View Full Version : One of the most fun spam reads I've had yet

Earl Snake-Hips Tucker
01-21-2005, 09:54 AM
This was one which had links to some website called "in founder cover dot com" (sans spaces, obviously). I didn't risk clicking it, but if you're willing live dangerously on your computer, that's where it came from. Anyway, here it is:

The family will look for me every day, and finally decide I've broken my neck The Demon will call upon me when the week is up and won't find me at home; so I'll miss the next three giftsI don't mind that so much, for they might bring me into worst scrapes than this discontinue Orange stad, and then mail stop 1.200 B, followed by A rub a But how am I to get away from this beastly island? I'll be eaten, after all, if I don't look out! These and similar thoughts occupied him for some time, yet in spite of much planning and thinking he could find no practical means of escapeAt the end of an hour he looked over the edge of the plateau and found it surrounded by a ring of the black cannibals, who had calmly seated themselves to watch his movements Perhaps they intend to starve me into surrender, he thought; but they won't succeed so long as my tablets hold outAnd if, in time, they should starve me, I'll be too thin and tough to make good eating; so I'll get the best of them, anyhow

Interestingly, I was receiving spam for a while that contained passages from "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."