View Full Version : Good site with automotive parts/repair diagrams?

04-25-2004, 09:41 PM
Does anyone know of a good automotive repair/diagnostic/troubleshooting site that has visual diagrams? Specifically, I'm having a problem with the serpentine belt system on my 1997 buick lesabre and need to know what the bottom (closest to the front of the car) pulley is attached to and how it should be functioning. I believe it's the AC compressor, but want to know for certain. I got the car used and don't have a manual for it. Thanks in advance!

04-25-2004, 11:54 PM
You're high on something if you think you'll find a good diagram on the web for something like that for free.

For pay, http://www.alldata.com/vehicle_owner/index.html is pretty good.

Seriously- go to the half-price-books and get a Haynes or Chilton's manual, if not the actual Buick shop manual. Shouldn't cost that much, and will seriously lessen the chance you'll mangle something by accident.