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03-17-2002, 03:58 AM
I wanna live a life of danger.......................

Um. What are the rest of the lyrics?

And if anyone can fill me in on:

Sung to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic
There was blood upon the risers, there was blood upon the chutes
Intestines were 'a danglin' from the paratroopers' boots...........

Gory, gory what a helluva a way to die.............[/quote]Yes, I AM drunk. Why do you ask? :D

Johnny L.A.
03-17-2002, 08:35 AM
Two Old Ladies (http://cadetworld.com/Air/sqn712/Rcadence.html)

Two old ladies lying in bed
One rolled over to the other and said,
"I wanna be an Airborne Ranger
Live a life of sex and danger
Blood, guts, sex, and danger
That's the life of an Airborne Ranger!"

I wanna be an airborne ranger
I wanna live the life of danger
Airborne Ranger
Life of Danger

I wanna be a scuba diver
Swimmin' those oceans wider and wider
Scuba Diver, wider and wider
Airborne Ranger, life of danger

Paramedic, shoot that funky anesthetic
Paramedic, anesthetic

Mountain climber, climb those mountains higher and higher
Mountain climber, higher and higher

Navy Pilot, if it's got wings then I can fly it
Navy pilot, I can fly it
I've never been in the army, so I don't know if this is the "definitive" version. Jodis tend to change over time, and between services.

Johnny L.A.
03-17-2002, 08:44 AM
Do you remember the jodi they were singing in An Officer and a Gentleman? I found the lyrics to that one online, and man, are they brutal! Just the thing for an enemy to get ahold of so that they can say, "See? Americans are bloodthirsty murderers!"
Napalm Sticks to Kids
Flyin' low across the trees
Pilots doin' what they please
Droppin' frags on refugees
Napalm Sticks to Kids

It made us feel so good inside
When the strong men wept and the women cried
But what we really liked is the children fried
Napalm Sticks to Kids

See that family over there
Watch me get'm with a pair
Blood and guts just everywhere
Napalm Sticks to Kids

CIA with guns for hire
Montaignards around the fire
Napalm makes that fire higher
Napalm Sticks to Kids

Baby suckin' on a mother's tit
Gook down in a fifty pit
Dow Chemical doesn't give a shit
Napalm Sticks to Kids

Attack some kids when you go downtown
By throwin' some candy on the ground
Then grease 'm when they gather 'round
Napalm Sticks to Kids

A squad of Cong in the grass
But all the fightin's long since passed
Crispy Critters in a mass
Napalm Sticks to Kids

L-O-H's out to have a blast
Drop some peon kids enmasse
Send the remains to the Chief of Staff
Napalm Sticks to Kids

Oxcarts rollin' down the road
Peasants with a heavy load
They're all VC when the bombs explode
Napalm Sticks to Kids

Shootin' women's lotsa fun
Try killin' one that's pregnant, son
You'll get two for the price of one
Napalm Sticks to Kids

Flyin' low and feelin' mean
See that family by the stream
Drop some napalm and hear 'm scream
Napalm Sticks to Kids

See that gook down on his knees
Lost some flechettes in the breeze
Find his arms nailed to the trees
Napalm Sticks to Kids

NVA are all hardcore
Watch us nail 'm to the jungle floor
Throw our psyops out th' door
Napalm Sticks to Kids

Eighteen kids in a no fire zone
Books under arms and goin' home
Last in line goes home alone
Napalm Sticks to Kids

Chuck's in a sampan sittin' in th' stern
Thinks his boat'll never burn
Them fuckin' gooks'll never learn
Napalm Sticks to Kids

See th' little kids jump and shout
Dropped some napalm without a doubt
Watch 'm try and put it out
Napalm Sticks to Kids

I've been around the things I've seen
Some people who are mighty mean
Th' gooks ya kill, they make ya clean
Napalm Sticks to Kids

I've only seen it happen twice
But both times it was pretty nice
Shootin' peasants plantin' rice
Napalm Sticks to Kids

Napalm son is lots of fun
When dropped from a bomb or shot from a gun
It gets the gooks when they're on the run
Napalm Sticks to Kids

Some people say it's not so neat
To see gooks burnin' in th' street
But burnin' flesh smells mighty sweet
Napalm Sticks to Kids

Gooks in the open, makin' hay
But I can hear them gunships say
They'll be no ChuHois today
Napalm Sticks to Kids

Shoot civilians where they sit
Take some pictures as you split
All your life you'll remember it
Napalm Sticks to Kids

They'se great shape for the shape they'se in
But they'se no way that they can win
With napalm rollin' down their skin
Napalm Sticks to Kids

03-17-2002, 09:20 AM
I want to be an Airborne Ranger.
I want to live a life of danger.
I want to go to Viet Nam.
I want to kill some Viet Cong.

Heard that many times at Ft. Benning Ga.

03-17-2002, 09:25 PM
I'm only sick and tired of one of 'em . . .

"C-130 rollin' down the strip . . ." :rolleyes:

Way the hell sang too often. My particular favorite is:

"Yer left, yer right, yer left, yer right, yer left, yer right to kill!
Yer left, yer right, yer left, yer right, yer left, yer right to kill . . .

I went to the playground,
where all the kiddies play.
I pulled out my M60,
and I began to spray!


I went to the pool,
where all the kiddies swim.
I plugged in a toaster,
and then I kicked it it!


I went to the college,
where all the people learn.
I ripped out a flamethrower,
and I began to burn!

(chorus) . . .

You get the idea. . . :D

I've been known to make up my own on a few courses, too.

03-17-2002, 10:55 PM
Was someone watching Breakfast Club ?

03-17-2002, 11:05 PM
Back in the stone age, when I was a Scout and attended summer camp at Yard's Creek Scout Reservation, our version went like this:

I wanna be a Yard's Creek Ranger
I wanna live the life of danger
I wanna brave the ice and snow,
and tame bionic buffalo.

Hey, what do you want from a bunch of 13 year old guys, Satre?

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