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06-06-1999, 04:57 PM
In my dictionary, a "false hairpiece for the female pudenda." What the hell could be the purpose of this?

06-06-1999, 05:19 PM
FAQ~cough, cough
a ... a ... a-CHOObookstore!

Hm, where did I get this dreadful cold?

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06-06-1999, 09:37 PM
This topic was covered in a classic SD column; but apparently it's text hasn't made it onto this website yet. Never fear. It's contained on pages 232-235 of _Return of the Straight Dope_. It is arguably the funniest column Unca Cece has written.

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06-07-1999, 12:39 AM
The question "What is a Merkin?" on the ROTSD question index ( http://www.straightdope.com/classics/tsdindx3.html ) leads to a page ( http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a3_232.html ) with no text yet, if you want to watch that space.

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06-07-1999, 04:21 AM
ok, so that's where this bizarre memory finds its roots. Gimme a break, I read that book about eight years ago! At least my subconscious led me to the correct asking place.

and thanks for the links.