View Full Version : I need help fixing my web browser.

03-31-2004, 10:35 AM
I use Internet Explorer. Since last week it's been messed up.
Everytime I go to a site on the internet I get an error after the page loads that says "Done, but with errors". There is a yellow triangle with a exclamation point in the middle.
When I click on some links nothing happens.
I can't right-click any links and open them in a new browser.
On my hotmail I can log in, and check my inbox. But, I can't get into my Junk Mail.
On the SDMB I can look at everything, and even post. But, when I click on a link in a thread nothing happens.

I searched the Help section, but didn't get any help there.

Any ideas on what I could do to fix my problem?