View Full Version : Bokashi - has anyone used this?

06-28-2004, 10:16 AM

I'm a lurker who finally has a question that I think is worthy of posting. I'm looking for opinions, so it seems like IMHO is the place for this. Let me know if I'm in error.

So, we're moving to a Real House soon, and now that we'll finally have a backyard, I was researching compost methods (wanting to be a responsible homeowner and whatnot). I ran across information about a household waste fermenting system called Bokashi (here's a description (http://www.eco-organics.com.au/subpage1.htm)).

It looks simple enough and if it works, would be much easier and better than fooling with composting household food waste, especially as the Bokashi can take care of meat, citrus, and dairy products. Can anyone who's used one in their own house tell me how they like it?

Thanks for the help!