View Full Version : The healthier of the three cookies. . . . .which is it?

01-14-2000, 10:39 PM
See, since I am planning to lead myself on an strict ascetic journy through time for the rest of my years, I have decided to take up the fine art of eating chocolate chip cookies. In my recent decision, I now have to consider choosing which kind of delectable, savory, sweet baked good I want to devour.
You see, I could eat either the home-baked kind, the store-made kind, or the factory-made kind. I like the home-made kind the best, but are they the healthiest? I think maybe, but I dunno, cuz these produced industrailly have been fortified with vitamins and minerals and stuff. How can my home-made kind compete?
I remember my health teacher from ninth grade said that eating foods as close to their initial natural state as possible, rather than altered food, is healtiest.

So, what should I eat from now on? All question, comments and shit, welcome. Send 'em here. Answer up, guys. Thank you! :)

01-14-2000, 10:45 PM
Home-made! And don't alter them cookies, eat the dough raw.

Oh, I'm gonna keep using these #%@&* codes 'til I get 'em right.

01-14-2000, 10:56 PM
You're going to take up "the fine art of eating chocolate chip cookies," and you're concerned about which ones are healthiest?

Chocolate chip cookies are not meant to be a healthy food. When done properly, they are the dessert of the gods. Eat them joyously, and savor every bite. Worry not about fat and calories. Believe in the magic that lies within a chocolate chip cookie, and celebrate the cookie in all it's baked brown glory.

Homemade, and don't forget the cold milk chaser.

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