WADA Necessary?
  216. Kennedy's Rollong Stone article
  217. When is Copyright Infrigement OK?
  218. Who will the next war be against?
  219. How much should we parents worry about our kids seeing internet porn?
  220. How Starting Points Effect Outcomes in Science, Politics and Religion
  221. Prediction/prophecy of Islam in the Bible? Torah?
  222. Should standing armies be illegal?
  223. Is saving lives overrated?
  224. Why is drinking such a valued asset?
  225. "Saving for the cause of fornication" The Teachings of Jesus and Divorce
  226. Islam is a Violent Religion
  227. Is Al gore's documentary propaganda?
  228. Gun Law Question-Pennsylvania
  229. Patrick Henry College: Affect politically in 20-30 years.
  230. Is porn getting "Nastier"?
  231. Nature vs. Nurture
  232. Should interracial marriage have been kept illegal until Congress acted?
  233. Does current science prove the existence of god?
  234. Senate debates, Bush backs, anti-SSM amendment. Implications?
  235. Why do Americans know so little about Latin America?
  236. Does human life have inherent value?
  237. Should NAMBLA be treated different from other political groups
  238. Coffee good or bad for you?
  239. Recommend a book on Q (New Testament source)
  240. Gay as a word for stupid
  241. Any atheists against same sex marriage?
  242. Apostates: what made you lose your religion?
  243. What Happened in California? Billbray v Busby
  244. How does Same Sex Marriage "violate" the sanctity of marriage?
  245. The Inverse of the (weak) Anthropic Principle
  246. Why doesn't Russia have an all-volunteer military NOW?
  247. Has Cheney done anything for which he might be impeached?
  248. Capitalism is a Form of Creeping Socialism
  249. Peru: Garcia beats Humala. What does this portend?
  250. Should Leslie Van Houten (Manson Family) Be Paroled?

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