View Full Version : To The (deleted) Who Dumped The Kittens At The TAS Office

08-07-2003, 09:00 AM
So Mrs. RickJay and I are at the Toronto Animal Services office last Saturday as we often are to pet the dogs and cats and see if there's a small dog for us. As we leave, what do we hear? A mewing noise. And there, in a corner outside the building, what do we find? A cardboard box in the rain. And what do we discover in the cardboard box in the rain? A mother cat and six kittens about four weeks old.

Did the TAS staff know about this? Well, no, how could they? The "person" who dropped the kittens off at the shelter did not bother to show up during business hours or even put the box where it could be found.

Fascinatingly, this mother cat was obviously a cared for inside cat. She was in excellent health, no scars or marks, no fleas, and hadn't gotten in that box by accident. It looks like she'd been really well cared for up until the point she had kittens.

As is the grim routine, there was insufficient room at the TAs for the mother cat and kittens, so Mrs. RickJay and I volunteered to foster them for four weeks until they can be adopted out. So right now my apartment is a cat nursery.

So, Dear Fuckstacker:

It is now the year 2003. 2003 AD, I might add. Do you live in some kind of sensory deprivation apartment complex where the world's aggregate font of information never reaches you? What kind of fucking dimwit DOESN'T GET HIS PETS FIXED? Honest to fucking Christ on a scooter, how fucking stupid are people, anyway? Did you not notice the cat yowling all the time for a few weeks? That's called "Going into heat" you numb-brained, ball-sniggling shitlicker. I mean, you do know what a cat is, right? You weren't like, "Ooooh, a strange four-legged creature with pointy ears, what could it be?" You do know where baby cats come from, yes? It wasn't a surprise to you when they began dropping out of your cat? Shithead! You must be on the same list of people who also didn't get the memos about "Drunk driving is dangerous" and "Put your kids in car seats." I weep for your children. You probably have sixteen of them, too, since apparently life sciences is not your forte, so to speak.

And having proven you don't have a brain, you pulled off the trifecta by proving you have no heart and no balls by dropping your pet off at the animal services place in the dead of night. Yes, having fucked up, you did not even have the heart to wait four fucking weeks, FOUR FUCKING WEEKS, to let your pet wean its kittens and then let the shelter adopt them out. No, it was so inconvenient to do that that you dumped her. How nice of you. I hope you got into a car wreck on your way back to your hovel.

Well, I'll clean up your mess, because I actually have ethics and morals and empathy for living things, unlike you, you cowardly piece of fly shit. Well, empathy for most living things. I exclude you.

08-07-2003, 09:09 AM
Thank you RickJay for taking care of that cat and those kittens. We adopted out kitten under similar circumstances- were he was fostered until old enough to be adopted. That is when I saw him at the ASPCA. I wanted an older cat, but me and him just bonded very quickly.

Now, almost a year later Spike is leading a very pampered and catered to life.

In any event, sending some good karma your way and wishes of painful chronic disease to the shit bags who did that to the poor cats. Hmm, shingles sounds about right.