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  1. What's the point of living a life free of vices?
  2. Do we really have an interest in a democratic government in Iraq?
  3. What would a Constitution Party (religious-right) America be like?
  4. What will REALLY happen when the world actually runs out of oil?
  5. What do we care if China "manipulates" it's money?
  6. Make Presidential Candidates Academic Records Public
  7. LDS theology questions thread
  8. Non-U.S. Dopers: Are your politicians THIS bad?
  9. Why is government involved in marriage at all?
  10. Religion - A place to throw it all away?
  11. Obama and the Civil Rights Establishment
  12. Transubstantiation, substance and accident
  13. We see the madness and ask why [Dictators and Cults of Personality]
  14. Dems: Clinton, Obama, Edwards Or Vilsack?
  15. So, WAS The "BIG DIG" Jerry-Built From The Start?
  16. Will the Constitution be amended so Schwarzenegger can be president?
  17. Will FIAT ever Return To N. America?
  18. What would happen if I decided to move to an uninhabited island
  19. What going on with the Guantánamo Bay detainment camp situation?
  20. Should false rape claims face more prosecution?
  21. Department of Homeland Security -- track record so far?
  22. Our Society's Legacy
  23. Resolved for Debate: Some things exist which do not exhibit empirical signs
  24. Atheism
  25. Ethiopia intervenes in Somalia -- will the U.S. ever get involved there again?
  26. Should some groups be ineligible for political office?
  27. "Fiasco," by Thomas Ricks
  28. Liquid Coal powered cars...wave of the future?
  29. climate change in our lifetime
  30. Freedom of religion
  31. Gerald Ford passes -- let's debate his legacy
  32. Cheney to testify at Scooter Libby's trial
  33. Will any Bush Admin members face criminal charges?
  34. Israel plans new WB settlement -- in the Jordan Valley!
  35. Do the condemned have a right to grandstand?
  36. Market manipulation and corporate oligarchy
  37. Are managers just ratifiers, and if so, why pay them so much?
  38. FDA says no to clone label
  39. Do any white collar crimes call for death or life sentences?
  40. Another "Free Will" debate.
  41. Teenage boys Being "Dissed"=fate Worse than death?
  42. What's the point of "liberal" Christianity?
  43. Do we really need two Dakotas?
  44. Saddam to hang 'no later than Saturday'
  45. Maybe we should just let the Iranians have Iraq
  46. Saddam execution video on TV
  47. Drake vs Mandelbrot
  48. Saddam Hussein-dead. What now?
  49. Rachel Carson saved lives (or tried to), not destroyed them (DDT and malaria)
  50. Will the U.S. be at war with Iran before January '09?
  51. If you intentionally changed religions, why?
  52. Shouldn't we be pledging allegiance to the constitution?
  53. On the posting of Saddam Execution Videos
  54. How old was Adam, really?
  55. Is it EVER OK to Let Politics Steer Science?
  56. If we could "cure" (or create!) homosexuality, would it be wrong? & if it went away?
  57. Why does God Permit....
  58. How old is too old to have kids?
  59. So WHAT Were Nostradamus's "Prophecies" All About?
  60. Let's talk about AWOL Soldiers
  61. CNN Reports Saddam Offered Asylum [to Bin Laden]
  62. Will Increasing The Number of US Troops JUST Increase The Death Toll?
  63. Will we (a) still be in Iraq on 1/1/09, (b) have left on our own, (c) gotten evicted?
  64. 110th Congress convenes Thursday -- what will the Dems do now?
  65. Is "gayness" a western social construct?
  66. Was Bush's bland Xian eulogy for Ford okay with you?
  67. Should the countries Other Than the US restrict immigration?
  68. Did Hitler get into heaven?
  69. Is police 'professional courtesy' justified?
  70. Guantanamo Torture: the Evidence
  71. Are prolifers obligated to act by any means necessary?
  72. What's gonna happen to the unlawful combatents in the long-term?
  73. How much say should people have in a war?
  74. What does "winning" in Iraq mean?
  75. Should the Government Encourage early death 9via Unhealthy Lifestyles)?
  76. Would you serve as Bush's VP?
  77. What does it mean to behave irrationally?
  78. Negroponte resigns as National Intelligence Director
  79. Stunting growth of disabled child
  80. Some random thoughts about a Creator
  81. State Legislature Approval Ratings - Gerrymandering - Campaign Finance Reform
  82. The environmental movement, and its irrational fear of nuclear energy
  83. Darwin in the classroom redux
  84. Is trash still a problem?
  85. Ramos-Compean Sentence
  86. Bush replaces/reshuffles top generals
  87. We have become the black hat in Iraq - We need a new one
  88. Is anti-theism a valid theological perspective?
  89. Why the universe pops into existance...
  90. If PETA got its way
  91. Is it wrong for people to leave home on Christmas?
  92. Is Fundamentalist Atheism real?
  93. AA is a religious organization
  94. What does it mean to be a Pagan?
  95. Have we been sold out by Ms. Pelosi and the Democrats on the Iraq war?
  96. Lexus vs Mercedes-Benz: Who Copied Whom?
  97. Union supporters: would you support this?
  98. Saddam and Cousin Discussed Killing Thousands
  99. Hinduism - calling all Hindus, ex-Hindus, and those merely interested
  100. Was Karen Silkwood Murdered?
  101. Distaters in Colorado vs. New Orleans : Is this text racist or just right-wing rantin
  102. Bush to announce new Iraq policy Wednesday
  103. What would a Socialist (Socialist Party, USA) America be like?
  104. Definition of 'Crimes Against Humanity'.
  105. The "Disappearance" of Down Syndrome Kids
  106. If you were (a) God, how would you suggest your existence?
  107. "Proof" for subjective/internal states
  108. Iraq: 'Regime Change' Was Our Downfall
  109. Was Goliath the underdog?
  110. How easy/hard would it be for the US to become an authoritarian regime?
  111. The Immaculate Conception
  112. "The President won't let policy be influenced by public opinion"
  113. Dopers who know about military stuff, what do you think about the "surge"?
  114. Is it time to ban frats once and for all?
  115. 100 hour scorecard for Dem Congress
  116. Further Details of Sandy Berger's Thievery
  117. What's in the water in Hope, AR (Mike Huckabee related)
  118. Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) announces for president
  119. 'Of course you realize, this means war.' (U.S. raids Iran consulate in Iraq)
  120. Watch out... spy coins!
  121. Siting Dubya's Presidential Library
  122. Karma
  123. Can you describe a current Bush backer?
  124. Business Major's Lifetime Mystery
  125. Changes to Randi's Challenge
  126. Sec. Of State Rice's lack of kids makes her unqualiifed hold an opinion about the war
  127. Should we bring back the draft, in some form?
  128. Afghanistan POWs. (previously: Guantanamo) [ed. title]
  129. What does current physical cosmology tell us about the end of the universe?
  130. Did the Roman Empire fall because of Christianity?
  131. One way the "metric system" is better..
  132. What if Carthage had won the Punic Wars?
  133. How is this for an Alternative Plan?
  134. How can the U.S. regain International goodwill?
  135. 1.7 million Iraqis now refugees -- should the U.S. admit more than 500 of them?
  136. Miami-Dade referendum on a "strong mayor" system
  137. Luis Posada Carriles indicted in U.S.
  138. How could we impeach Bush now?
  139. Am I just being paranoid?
  140. Calling Airman_Doors: WHY does the military want to go to war?
  141. Creationism Evidence
  142. Could Dole have won the 1996 election?
  143. How about we ask the UN for an Alternative Plan?
  144. Will philosophy end?
  145. 60 Minutes Bush interview 1/14/07
  146. If Gas Was $1.10/Gal. Would Most Americans Give a Shit About How Iraq was Going?
  147. Are Xians stupid?
  148. Is Iraqi embassy sign we are staying.?
  149. Can all these hispanic people I see really be here legally?
  150. Why $89,500 cap for Social Security?
  151. Is there justification for iconoclasm and or "memory holing" books?
  152. Guantanamo boss calls for lawyer boycott.
  153. A possible Israel/Syria deal?
  154. 300 years since the Act of Union - time for the UK to split up?
  155. Are regular elections a problem for foreign policy?
  156. One trouble with erecting an independent country is that they become ... independent.
  157. Inconvenient Truth and Nuclear Energy
  158. Obama forms committee to explore presidential bid
  159. Choosing the American President.
  160. Is there any way to stabilize Iraq without involving Iran and/or Syria?
  161. Pentagon doing domestic surveillance of financial records
  162. Did Bill Clinton lean libertarian?
  163. Women and professional degrees
  164. Violence in video games
  165. Does a fertilized egg have a soul?
  166. Under what circumstances should people enlist to fight in wars they don't support?
  167. What motivates political blame?
  168. Here we go again: How many Iraqis have died because of the war/occupation?
  169. Domestic Wiretapping program almost dead
  170. State Lotteries = Welfare Recovery?
  171. What Experience is Obama Lacking?
  172. Sen. Clinton calls for capping Iraq troop level, increasing Afghanistan's
  173. How long could the U.S. last against an enemy of collective nations?
  174. Ignorant of crime committed: are you still a victim?
  175. A union between Britain and France in 1956... WTF?
  176. Creating more phone numbers: a modest proposal
  177. Could workhouses ever make a comeback (in any form) in the western world?
  178. Can Chuck Hagel upset McCain, and...
  179. Should college football players be paid?
  180. Iraq War's Legality Not a Defense for Disobedience
  181. Are Paratroops Obsolete?
  182. What's wrong with indexing the minimum wage?
  183. Civil War Redux
  184. Should the VP be an appointed position?
  185. If churches paid taxes, would they survive?
  186. Exxon finally folds on Global Warming
  187. The message and the messenger are two totally separate things.
  188. What makes for a great President?
  189. Does it take faith to be a strong atheist?
  190. China tests anti-satellite weapon; Space Race Version 2.0 ahead?
  191. Are organic foods any good?
  192. Why is the Justice Department firing so many U.S. Attorneys?
  193. AG Gonzalez to federal judges: Stay out of national-security matters
  194. What is dejavous?
  195. How would you handle Iraq?
  196. Are Vegetarians Evil?
  197. King Abdullah: Jordan wants nukes!
  198. Hillary Clinton announces for president
  199. If W wants to attack Iran, can the Dems stop him?
  200. Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) announces for president
  201. Do the Republicans have any chance of retaining the White House?
  202. The economy is doing great
  203. What philosophers now living will one day rank as Canonical Names (with Plato, etc.)?
  204. A question for the Iraqi death squads
  205. Bandwidth Theft: Really So Evil These Days?
  206. Do police use psychics?
  207. How does the presidential candidate field look now compared to previous elections?
  208. Attention Minty Green: Do you still believe that Alberto Gonzales isn't a worse AG?
  209. Gov. Bill Richardson (D) New Mexico runs for president [merged threads]
  210. Would a new president be able to break the Don't Ask Don't Tell wall?
  211. Is the Human Race Headed for Infertility?
  212. President Bush gets something right.... (Taxes/tax breaks shift health costs) [ed.]
  213. Question about iraqi dinar investing
  214. Natural categories?
  215. Calculating the cost of the Iraq "war"
  216. Why do Republican insurance "reform" proposals only seem to benefit the insurance cos
  217. How culturally uniform is the U.S.?
  218. Why can't Congress just repeal the law authorizing force in Iraq?
  219. So What Would You Do About the Homeless?
  220. Whither Latin American unification? Mercosur v. CAN, ALADI v. ALBA, all v. FTAA
  221. Is Clinton slinging mud at Obama (and blaming it on the right-wing conspiracy)?
  222. New poll: Confidence in Bush leadership at all-time low
  223. Politics aside are the lessons the Army is learning in Iraq making it more effective?
  224. Iran, the worst case scenario
  225. Poll: 22% of Americans hoping Bush fails in Iraq
  226. Should Bears DT Johnson be allowed to go to the Super Bowl?
  227. Obama or Hillary? Can the Dems put a woman or a black man in the White House?
  228. Stop Global Warming called for by Big Business & Environmental groups.
  229. If Bush wanted to surrender a war...
  230. Is "argumentum ad hominem" always a fallacy?
  231. W's SOTU address tonight
  232. "Scooter" hates "the Turdblossom"? (Libby trial)
  233. Cheaper to buy up all their crude?
  234. Should we get rid of the Ph.D. thesis?
  235. Jim Webb to give the Dem's response to Bush's speech
  236. Is Bill Clinton to blame for China acquiring anti-satellite weapons technology?
  237. Should we get rid of the Ph.D.?
  238. If Jesus Could Heal the Sick and Raise the Dead
  239. A Civilian Reserve Corps?
  240. Is there any real geographic exploration of the world left?
  241. why not universal healthcare?
  242. Could they be here, among us, unnoticed?
  243. Is a moonstalk the way to a moon base?
  244. Should the SOTU address be something other than a pep rally?
  245. What makes a religion a religion?
  246. Let's debate Declarations of War.
  247. Kerry out in 2008
  248. What will the world be like when China and India are military/economic superpowers?
  249. California and Florida want to move up their primary dates: What effect on election?
  250. Does Guam deserve a recorded vote in Congress?

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