View Full Version : Bowling for Columbine - Whatcha THink?

11-22-2002, 02:17 AM
Scary thing was that I found myself agreeing with Marylin Manson...

"Our Society is based on Fear and Consumption"

Although the crime rate goes down every year, the depiction of crime and crime related stories on the news has gone up like 500% in the last 10 years. (This is on american television - Daylon)

He's got a point.... most american TV consists of:

"Be scared, be scared, be scared.....whiten your teeth, buy colgate, buy insurance, get your floor clean....consume, throw away....consume, throw away..."

What do you guys think?


Troy McClure SF
11-22-2002, 03:05 AM
We had a thread on this here (http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?s=&postid=2585205).

That said, here's my response from that thread:
I thought it was overly preachy. I admit I had a different idea of what the movie would be (I did know it would be a documentary, but I expected it to be more humor-based). Although it was thought-provoking, and he did raise a lot of good points, I'll echo the thoughts about Dick Clark's segment (and Manson's, for that matter). I also thought parading the kids from Columbine around was in bad taste, as was him leaving the little girl's picture on Heston's property. He seemed like he was trying to be a martyr, playing shamelessly to the camera. I came out of the movie feeling like Moore was an icky guy.
But as I said, the film did contain a lot of thought-provoking content.