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11-28-2003, 07:12 PM
Where to start .....

Two months ago I had a complete meltdown of my life, contemplated suicide, was diagnosed with depression, had my husband leave me, had to take a leave of absence from work for 6 weeks ... this was all good in that it made me wake up and realize that my life could not continue on the way it was going and to make changes.

I started to take antidepressants, see a counselor and eventually went back to my job, and throughout this my best friend said that she would stick by me and help me through it all.

Fast forward 8 weeks, my friend has been going to school to get her GED (grade 12 equivalent) so she can get a better job. I have been helping her as much as possible. Did I mention that I work at 4am so have to go to bed really early, yet have been staying up to help with her homework. Once I started working I started to go out with her and her friends from school, one of which had no place to live because his roomate was getting evicted. I have a spare room and needed money, 'cause my husband is refusing to give me any. So I suggested 5 weeks ago that he move in for 1/3 of expenses until he finishes school, which would let me nicely balance my expenses. He said yes, until today, the day he was supposed to move in, oh he'll just live with my best friend, 'cause she lives rent free in her parent's old house and that way he doesn't have to pay rent.

Did he tell me, no, that would be too nice, she phoned me from a bar quite liquored up, 'cause well now he has money to burn, and starts screaming at me that I have made her life miserable. Why 'cause I flirted with her brother. I asked if she would mind if I flirted with him, and maybe had a casual thing, and she said no. Two weeks later she had a meltdown about it and said it bothered her, I promised that I would not see her brother, but would it be ok if we were still friends, 'cause her friendship was more important. She was ok with that. I then had an argument about something with her brother about something completely unrelated. I felt bad, 'cause my biggest goal has to been to learn to control my temper, so have been trying to get a hold of him to apologize. Well, even though BEFORE I tried to contact him to apologize I let my friend know that that was the only reason I was trying to talk to him, well meltdown today.

She was so upset she was screaming at me on the phone and was kicked out of a bar. Then she screamed at me because it was all my fault! I am trying not to yell and lose my temper and she is screaming at me that it's my fault. All I want to do is talk to the guy who is supposed to move in and give him a piece of my mind.

She keeps hanging up, I keep phoning back to try to talk to him. Finally she forgets to disconnect and I hear her conversation with her classmates. She compares me to fatal attraction and calls it disgusting because I weigh 280 lbs (I have never weighed that much and just lost close to 40 lbs). Well I then lost my temper. I mean no matter how mad I am I would not go behind her back and degenerate her. That is until today, now I just want to make her life hell. Even though she shouldn't talk about physical apperances - she only weighs 100 lbs if soaking wet and can't wear a bra because even after two kids her tits are so small they aren't even an A.

So I phone back completely furious and you know what, it is my fault and I deserved it, etc.

So my ex best friend, who owes me money, managed to make me lose my tenant, so now unless a miracle happens I will be evicted, decided that she hates me because flirting with her brother made her life hell. And yes that is all that we did!

Thanks best friend for standing beside me in my times of need. I think I'll go find some enemies. They might be better for me.

11-28-2003, 07:56 PM
Good riddance to her.

11-28-2003, 08:53 PM
Sounds like you could use some friends who know the meaning of the word.

Also, sounds like you need a hug!

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