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Sam Stone
05-09-2000, 11:30 AM
I thought you all might like to read these - they're pretty funny.


05-09-2000, 11:40 AM
That was supposed to be English wasn't it? If so, then why am I so confused? I'm not laughing, just puzzled. What the hell was he saying?


05-09-2000, 12:00 PM
Those were some pretty silly quotes. No one would debate that. A debate on the silliest? Perhaps you are looking for a debate on the veracity of the quotes? Or maybe a Bush vs Gore slugfest?

05-09-2000, 12:13 PM
I used to have a job where I read a lot of transcripts of converstation. I can tel you that while most people think they are speaking clearly, they are not. Speach is not as precise as the written word. None of those quotes seemed that out of line considering that EVERYTHING that Bush says is recorded, transcribed and scrutinized.

Now, If those were Gore quotes, I would have a much different opinion ;)

05-09-2000, 12:44 PM
I posted this in MPSIMS, but here they are again:

http://www.allgore.com - for the AL haters

http://www.gwbush.com - fore the shrub detractors, myself included. This is the funniest thing ever! :)

Also, http://www.politicalwags.com is excellent.

05-09-2000, 02:33 PM
[Moderator Hat ON]

Is there a debate here or are you just posting some amusing quotes? If the latter, it's goin' to MPSIMS...

[Moderator Hat OFF]

05-09-2000, 03:35 PM
Gaurdere says:

Is there a debate here or are you just posting some amusing quotes? If the latter, it's goin' to MPSIMS...

Hey, that's what I said. Well, not in those exact words. And I'm not even one of your favorite newbies.

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