View Full Version : "SHOW" Trials as Economic Stimulus-SHOULD They Be Encouraged?

01-20-2004, 08:54 AM
There has been much recent speculation about the costs of the upcoming Michael Jackson trial. While somefear an "OJ Simpson"-type spectacle. other experts are saying that the tial couldbe an economic windfall for the county-hotelrooms get booked, restaurants are busy, etc...and of course, the legal industry benefits.
Does anybody know if LA County actually made MONEY off the OJ Simpsin farce/trial? Are there good reasons to encourage thistype of judicial excess?
Here's how I see it:
-wealthy defendent goes on trial
-defendent hires "six figure" defense team
-news media descends on venue, reporters and hanger=on spend lots of money
Net result, the local economy booms.
So, should these types oftrials be encouraged?
Just wondering if moving the Scott Peterson trialwas amistake-sixmonths means a LOT of money! :confused: