View Full Version : Lithium AA batteries in camcorder

01-14-2000, 05:32 PM
I've got a three year old Sony camcorder that uses the expensive InfoLITHIUM battery packs. It also came with a pack that takes six AA size batteries but specifices alkaline only. Six litium cells in the pack will give 7.2V, same as the factory made pack. Can anyone tell me if I'll blow up my camera if I get six AA lithium batteries and use them in the pack?

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01-19-2000, 01:36 PM
Lithium cells are 3 volts, so if you had six, you'd get 18 volts, not 7.2. Alkaline batteries are nominally 1.5 volts, so if your camera takes 6 AA batteries, that'd be 9 volts. Is there a rating on the InfoLITHIUM pack stating the voltage?

Anyway, as long as the voltage is correct, you shouldn't have a problem using alkaline or lithium batteries. You will have a problem getting lithium batteries to fit in the alkaline pack though. I've never seen a AA lithium battery (and if you did get a lithium battery in AA size, it would still have a 3 volt output, not 1.5 like an alkaline battery).


01-19-2000, 01:55 PM
You can also buy cheaper rechargeables that work in the camera. My 8mm came with an InfoLithium, which I prefer since it tells me how long the battery will last and it is smaller. In a free kit I got with the camera came a Ray-O-Vac battery that came with its own charger which works fine with the camcorder, but just gives a general indication of battery time left (full battery, half battery...) I got it from Sears.