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01-02-2000, 05:29 AM
Just a spin-off of the What We Love About Smoking thread...

Where you live, how much do a pack of smokes cost? As of yesterday, here in Texas, a pack of Marlboro 100's went up to $4.05, Basic 100's to $3.45.

If ya ask me, that's just too damn much for paper and leaves!


01-02-2000, 06:15 AM
Another Doper is ready to torment me with a Smoking Thread, just when I have 3 cigs left before quitting..... ;)

(Make that 2. I just lit one.)

A 20-pack of an A-brand (Marlboro, Camel, Gauloises, Luckies, just about anything) costs 6 guilders and 10 cents currently in The Netherlands. Which is some $2.65 or something.

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01-02-2000, 06:45 AM
Louisiana - (major brands) $3.50/pack at convenience stores, as low as $2.00/pack at discount tobacco stores.

01-02-2000, 06:49 AM
Oooohhhh...sorry, Coldfire! I can be so cruel sometimes....

Best of luck to ya!


01-02-2000, 03:20 PM
$2.69 @ the grocery store last night. There's a little store about two blocks away that sells'em for $3.06 without a tax stamp.

I've got my nicorette, and I'm setting my target date for next Saturday. Ugh.

AuntiePam - that is a relatively low price for gasoline; don't expect gas prices to drop any time soon.

01-02-2000, 03:58 PM
Cigarettes are $2.54 - $2.79 per pack plus tax in New York. Gas in my city is $1.37 a gallon. State tax (currently .56 cents a pack) is stated to go up (to $1.11 a pack) in March of this year. The gov passed an eight billion dollar health care package and smokers are gonna help pay for it. Seems fair to me.

01-02-2000, 10:26 PM
Prices of cigs in Spain depend on the brand. Top brands (Marlboro, Camel) go for 400 pesetas a pack, which, if you figure 150 ptas=dollar (the actual rate is more like 160), is $2.67 a pack. I smoke a brand called L&M, which in Spain is a cut-rate Philip Morris product and is basically the same as Marlboro from what I can tell, which costs 300 ptas or $2. Cheap-ass and very nasty crap Spanish black tobacco brands go for as little as 175 ptas. If you've never tried black tobacco, you're not missing anything. Galoises and Gitanes are the well-known French black tobacco brands available in tobacco shops in the US, so if you want to give it a shot, go right ahead.

I was in California last summer and in England about a month ago. Cigs in California cost up to $4 a pack at supermarkets, and in England they're more than three pounds out of the machines (that's at least $7.50)

Gas, by the way, is about 100 ptas a liter, which is 400 a gallon, which is $2.67. It's much more in England...if I remember correctly, more than four bucks a gallon. By the way, Spain has the lowest booze taxes in the civilized world. A fifth of J&B will run you less than ten bucks, good Spanish brandy $7 a liter, and a nice 3/4 liter bottle of wine $3. San Miguel beer is $2 a six-pack of 1/3 liter cans (that is, about 11 ounces). Bad wine in Tetra-Briks is about 50 cents a liter. It is literally cheaper than bottled water. Where do you think sangrķa comes from? Got to cut that awful crap with something that tastes good.

01-02-2000, 11:00 PM
Ha...San Mig will always be cheaper than bottled water. But I'm actually fond of the brand.

Ok...I think our state legislature has been up to some shenanigans! The extra dollar per pack here in TX seems to be a newly-enacted sales tax.

Oh--heads will roll!


Doug Bowe
01-03-2000, 01:11 AM
The state motto of North Carolina:
-Tobacco is also a vegetable-

I just got back from Alaska where cigarettes are $5 a pack in the machine.
Remembering this highway robbery from the last visit I took along my own carton. But there were so few places to smoke those things it took a week to go through one pack.
I suppose I should be grateful.

01-03-2000, 01:22 AM
I'm from North Carolina and I don't remember tobacco being considered a vegetable here...
cigs here range from 2.05 a pack on up....then again...we can just walk out and pick our own leaves and make our own cig...

01-03-2000, 01:26 AM
KY/WV/OH tri-state area here. Prices around here vary from $2.20 to nearly $3.00, depending which state you happen to be in at the time.

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01-03-2000, 01:49 AM
I buy by the carton - $22.50 for 10 packs of Winston Light 100's. Sometimes it's as much as $25. Much more out of the machines, but there aren't that many machines around here.

Not to hijack your thread or anything, but hubby was just complaining that gas went to $1.25 a gallon. I think that's low compared to some places.

Anyway, hoping that this will be my last carton. Gonna start the Zyban this week.

01-03-2000, 06:35 AM
In the UK, cigarettes cost about £3.85 for a packet of 20. By my reckoning that's about US $6.50.

Vending machines sell packets of 16 (like a noraml packet of 20, but with 4 cigarettes removed from the packet) at a cost of about £4.00.

Oh, and petrol (gasoline) costs about 77p per litre. That's about £3.00 (more than US $5.00) per gallon.

Health care and a university education are free, though.