View Full Version : Trouble with my CD burner

03-31-2004, 09:14 PM
Two days ago I used my CD burner to copy a CD. It worked just fine, but something weird happened: The regular CD drive used to be on the top tray, and the burner wa on the bottom. I burned the CD and they swapped! That's question number one - how do I switch them back?

Question two which is more urgent: I can play CDs (in the bottom tray) but every time I try to burn (not copy) a CD, I get a message saying that I am using the wrong media or media that does not have enough memory. I'm using 80 minute CD-R discs, the same type I've always used. When I open Roxio Easy CD Creater 5, I can compile a playlist but when I put in a blank disc it just spins around for a second, then stops, then spins again, etc etc until I get that error message.

Does anyone know what caused this and how it can be fixed? Any help would be very much appreciated!

04-01-2004, 01:58 AM
First of all, I am completely confused as to what you mean by "the CD drives swapped." It is physically impossible for your burner to magically change physical drives...do you mean the order in your list of drives on the screen changed, or that you think your former CD ROM is now a CD burner and your CD burner actually changed to a normal CD ROM?

As to your other question, we need to figure out whether you're actually putting discs into your burner or not (based on the first question, I have my doubts.) Are you using discs that are already burned by accident, perhaps? We need more info...type of CD burner, system, operating system, etc....