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03-18-2002, 12:57 PM
I have windows 98 SE and for some reason those annoying arrows over my shortcuts are back. I went into Tweak UI to get rid of them, and it thinks they are gone. I have "none" selected for shortcut overlays on the "Explorer" tab, and both the before and after icons have no arrows. But the ones on my desktop do. I've tried setting it to arrows, resetting, then changing back, but no luck. It won't even change to the small arrow. I looked at Microsoft's tech support page it is incomprehensible to say the least. Can anyone help?

03-18-2002, 04:57 PM
Try unsetting, hit "apply" and then resetting it.

03-18-2002, 05:15 PM
Elwood, interesting you should mention this. I noticed that this has happened to me. As you did, I changed the settings, applied, and there was no effect. No idea what caused the problem or exactly when it happened. The only significant things I did recently were installing Norton Antivirus and having my ISP switched to attbi.com.

I don't think MS would be any help because TweakUI is supplied "as-is" and not really supported.

03-18-2002, 07:47 PM
It's one of two things, in my opinion.

First, did you happen to install, or fiddle around with, a similar type program, like Xteg? It's possible another program is over-riding the Tweak UI settings.

Second, are you sure Tweak UI is still active? That is, is it able to change any other options? Pick one that makes an obvious change and see what happens. It's possible that Tweak UI has been wiped out at some lower level and all you're seeing is just the control panel that's essentially doing nothing.

03-18-2002, 09:49 PM
The March 7 Microsoft Windows Critical Update is what did this, I'm pretty sure. An unfortunate side effect of the patch is that it makes the arrow-removing function of Tweakui not work anymore. There's a thread on it at the Zdnet Community Forum. One poster on the community forum at Zdnet.com http://forums.zdnet.com/group/zd.Windows.98/community/community.tpt/@thread@45376@F@1@D-,D@ALL/@article@mark@45376?EXP=ALL&VWM=&ROS=&OC=75 has suggested a workaround fix that you can do via the Registry and someone else suggested a different tweaking program (I think it's the X-Teg one that Cnote mentioned) that supposedly gets rid of them. I hate the arrows but I'm afraid to touch the Registry.