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Johnny L.A.
06-21-2004, 10:12 PM
There's a restaurant in Orange, California called The Chili Pepper. Nice place for lunch. They had chipotle salmon on special periodically, and I really liked it. But I never got the recipe! Nothing to do bu experiment in the kitchen.

I opened a tin of chipotle chiles. (In case you don't know, chipotle chilis are ripe, red, smoked and dried jalapeño pepper.) I put it into my hand-cranked food processor ("As seen on TV!") that my dad gave me yonks ago, and chopped them up in just a few turns. Next I added a pint of sour cream and mixed it well. Finally, I stirred in a tin of mushroom slices.

I pan-seared a pair of salmon fillets in a little butter. The oven was set to 350°F, and I spread some chipotle sauce on some aluminum foil. The fish went on top, and was then covered with some more sauce. I closed the foil and baked it for 15 minutes. In the meantime, I'd cooked some asparagus as a side dish.

Oh, boy, is it good! And hot! Much hotter than the restaurant offering. I should halve the amount of chilis next time. But it was sure tasty! A nice glass of soy milk (thoughtfully provided by Shayna and [b]Spiny Norman[/i] in my birthday present last week) cooled the residual heat.

The other fillet and the rest of the asparagus are in a plastic container for mañana.


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