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  1. Whither consumer robotics?
  2. Catholic Adoption agencies and Same-sex Couples
  3. Should Hillary get the nomination, would she be best?
  4. Hagel: bold posturing?
  5. Pres's SOTU - What's all this about stopping terrorists?
  6. Should the Size of the (U.S. Congress) House Be Increased?
  7. Again; Should Pharmacists Be Allowed To Refuse To Dispense Drugs They Object To?
  8. Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) (onetime Libertarian) running for president
  9. Have historians been fair to JFK re: US involvement in Vietnam?
  10. Can Blu-Ray survive without porn?
  11. Using, trusting and citing Wikipedia
  12. Corroboration of events in the OT
  13. Why do people call Islamic Civilization a Violent Civilization?
  14. Ottawa reaches $10 million compensation deal with Canadian sent abroad to be tortured
  15. what about those WOMD in Iraq?
  16. What's your opinion on circumcision?
  17. U.S. troops authorized to kill or capture Iranian agents in Iraq
  18. Can Cap-and-Trade systems work?
  19. Anyone following the PETA trial in North Carolina?
  20. Corporations should be taxed on revenue, not profit
  21. Have non-historians been fair to LBJ ?
  22. An alternative Hitler?
  23. Why does Bush need to insist he is the "decision-maker"?
  24. Can Powell be Redeemed?
  25. Is the Republican Presidential field deeply unsatisfying for conservatives?
  26. If you have never served should you speak for the troops?
  27. Would dirty bombs have been useful in WWII?
  28. Lebanon: Strike ends, violence continues . . .
  29. Could Arnold pick the next Republican presidential candidate?
  30. Why do we believe in God, when there is no scientific evidence of its existance
  31. Is "Once Saved Always Saved" Scripturally Valid?
  32. Blue States really are better than Red States
  33. Are there any right-wing relativists?
  34. Future Philosophical Dilemas - 2057' Tigers weren't extinct when I was a boy...
  35. Who will end up controlling Iraq's oil?
  36. Could terrorists actualy ever top 9/11?
  37. Wasn't futurology dead?
  38. Evidentialism
  39. "...we regard as regrettable the concatenation of Darwin's name with evolution."
  40. Six Sigma's rubbish. Isn't it?
  41. How fast could we get to Mars or Jupiter?
  42. Should Berger now be given a lie detector test, as per his plea agreement?
  43. So these are the heroes that will step up as we stand down?
  44. God in a pill & should/could the US continue to ban psilocybin?
  45. Military service for POTUS
  46. Does Biden have a chance against Hillary and Obama?
  47. Presidential Mystery Date
  48. What effects will interactivity have on intellect/serendipitous learning/etc.?
  49. Ask the person openly bearing various prejudices.
  50. Military shows off "Active Denial System" (agony ray)
  51. Was Jesus as smart as Plato?
  52. Possible Iran involvement in Iraq: Now what?
  53. Do you believe that a cloned cow could meet the organic food standard?
  54. Are higher rape conviction rates incompatible with current judicial norms?
  55. Would the logical move for Obama be to take a VP slot first?
  56. Atomic debate: bombing Japan
  57. Florida may scrap touchscreen voting machines
  58. The Technological Singularity
  59. Unthinking obedience is the original sin.
  60. Trans Fats -- Is NYC violating people's civil rights?
  61. The Al Franken... Six-Year Senate Term?
  62. How Racist Might You Be?
  63. Was Alberto DeSalvo the Boston Strangler?
  64. The silence on Biden is deafening
  65. Leading Senate Dems and Pubs join forces on anti-surge resolution
  66. Is Marijuana any more of a gateway drug than Alcohol?
  67. Did Bush order the release of Valerie Plame's name?
  68. Refuse part or all of the bible?
  69. Venezuelan Congress grants Chavez power to rule by decree -- Bonapartism?
  70. Should the Government intervene to save a child's life?
  71. Bush Admin increasing WH oversight over federal regulation-making process
  72. Al Gore nominated for Nobel Peace Prize -- should he get it?
  73. Philosophy: What is it good for?
  74. Get Andrew Jackson off the $20
  75. What if big conspiracy theories (Roswell, JFK) suddenly turned out to be TRUE?
  76. Why prayer is illogical and useless
  77. Global Warming ( A Different Reason)
  78. More than 90% chance that global warming is due to human activity...
  79. So how does PETA want animals to be treated?
  80. Unholy wars
  81. Is Alcoholism Really a Disease?
  82. German prosecutors issue arrest warrants for 13 suspected CIA agents
  83. Is punctuality a choice?
  84. Why does everyone hate Bush?
  85. Najaf battle: Victory or massacre?
  86. Let's debate the new NIE "Prospects for Iraq’s Stability: A Challenging Road Ahead"
  87. Turkey wants U.S. to crack down on Kurdish rebels (PKK) in northern Iraq
  88. What's wrong with psychiatry?
  89. Solution to Increased Atmospheric CO2: Iron Fertilization of the Oceans
  90. Bush/Cheney Simulpeachment: to Pre-Empt a War With Iran (or whoever)
  91. Would Richardson be an asset as a running mate?
  92. A Texas Republican Does Something Right!
  93. What would Sadam do?
  94. A viable (but drastic) temporary solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
  95. An uncreated universe is more logical than an uncreated God!
  96. Washington's racism and the Islamist trap - A prescient article from 2001
  97. We've lost in Iraq, haven't we?
  98. Does the Federal Reserve cause inflation?
  99. Is masturbation a physical need or something else?
  100. Light as a feather stiff as a board
  101. Is anyone else happy to just take their chances with regards to a terrorist attack?
  102. Jewish Power and Pat Buchanan's statements on the The McLaughlin Group
  103. Was Dan Quayle worse than Dick Cheney?
  104. Global warming, Fossil Fuel Future, Lifestyle for my Great Grandchildren
  105. Federally-controlled education?
  106. Fight my ignorance re: Global Warming
  107. Does Ed Brown have legal standing?
  108. Religion based on rational belief? Then why the geographic variation?
  109. What can/should we do about Afghanistan? (Remember Afghanistan?)
  110. "Winning" in Iraq
  111. John Edwards is a very impressive Presidential candidate
  112. Talented and Gifted Education vs. Remedial Education
  113. Will technology make cheating unstoppable?
  114. What if we moved Iraq to Africa?
  115. Fallout from the Snickers ad
  116. A blueprint for religious harmony.
  117. Immigration debate causing surge in KKK membership?
  118. How the US/Mexico immigration debate should perhaps be framed
  119. Is paranormal torture a Jungian archtype?
  120. If God is spirit why is the Holy spirit separate from The father who is spirit also?
  121. Trial Lawyers, Edwards, and "Helping the Downtrodden"
  122. Could Giuliani put NY in play in '08?
  123. Does Lt. Watada stand any chance of acquittal?
  124. can America get its rep back
  125. Do you think the US should reciprocate for N.Korea printing our banknotes?
  126. Put this presidential race into perspective
  127. Whatever happened to carpooling?
  128. Assuming anthropogenic climate change is real, what can/should we do about it?
  129. Pelosi's Palatial Plane Preference: Piggishness or Republican Pablam?
  130. Do you think we need national level laws about marriage, divorce, and inheritance?
  131. What happened to Nigeria?
  132. Joe Kennedy and Venezuela
  133. Jehovah's Witnesses, please fight my ignorance
  134. Will Ralph Nader run for president in 2008? Will it matter?
  135. $Billions given to CPA for Iraq reconstruction are missing.
  136. What's this nonsense about science and religion?
  137. Murtha presses for closure of Guantanamo Bay prison, & to start bringing troops home
  138. Pentagon/OSP manipulated intelligence to link Hussein to al-Qaeda
  139. All 435 House members will get to see the classified version of the NIE
  140. Is the Office of the Vice President part of the Executive Branch?
  141. Office of Special Plans reincarnated as the Iran Directorate
  142. All this garbage!
  143. Why Japan?
  144. Michigan Court of Appeal strikes down benefits for unmarried couples, straight or gay
  145. Is there any good way to shift people from incandescent bulbs to fluorescents?
  146. What kind of conservative is George Bush?
  147. Should Canada toss the Canada–U.S. "Safe Third Country Agreement"?
  148. Is It Any of Your Business When Someone Else Doesn't Follow the Rules?
  149. A belief in miracles is atheistic
  150. Redo requirements for federal judges
  151. U.S. ties Iranian leader to bombs killing U.S. troops
  152. Will Al Gore run for president?
  153. Should corporations be allowed to use human bar code technology?
  154. Hitler's "joke"
  155. Who's the worst American president ever?
  156. UK: One third of homes dependent on benefits
  157. Social Security Privatization, # Whatever: what's the downside
  158. Is US military aggression economically empowering Iran?
  159. The war spreads, only this time it hits home.
  160. Let's debate LBJ's Great Society
  161. Let's debate LBJ's Great Society (2nd attempt posting thread)
  162. Let's debate LBJ's Great Society (3rd attempt posting thread)
  163. Resolved: An Acceptable Solution to the War!
  164. Let's debate LBJ's Great Society (4th attempt posting thread)
  165. How far away is Maryland from becoming a PMPS?
  166. Washington state ballot initiative: Childless heterosexual marriages must be annulled
  167. Could a "wind-wagon" ever have worked profitably IRL?
  168. Is there a practical mechanism to tax wealth instead of income?
  169. Do we need a new unique identity code?
  170. Is there too much public funding for sports, stadiums and the like?
  171. Do you think a billionaire could buy the presidential election?
  172. Boehner: We Didn't Start the (Iraq) Fire
  173. Romney for President?
  174. Why the silence on the Salt Lake City shootings?
  175. An Alternate History of the War of 1812
  176. Deal cut with North Korea: For real, this time?
  177. What was Hitler's biggest blunder?
  178. Hitatchi Unveils "Dust Sized" RFID Chips...
  179. Do American students learn about the violent massacres of striking laborers?
  180. Climate Change- help me debunk this facebook group's claims
  181. The effects of little things on big things
  182. Muqtada al-Sadr is in Iran
  183. A victory for fetus rights!!!
  184. Payback for Kidnap and Torture is Beginning
  185. Is a charge of "waffling" ever honest?
  186. What does it mean to be racist?
  187. Inducing Labor when it will likely kill the fetus
  188. A new American Civil War....possible?
  189. Why not Bill Richardson for POTUS?
  190. State Department preparing for exodus from Cuba when Castro dies.
  191. Have there been any autistic savants of philosophy?
  192. California is moving its primary to Feb, #5 on the list. Why not #1?
  193. How Atheism might prevail
  194. Can you make easy moral judgements?
  195. House passes anti-"surge" resolution -- now what?
  196. IQ and the Wealth of Nations
  197. European vs American Sexual Attitudes.
  198. Ralph Nader's dad's answer to the problem of power and greed.
  199. Conditions on Iraq funding: Const. crisis? Or preeminence of Congress' purse power?
  200. Idiots did not get us into Iraq, intelligent people did - Now how did that happen?
  201. The power of faith or the power of guilt?
  202. Chris Dodd for President?
  203. Does Civil Disobedience work better than a violent protest?
  204. What if AGW is wrong?
  205. Songs that contain words not commonly found in song lyrics
  206. Who's more responsible for learning - teachers or kids?
  207. Is it morally justifiable flying around in a private jet telling people to cut CO2?
  208. Nixon's the one! in 1960
  209. Free Will is an illusion
  210. Is it time to drop public funding for PBS?
  211. How is Bush cowing GOP Senators to fight the Dems nonbinding resolution?
  212. If America institutes universal healthcare, why should I work?
  213. Global Warming - Let's talk specifics
  214. Alternate American Revolution
  215. Opposition to the war could cost the Democratic Party.
  216. Why do so many skeptics give believers a free pass?
  217. Afghanistan's effect on Soviet Union's decline and future economic effect of Iraq War
  218. does Britain and co. flee Iraq before USA attack Iran?
  219. Neko Cases' Plan for reintroducing Tigers to the wild
  220. Is teaching faith-based beliefs as fact child abuse?
  221. Are the Russians right, that there is freedom beyond democracy
  222. Was He really a Master Teacher?
  223. Clinton camp wants Obama to do what?
  224. Massachusetts asks for Fisheries Aid
  225. CAN enriched uranium be used to make power?
  226. Jose Padilla driven mad by military torture?
  227. Study: Terrorism has increased sevenfold since U.S. invaded Iraq
  228. To what extent do we personally blame Hitler for World War II?
  229. Abortion America and al Qaeda
  230. Where do you stand on conspicuous consumption?
  231. What if we introduced Siberian tigers into the Canadian wilderness?
  232. presidential debates-who should be invited
  233. Moral Nihilism and the Existence of God
  234. Italian effectiveness in WWII
  235. Microsoft Ordered to Pay...
  236. Without the Holocaust, would Hitler still be viewed as evil?
  237. GPS solves a crime, but the "big fish" drug traffickers may escape in Central America
  238. Obama 08 vs. Dean 04
  239. Now that Vilsack's out, who picks up his (Iowa) support?
  240. Global Warming - Can the average person understand it?
  241. Would Portugal's overseas Empire still exist without the Carnation Revolution?
  242. Joe Rogan vs. Phil Plait
  243. What are the options for prison reform?
  244. Conservatives: When would it be ok to admit we lost in Iraq?
  245. Christians: What if James Cameron DID Find Jesus' Tomb?
  246. HRC vs Obama ... who should I be more worried about?
  247. In what ways does "the cancer of McGovernism" still infect the Democratic Party?
  248. Could a little more democracy save Iraq?
  249. Would the US be better off without a fixed term executive branch?
  250. Christian salvation theology; why so complicated?