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02-24-2005, 01:30 AM
Ok im not sure if im even allowed to even talk about this kinda stuff here, but might as well give it a try eh?

aight, well im 17 years old and im a junior in highschool.

now before i get into my huge highschool dilemme bs.. let me tell you about my friend
Josh.. basicly this kid has been shady and scandalous basicly since the day ive met him. he kinda has the reputation of being that scandalous kid who would steal something important from another.

So about 2 weeks ago im introduced to who now, is a very good homie of mine.
Like almost everybody else i know out here in socal, i was a stoner. i smoked everyday before school and after school for about a period of a year and a half. I had what is called a MENTAL addiction to marijuana, I thought everything was that much better high, so why not live the high life? So anyways my friend which i just met happened to slang ( sell weed ) and he was also into import cars like i am ( a big honda fan ). i drive a 97 prelude pretty fixed up and he drives a turbo 95 integra (this is how we met, talking about cars n shit). So basicly.. me and 2 of my friends would go over to this kids house and we would have a 'session' out of what we called Thergood, his 3 foot blue label Roor (bong). Now this thing was a present from god himself, we loved this thing more then anything. now.. the mistake i made was introducing josh to my new friend.. because we found out that josh stole THIS kids OLD blue label roor over summer.. so basicly he already stole a bong from this kid over summer in the past.. and yeh ok he did it.. we got over it and we were all willing to just forget about so we confronted him and he denied it even tho there was so many witnesses blah blah so we got over it. sooo.. about 2 days ago were having a session at this kids house.. and we decide to see Constantine, high. and so we leave to th emovies we get into the movies and we get a phonecall from his mom saying his door was kicked in and his bong and weed was jacked from his room.. because he lived in the garage n shit. so we rush over there and ask the nieghbors if they saw anything and they said they saw a black truck and 2 kids come out and break in. now josh drives a new black f-150. soo.. were not pointing fingers at josh because wow.. why would we? he already stole a bong from the same kid over summer.. we really didnt think he would do it again!!!!. so we do some investigating.. and finnaly we come to the conclusion that we dont know who it is and we wont find out on our own, if someone stole it, there gonna talk about it and were gonna find out who did it. so ofcoarse.. josh talks about it in his classroom and people over here it and decide to tell me what he told everyone. he was boasting about "jacking a bong and giving it to his home to sell" now.. once we heard that, we were just like wow in shock. we couldint beleive he pulled that shit again, after telling us he didnt steal this kids roor for the 2nd time and all this. now josh.. the kid is like a brother to me but hes scandalous as fuck and we all know it but we deal with it. now.. ive grown up to learn that shady as fuckers like these deserve what comes to him, and now i have to de-friend him because i cant trust this guy. but this kid goes to my school and he IS stuipid enuff to fuck with my shit if needed to, and i dont need that on my thoughts.

so basicly.. what im asking is.. should i even be friends with this kid anymore? i dont know what to do i dont wanna feel awkerd at parties n shit cause i see this kid everywhere.. and i know im a junior and im never gonnas ee this kid again after highschool but iunoo.. he stole a 300 dollar bong and 150 dollars of weed.. how fucked up can you be? and he denied it to my face and everybodys face.. he even threaten to knock me out because he thinks i accuse him of this shit. i dont know what to do.. what would you guys do? =/

02-24-2005, 03:42 AM
As far as I can tell, you might want to ask a Mod to have this moved to another forum {just scroll down to the bottom of the forum and it'll list the Mods here - click on the lucky winner and ask to have it moved - Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share is probably your best bet. Or possibly Great Debates}. It might be a good idea to read the various forum descriptions, too: this forum is for questions with a factual answer. If you aren't sure where to put something, ask one of our friendly and ever-helpful Mods.

On another note, and not wishing to be snarky, but I found your post almost unintelligible - punctuation and spelling may not be your strong suits {although they are greatly appreciated here} - but at least try and break things down into shorter and more coherent paragraphs: the casual swearing is generally frowned upon around here, too, except in The Barbecue Pit. Trust me, members here won't respond to something they can't read.

Good luck with your ethical dilemma, and remember to stay in school.

02-24-2005, 04:35 AM
You question isn't really allowed on this board, since it involves illegal activities.
We are here to fight ignorance. Your story shows a great deal of fertile ground.
I can only suggest you, lose the stoner friends, stop participating in illegal activities, learn to spell and punctuate, maybe even learn a bit of english. As Case Sensitive said, stay in school.

02-24-2005, 06:29 AM
Discussion of ongoing use of illegal drugs is not permitted on the SDMB, so I'll close this thread.

moderator GQ