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01-15-2000, 12:26 AM
Anybody have any information on this Castle? http://www.weirdnj.com/stories/miniaturecastle.htm

I first heard about it about 5 or 6 years ago. I have thought about checking it out on a couple trips to the Science Center, but I always chicken out. Has anyone actually gone to see it? Have any investigations been done? Conclusions drawn? I obviously don't think it was inhabited by a pint-sized royal family(what king would want his castle and kingdom in the swamps of NJ? :No offense, Uncle Joe :) It's pretty cool, you'd think the creator would want the credit if they were still around.

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01-15-2000, 04:40 AM
Wow...they say people were shorter in the middle ages, but not THAT short.

Hmm. At first, this reminded me of something else I'd read about a small castle in that part of the world, but when I re-researched it, I found that I was thinking of the half-scale replica of Berkely Castle, in West Virginia (http://www.bergen.com:80/travel/berkeley1200001025.htm).

If I was going to make a completely uneducated guess about the origins of this mini castle and the other "oddities hidden throughout the winding paths" in Liberty State Park, I'd say they were maybe built to be miniature film sets. It'd be good to see some more photos of them, to help determine for sure what their purpose was/is.

01-15-2000, 10:29 AM
Well, since Liberty State Park makes no secret of its existence
http://www.libertystatepark.com/can_you_find_the_secret_caslte__.htm (although they don't provide an explanation that I could find on their web site), you might just call them and ask:

LSP General 201.915.3400

LSP Information 201.324.1501

LSP Interpretive Center 201.915.3409