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09-20-2003, 02:40 PM
I did a picture in an oekaki BBS a while ago, but the thing is, I don't remember the title, or what the website was. All I remember was that it was a picture of a guy tied up (yes, I know ;) ) and there was a girl saying something like "I lost the keys and your parents are coming home in about five minutes. Bye!" I wasn't too good at drawing back then, so spare me...

Perhaps you could help me find it.

There is a person who goes by Topaz, however, it's not me. Her e-mail in Topazinabox, she's very nice, actually. Anyway, I've been drawing at many oekaki sites, including Oekaki Central, and IIRC, the site I drew that particular picture on wasn't very busy at all. Or perhaps the picture has already been overwritten. It has been about one and a half years...

So far, my search has come to nothing.

I have a few terms that may help in the search:
tied up
My e-mail address back then (I had a few): LolaBunny564@AOL.com, or try W123topz@AOL.com.

If you could help me to find this picture, I would really appreciate it.

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